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hey i am starting a new story i havent seen any other story like thos one so i thought i write one.
its about emmett and nessie it takes place several years after breaking dawn nessie is grown up.
she is in love with jacob no doubt but she starts to develop werid feelings for emmett and so on and so forth but can there love really last? i know this could never be but it was just on a i am going to post the first chapter and tell me if i should continue and please be honest....thank you

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lol thank you and more will be up soon thanks for reading :)
write soon
i am about to post the next chapter

Chapter 13

Are numbers grew and grew, Siobhan from the Irish coven came
Back and she brought with her Liam and Maggie.

Our Denali coven was already here, they brought Garrett with them because he was apparently with Kate now.

And my friend Zafrina came back to.

We were all together now but some of our friends had to decline this time to help which we understood perfectly I didn’t want to sentence anyone to death and second time if I didn’t have to.

Even though my father didn’t see it that way. “We would help them” he said to my mother one night when they thought I was asleep in my room.

“Edward, we will mange of what we have now.” she told him and he let it drop.

Alice foresaw that we had about another two days before the Volturi come to us.

So basically all we had to do is wait.

I continued to practice, and I improved each day.

It wasn’t just Rosalie I practiced with some days was with Emmett and some where with Jacob.

Jacob had refused to be around Emmett so I had to spilt up those training I went out with emmett in the morning and then Jacob later in the afternoon.
So every time my parents asked me where I was going I lied to them.

Jacob was the hard to take down but also the easiest.

Hard: because he knew what he was doing and he knew how to fight. Easy: because he didn’t hone to his instincts like I did I let the full vampire come out but he refused to let the full wolf out.

I won mostly all those and it frustrated me….

Emmett was another story.

Like Rosalie he let his full animal out and I liked it because I could let mine out and it was fun.
I loved the challenge.

But he seemed to be still holding back on me a little.

When I tackled him down on the ground once, I landed right on top of him, I knew I won and I was pleased with myself.

“got you” I said to him and gave him and kiss on the cheek.

“your really improving nessie, that was very good” he looked at me with a returning smile.

I laughed. “thank you, but I wish time was longer for me to keep training” I said to him and a flash of worry crossed his face.

“nessie we are going to be facing something deadly, its not going to like last time they will not stop and listen, they think you have grown to dangerous for this world, they cant be more wrong, I am going to do all I could to protect you, even if that means I have to give up my own life” he said to me.

I put one finger on his lips. “shush don’t talk like that, we are going to make it through this, and I will protect myself.. If you were hurt or….I don’t know what I would do if I lost you” I said and a tear came out of my eyes.

“we will be alright” he told me and he kissed me passionately. We got up off the ground and made our way back home.

Once we came through the door everyone was standing around they had stress and worry and frustration on there faces.

“what’s wrong??” I asked them.

My father stepped out on the crowd and looked at me right in the face.

“young lady what do you think you are doing?!” he asked me.
“what do you mean?” I asked him.
“you hae been training?? Behind our backs. What are you thinking about and you” he turned to look at emmett.

“what are you thinking?” he asked him.

“Edward bro listen she is really good and its not with me she been training with she also has been with Jacob and Rosalie, but that’s beside the point I don’t think its fair to have her set here with a babysitter its her fight to as well as ours” emmett said to my father.

I went to emmett closer he was right, but I was wondering did someone tell on me or see me.

“he right Edward” my mother spoke up for the first time I stood there in shock.

“bella what?” my father looked at her.

“Edward, she deserves to be there with us think about that time the newborns were after me you wouldn’t let me out there but we were in the midst of it anyway…besides my shield can protect her so I don’t think she would be in any danger and if she has been training I know she has been training with the best.” my mother said and she smiled at me.

Now I had my mom with me.

My father looked at her and he knew he wouldn’t win the fight now so he stormed out of the room.

“ok” Carlisle said. “I think we should take it easy for tonight, be with the ones we love because tomorrow is going to be dangerous” he told everyone and we all spilt up.

The denali clan went out hunting and so did the irish coven.
Zafrina and her coven all hanging about together.
My grandparents went to be with each other, my mother went after my father.

I looked over at Rosalie and I saw hurt in her eyes.. She was alone.
And I had her love I felt bad about that, so I turned to look at emmett.

“emmett I think you should go be rose tonight” I told him and he looked at me with confused eyes.

“but nessie…” he started to say and I stopped him.
“I think you should be with her” I told him.
He let go of my hand and went over to rose and he took hers and they went out to the garden.

I stood there for a minute until I decide to go be with Jacob. If my world was going to end tomorrow I wouldn’t want him to spend it alone.

So I ran down to la push at full speed, when I got to his house Billy said he was down by the ocean so I went down there.

There he was sitting on a piece of drift wood looking at the sunset.
“hey” I told him and he looked up at me.
“renesmee?” he looked at me in confusion.
“what you doing here?”
“I wanted to be here with you for tonight” I told him.
“why? Arent you with emmett?” he asked me in a strain voice.
I sat down beside him and I looked at him.
“I told him to go be with rose tonight, you are my first love Jacob I cant think of anywhere I would rather be” I smiled at him.
I put my arm through his and I placed my head on his shoulder and we watched the sunset.

Tomorrow we were fighting, we might live and then again we might not so I was going to enjoy the time together with Jacob that I had left….
Though our odds didn’t look that good I knew that I would be with the ones that I love and that in it self was worth dying for.
first commment yay!!!!!!!!! lol.
love this chapter cant wait for the next
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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awesome chapter way better than the last 1
thank you madison :) i am glad you like this one :)


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