The Twilight Saga

An Imperfect Life

Living life in New York City was everything she could have hoped for….Until that dreadful day when her whole world came down around her. Moved from her friends, her home, and her life, will she ever recover?


Life in NYC was wonderful. My dad Charlie works full time as a police officer in precinct 25 in the south Bronx. He has worked there for as long as I can remember. My mom Renee is a little flighty, but she is the most beautiful dancer I have ever seen. She is a professional ballroom dancer, but when she is not gliding gracefully across the dance floor she spends her time teaching art history at the local community college. Then there is my big bear of a brother Emmett. I love him to death, he is always the life of the party, and knows just what to do to make me smile. He is captain of our high school football team, and class clown. He is one year older then me, he is a junior. He is also the youngest captain of the team in a decade.
As for me what is there to say. I take ballet with my mom, I love to run so I take track with Emmett. I have the only pair of golden gloves held by a female in the three boroughs. Boxing is something I share with my dad. As for me I spend my me time in the karate class I take twice a week since I was five. Dad says every girl should be able to defend themselves. I do it to help with my temper. I have a tendency to go off at the slightest provocation. My friends say I’m a hothead.

Chapter 1: School

Just a normal day at James Madison High. The sun was shining no clouds in sight. Another beautiful day. I love the sun. We pulled into our normal parking spot in lot A on the north side of the building. As I exited the jeep I was caught off guard as Nicole, bounced over to me almost knocking me down.
“Bella” Nicole yelled. “ You’ll never guess who just asked me out!”
“No who?” I replied
“Joey Donivan” she screamed and giggled with excitement.
Joey Donivan is the hottest and most sought after football player at our school. All the girls swoon over him. I really don’t see what there is to swoon over. He’s just another jock, and by brothers’ best friend.
“Wow! That’s great Nicole. When are you guys going out?” I asked not really interested by faking interest, after all she my best friend.
“Oh! I don’t know I ran to tell you before I got the specifics.”
I laughed so loudly at that that half the school parking lot looked over at me. Nicole is such a nut. She reminds me of my mom. I guess that is why I get along with her so well.
“Hey Bells it’s time for class, you don’t wanna be late again” Emmett yelled from almost the front of the building. I looked over to see him with his arm around his girlfriend Amber. She has been my friend since kindergarten, but once we hit high school her and Emmett have been inseparable. Not that I blame her, Emmett is very handsome. Eew….wait a minute did I just say that, so gross he’s my brother. Oh well at least he seems happy.
I heard someone yell my name and turned to see Davey running from the parking lot straight to the place I was now standing.
“Oh Hi Davey”
“Hey Bella, I hate to ask but did you find a date for the Sadie Hawkins Dance yet?”
“No Davey I haven’t and I’m pretty sure I don’t even wanna go.”
What do you neam you don’t wanna go… you’re the best dancer in this school.”
“Yeah so what. That doesn’t mean I wanna go. Besides it’s girls choice and I choose not to go” I said getting rather aggrevated that he was peing so pushy about this stupid dance anyway.
“Okay, Ok I get it your not going. Jeez you don’t have to bite my head of Bella”
“Sorry I just don’t like showing off it’s rude.”
“ I understand Bella, but would you consider going with me as moral support? I really don’t wanna go by myself and I know no one is gonna ask me.” I thought about this as we were walking to class and he was right no one would ask him. Davey isn’t the best looking guy out there. Sure he’s tall and slightly muscular, and has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, but no one can get past the shaggy brown hair, or dark rimmed glasses that wre perched on his nose. Davey is really sweet but he is a bit of a geek. He is captain of the debate team and chess club. He runs the A/V lab at school and is in all AP classes like me. Yes I’m a straight A student too. Thinking about all of these things I guess I should help him out.
“ Alright Davey it’s a date, but don’t get to excited we are only friends.”
“YES! Thank you so much Bella, you’re the best friend anyone could ask for!!!” he yelled as he hugged me and kissed my cheek before he ran off to his first period class. I just stood there stunned in the hall outside my class room until the bell rang. His childish out burst was unexpected. The rest of the day up until lunch went by in a blur. As I entered the lunch room I saw everyone was already at our table. Emmett like always was already perched beside Amber. He says he prefers to sit with us because we have better conversations then the football team does, but I’m pretty sure he just likes the chance to bust on me. After an overly brutal session of picking on me the lunch bell rang and it was time for us all to head to our final classes of the day. I had history last class. When the final bell rang I headed for the parking lot after dropping my books off at my locker. As I got into the jeep Emmett was already waiting to drive us home.
“ Hey Bells, I hear you are taking Davey to the dance” he remarked as we were coming to a stop at the light at the end of our street.
“ Yeah it’s a favor, he didn’t wanna go alone”.
“Awe….Bells that was so sweet of you” he chided.
I threw a strategically positioned punch to his shoulder
“Ouch…Why did you do that?” He look stunned.
“ All I said was that it was sweet”. I looked at him and raised my fist to him again.
“whoa…Okay so your not so sweet” he said as I sat back smiling to myself. I enjoyed the fact that even though Emmett is taller and much more muscular then I am, that I could still hurt him. As we pulled into the driveway we noticed that our moms car was parked in it’s usual spot.
“What’s she doing home already” I asked Emmett. “ I have no idea let’s go find out” he replied. We made our way up the stairs to our 19th century brownstone. Just then the door opened, it was mom. She was wearing one of her fancy Ball gowns. Turning around she saw us and smiled. “ Oh good your home, I’m on my way to a competition I won’t be home till late, there are leftovers in the fridge and your dad will be home in an hour, I love you both” she said as she rushed past us to her car.
“ Well that answers that now doesn’t it” I said in a testy tone.
“Yeah that’s just like mom” Emmett said. The evening went by uneventful. Dad came home an hour later like mom had said. We did our homework at the dining room table, of course I had to help Emmett like always. When we finished I went to the fridge and got out the leftovers and started cooking them up for all of us. I could hear dad in the living room with Emmett watching some sports recap that they found. I called them to the table and we ate and discussed our days. We went on about the dance and dad talked about some case he was working on. Of course we really didn’t pay much attention to the case cause it was not relevant. Dad just liked us to know what he was working on so it looked like we actually spent time together. That night was short lived and we were all in bed long before my mom ever made it home. She finally got in around 2 am. Which for her on a competition night was normal. Although we knew how much she loved to dance we still wished she would spend more time with us. After I heard her go into bed I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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this is my first Fan-fic i hope you will read and comment. i could use all the encouragement i can get. Most of the characters are owned by stephenie meyer not me...some are my own. in this story bella is not the helpless victim she is in the twilight series. she can stand on her own. some wickec events lead to her to wind up im her fathers home town. hope you in joy this chapter i will post more later.
its good!!
Chapter 2: The Dance

The week pasted quickly and I was still not looking forward to the dance on Saturday. The school rented the local dance hall to have the dance at. Nicole was so excited. She is on the decorations committee. She talked me into helping her out, yippy just what I always wanted to do. So every night this week I spent with her blowing up balloons, hanging streamers, untangling lights, replacing blown out bulbs and hanging lanterns all over the hall. It was on one of these evenings that Nicole brought up the fact that we still hadn’t found dresses for this evil event. If there was anything I hated anymore then social events it was shopping. Nicole on the other had loved to shop. She could spend hours shopping. I think after about 10 minutes I would get bored and give up.
“ Oh come on Bella, we have to find the perfect dress for the dance. Don’t you want everyone to stare at you and tell you how pretty you look” she sang as she danced around the dress racks in the local shop.
“Not really! I didn’t even want to go in the first place. If I didn’t feel bad for Davey I wouldn’t even be going. I just didn’t want him to get stuck going alone” I protested as she shoved another dress in to my arms.
So far she managed to stuff at least 30 dresses into my arms for us to try on in the dressing room. I feel like a life size Barbie that she like to play with whenever she gets bored. After another ten minutes she finally said that we could head over to the dressing rooms to try on our dresses…. Needless to say that I hadn’t picked on of these off the shelf. Once we enter the rooms she handed me about half the dresses and told me to go try them on one by one and then come out and show her what each looked like. The first one I tried on was a light beige color with black diagonal stripes on it. I think it looked like a dust zebra. When I came out of the room she shook her head and waved me back in. the second dress was lavender and had glitter all over it. I looked like a disco ball. Again she waved me back shaking her head. This continued through all the first set of dresses she gave me. Then about halfway through the second set I came out and she gasped.
“Oh my god Bella. That is the perfect dress for you. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it from the beginning we could of saved ourselves so much time” she exclaimed.
“ Ok” I commented. The dress I was wedged into at the moment was a pale peach floor length gown. It was form fitting to the waist and then flowed formlessly to the floor. It reminded me of one of the dresses my mom would wear to one of her dance commitments.
“Are you sure?” I asked matter of factly.
“ Yes! I am most definitely sure, you should see yourself Bella you are gorgeous” she sighed.
Ok so now I have the dress for this stupid dance hopefully she will let me go home now….no such luck.
“ Come now Bella we have to get you shoes, and accessories to go with your dress. I know you don’t have anything to go with that. Even though I pretty sure if you asked your mom she would gladly lend you something to go with it. She has such lovely things” she said looking dreamingly at nothing.
Great that is just what I want to do, ask my mom for help dressing for a dance I don’t really want to go to. Damn you Davey how come you had to guilt me into this, I thought to myself.
I finally go home around 8:30 that night. Emmett of course found my unwillingness to shop hilarious.
“ So how did the dress shopping go little sis?” he asked looking about two seconds from bursting into full blown laughter.
“Fine. I got something to wear” I said a little sterner then I wanted to. At this point in time he couldn’t hold it in any longer and hit the floor laughing so hard I just wanted to go kick him.
“ Ha Ha” I said as if to shake it off.
“ Did you get your suit for this intrepid evening that you find my discomfort in so humorous?” I said. All of a sudden he wasn’t laughing anymore. I wonder what stopped him.
“ No one asked me to go” he stated looking slightly hurt.
“What do you mean no one asked you?” I said looking rather confused. “ I just figured you were going with Amber.”
“ No she is going with someone else” he said as if it was no big deal.
“ I thought you guys were a couple. She was always hanging on you at school.” I said as if it wasn’t obvious.
“ yeah sure she likes hanging out and leading me on but she has a boyfriend, he is going with her to the dance. I guess he goes to a different school. I thought we had something too” he said looking as if someone just killed his best friend.
“ Oh Emmy I am so sorry I just assumed, why don’t you come with me and Davey? I could us the support. You know how much I love social events, particularly dancing” I said halfheartedly. He looked at me as if I said something funny.
“ what” I asked.
“ You really want me to go with you and your date?” he asked as if he didn’t believe I just said it.
“ Yes I do Emmett and it is not a date. We are just two friends going together so we don’t have to go alone, even though I had no intentions on going in the first place. That and this way Davey doesn’t get any ideas about me being his girlfriend” I said with a serious look on my face.
“Alright if you insist. But I warn you now you are gonna have to dance with your big brother at least once” he said while wiggling his eyebrows at me. I couldn’t help but laugh at the gesture.
“ ok but only one dance” I replied. I knew Emmet could dance. Mom made him take dance lesson like the rest of us growing up. He didn’t care for it but Mom told him that it would help with his football skills. Which it did he is so much more stable on his feet then before. He was such a klutz.
“ So little sis do I get to see your dress?” he asked smiling at the garment bag I was carrying toward my room.
“ Sure Emmett come with me upstairs and I will show you.” he was always such a child. He may grow tall and age but he will always be a big kid.
So I went to my room and fit the dress on tying the satin strings into a bow behind my back. I came out into my room to find Emmett sitting on the edge of my bed.
“Wow! Bella you look awesome. If I didn’t know any better I wouldn’t believe it was you in that dress.”
“Thanks Emmett. I think.”
“ No really I’m gonna have to beat the guys off you at the dance tomorrow night.”
I couldn’t help but blush at the thought of Emmet beating off my admirers. Yeah right like I had admirers. I am not that good looking, I’m pretty average. I have dark brown eyes, and auburn hair that is wavy and flows to my waist. My completion is light and I am pretty tall but nothing outlandish. I don’t understand why everyone thinks I’m so pretty. I think I’m perfectly average like everyone else. So I went to change out of my dress and get ready for bed. It has been a very long Friday, I helped with the finishing touches on the hall, went to my karate class, met up with Nicole again to get a bite to eat and then picked our dresses up from the cleaners. Nicole insisted that we have them cleaned before we wore them. Something about germs from everyone who had handled them. I have to agree who knows who touched them and what was on their hands at the time. After we pick the dresses up I left Nicole at her house and went to drop dinner off for my Dad at the station. Of course they all knew who I was when I walked through the door with dad’s take out order.
“ Hey there Bella, long time no see. How is everything going kiddo?” the desk sergeant asked as I walked past to my dad’s desk. “ Good Sam how is the wife and kids?”
“ They are great Bella thanks for asking, I will tell then you said hi.”
I was almost to dad’s desk when his partner Dan came around the corner and almost ran right into me.
“ oops, sorry Bella I didn’t see you there. You bring Charlie some lunch huh?” he said catching the take out container before it hit the floor.
“Yep you know how he forgets to eat when he works late” I told him with a small smile on my face. Dan was a very good looking man. It’s a shame that he never got married I bet her would make some woman a very happy wife. Dan has been Charlie’s partner on the force for the last 10 years. He spends every holiday with us, he doesn’t have any family around here. His parents died along time ago and his sister lives in Mississippi. We kind of adopted him as the uncle we never had since our mom and dad our both only children. He is ten years younger then Charlie so he is like his little brother.
“ Hey Bells” I heard Charlie call from behind me.
“ Oh hey dad. Just dropping you off something to eat. I thought you might be getting hungry.”
“Thanks Bells. What’s that you got there?” he asked looking at the garment bag on my shoulder.
“ That is just my dress for the dance tomorrow night dad” I said smiling slightly.
“ Oh, your going to the dance! Is your brother going also?” he asked
“Yes dad Emmett is going with me and Davey to the dance. It’s kind of a group thing since none of us have a date, and neither wanted to go alone.” I returned.
“ Oh….Okay. That clears that up then. One less thing I have to worry about then. Now I can let your mother know we don’t have to worry about whether or not Emmett will burn the house down while we are gone.”
I looked at him all puzzled. He finally caught on that I had no idea what he was talking about and began to explain.
“ oh sorry Bells I guess you haven’t been home yet. Your mom and I are going to some dance party held by the university, all of the staff must attend. So your mother and I won’t be home tomorrow night either. At least not early.”
“oh okay I see how you would be worried about Emmett burning the house down then.” I chuckled.
“ yeah so we might not be home when you get there tomorrow night so don’t worry we will see you Sunday morning.”
“ok dad. Hope you and mom have a good time and remember to drive safe” I quoted his favorite line from whenever me and Emmett went anywhere.
“ You too. Don’t let your brother drive if he drinks anything.. I know he drinks when his buddies are around and I would like for both of you to make it home alive tomorrow night” he stated.
“ Yes Dad” I said as I exited the station house shrugging my shoulders. He always did worry to much about us. That must be the cop in him.

Well Saturday has arrived. Nicole is on her way over to help me get ready. Apparently she doesn’t think I am capable on my own. Emmett was already dressed and ready. He look great, but I would never tell him that. It would go straight to his head and I would never hear the end of it.

After two hours of being poked, prodded, buffed, shined, polished and whatever else Nicole did to me we were ready. We all went out to the jeep and got in to go pick up Davey. We pulled up outside and beeped. It was about 2 minutes later and the door opened…..I couldn’t believe my eyes. There stood Davey. His hair cut short into a military type buzz. His glasses had been replaced by contacts, and he had on a black on black suit. He looked hot! (wolf whistling from Emmett and whoa who’s from me and Nicole) As he started toward the jeep I think he changed six different shades of red. I’m glad I’m not the only one who could be called a mood ring. He climbed in the back with Nicole. We were off to the nightmare they call a dance. As we pulled into the parking lot I saw that almost the entire student body was there. “Oh my god” I exclaimed.
“ It’s okay Bella just breathe” I heard Davey say as he opened my door for me to get out.
“Thank you. I will remember to do that” I said while trembling at the knees.
“Everything will be fine” Emmett said with a smile on his face as he took my hand and started leading me to the door to the dance hall. Just then Nicole started walking off in another direction. “ Nicole where are you going?” I asked. She turned to me and said “ I have to meet up with Joey. I told him I would meet him by the main entrance”.
“ oh okay I will see you inside then” I said as if I wasn’t sure about it. She just smiled and waved as she disappeared into the crowd. As we entered the hall all eyes turned toward us. I wasn’t sure what they were staring at until I saw Davey blush red. They were looking at him. I guess I would too if I didn’t know that he was already a good looking guy to start with. I guess he just took everyone by surprise that’s all. We dance several dances together before Emmett came and cut in.
“ May I have this dance” he asked. As if I could refuse him.
“ Sure big Brother just don’t step on my feet” I giggled with the statement.
Like he would ever step on my feet. Aside from me he is the most graceful dancer I have ever seen. Next to my mom of course. Charlie doesn’t dance. He has two left feet so he says. We twirled around the floor as if no one else was there. Finally the song ended and it was coming close to the end of the night. I looked to find Davey and found him dancing with a freshman girl who’s name I can’t seem to recall. I know we have gym with her but I can’t put the face to a name. I went over to ask him if he was ready to leave.
“ hey Davey I hate to interupt but are you about ready to go?”
“Oh sorry Bella this is Sophie. And to answer your question no I’m not ready to go just yet.”
“ I would be glad to give him a ride home if it’s not to much trouble” Sophie retorted.
“ Oh no problem at all” I said smiling from Davey to Sophie. Davey winked at me and started dancing with Sophie again. So I made my way back over to Emmett.
“ Are you ready to go” I asked.
“ What about Davey and Nicole” he asked in return.
“ Well Davey found a ride home with Sophie and Nicole told me earlier that her and Joey were going back to his place after the dance” I told him.
“ oh okay then I guess we can go then”.
So we left the dance and headed home. Just like dad had said he and mom weren’t home when we got there. So we went in got changed into some comfy clothes and settled into the couch and watched a movie. I was curled up against Emmett’s side, and he was leaning his head back on the sofa snoring like he always did. That was the last thing I remembered before I passed out next to him.


I was in a field surrounded by wild flowers. Everything around me was dripping with moss. The air had a moistness about it. Even the sun seemed to be hazy. Suddenly there was a noise to the east end of the field I was standing in. Then I noticed I was no longer alone in the field. There was a boy there. He had slightly mess bronze hair that looked like it hadn’t been combed through in days. He had golden eyes that seem to sparkle on their own with out any light reflecting off them. He was taller then me but not as tall as Emmett. He was slight muscular. Not football player big but definitely an athlete. He stood only a few feet from me and smile the most breathe taking smile. His lips pulled up slightly on the right side and you could see his most beautifully perfect white teeth hidden just behind them. He took a step towards me and I couldn’t help but step backwards. Something seemed off. Almost threatening. His smile disappeared and he seemed hurt by my rejection. I didn’t understand this for I have never even meet this boy. Then there was another noise from the surrounding trees I looked to see what it was. When I looked back the boy was gone. I didn’t even hear him go. That is really strange I thought to myself. Then I could hear Emmett calling to me through the trees and ran into the forest to find him.

*****End Dream*****

I woke to hear Emmett calling to me.
“Bella, Bella get up.. What were you dreaming about? You were yelling in you sleep. You were saying don’t go don’t go…who were you talking to?” Emmett looked worried.
“ I don’t know Emmy there was the field and this kid, I have no idea who he is and then he was gone and you were yelling for me. That is all I remember” I said.
Our conversation then was interrupted by a knock on the door. Emmett got up to answer the door. I was right behind him as he opened the door to see Dan, my dad’s partner standing there.
“ May I come in?” he asked.
“ Sure Dan you know you are welcome anytime” I said in response.
“ This is not a social call Bella I am here on police business” he said in a shallow tone. At this point I looked at Emmett and he just shrugged.
“ Come in and have a seat Dan. What can we do for you?” I asked
“ Bella, Emmett do you know where your parents were last night?” he asked
“ yes they went to a dinner/dance held by the university last night. They were gone before we got here to get around for the school dance last night” I responded.
“ when was the last time you talked to either of them?”
“ Yesterday Dan you know that. When I dropped dad’s dinner off” I answered him starting to get worried about this line of questioning.
“So neither of you have spoken to them since Friday afternoon?” he said again.
“ No Dan where are you going with this. Just spit it out and quit beating around the bush. Why are you here?” I asked getting angry that he was not getting to the point.
“Easy Bella I’m just doing my job and getting all the facts.” he said trying to calm me down. It was getting to be to late for that once my temper gets going it’s hard to stop.
“Just tell us why you’re here Dan” I said again.
“Well Bella, Emmett I’m here because around 3 am this morning your fathers car was found along side highway 110 on it’s roof. Your father and mother were both in the vehicle. Your father was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Your mother was pronounced dead on the scene” he finished. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Everything seemed so distant. It’s like we were standing in a tunnel and everything was getting darker and he was moving further and further away. It was then that I felt Emmett wrap his big arms around me and crush me to his chest. I could hear him sobbing through his chest. I could fell the tears spilling down over my face. I was shaking all over. Then everything went black.
Chapter 3: The Beginning of the End

I woke up on the sofa in our living room. Emmett and Dan were both leaning over me. They looked like they were both gonna cry. Then the realization hit. I remembered why Dan was here. He came to tell us mom and dad were in a accident, and that dad was in the hospital and mom was….mom was….was….was…dead. I started to cry all over again. Emmett came over and lifted me into his lap and started to cradle me as if I was a fragile child that would break if he dropped me. I looked up to Dan. He looked as if he was crying. Why would he be crying. He was supposed to be composed, it was his job. He was supposed to be comforting the family not breaking down into a blubbering mass on the floor. Then it dawned on me that he loved my Father and Mother too. They took him in as family when he became partners with my dad. I slowly slid off Emmett’s lap and went to wrap my arms around Dan’s shoulders. He pulled away at first and then thought better of it and pulled me into a tight embrace. We cried like that for several hours. When we finally got our heads together I looked to Dan.
“ Where did they take Dad?” I asked.
“ Mount Synide medical hospital on 12th street” he replied.
“ We should pull ourselves together and get over there so we can be there for him” I said.
With that we all got up and went out to Dan’s police cruiser. He drove us to the hospital. When we entered the hospital we asked the nurse at the desk where to find our father and she gave us his room number. We went to find him. He was up on the fourth floor. When we entered the room he was still out of it. Dan went to find the doctor so we could ask what was going on. It wasn’t long until we were speaking with the doctor who was on call when my father came in.
“I’m sorry to hear about your Mother, but you father has yet to wake up. We think he hit his head pretty hard. There was a lot of swelling and some bleeding but he should pull out of it. He has two broken ribs a fractured vertebra and a broken leg. He will need lots of time to recover so he won’t be leaving the house for while. He will be staying with us for sometime before he can go home though” the doctor told us.
“ But will he be okay doc? Will he recover fully?” I asked.
“Yes dear he will make a full recovery. But we will know more once he wakes up” he said again. Then the doctor left and we went to sit around at my fathers side. I sat to his left and held his hand. Emmett and Dan sat on his right and waited patiently for some sign of waking from our dad. I leaned in to my dads ear and started whispering to him.
“Daddy please wake up. I need you. You can’t leave me here alone with Emmett, he’ll make fun of me all the time if there isn’t someone there to buffer him. Please daddy wake up” I said into his ear. I felt daddy’s hand twitch.
“ I think he is waking his hand moved” I said to Emmett and Dan. They both looked at me with hope in there eyes. As we watched my father he started to come around.
“Bella” he said groggily.
“Yes daddy I’m right here. Please don’t worry everything is fine” I told him.
“ Where is your brother?” he asked as he became more aware of his surroundings.
“I’m right here dad” Emmett told him. Looking around Charlie realized where he was.
“What happened? Where is your mother?” he started shouting.
“ Dad, dad calm down. We’ll explain everything in a minute just let me get your doctor so he knows you awake” I told him. I got up and walked to the hallway. The nurse at the desk looked up at me as I approached her.
“Excuse me, can you please page Doctor Dwight my father is awake” I said
“Yes dear no problem I will page him right away” she replied. As I turned around and headed for the door to my fathers room I could hear the doctor being paged. (Doctor Dwight to the fourth floor your patient is awake.)I entered Charlie’s room and he was sitting up.
“ So now are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” my father asked.
“Dad I think I should let Dan take it from here” I said. Just then my dad notice that Dan was leaning up against the wall just behind Emmett.
“Well Dan what is going on? And why am I in here?” Charlie said.
“ Now Charlie just relax, you were in an accident on your way home from the dinner last night. A drunk driver apparently ran a red light and ran you off the road. Your car flipped over on it’s roof. You were on conscious and have been broken and bruised pretty badly. They rushed you here and you have been asleep for 14 hours” Dan started.
“What about Renee?” Charlie cornered
“well umm” he stuttered. Then everything got real quite. Charlie looked around at everyone and suddenly his eyes widened as he ascertained what had happened.
“ No, No, No not Renee. Renee. Renee” Charlie started shouting. Just then the doctor came in through the door.
“Now Mr. Swan please calm yourself. You will recover better if you just take it easy. I know there is a lot to go over but now we need to check your vitals and get some blood work done to rule out anything that might be wrong. How is your head feeling?” the doctor said.
“My head feels fine doc. Tell me what happened to my Wife. I wanna know what happened to Renee” Charlie countered.
“ Well Mr. Swan…”
“Call me Charlie, Doc” my dad responded.
“Okay then Charlie, you and your wife were brought in late last night around 3:30 am. Your car apparently was run off the road by a drunk driver, you sustained some serious injuries, while your wife’s injuries were much more traumatic she did not survive the crash. I promise Charlie she did not feel a thing. She passed quickly. Now for you, you will be staying us for awhile anyway. Once I decide that you can go home, you will be on leave from work for sometime while you finish recovering” the doctor finished speaking.
“ But doc I have to get back to work. My case load is over flowing and I can’t afford to take time off” Charlie protested.
“Sorry Charlie but no such luck. You will be on be rest” the doctor prompted. Charlie grunted. He doesn’t often get stopped in his endeavors. Well the next two weeks just drifted by. We visited Charlie at the hospital, we made the arrangements for moms funeral and went to school. After the funeral we spent most of our time at school or the hospital, Charlie kept insisting that he was going back to work when he got out of the hospital. Dan told him not to worry that he had everything covered. Charlie didn’t buy it though, he knew exactly what he left for Dan to deal with on his own. Then two weeks later. Dad was released from the hospital. After a month in the hospital Charlie couldn’t wait to get out. He still had a long way to go. According to the doctor he still had two weeks of physical therapy left before he would give him the okay to go back to work. Charlie spent his days whining and pouting about not being able to do anything. His nights he spent in his room, I don’t think he wanted us to know he was crying. I know he misses mom.
I on the other hand am not doing as well.
I spend my days and nights crying. I tried to stay strong for dad while he was in the hospital but now it’s like it all came crashing down on me at once. I stay in my room I can’t eat or sleep, I hardly ever go out. Emmett told everyone at school that I was sick, but I don’t think anyone believes him. Nicole stopped by to see me but I told them to tell her I didn’t want to see anyone. I feel so lost these days. It seems like a part of me is missing. Like when my mom died my world stopped spinning and everything in it just didn’t seem to matter. My moods changed like the days, one day I would be sad the next mad. Eventually my family stopped talking to me. They watched me like a hawk though. Waiting for me to just stop breathing.

It went through life like this for 3 weeks. Charlie went back to work, Emmett and I went to school. Well my body went back to school my mind went else where. My friends would try to talk to me but when they didn’t get a response eventually they just stopped talking to me. One day after an extremely brutal day at school I came home to find Charlie sitting at his desk in what appeared to be an important conversation. As he hung up the phone he turned to me and smiled. I tried to return the smile but it came out more as a grimce then a smile.
“Bella is Emmett with you?” Charlie asked with a huge grin on his face.
“Yeah dad he is coming in right behind me” I returned his smile as best I could. Just then Emmett came storming through the door.
“Can you believe that girl! She just keeps leading me on and I keep falling for it. I won’t do it anymore” he stormed.
“Emmett dad wants to speak with us” I chimed in.
“ OH….I didn’t see you there. Sorry I was yelling I just had a rough day” he said coming over to me and catching me up in a big bear hug.
“ It’s nice to hear your voice again little sis, I didn’t ever think you were gonna speak ever again” he said.
“ Sorry Emmy I didn’t mean to scare you. Shall we go see what dad wants?” I asked.
“Sure let’s go, it can’t be any worse then the day I had today” he said.
With that we were off to the living room to find dad. As we entered he was pacing the room in front of the fireplace.
“ Hey guys I wanna talk to you about something” Charlie chimed in.
“ Yeah dad what do you want” I said.
“ Well I just got off the phone with an old friend of mine in Washington. It’s seems that they are in desperate need of a sheriff seeing as their’s has retired. What I wanted to ask you about is…..what do you think about moving to Washington?” Charlie finished.
“Wait. What? You want us to move to Washington? Talk about short notice. When do we leave if we decided to go?” Emmett of course with all the questions.
“ If we decide to go we will be leaving Friday after you get home from school so we can be there and settled in so you can start school first thing Monday morning” Charlie said.
“What do you think Bells? Emmett asked.
“ NO… I’m not going anywhere” I screamed. “ Mom is here, my friends are here. You can’t make me go, I won’t go!” I stormed off. Emmett caught me before I hit the stairs.
“ What do you mean your not going, your friends are here…Bella you haven’t spoken to any of your friends in weeks, some of them think you’ve lost your mind, as for Mom, she is gone Bella she isn’t coming back. If she did she would tell you to move on and be happy. She wouldn’t want you to give up everything we have just to sit around here and mope. And this job offer for dad sounds like something he really wants. Didn’t you see how happy he was when he said it. You didn’t even wait to find out exactly where in Washington we would be going. Did you know that that town was where mom and dad grew up. So if we go there you won’t lose mom at all. She is there too.” Emmett exclaimed.
“I don’t care Emmett you guys can’t make me go anywhere. I’m not leaving” I yelled back at him.
“ To late Bells we’re leaving Friday me and dad decided to against one. No be a good little sister and go pack your things.” he chided.
“You both suck and I hate you…” I yelled back down the stairs as I slammed my bedroom door.
How could they do this to me. Everything we have ever know is here in New York. We have never even gone on vacation and now they wanna just pack us up and move us across the country to some god forsaken town I have probably never heard of that doesn’t even appear on a map. I won’t go. They can’t make me leave.
Chapter 4: Forks, Washington

Well Friday came and we were on our way to Forks, Washington. From what I read about the place it always rains and the sun rarely shines. Great just what I need. I love the sun and now it is gone too. It seems like everything I love is gone, my mom, my friends, my school, my city, my sunshine….when will it ever end. Emmett seems stoked that we are moving. He can’t wait to nose around to see what he can find out to embarrass my dad about. Dad never talked much about his and mom’s past. We didn’t even know that they did grow up in New York until he asked us about moving here. Which I still don’t wanna do, but apparently I was out voted. I hate democracies. I hate that we moved out here to the middle of nowhere.

Our flight landed on time. When we got off the plane in Seattle dad’s old friend was waiting for us in the terminal. His name appeared to be Andy but for all I knew is name could be mud. I didn’t really care. I don’t wanna be here. From what dad has said we are moving back into the old family house. It was my grandfathers if I’m not correct. Which now a days could be possible. I don’t seem to be on my game lately. Now we were on our way down to Forks, another two hour drive. Yeah me. Two more hours of Emmett playing I spy. I really hat that game. He keeps trying to get me to guess but I just don’t care to play. After about an hour of that he tried a different strategy.
“Hey Bells, did you know that there are 345 overcast days a year here?” Emmett asked.
So now it was gonna be a game of facts.
“ No Emmett I didn’t but thanks for letting me know. That will be another thing to add to my ‘I hate this place list’” I said with a smirk.
“ Awe Bells don’t be like that” he said. “ You never know there might be some cool people here you might make some interesting friends”.
“I liked my old friends” I said getting angry with him.
“Yeah okay that’s why you haven’t said a word to them in 3 weeks” he countered.
He always knows how to push my buttons.

We were pulling up to the old house. It was a two story colonial. It had peeling white paint and dark blue shutters. The front door was green with a broken window in the bottom corner. It looks like no one has lived here in years. The year was over grown but huge. It was bordered by woods on three sides. Emmett would have tons of fun here. He always wanted to go hunting. He is more of the outdoors type, then I am. I would rather stay inside and read or practice one of the many things I was interested in. Dad says there is plenty of space in the basement for me to have it. He even offered to help me remodel it. The basement would become my safe haven. A ballet studio, work out gym, and karate dojo all in one. I appreciated the effort he put in. I told him that would be fine. So now it was time to get to work. We have two days before school starts on Monday. Dad put Emmett to work outside. Emmett started by Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and chopping up fallen trees. Next he set to the task of painting the house until it started to rain. It’s a good thing we had a lot of tarps. He covered over what he had already finished and came inside to help me. By now I had unpack all the boxes in the living room and kitchen. I sent Emmett to the dining room to set up the table and mom’s serving hutch. The inside of the house wasn’t has bad as the outside. Someone must have been cleaning the inside of the house over the years. I took the room at the top of the stairs on the left. Emmett took the room next to mine. The bathroom was Next on the way around. Then dad’s room was on the right. I would have to go and pick a new paint color for my room. It looks like this used to be a boys room the walls were green and had lot of writing on the walls. Emmett’s room was nicer his was a lovely shade of blue, no signs of scribbled handwriting all over his walls. Dad’s room was an off white eggshell type color which suited him just fine. The kitchen will need a new coat of paint just because I don’t think a kitchen should ever be pink. The living room was nice it is a mauve type red that sets with the wood work throughout it. So tomorrow I would go to the store and pick up some paints the sooner I got the house in order the sooner it would feel like home.

I made and agreement with dad and Emmett, I said I would try and make a go of this. I didn’t know it would involve this much work.

I made it through Saturday with minimal interaction with them. There was so much to be done. The only time I actually saw them was when It was time to eat. Of course neither of them could cook to save our lives. So again that was something else that would fall to me. How I missed my mom. I seems I took over where she left off. I have to keep the house, and make sure the boys got fed and the bills got paid.

By Sunday night I was exhausted. The house was finished. Everything was put in it’s place and all the painting was done. Of course it was far to cold to open the windows so my room still had a horrible paint smell. I slept on the couch that night. Six o’clock came and Emmett was bouncing on me like always.
“Come on little sister, get up it’s time to get around for school. Get up , get up , get up!!!!!” Emmett chanted.
“Fine I’m getting up. Now get off me” I yelled sleepily.
I rushed up the stairs to get a shower and wash the sleep from my eyes. The warm water was welcoming. I let it run over my body for about an hour before Emmett started yelling.
“We’re gonna be late if you don’t get a move on”.
“ I’ll be right there” I said as I rushed to my room to get dressed. Of course my clothing here was limited. The weather here was way different from New York. So only half of my wardrobe was compatible. I rushed down the stairs grabbed a granola bar from the shelf and headed out the door. Emmett was already waiting in the jeep.
“Ready for your first day of school in Hicksville” Emmett chuckled.
“Let’s go and get this over with” I told him shrugging my shoulders.
It’s wasn’t long before we entered town. We passed Newton’s hardware store. That’s is where I went for the paint. Then we passed Redman’s grocery store. I would have to remember where that is for when I go for groceries. There was a small church on the left hand side of the road next to the only red light in town. Next we passed the post office, and a bank, then what looked like a football field. I couldn’t tell for sure there was a huge wall around it. Next block down was an old totem statue. It looked like it showed the way out of town. The bird or eagle I think, on top, it’s wing was pointing in the direction of the interstate. Then on the right hand side was the school. Its about 2 miles from the house. That isn’t to bad. I could walk that if needed. We pulled in the lot by the main office. We got out and went in. If it wasn’t bad enough that there was green everywhere outside, the walls inside the office were also green. Along with the miscellaneous plants that were sitting on every flat surface of the office.
“Hello. What can I do for you?” a nice redheaded office lady said as we approached the counter.
“We are just starting today we need to get our schedules” Emmett explained.
“Names” she said.
“Emmett and Isabella Swan” he told her.
“Oh yes the new Sheriff’s kids” she said.
“That’s correct” Emmett continued.
“ Well here you are. Please feel free to stop by with any questions you may have and I hope you like it here. It was nice meeting you both” the office lady replied.
“Yes thank you” we both said at the same time.
As we left the office I noticed it was starting to rain. Great rain. We drove over to the student parking lot. Most of the vehicles here were older models, some even had several rust spots on them. The most expensive looking car next to Emmett’s jeep was a shiny silver Volvo. We parked at the far end of the lot. We didn’t want to make a scene or bring attention to ourselves on the first day. Yeah like that would happen. What with Emmett being the monster of a boy that he is. Once we got within sight of the other kids, we could hear the whispers. “Wow look at them. They must have lots of money to have a vehicle like that”. “ Look at that guy he is so huge. I wonder if he’ll join the football team they could us all the help they can get”. “ Who is that with him. Is that his sister or a girlfriend maybe…no it’s got to be his sister. I doubt his parents would let his girlfriend move with them let alone her parents”. “ I wonder if they are nice. I wonder what groups they will join. I could really use someone to help me with yearbook”.
Then as we would get closer they all would stop talking and pretend to be doing something else while secretly watching us from the corner of their eyes. I wonder how long this will last.

“ Hey Emmett….What classes do you have. I hope we have a few together. This is awkward enough without going through the day alone” I asked.
“ I have math 1st hour, science 2nd hour, gym 3rd hour, history 4th hour, 5th hour lunch, 6th hour Social studies, and last but not least English 7th hour” he replied chuckling about the way his schedule read.
“ Oh good. I have gym and lunch with you. I also have English with you. That is too perfect. You will save me a seat at lunch and in English won’t you?” I asked unsure whether he wanted to sit with me or not. What big brother wanted their little sister cramping their style.
“Sure Bells. I wouldn’t want it any other way!” he said smiling.
I should have known better. Emmett wasn’t your normal big brother. So we split off to our first period classes. I had A.P. Calculus. So I had to go to the math building anyway. The first couple classes flew by uneventful, for which I was grateful. Emmett played me in gym. I was okay with basketball but he was still taller then me so of course he won. After gym we went off to our perspective classes promising to meet up at lunch.

As I entered the lunch room I spotted Emmett right away. He was sitting at one of the long tables, surrounded by girls. Great same old Emmett. He waved me over but I signed him that I was gonna get my lunch first and he shook his head that he acknowledged. I hurried through the lunch line, paid for my food and headed for Emmett. He pulled out the chair to his right for me. The girl sitting directly to his left gave me a dirty look. I could just imagine what was running through her head. (oh look he pulls a chair out for her. What makes her so special. He didn’t pull my chair out.) I snickered to myself and Emmett looked at me. I just shook my head. Emmett began to introduce me to his band of merry followers.
“Bells this is Lauren, (he pointed to the girl on his left) This is Jessica (he pointing to the girl across from him), and this here is Angela. (he pointed to the girl directly across from me.) Angela is a little shy so she doesn’t talk much. Everyone this is my sister Bella.”
The girl next to Emmett relaxed as he mentioned the relationship between us. She smiled at me then. They started back in on their conversations that they were having before I sat down. They were in the middle of a conversation on football and how Emmett was the quarter back at our last school when I saw them walking into the café together.
“Who are they?” I asked to no one in particular.
“ The Cullen’s and Hales” Angela the shy one answered me.
“ Which one’s are Which?” I asked.
This time Jessica answered.
“ The two blondes are the Hales. Jasper and Rosalie. The Small one is Alice Cullen. And the brooding, silent one is Edward Cullen. Alice and Jasper are an item. Rosalie and Edward are single but don’t bother they don’t date. No one here is good enough for them” she remarked snidely.
I could have sworn I saw Edward smirk. Almost like he heard the conversation and found it funny.
Chapter 5: The Cullen’s

Walking into the lunch room is usually routine. Same old drab day after day. This person worrying about how they look, this one worrying about their new hair cut and if her so called boyfriend will like it. But today of all days their seems to be a strange buzz about a couple of new students. A brother sister pair. Their dad took over as sheriff, after Mr. Deets retired. The boys name is apparently Emmett. A rather tall muscular athletic type guy. Looks like he could play for the football team. The girl looks athletic also but not in the same way. She is petite and balanced. Toned muscles in her legs and arms. Looks to be track and field maybe. A dancer possibly. From the minds of everyone in here today they seem to be the talk of the town. As I passed by their table the boy called Emmett, his thoughts were pretty simple and relaxed.
He thought of football, and the feel of the grass beneath his feet. The wind blowing through his hair as he runs. His sisters happiness in this new town.
He must really care about her to think of her so often.
He thinks of a time when she didn’t look so happy. She looked painfully sad in the pictures he was remembering. She look tired and malnourished. Like she hadn’t slept or eaten in days.
I wonder to myself what could have possibly happened to this girl for her to look like that.
I tried to here the thoughts of the girl he referred to in his mind as Bella. But I got nothing. Wait nothing. That can’t be right. I have never come across some one I couldn’t read. Maybe I’m just overlooking her voice. I tried again. Still nothing. Gggrrrrrr. This is getting frustrating. All of a sudden someone called my name in their minds.

“Edward”. It was my sister Alice.
“What is it Alice?” I replied out loud.
“I was just wondering if you have had any classes with the new students yet?”
“No Alice I haven’t but it seems they are on everyone’s minds today”.
“Is that so?”
“Yes Alice why do you ask?”
“I’m only asking because I had a vision of you and the new girl, what’s her name?, talking quite heatedly if I may say so myself.”
“Well Alice her name is Isabella, but she goes by Bella. At least that is what she keeps telling everyone. Second of hall why would I be having a heating conversation with a girl I hardly know? And thirdly I don’t speak to anyone why would I start now?”
“ I don’t know Edward, I’m just telling you what I saw. I like the name Bella it’s pretty. I wonder if she likes to shop. She seems to have good taste in clothing. And as to your thirdly maybe you should start and then people might start thinking nicer things about you” Alice rattle on.
“ I don’t care what people think Alice, and you know very well why I don’t talk to anyone. We need to keep ourselves secret or we will have to move again do you want that?”
This time Rosalie answered
“ No way I’m not moving again. This is our second move in less then a year cause you too got to comfy around humans” she spit at us.
“Alright, alright. We will behave and keep our distance Rose” Alice replied.
“But what she don’t know won’t hurt her” she thought to me.
I chuckled in response. There is no stopping Alice once she gets an idea in her head, and the idea in her head was to make Bella her new friend and shopping partner. Good at least now I won’t have to go with her.

“ Edward is Alice up to no good again” Jasper thought.
I just nodded again and he chuckled to himself but covered up as a cough so Rose wouldn’t catch on to our private conversation. She hates it when we do that. Alice and I have Perfected it. You see Alice see the Future, but only to a point if the person who future she is seeing changes their mind about anything at any given time their future changes. I if you have guessed can read minds. I hear every thought in a room. Most times I can shut it out but it isn’t easy when some people scream their thoughts.

This new girl Bella on the other hand has me baffled. I can’t seem to hear her thoughts. Suddenly I heard my name again. I looked over to the table where the new kids where sitting and saw that Jessica Stanley was glancing our way.

“It seems as if Jessica is giving the new kids the dish on half the school, including us” I told my family.
“What does the new kids think about us?” Jasper asked slightly amused.
“ Well the tall kid Emmett thinks Rose is hot, and is thinking some thoughts about her I wish I could tune out” I said with a gagged look on my face.
“You have got to be kidding me” Rosalie said.
“Nope not kidding. It’s actually kind of gross to hear the things this guy is thinking of doing to you” I told her.
“What about the girl?” Jasper and Alice seemed to ask at the same time.
“ I don’t know” I said “ I don’t understand, I can’t read anything it’s like there is nothing there. I can clearly hear her voice talking out loud but mental she’s mute” I confessed to my family.
They all looked stunned for about half a second.
“Wow” said Jasper and Alice together.
Rosalie just looked pissed off. We have never had to deal with something like this before. I am intrigued. I wonder if maybe I should speak with her, it might help me sort out her thoughts.
“Yippy…does that mean I can talk to her too!!” Alice thought.
I shook my head NO. Alice’s face dropped as I did this. Jasper saw and just shook his head he knew something was going on but he won’t ask until we are alone.
Time was starting to run out so I would have to debate this later. Right now I have to head off to 6th hour A.P. Biology. It’s not like I don’t already know all of this stuff, but it is part of our charade. So as the bell rang I said my partings to Jasper, Rose and Alice. Alice was still pouting about not being able to befriend Bella. It would just have to wait. Until I can figure out what she thinks and knows about us I can’t risk my family again. So with that I headed down the hall and entered my biology class room. I of course have a table to myself. For some reason no one wants to sit with me. I wouldn’t know why!(chuckles innocently) For some unknown reason humans just tend to shy away from us. It may only be an unconscious decision but it still keeps them away.
I settled into my seat for the next hour of hell. I hated to come to school it was so boring. The teacher could never come up with anything new to peak my interests. Just as I got comfortable something caught my attention. The most delicious smell came wafting into the room. As I looked toward the door to see what it was. There she stood! How can this be. The most delicious smell in the world was coming from this common place girl. My mouth started swimming with venom. I could feel my eyes widen within the sockets, in order to take every inch of her in. My hands clung to the side of the desk, how can I keep myself from giving in and destroying my family’s faith in me. I don’t want to kill this girl, but by body says otherwise. I need to get out of here. What if someone sees me looking like this.
I looked around the room and the only pair of eyes that were on me were that of Bella Swan herself. They were large and round as if taking in her surrounds as a scared animal would. The deep pools of chocolate were almost invisible as her pupil was enlarged to observe and capture every minute detail in the room. She was frozen in the doorway. Unable to move. We continued to stare at each other until Mike Newton, the pathetic creature that he is came up behind the girl and behind the girl and bumped her. Bringing her out of the trance that we were locked into. She then proceeded to the teachers desk at the front of the room. As she walked I noticed the gracefulness of her step and the elegance as she walked. Most definitely a trained dancer.
She hand a small note to the teacher. He read it over quickly and then handed her a text book. Oh wait no he can’t do that. The only seat left in the room is the one next to me. Crap. Okay don’t panic act as if everything is normal. So I gathered up my things and stacked them neatly on my side of the table. She came to sit beside me. She looked nervous. I wonder why. Then I dawned on my everyone is nervous around me and my siblings. We have this thing about us that makes human people nervous. Or I could be wrong and it could just be because it is her first day. I hate that I can’t read her thoughts this would be easier if I knew what I was facing. Wait why am I worried. I shouldn’t care either way. Whether she is scared of me or just nervous because it’s a new school. But I do care, that in itself is strange. It’s like she has become a science project. I must study her and find out how she works, what makes her tick. As if sensing that I was staring at her she turned her head slightly to look at me. When I saw my reflection in her deep chocolate eyes I felt suddenly ashamed of myself. I have never been this rude before even to my food. I must rectify this as soon as possible. I won’t be able to unravel the enigma that is Isabella Swan if I scare her out the class room. Just as I was about to speak the teacher started class. I would have to wait until he finishes. The class dragged slowly on. I never knew an hour could last that long. Then finally he rapped up and gave the class their homework assignments. I was about to say something to Isabella when all of a sudden the classroom seemed empty. She turned to me with a sharp glare and spoke.
“ What the hell is your problem. I don’t even know you and you have been giving me dirty looks and staring at me all period. If you have something to say, say it if not the keep your eye balls to yourself and mind your own business” she said as her face turned red with anger.
But before I could respond to outburst. She grabbed her books and disappeared out the science room door.
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Chapter 6: End of Day One.

Who does he think he is. I thought to myself as I stormed out into the hallway. He has no idea who I am, and knows absolutely nothing about me and yet he spent the entire period glaring at me. AH! I will never understand boys. If they all act like this to someone they first meet around here I think I’m gonna scream.
Just then Emmett came up behind me and threw his arm over my shoulder.
“How’s your first day going little sis?” he asked.
“It would be better if people quit staring at me!” I replied snidely.
“Oh that’s nothing, they will all stop staring before the week is out.” he continued
“ They are only looking because we are new here, once that wears off it will be just like before at our old school” he finished.
“Oh great you mean they will pick on me and laugh at me because I can kick most of the football teams butt!” I asked sarcastically.
“Hell yeah” he replied. “About the butt kicking part not the picking and laughing” he quickly added.
I just shrugged my shoulders as we entered out final period class of the day. This horrid day was almost over. My 7th hour teacher was rather boring. I spent most of the class doodling on my note book. She was prattling on about some scholastic book list we need to read before the end of the year. As she passed out copies I noticed I had already read at least three quarters of the list she had given me. I had already study most of this material. I was in advanced English courses in New York, so this stuff was a bore to me. It really didn’t surprise me though a small town like Forks wasn’t likely to have to many advanced subjects.
As class wound down I found my thoughts drifting back to my last period class and the way that boy kept staring at me. I knew who he was but to say the name to acknowledge that I cared, which in fact I did not. So many questions where running through my head. Why was he staring like that? What did I ever do to him? What was his problem? Why did he introduce himself or at least say hello like everyone else? Why did it look like his eyes were black? Is that even possible? Maybe it some new kind of contacts?
I would of course never voice my internal questions, everyone would look at me like I was crazy. As I was going over all this in my head finally Emmett poked me and asked if I would like a pillow and blanket. I couldn’t imagine why he would ask such a silly question. Until I notice my head was laying on the desk. I kindly told Emmett no thanks and to get off my back. Then finally my angel came and swept me away. (ring ring) The dismissal bell my savior. I walked steady out of the room and to my locker. I was in a daze walking through the parking lot. When Emmett slammed his jeep door shut it finally brought me out of my world of 20 questions.
“Yo sis what has gotten into you? Earth to Bella!” Emmett was saying.
“ Oh sorry Emmy I was just thinking about 6th hour Bio” I replied.
“What about it?” he asked.
“You remember at lunch when Jessica and Angela were telling us about the Cullen’s?” I said.
“Yeah what about em?” he looked puzzled.
“That Edward guy is in my Bio class, he spent the whole hour staring at me like I had kicked his dog!” I replied.
“Did you?” he asked while laughing.
“Emmett this is not funny. I think that guy really hates me, and I don’t understand why or how being as I have never met him before today” I declared.
“Yeah okay that is a little weird. Would you like me to have a word with him?” he asked cracking his knuckles.
I had to chuckle at this cause he is such an overprotective big brother.
“No Em it’s ok. I think I can handle myself” I told him.
He just smiled and nodded his head. He knew I could just as easily handle anyone who would come at me.
He started the jeep and as we were backing out of our spot I saw that same guy staring at us again. Okay for real what was this guys problem! Did he have a disorder that he can’t help but stare at other people. Or did he only do this to girls he wanted to creep out. I don’t know but I plan on getting to the bottom of this.
I think Emmett finally noticed our spectator cause he cast and evil glare in that direction. I could have swore I saw that Cullen kid smile and chuckle to himself, as if he didn’t feel threatened by Emmett. You have got to be kidding me, everyone was threatened by Emmett.
All to soon we were pulling in the driveway of our new home. I still wasn’t so sure about this move. Emmett seemed to be taking to it nicely, and my dad seemed thrilled. He was home almost every night just before dark. I think he was enjoying the fact that he got to spend more time with us.
After I made dinner and Emmett cleaned up I retreated to my newly finished getaway in the basement.
We finished it late last night, and I couldn’t wait to let some of my new frustrations with this place out on my punching bag. The room was set up in sections, we divided it to fit my needs for each of my extra curricular activities. I wasn’t certain if they had any of this stuff here in this town, from what I saw so far it wasn’t looking hopeful. So anyway the first have of the basement was set up for my karate practice the walls were painted a peaceful shade of light green, and the floors was covered in padding like you would find in a school gym. The next part was divided by to Japanese changing shades. This floor we had to customize. We laid down a grid pattern on the floor with two by fours which gave it a raised appearance. So I actually stepped up into it. We covered the grid pattern with plywood and then a shinny hard wood. The walls were lined with mirrors on either end and we found a way to hang some in-between the sections. This of course was my dance studio. The ballet bar in stead of being attached to the mirrors on the walls was placed on the edge of the floor. The next room, the one to which I was headed was the gym. I had all kinds of equipment. I gladly shared this room with Emmett. He liked to lift weights for football.
I went over and strapped my boxing gloves on that were hanging from a hook on the door that lead to a bathroom that surprisingly was fully functional. It was a full bathroom. It only had a shower not a tub, but I could make do with that. It was a welcomed surprise. That means I don’t have to climb two flights of stairs to get cleaned up.

I spent the better part of the night in my training rooms. It was relaxing to release all my anger on something that wouldn’t get it’s feelings hurt. I thought of the things I was gonna say to that Cullen kid. I had a ton of questions and there was no way I wasn’t getting answers.
Eventually Emmett yelled down the stairs that it was getting rather late, so I went and washed up and headed up the stairs.
He looked at me as if I had lost my mind. He must of heard me taking it out on the bag. I don’t remember talking out loud but maybe it did.
“He has really gotten under you skin hasn’t he?” he asked as I headed for the stairs.
“Yeah and I don’t know why either, which is aggravating me even more” I told him.
“You shouldn’t let one guy ruin your out look this who place you know” Emmett said.
“I know Emmy, I will try not to but is just so frustrating. I don’t even know him, and yet he acted as if we were mortal enemies” I replied.
“It was kinda weird that he was staring at us as we were pulling out in the parking lot. He gave me the hebe jebes, and that is not something that is easily done, you know that!” he told me.
“Yeah I know” I rolled my eyes.
He acts like such a child sometimes. It makes me wonder who is really the older sibling between the two of us.
After that we said our good-nites and went off to our beds to sleep.
I lay down and couldn’t sake this strange feeling I was having. I could swear that I had seen the Cullen boy before I just couldn’t put my finger on it. This was the first time I actually got to think about anything. I was to angry earlier to let my mind settle and think things through. But now I had that nagging suspicion. With that thought on my mind I drifted off to sleep.
She eats it's just not a big part of the story...she only eats small things like toast or a granola bar...just things that will keep her dad and emmett off her back.... it is actually's not pretty but it is possible. she is very malnurished. but she is working on it.
Chapter 7: What???

I was in that same meadow again. The sun is shinning, illuminating the flowers like sparkling gems on an ocean of emerald green. I stood alone in the silence absorbing the perfection of the picture before me. I can hear the leaves rustling and the twigs on the forest floor cracking to the east just like before. A figure starts moving towards me from the shadows of the trees. It must be the bronze haired boy from before. As he got closer I started to make out more of his features… He has a square chiseled jaw line, tight shoulders, muscular arms and chest. Definitely an athlete. As I look him over I noticed he is moving closer again. Suddenly he steps into the sunlight and I was blinded by the most dazzling light, I shielded my eyes with my hands until they got adjusted. As I slowly became accustomed to the brightness I noticed that the boy is the cause of the light. The sun reflected off his skin like glittering stars in the midnight sky. I started to bring my eyes back up to meet his and as I saw his face a part of me registered that the boy in my dream was none other then Edward Cullen!
“Edward” I called to him. He looked startled that I recognized him, as if he didn’t expect me to be there. Suddenly he turned and started to walk away.
“Wait Edward don’t go” I said as he continued to leave.
“Edward Wait!” I was yelling now.

****End Dream****

Suddenly I was back in my room. Great just my luck. I don’t only have to deal with the jerk at school, now he is invading my dreams too! I look over at the clock, it’s only 2 am. I still have time. I lay back down and close my eyes and once again I allow sleep to take me.


I was even more addicted to this simple girl then before. First baffled that I can’t hear her thoughts, then I’m over powered by the delicious fragrance, and completely dazed by her anger fueled out burst at my lack of control. Who is this girl, and was she sent here to torment me. What have I done to deserve this. What crime did I commit to have this kind of punishment inflicted on me.

As I watched her drive away from the school I was wondering what she might be thinking. She still looked rather pissed. I don’t understand her. I will have to speak with Alice or Rose…okay maybe not Rose, on if this is normal girl behavior.
This is what I know or suspect about her so far. She seems to keep to herself, so she is shy. The only person she talks to is her brother. I think that is just cause she doesn’t know anyone yet. She seemed to have no problem voicing her issues. Headstrong. She seems very intelligent. From what I have heard from other peoples’ thoughts she has mostly A.P. classes. She has beautiful brown eyes, the most perfect smile, she looks so adorable when she is angry, her cheeks flush red (the most lovely shade of red), she almost reminds me of an angry kitten with it’s hair standing on end and claws thrown out, hissing and spitting…(chuckles to self). Her lavish locks of auburn hair flows down past her waist, and when the wind blows through it the smell of ripened strawberries fill the air.

Oh my what in gods name am I doing. She Is the devil in disguise, here to ruin me. I can’t let this girl get to me. Why did she have to come here. Maybe I can change my course. I won’t have to sit by her. Be tortured by her smell. Enveloped by he heat. Swallowed by the depth of her deep chocolate eyes…wait what am I doing. I’m thinking of her again.

“Alice” I yelled.
“Yes Edward you wish to speak with me?” she replied already in the doorway to my bedroom.
“What do see of my future?” I questioned her.
We sat in silence as her eyes glossed over and she searched the future for me. I listened closely to everything she was seeing.
Suddenly I was standing in a meadow across from the Swan girl. She was staring at me with a smile on her face as she saw the sun reflecting off my skin. She called to me. “Edward”. I turned and started to leave. She started after me calling my name “ Wait Edward don’t go” she cried. I just kept walking “ Edward wait” she called to me. I never even turned around. I disappeared into the forest leaving her alone. “Edward” she yelled one last time.
***End Vision***

“Alice what does that mean?” I asked confused and stunned all at the same time.
“ I’m not sure” she replied.
“But Alice if she sees me like that in the sun she will know that we are different. It will blow our cover and we will have to move again.” I started to pace the room.
“Not necessarily. Did you see the way she was smiling at you?” Alice smiled at me.
“So what does that mean?” I was starting to get angry.
“I think it means that you should see this thing out. Get to know her. Maybe she is the one you’ve been waiting for!” she gleamed at me.
“ I haven’t been waiting for anyone Alice, and I am most definitely not going to get to know her. The last time I was close to her the only thing I could think of was how great she would taste.” I was yelling now.
“Edward” Esme called from hallway.
“Yeah mom” I replied.
“What’s the matter. I haven’t heard you yell at Alice like that since she tried to convince you to get a pet lion.”
“ It’s very similar in situation mom” I said as I sneered at Alice who was laughing to herself.
“Why don’t the two of you come down and explain what it is the problem is and we can figure this out as a family”. mom was always the perfect mediator between me and Alice. So we headed down stairs toward the dinning room where the family has meetings.(not like we actually eat in the house)

“Carlisle” Esme called to our father.
“Yes my dear” he said as he was suddenly behind her.
“ Our children seem to be having a disagreement about something important. I can’t be sure exactly but it almost seems as if Alice is trying for a pet again.” she chuckled.
“Not Again Alice” Rosalie said entering the room while blowing on her freshly painted finger nails.
“It’s nothing like that” Alice said defensively.
“ Well Alice, Edward why don’t you explain what is going on so we can all have a say on this” Carlisle said. He always kept a level head. Even when we didn’t deserve it.
“Ok fine I’ll go first” Alice said.
“ Oh no you don’t Alice, I will start since the problem is technically mine” I said.
“Go ahead Edward” Esme replied to me with a smile.
“Ok so here it goes. There are some new kids in school. You know Sheriff Swans kids.”
“Yes I have met the Sheriff a few times at the hospital” Carlisle cut in.
“Well I have Bio with the Swan girl”
“ I don’t see how that is a problem” Rosalie sighed.
“ Well it normally wouldn’t be, but for some reason I can’t help myself. It’s almost like she calls to me. Sitting next to her in class I couldn’t help but think of the millions of ways I could kill her. Her smell is so sweet.” I gazed off into space dreaming of her again.
“Son what you are describing can only mean one thing” Carlisle interrupted my thoughts.
“ What Carlisle what does it mean?” I was becoming impatient.
“She is your singer Edward” he replied.
“My singer. What does that mean?” I felt confused.
“ It means that nowhere in the world are you ever gonna find someone’s’ blood that is more appealing to you then hers.” he told me.
“ Well that helps explain the urge to eat her” I said. Alice and Jasper broke out into fits of laughter. Rosalie rolled her eyes. Esme looked sympathetic. And Carlisle just stared.
“ It however doesn’t explain why I cannot hear her thoughts”
“ What do you mean Edward…you can’t hear the girls thoughts?” Carlisle looked puzzled.
“ No she is mute. I can hear her voice clear as a bell but her thoughts are blank.” I said.
“That is puzzling” Carlisle continued “but I’m not sure if that constitutes an argument between you and Alice”.
“That is not what we were arguing about” I stated. “ Alice I think it’s your turn to take the stage”.
“ Okay so Edward was worried about being near the girl so he had me look forward to his future to see if anything would come of it.” Alice began. Then she went on to tell them about the vision and what she thought it meant and I said in return. The whole family looked stumped. Then comprehension seemed to filter across jaspers face.
“We have to kill her” he said.
“Wait what?” I asked.
“We can’t let her find out about us.” Jasper replied.
“I won’t move again” Rosalie sounded pissed.
“We just got settled and I don’t wanna start all over again somewhere else”.
“ I Agree Rose. We should not have to move all over again.” I said.
“But we have to deal with Edward” Jasper growled.
“I will deal with this. It is my problem not any of yours. If I stay away from her Alice’s vision will never occur and no one will have to worry about anything, isn’t that right Carlisle” I asked.
“ Edward is absolutely correct. There is no need to kill an innocent child because of an event that has yet to come to pass. I think we should just let this play out, and see where it leads.” that was the of the conversation.

A few hours later…….

“Edward” I heard Carlisle call from his study.
“Yes Father” I replied.
“There is something else to this girl isn’t there?” he asked.
If I could have blushed I would have he knows me so well.
“Might be” I said
“You know you can tell me anything son” He was coaxing me.
“alright have a seat and tell me what is really going on.”
“Well it’s like this” I said. “It is not just about me wanting her blood.”
He smiled like he knew what was already coming.
“ I have feelings for this girl. Strong feelings. I don’t understand it. I think it might just be a infatuation with the fact that I can’t read her mind and I want to unravel the mysteries of how her mind works”. I said defensively.
“No Edward I think it’s more then that” Carlisle said.
“I think you may be experiencing you very first teenage crush”. he chuckled.
“This is serious Carlisle” I spouted “There is nothing funny about this”.
“what if I can’t control myself and I do something I can’t take back?” I yelled. Carlisle stood and placed his hand on my shoulder.
“ Son I don’t think you could” he stated matter of fact.
“ You place too much confidence in me Carlisle” I rebuffed.
“Just think about what I have said and then decide what you wish to do from here. I will support you in what ever decision you make”.
“Thank you. And I will think about all that you said. But now I think I will retire to my room” I said.
“Good night son” he said as left for my room.
Chapter 8: Where do we go from here?

Bang, bang, bang,… “ Bella”…Bang, bang, bang… “Time to get up sleeping beauty”…(door opens) squeak, squeak, squeak, bounce, bounce, bounce,… “ Get up Bella” Emmett screams as he jumps up and down on my bed.
“Go Away Emmett” I gargle. I hate it when he wakes me up this way.
“Get Up little sister you have to get ready for school”.
“I’m Not going” I groaned and rolled over.
“Oh yes you are” Emmett growled playfully. Suddenly I was flying through the air and crashed to the floor with my mattress on top of me. Emmett flipped my mattress with me on it…
“Emmett” I yelled.
I could hear him laughing on the other side of the room.
“Emmett get this thing off me” I squealed.
Suddenly the mattress was back on it’s frame and I was being pulled to my feet.
“Thanks a lot Emmett” I said as I punched him in the side.
“Ouch… no problem little sis. Glad to be of service”.
“I was being sarcastic Emmett. Now get out so I can get dressed”.
“Ok….Okay. I’m going” he said as he ran out the door. He just made it out and closed the door behind him as the sneaker I chucked at him bounced off the wall next to the door.

We pulled up outside the school. Yippy another day. We were almost to the main entrance when they pulled up. “The Cullen’s” that is. The second they stepped out of their stupid shiny sports car everyone stopped to stare at them. Yeah big deal, so what. They’re attractive, they dress nice, drive nice cars, big deal. They are also anti-social jerks who think they are better then everyone else. They don’t talk to anyone but each other. I wonder what their problem is.
Emmett suddenly poked my side. “What Emmett” I asked turning to look at him.
“That Cullen kid is staring at you again” he said. “What is that guys problem. Do you want me to go and rearrange his face for him?” he asked. I chuckled loudly and said, “ No Emmett don’t bother he isn’t worth it”.
“You don’t wanna start trouble, no need to get dad upset, he seems to be happier here”.
“Your right Bells…let’s go before I change my mind.”
Emmett walked with me to my first period class even though his was on the other end of campus.
“I’ll see you in gym” he said as he left me at the door to my class.
“ Yeah see you then Emmy”.

Classes flew by that day like time was being sped up. Finally lunch was here. Emmett Walked with me in the lunch line and then to the table. He kept glancing over at the Cullen table. I’m not sure I could describe the look on his face. It changed constantly. One minute it looked like he was longing to go over there, the next it looked like he was gonna kill someone. That’s when I put it together. He would get that longing look when he looked at her! How could he, she is the enemy. She is one of them. The I kill you looks were of course were aimed at Edward. It’s nice to know my brother has my back if I need it.

Ring…ring…..The bell was ringing. Oh great! I have Bio with Edward next. I wonder if someone would trade me seats? Oh well no time now, I will just have to suffer. Emmett again walked me to class. When he saw I had this class with Edward I could of swore I heard him growl! How weird. I must be hearing things.

I sat down next to Edward and let my hair fall down between us, so if I couldn’t see him then he couldn’t see me. The teacher was prattling on about flatworms or something I wasn’t really that interested in because I had already learned about parasites back in New York. I was preoccupied with the fact that I could feel his eyes boring into me. Like he was trying to x-ray me with his eyes. I could feel myself blush at the thought. I was all to aware of how glad I was my hair was between us and he couldn’t see this.


She let her hair fall down between us. I couldn’t see her face. I wanted to know if she was still angry with me. I wanted to know what she was thinking.
No I can’t do this, I promised myself I would stay away and not get wrapped up with this girl. My attempts to switch classes was fruitless so I was stuck here with her. I could always just talk to her. Say hello. Introduce myself.
No I have to stay away my sister Rose would kill me if we have to move again, and Jasper already thinks we should kill her. Alice is all for me pursuing this. She has had other visions of me and this Swan girl. Wow I wish I knew her first mane. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the teacher.
“Ms. Swan can you tell us the difference between tapeworms and flatworms?” he asked her.

“Um….” She was stuttering. She must not have been paying attention either. Oh I really wish I could hear her thoughts.

“Tapeworms can be removed through use of medications. The medicines will poison and kill the worms so they can be excreted with the body’s own waste. Where as flatworms need to be removed through surgical procedures. They can grow to be several feet in length and most if not all prescription drugs are ineffective for these such parasites”.

Wow! She is smart. That was almost word perfect. She doesn’t even have her book out. Again Wow!

“Thank you Ms. Swan. That is correct. It’s nice to see when students actually pay attention and learn the materials we are studying.”

She smiled at him and then quickly ducked her head back down. I bet she is blushing.


Wait what? “Um….” what was he asking. Oh yeah flatworms and tapeworms, differences. Yeah I got this.

“Tapeworms can be removed through use of medications. The medicines will poison and kill the worms so they can be excreted with the body’s own waste. Where as flatworms need to be removed through surgical procedures. They can grow to be several feet in length and most if not all prescription drugs are ineffective for these such parasites”.

There that should do it. Hey why is he staring at me again. I don’t understand him. I have never seen any of them stare at anyone like this, did I do something to offend him and not know it. He looks like he is in shock.
“Thank you Ms. Swan…..blah blah.
Okay thanks teacher man, that’s really all I need is for you to bring more attention my way. I could feel the heat rushing to my face, letting the hair fall between him and myself again. Then the bell rang. Thank you. I grabbed my stuff quickly and headed for the door, but my shoe caught on something and then the next thing I new I was headed towards the floor. Suddenly someone had their hands around my waist pulling me back up. Who? I turned around to tank them only to that it was Edward.

“Thank you” I said blushing bright red.
“Your welcome Ms. Swan” he said it so formal.
“ Oh please call me Bella”. I told him holding out my hand to shake his.
“Well then your welcome Bella” he said taking my hand in his and kissing the back of it.
“ I am Edward Cullen it’s a pleasure to make you acquaintance Bella”.
“Like wise” I said. Wonder why he is being so proper. He is such a gentlemen. Unlike most guys I know. Maybe he is not as bad as I thought. Then I remembered he still had a hold of my hand. His skin was cold to the touch. That could be because he sits next to the air conditioning unit in the class which always seems to be on. Just thinking about my hand in his sent a jolt of electricity through me. I wonder if he could feel it too. Just as If he could read my mind he dropped my hand. No wait don’t do that! I thought.

“Well Ms. Swan I must be on my way before I am late for my next class”. he brought me out of my reverie.
“Oh yes sorry and please call me Bella”. I replied.
He smiled at me. It took my breath away, and then he was gone. I hurried to my next class which I had with Emmett. I took notes in English and told Emmett I would share with him. The rest of the day finished quickly. On the way home Emmett asked me all kinds of questions about Biology.
“So did he stare at you all class again?”
“I don’t know Emmett I didn’t pay much attention to him” I replied.
“So did he say anything this time at least?” he asked.
“Actually Emmett he did. He introduced himself to me after he kissed my hand. But that was after he stopped me from meeting the floor with my face.” I said. Emmet looked completely dumb struck. I think I like this Emmett. Silent. It stayed that way the whole way home.

I saw her trip and start falling, I couldn’t let her get hurt. So I raced to her and grabbed her by the waist and stood her upright. She spun around to face me and said,
“Thank You”. then she turned the loveliest shade of red.

“Your welcome Ms. Swan” I said way to formally.
“ Oh please call me Bella”. she said sticking her hand out for me to shake.
“Well then your welcome Bella” I said taking her hand in mine and kissing the back of it.
“ I am Edward Cullen it’s a pleasure to make you acquaintance Bella”.
“Like wise” she said.
I seemed like she was thinking of something and then her eyes turned to look at our hands. I forgot I still had a hold of her hand. Wow what is that. It felt like a bolt of lightning just passed right through us. So I pulled my hand away. She looked like she didn’t want me to. But I could just be imaging that.
“Well Ms. Swan I must be on my way before I am late for my next class”. I told her.
“Oh yes sorry and please call me Bella”. she replied.
I smiled at that. Then I left. I got outside around the first building when Alice caught me. “Oh Edward I knew you could do it.” she cheered.
“I’m glad I made you happy Alice” I replied.
“What! You can’t tell me you aren’t thrilled I saw the smile on your face”. she chuckled.
“Okay Alice you win, yes I’m thrilled.”
“Oh Edward when are you gonna see her again? Did you ask her out?”. she has a million questions rolling around in her head. Then I heard another voice it was Mike Newton. He is the despicable jock who thinks he is gods gift to girls.
“Oh great she isn’t even here two days and Cullen is trying for her. She hasn’t even met me yet. I know she won’t be able to resist me” he thought.
“Ugh…” I said out loud. “What is it Edward?” Alice asked.
“Mike Newton is having impure thoughts about Ms. Swan.” I said agitated.
“Edward I thought she told you to call her Bella”. Her correction made me smile.
“Yes she did”. Alice Chuckled. “ So Edward are you gonna answer my questions now?” Alice asked. “ Ok Alice! As to when I am gonna see her again the answer is tomorrow at school. Like everyday. As to did I ask her out, No I didn’t.”
“But why not Edward?” she asked giving me her pout face, I can’t deny her anything when she does that. “Well for one Rose will kill me and two your husband will kill her!” I stated.
“HE WILL NOT!” she stormed. I saw what she was thinking and suddenly felt bad for Jasper. If there is one thing I know for certain it’s that you don’t piss off Alice. She stormed off in the direction of Jasper’s next class. Oh boy is he gonna get it! I laughed to myself and headed off to class. It flew by like all my other classes. I made it out to the parking lot in time to see Bella’s ride pulling out on to the road. I happened to catch some of the conversation her brother was asking about Biology. She seemed to be getting aggravated with him. Then they were to far away for me to hear anymore. Now I could hear the thoughts of my family coming from behind me.
“Edward better not do anything stupid. If I have to move again because he has this infatuation with this human girl, I will rip him limb from limb.”
Wow Rose doesn’t sound happy about this new development.
“Jasper will not hurt my new best friend. I won’t let that happen. I’ve seen what the future will be and she is gonna make Edward so happy, she is gonna be my best friend.”
Awe Alice. What does she mean about me being happy with the girl. I will have to ask her later.
“Edward how could you even think of anything like this. If she finds out what we are she is dead anyway. Unless you plan on changing her in which case Rose will kill you anyway. You know how she feels.” Oh great more things to worry about. I will ask Alice to help clear this up. We piled into the car and headed home. I had tons to think about and a million questions to ask Alice. It’s gonna be a long night.


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