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hey i am starting a new story i havent seen any other story like thos one so i thought i write one.
its about emmett and nessie it takes place several years after breaking dawn nessie is grown up.
she is in love with jacob no doubt but she starts to develop werid feelings for emmett and so on and so forth but can there love really last? i know this could never be but it was just on a i am going to post the first chapter and tell me if i should continue and please be honest....thank you

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i am, i am writing the first chapter now.
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Chapter 1
Bella’s POV
After everything with the volturi, our lives were getting back to normal.
Reneseme had grown up and she was now forever 17 just like her father, Edward and I were so happy that our little family were all together and safe.
Jacobs and Sam’s packed joined together and they were one now, Sam gladly stepped down and Jake became the leader of the pack.
Leah decided to spend as much time away from the pack as possible she desperately wanted a normal life and this was her way to do it.
Nessie and Jacob’s relationship was going strong even though I still wasn’t 100% on that but who could stop a wolfs imprint?
Edward and I were still very much in love as ever we were unbreakable I loved him from the first moment I saw him up till he changed me to save me for our daughter who was the most precious thing in the world to us.
He was my soul mate.
Yes everything was getting back to normal for all of us no more surprises for any of us.

Reneseme POV
After everything that had happen in the past I truly felt stronger.
Jacob and I were terrific, though he was always wolf man all the time even though there was no more threats to us he wouldn’t listen to reason.
One night we were up stairs arguing about it.
“I don’t see the reason for you to be all grr all the time Jake there is nothing more after us” I said to him.
“I don’t care nessie, until I can be sure that everything is totally fine I am going to be wolf man as long as it takes” he said to me.
“Well personally I think it’s stupid” I told him.
Jacobs’s hands began to shake and his teeth began to grind,
“Jake what’s wrong?” I said to him.
“Stay back ness” he told me and he held his breath and walked out.
What did I say? I thought to myself.
“Nothing Hun he’s young and he looses his temper fast” my dad said from behind me.
I turned around and my father was standing in the doorway.
“I know dad but he is just so keen on there’s danger” I said mocking Jake a little.
“Well sweetie I have to give him the benefit of the doubt he is just trying to protect you and all of us that’s all” my father said to me.
“But dad it’s crazy” I told him.
“Now nessie just listen this once ok?” my father said and I dropped it because I knew I wasn’t going to win.
“So with that said and done we are going hunting would you like to come?” he asked me.
“No I am not that hungry right now.” I said to him.
I was too depressed to think about food jakes and I am fight was enough.
“Are you sure?” he asked me again.
“Yeah dad I am sure” I told him.
I gave him a hug and a kiss and went out towards my bedroom.
I flopped down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling Jacob was wrong there was nothing coming anymore we were all safe from harm but the worse part about everything was my father was siding with him.
Ugh….my head was hurting from all this arguing and thinking…
In the midst of that thinking I heard someone at my door clear there throat.
I sprang up and saw Emmett in my door way.
“Easy kid” he laughed.
“Whoa Emmett you scared me” I said to him.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to” he told me.
“No it’s ok, so what are you doing here why didn’t you go hunting with the others” I asked him.
“Wasn’t all that hungry besides rose went with them I get a break for a while.” he said and laughed.
“Oh” was all I said.
Emmett was always the one that was fun loving he always made me feel better whenever Jake and I got into it.
“So you and Jacob in it again” he laughed.
“You know it” I joined in.
“He just being ridiculous is all” I told him.
Emmett always gave me good advice to.
“Come on” he said and he grabbed my hand.
“Where are we going?” I asked him but he didn’t say he just threw me on his back and we were running, we jumped over the lake and ran threw the woods till we came to a sudden stop.
We were in a tiny clearing.
“Here we go, I come her to think or when I just want to get away from rose” he laughed once more.
It was really beautiful it was kind of similar to my fathers and mothers meadow but instead it had a little pond right in the middle.
“This is beautiful Emmett” I told him.
I sat down in the grass and he sat down beside me.
We just sat there for a moment without talking till he broke the silence.
“So do you feel better” he asked me.
“Yes very much so thanks” I said to him.
“Good then, told you a little Emmett magic would help” he and I laughed together.
“So don’t worry about Jacob he’s a dope” he told me.
I should have smack him for that but I didn’t, looking into his eyes I just couldn’t think about hurting him even in a playful way.
“No he’s not, I sometime feel that I aint good enough for him” I said to him.
“That’s insane” he said moving closer to me, “you’re a beautiful person and anyone would be lucky to have you” he told me in a whisper.
Emmett was really close to me now, his breath was blowing in my face, and I became a little dizzy.
“Really?” I whispered back to him.
“Yes” he said and then our lips touched, it was like an explosion went off it was very different from what I felt with Jacob, I wanted Jacob but I needed Emmett.
But in my head there was pictures of my family and Jacob and rose I don’t know how she would handle this my guess is that she would be crushed so it had to stop.
“Wait….wait Emmett no you have to stop” I said and I pushed him away.
“Why?” he asked me.
“Because I love Jacob and you love rose this would kill them” I told him.
“Yes I do but I don’t know nessie, I…..I feel different around you its something I haven’t felt before” he told me and tried to come closer to me once more.
I stood up and told him, “I….I have to go” and I ran.
I heard Emmett in the back ground yelling at me.
“Reneseme come back” but I just kept on running.
loved it right more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know this is kinda weird, but do you know who the girl in that banner is? I want to get my hair cut like hers.
yeah..but great story!!
OMG why do people always say that "come back" but they know that they just want to be alone? Why do they want to come back when they ran away? Other than that the story is pretty good.
the first chapter is up :D
sounds good
OMG i love it you should write the whole thing in nessie and emmet POV
lol thank you all and yes i plain on doing that from here on out but yeah thank you all theres more to come.
if any of you would like me to keep you updated then as per usual send me a friend request and then i shall up date you thanks.
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Chapter 2
I kept running, with flashes of what just happened, I couldn’t believe what had happened, and even worse with Emmett.
How could I have done that to Jacob? He was the love of my life, how could I betray him like that and to my aunt Rosalie to the look on her face when she finds out what had happened it made me feel sick to my stomach.
Rosalie was like my second mother I loved her so much, Emmett was her husband and her soul mate but after what happened I don’t know what will become of them.
Thinking about what this could do to the rest of the family it would tare everyone apart thanks to me.
I couldn’t think about this anymore because I know for sure when my father comes home he will read my thoughts to why I am so upset and then hell would literally break loose.
But luckily when I arrived back the house no one was home.
I went back to my room but this time I shut and locked my door, I went over to my bed and buried my face in my pillow and cried, how could something like that happen?
I mean I always loved Emmett he was my family but to kiss him passionlity was….no words could barely explain it.
I have never felt anything like that for Emmett before so why did I kiss back?
Oh god…..I cried even harder.
All I could do is cry, in my heart I saw Jacobs face but in my head I saw Emmett’s face, which one should I listen to? My head or my heart?
But what I feared is that Emmett would make his way into my heart and Jacob will be forgotten.
No! That cant happened we both have people we need to be with and I guess that Emmett will have to get hurt and for that my tears fell once more.
But I would have to get it together before my parents came back.
But in the midst of all my crying I heard a knock on my door.
“Nessie?” Emmett knocked.
“Emmett please go away” I said to him.
“Nessie, come on we need to talk” he said to me again.
“No Emmett, I can’t talk to you right now just please go away” I cried at him.
“Please nessie” he pleaded at me threw the door, he sounded like he was hurt just as well I was.
For that I was even more crushed, but I gave in and went and opened the door.
He was standing there, arms at his side and his head hung.
“Come in” I said to him and he came in and sat down on my bed and I went to join him.
“Look nessie, I don’t know what came over me out there, but I just got this feeling over me that I wanted…no needed to be close to you” he said to me.
“Emmett” I began to say.
“No please let me finish” he said to me.
“you see I had to act upon my feelings if I didn’t then my heart would have been broken, knowing if I didn’t then I would forever wonder what might have been, but I am sorry that this is hard for you, you wouldn’t believe how sorry I am.
But I do love rose but I also love you to nessie, your in my heart now also.” he said to me.
Emmett was sitting here pouring out his heart to me, I was shocked about how he just said he loved me to.
God….this was so wrong, I just had to stop it before it got any further.
“Emmett listen to me this is wrong you need to see that, your just confused is all trust me” I said to him.
“No I am not I love you nessie” he said and he grabbed my hands but I pushed him away and stood up and went to the opposite side of the room.
“No! Emmett you cant, I love Jacob, and you rose this is wrong, think how this would kill them, I can’t do that to them” I said to him and turned my back to him.
Emmett gotten up off my bed and grabbed my face with his hands.
“Nessie please you know that I can’t and wont give up my feelings for you” he said to me.
I didn’t try to struggle against his grip because I knew that I wont win anyway instead I just stood there looking into his eyes, apart of me could love him like that I know it could but the other part didn’t even want to try because I loved my family to much.
“Emmett please you have to” I said to him and more tears came.
“Do you want me to, honest to god not feel this way about you?
Not to love you?” he said to me in a whisper.
If he could cry I bet he be doing it right now.
I looked upon his face and then said those words I would surely regret.
“Yes Emmett I want you not love me because….because I don’t love you” and then his hands dropped from my face.
I felt like a monster, like I just went and ripped his heart out of his chest and mocked him with it.
He just stood there motionless and stunned.
“Please say something” I said to him.
“What’s there to say you just said it” he said to me and dropped his head.
“Emmett I am so sorry this is killing me that I cant give you what you want it really is but I just just cant” I said my tears still felt like sink fosses that were running all over the place I couldn’t control them.
“Forget it nessie it doesn’t matter anymore” he said and made his way to the door.
“Emmett please can you do me a favor I know I shouldn’t ask” I said to him.
Without turning to me he said “anything” in a low voice.
“Please clear your head because of father” I told him and he just nodded and left.
My heart felt crushed, I wonder if this is how my mother felt when she couldn’t give Jacob what he wanted all those years ago.
Jacob…..his face came to my mind once more I couldn’t keep this from him I just couldn’t he needed to know but at the same time I didn’t want to tell him.
I had to see him, so I leaped out my window and ran toward his house.
Once I got there his dad let me in.
“I am sure he is back there somewhere.” he told me.
“Thank you” I said and went to his bedroom.
I opened my door and sure enough he was passed out on his bed.
I walked over to him and gave him a gentle shake.
“Huh? What?” he said and sat up in his bed.
“Jake it’s me.” I told him.
“Nessie hey what are you doing here?” he asked me.
“You don’t want me here fine I will go” I turned to leave but he pulled me down on the bed with him.
“Not so fast” he wrapped his arms around me and held me close.
Being in his arms I felt safer but there still was a big hole in my heart there because of Emmett.
The one thing that happened that I wished didn’t happen my tears came again in front of Jacob.
“Nessie why are you crying?” Jacob said to me, oh so hard not to tell him but so bad if I did so I just mad up lye.
“I am crying because I don’t like it when we fight, in hate it” I said to him and hugged him.
“Oh I am sorry baby I didn’t mean to be a jerk” he said and threw his arms around me.
“Its okay I was being one to.” I said to him.
We just sat there for a moment until my phone buzzed in my pocket, the message was from Alice.
“Reneseme you need to come home now” Alice’s message read.
Oh no! She saw everything and now me and Emmett were surly in for it oh my god.
“I have to go” I told Jacob.
“Ok I will see you tonight” he said and he got up and kissed me.
I left and ran toward my house at full speed.
Once I arrived there only Alice meet me at the door.
“Young lady you have a lot of explaining to do” she stared at me.
“w-what about?” I answered her.
“Come with me” she said and I walked threw the door prepared for all hell to break loose and kill me.
loved it right more asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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