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I don't own any of these characters, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer and Summit Entertainment. This is a Bella and Edward story. Emmett, Bella, and Alice are all related. Emmett is one of the leaders of a very powerful gang called the Sangues. Edward and Rosalie are both related and Jasper was just recently killed in a fight. Edward is one of the leaders of a gang called the Duros. Bella and Edward are supposed to hate each other but they soon fall in love. But nothing can be hidden from the gang and soon their love turns totally criminal. Tell me what you think! ~Aurora Rose Cullen



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I hadn’t planned for it to end like this. I had been wrong when I told him I didn’t love him.
I believed in a con man’s words and now Edward was going to fight. My feet couldn’t move fast enough and my heart was pounding in my ears. If God was a fair man he would allow Edward to live. It would be the last thing I ask of him, he gave me an angel, one I didn’t deserve. One I didn’t appreciate. I should be the one about to die not him. Midnight neared as I approached the park to see him standing there with a knife in hand. But James outnumbered him. All Edward had left was a prayer. My prayer.


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Note: the Swan crest is the black necklace in the polyvore out fit.

Alice's outfit:
Bella's outfit:

Chapter 1.

Getting out of bed this morning was a bit of a task. After hearing the news of Jasper Hale’s death I couldn’t help but feel... guilty. I was the one who told Emmett about the two of them. But my sister was even more foolish to fall for him.

I only told Emmett to talk to Alice and just threaten Jasper, but I guess my orders didn’t appeal to James. Jasper was murdered by four gunshots, one to the head, two to the chest, and one to the back. Alice still didn’t know it was me who had squealed to our brother and I’m intending to keep it that way.

Even though I didn’t pull the trigger I still feel like his death is all my fault. But what was I supposed to do after I saw them kissing outside the local pub? Just walk away and pretend that nothing happened?

No, I knew the risks she was taking and I knew how stupid she was to take them.

Jasper Hale belonged to the Duros, one of the most powerful gang in all of New York. From what I heard, his job was to train recruits for fights, robberies, and back fire. He just could have been using Alice to get to Emmett or to any other members of the Sangues.

You see the Sangues and the Duros have been fighting since our ancestors immigrated here from Italy. Each and every member had to be full Italian to get in. Of course women were excluded but since I was studying to be a nurse, my brother Emmett asked me to help treat the wounded members. I had to say yes, I mean these guys helped protect my brother. Whether I liked him being in the gang or not he still is out there.

Emmett has been in the gang for eight years now, ever since I was ten my older brother of five years sneaked out of the house. He quickly worked his way up to one of the leaders since it was our ancestor, Dominic Swan who started the gang. My father Charlie became a cop and tried to end the gang violence but it was no use.

When the members started to call it quits, my father was killed. And the Sangues blamed the Duros for his death so the war continued.

But as much as I wanted to stay under the covers and curse at myself for betraying my sister I knew I had to get up. Alice was coming over after she snuck into the funeral, and I have to be there to comfort her. Believe me when I say, it’s the least I can do.

I started making tea, Alice always liked tea when she was depressed. I couldn’t cry, I had to be strong for her. I would wear a mask that was totally unbreakable. Or at least that’s what I thought until I heard Alice walk in. My will completely crumbled into a million pieces.

Relax. I can’t let her see me weak or she’ll never survive.

"Bella? Can you make some tea?” she asked in a weak little voice.

“Already am sis.” I answered. Just make a happy face now and go cry later. “So how did it go?” I asked smiling.

“Terrible! I barley was able to sneak in. I cried the entire time. And I had to keep going to the bathroom to fix my makeup!” she cried. “When I saw his mother walk in! I couldn’t control my tears. She kept crying ‘my baby, my baby’” . Alice was turning hysterical. I quickly wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her back.

“Then his sister, Rosalie, she held onto his hand and wouldn’t let go. So her stepbrother, oh I forget his name, had to pull her away.” she began to shake now.

“Alice, please calm down.” I whispered.

“Bella, I-I don’t understand. He wasn’t going to fight last night. He was coming over, we were going to watch Halloween. I’ve never seen it before and I told him I would only watch it if he was there.” she gradually started to calm. “He wasn’t supposed to be down there! There wasn’t even going to be a fight! Why was he down there?” she screamed.

I wanted to tell her the truth. That I was the one who had been the reason Jasper was down there. That I was the reason he was dead.

“I don’t know Alice. Maybe it was just one of those crazy things that happen. It’s not your fault.” Way to tell her the truth, Bella!

“Well anyways I wanted to come here to tell you that I’m leaving.” she said as she took out her compact.

“Leaving? What do you mean?” I was shocked.

“I’m going to Forks, to live with mom. You know how lonely she has been since dad passed.” she whispered.

“B-but. what will I do without you?” I was starting to cry now.

“Bella, you’ve always been a strong person you can survive this. Hell, if you were in my position you wouldn’t run away. But I’m not like you.” she said and smiled.

“Well if that’s what you want-”

“Its not what I want Bella, its what I need.” she cut me off.

“Okay. When are you leaving?” I asked. Maybe it is better that she leaves, she shouldn’t need to face old ghosts.

“My plane leaves in an hour so I should be going now. Bye Bella I love you.” she hugged me and then rushed out the door.

I quickly fell to the floor and began to cry. Jasper shouldn’t have been killed and I shouldn’t have said anything. But this stupid belief that the Duros were evil made me tell. From now on I’m going to remain neutral, I will refuse to be bothered by either side. I will help all.

Tonight, I was informed earlier, another fight will break out. As usual I’ll go down and make sure no one is hurt, especially Emmett. This fight was also my fault, Jasper was related to some very big gang members and now that he’s dead they will take revenge.

I won’t let anyone die because of me and my stupidity. It wouldn’t be fair.


The street was cold and wet. The only sound for a while was those made by my boots. The sound began to incline with each step I took until I could hear each gunshot and every moan created from being stabbed.

I hid in my usual spot near the swings which creaked when I sat on them. It was then that I heard a soft, musical moan coming from behind the bushes.

I followed the sound until I reached a man, he was lying on the ground and covered in blood. He was young, maybe a year older than I, he had reddish-brown hair and glowing green eyes. He was so handsome that it took my breath away. I couldn’t let this beautiful man die.

I quickly ran to him and inspected his wounds. One single gunshot to his abb’s, easy enough to repair. I allowed him to lean on me as we headed towards my apartment only a block away. I looked at his arm around my shoulder to see a wrist band with the Duros crest on it. I quickly tucked in my necklace before he could notice.

His crest though, was made of pure silver and the band pure leather. Must have cost him a fortune...unless. Unless he had a lot of money which would make him...a true Duros. Not a member of the gang but of the family. A Cullen.

Great! One thing I was absolutely certain of was that when this man found out who I was, he was going to kill me. A true blooded Swan.

Wonderful! Just freaking wonderful!

Bella's apartment

Bella's living room

Edward's wristband

Bella's necklace
OMG Write More
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Really loving this original and creative I can't wait for the next chapter..!!!
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