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so guys this is my first fan fiction. I hope you all like it. please dont hesitate to send me ideas that you would like to see happen or just your thoughts so far... oh also if anyone knows how to do banners please message me on here or PM me

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Chapter One

So here it was…My move in day at Langley University. It had come so quickly that I felt a slight hesitance. The move in was quick, as I didn’t want Charlie to linger causing him more pain. Leading up to this moment Charlie had been fairly quiet and reserved, which I assumes was his way of worrying about me combined with his realization that once again he would be alone.
Once Charlie was gone I sat in my room nervous as I knew that my roommate would be arriving soon. For some reason I was more nervous about meeting her than I was about my classes. For all I knew she could despise of me the moment she entered the door…Not that she would have any reason, but there was always that possibility. I got up from the window sill and began to unpack. This was the part I dreaded the most, having to arrange what little belongings I had in this tiny little space I would be sharing with someone didn’t even know.

My thoughts returned to my roommate. Oh god she’s going to hate will I live with someone who hates me??? I stood there for a moment realizing that I was paranoid over nothing. I quickly put all my things away and tidy my photos on my desk just as my suite door opened. I tensed up knowing that my roommate had arrived. My heart began to race as the door opened. Ok Bella just calm down and breathe, everything will be fine. She won’t hate you. Just smile and act pleasant. Ok so I was losing my marbles but I was unsure of how to deal with the situation.

I looked up as a small pixie like girl entered the room. She had a massive amount of bags. She was gorgeous, with brownish black hair that was cut to perfectly fit her heart shaped face. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I felt myself blush knowing that I couldn’t compare to her in the slightest. She approached me and gave me a hug; I was shocked unable to speak

“Hi I’m Alice, you must be Isabella right? She exclaimed sitting her purse down on my desk.

“Yea but you can just call me Bella, it’s less formal”. She smiled anxiously as she flitted around the room. I watched as she examined everything, noticing how graceful she was. Seriously, where was she from? I’d never seen anyone as happy and bouncy as she was.

“Oh this is great, we have to go to the mall so we can decorate, you know give our room a bit of a makeover”

I was unsure of how to tell her that I wasn’t much of a shopping type, and that I clearly knew nothing of how to even make myself over let alone a whole room. I thought of ways to let her down and decline the offer, as not to make her feel bad. I wasn’t very good at turning people down, as I knew my uncontrollable fits of blushing would surely give me away.

“Um… Alice I appreciate that you want to hang out already but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I mean I’m not much of a shopper. It doesn’t really appeal to me”

I noticed how quickly she looked up from making her bed, with a look of shock on her face. I couldn’t quite tell if she was upset or just surprised that as a girl I didn’t like to shop.

Oh I hope I haven’t hurt her feeling ,this is definitely not a good way to start… again I let my thoughts come over before I realized that Alice was still staring at me. She looked puzzled and then I was sure I’d hurt her feelings. Her face was contorted in a way I’d never seen before. I quickly began to apologize.

“Oh Alice I’m sorry. I hope haven’t hurt your feelings. I just know that me and shopping aren’t exactly friends”

She just smiled and quickly walked over to me grabbing my hand. “Oh no Bella it’s quite alright, it’s just a way to have fun, you know get to know each other better, besides it may cheer you up, you look a little sad. What do you say???? Please, please, please????

“Alice I just couldn’t…I don’t real---

“You may as well give up, she not going to cave”. The voice I heard behind me was like music to my ears. Soft, like velvet. Who was this??? I turned around to see another gorgeous creature. I immediately ran out of breath. He was tall and pale, with the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen. His hair was a beautiful bronze color and sat untidy atop of his head. I was mesmerized. I watched as he brought in more of Alice’s belongings and sat them down on her bed. “Jesus Alice, you couldn’t have packed lighter” he asked her turning around to leave. I just stared in amazement as he walked out of the room and down the hall quickly. Alice snapped me out of my trance.

“Bella come on, please. It’ll be loads of fun I promise”
I quickly decided to give in seeing as this was a losing battle, and there was no way to get past this. Alice had captured me with her cheery smile. Oh boy I’m afraid of what I’ve gotten myself into… I knew that I would like Alice, Just not her choices for shopping!!!!

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omg luv luv luv it
oh wow thank you so much!!!! i should be updating more later. add me as a friend and i will keep ypu updated
i definitely will!!! dont forget to request me so that when i send out the update you will recieve it
i love his line: jesus alice, you couldn't have packed lighter lol!

i'll definitely keep up with your story! it's well written with few errors and the paragraphs are easy to read. It's excellent
aww thank you so very much! if you have any suggestions im open to hear them!!! i really do appreciate it i'll add you a a friend so you can stay updated
thank you!
OMG! it is actually a great story!!! please write more!!! :D
well thank you! im working on chapter two and three now! im trying to get more people to read it but i will post more in maybe an hour or so
lovin it post more soon and keep me updated!!
i like the story so far... great job
thanks so much kaitlyn and angel! i appreciate your feedback


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