The Twilight Saga

I don't own any of these characters, they all belong to Stephenie Meyer and Summit Entertainment. This is a Bella and Edward story. Emmett, Bella, and Alice are all related. Emmett is one of the leaders of a very powerful gang called the Sangues. Edward and Rosalie are both related and Jasper was just recently killed in a fight. Edward is one of the leaders of a gang called the Duros. Bella and Edward are supposed to hate each other but they soon fall in love. But nothing can be hidden from the gang and soon their love turns totally criminal. Tell me what you think! ~Aurora Rose Cullen



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I hadn’t planned for it to end like this. I had been wrong when I told him I didn’t love him.
I believed in a con man’s words and now Edward was going to fight. My feet couldn’t move fast enough and my heart was pounding in my ears. If God was a fair man he would allow Edward to live. It would be the last thing I ask of him, he gave me an angel, one I didn’t deserve. One I didn’t appreciate. I should be the one about to die not him. Midnight neared as I approached the park to see him standing there with a knife in hand. But James outnumbered him. All Edward had left was a prayer. My prayer.


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I will write more soon! I promise it won't take so long!
OMG Just amazing.
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More is coming! :D
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More will be up either tonight or tomorrow! Please read my new fanfiction Past Life! The link:


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