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Embry walked the forest while on patrol. It had been 13 years since Renesmee had born. She was full grown at 18 now and a lot had happened. Claire has grown up and now has a steady relationship with Quil. Sam and Emily got married and have a 13 year-old daughter named Natasha. Kim and Jared also got married and have a 5 year-old son named Lincoln. Paul and Rachel are married too but don't have any kids. The Cullens were doing well. Jacob spent more time with them then with the other wolves, but that was because of Nessie. Speaking of Jacob, the packs were still separated, but Sam and Jake had worked things out so the packs just ran patrols together, but Seth and Leah were both still a part of Jake's pack and so were Collin and Brady.

Everything had fallen into routine since then. Daily patrols still went on and the two Amazon vampires Nahuel and Huilen were now living in Forks not far from the Cullens. It seems Nahuel wanted to be near Nessie and Bella since he had never met a mother of a Halfling who had lived before. So far they hadn't attacked any humans, but Edward said that was because Huilen, still loving humans, had taught Nahuel not to hunt humans since he was a baby. Nessie had gotten used to hunting and no longer drank 'donated' human blood. No one had heard from The Volturi either. It was like they had fallen of the face of the planet. Carlisle friend Eleazar, who has the ability to see others gifts, had even gone to visit Aro and had the door shut in his face by Jane. She said Aro, Caius, and Marcus were busy and didn't have time for simpletons like him. This had worried Carlisle and he had Alice constantly watch the future, but for some reason she couldn't see anything about The Volturi. Everyone wondered what The Volturi was up to.

Quil: Hey do you smell that?

Paul: Smell what?

Quil: Over here.

Embry and Paul trotted over to where Quil was and immediately smelt it. It was some kind of weird trail; it smelt like a vampire but there something else too.

Quil: Do you guys smell the vampire scent or is it just me?

Paul: Yeah, let's go.

Embry: You guys wait there's something else…

Paul: Who cares whatever it is its part vampire and we have to kill it before it hurts someone.

Quil: He's right Embry.

Embry: … Alright...

They ran quickly toward the source of the smell and reached its end quickly. There in the middle of a small clearing were two people. One was lying on the ground, dead. The other, a teenage girl was crouched above the other figure.

Paul: She already killed someone

The girl noticed them and looked up at the three shape shifters in front of her. Her eyes the brightest most brilliant gold Embry had ever seen. Gold… but didn't that mean she didn't hunt humans.

Quil: We don't have time to think about that Embry. She obviously killed that human.

Paul: Yah man, let's go.

Embry: Alright. Let's do this.

The girl was pretty Embry had to give her that. Her hair was pitch black with a purple undertone, long and straight as a pin. Her had side swept bangs and pale light brown skin. She had on a pair of skinny black jeans and a red and white plaid jacket with black vans. She was tall, a little above Bella's height, most likely around 5"9 but she was lean and Embry could see the muscles of her arms and legs tense when Paul began to growl. Her stance wasn't like any stance he'd seen The Cullens take, maybe she was a newborn.

Embry, Quil, and Paul growled and bared they're fangs. The girl tipped her head to one side and stared at them curiously, like she didn't know why they were growling. But as Paul lunged at her, she seemed to get the message and leapt out of the way. She dashed through the forest, the wolves right on her tail. Embry wondered why she didn't fight; every other vampire they had fought didn't run until the end. Why would she run to begin with?

Embry wasn't really paying attention to where they were going until the woods became very familiar.

Quil: She's heading for La Push!

Embry: We have to stop her.

They tried to catch her, but she was fast, so fast. Every time it seemed like they were catching up, she would just run faster and take the lead again. It was like she wasn't even trying. They were growing dangerously close to Emily and Sam's house. They had to find some way to distract her, lead her away, something. They couldn't let her hurt Emily or Natasha.

But nothing worked, and as they emerged from the forest and into Emily's yard, there she was, standing in the front, polishing some kind of platter. The girl was heading right for her. Emily saw her at the last second and in some kind of reflex held the platter up as a shield. The girl, only feet away, let out a ear piercing shriek and slide to the ground. She was up in a second, and faster than they had ever seen her move, she was across the yard and into the forest.

No one went after her. They're priority was Emily. The boys phased and ran back over to her. Bombarding her questions about whether she was alright. Emily insisted she was alright and the boys

went to find Sam. Emily told them the platter she had was made of silver other than that it wasn't special. Sam contacted Jacob, who in turn gathered all the silver The Cullens had, which was a lot, and built a sort of makeshift prison. They had no idea if the sliver circle would actually work, but it was the only chance they had. The girl was faster and, Embry had doubt, stronger than them and she could probably outrun even Leah. They only chance they had was to lead her into the prison and trap her. Sam had sent some of the others to form a perimeter around the land. As far as they could tell the girl hadn't left the area. That worried Carlisle, he wondered why she wouldn't leave if she knew she was in danger. Sam and Jacob ignored his feelings on the matter and sent Embry, Paul, Leah, and Quil to find the girl and herd her toward The Cullen's house where the trap had been set. Sam, after hearing the story of what happened, warned them to be careful with their thoughts, they didn't know whether she could hear thoughts like Edward, and it wasn't worth the risk.

Embry the others found the girl near to where she had been before. It seemed like she was looking for something or tracking someone. Paul, of course, told Embry to ignore it and run. They managed to herd her the direction they wanted her to go. Sam had been right, she seemed to know what they were thinking and they were careful not to think about their plan.

As The Cullen's house approached the girl seemed to figure out what they were doing, but it was too late. The pack had her surrounded and forced into the circle of silver. As soon as she was inside, Edward ran forward and blocked the entrance with more sliver. The girl's eyes went wide and she let out a pain filled shriek. It made everyone grab their ears in pain. She searched for some kind of breach on the silver but when she couldn't find one she collapsed in a ball in the middle of the small trap, shaking and shrieking the entire time.


Seth had been sent to patrol the outside of Forks, looking for some kind of trail the girl left when ran, but there was none. She hadn't left at all. Seth wondered why. Maybe she didn't mean them any harm. Like Embry, Seth was quickly silenced by the rest of the wolves. If she didn't mean any harm why did she try and attack Emily? Seth had to admit, that was a good question. Somehow he had a feeling in his gut that things weren't going to go well. Something just didn't seem right.

Seth watched as Leah and the others found the girl and chased her into the trap. Seth heard her ear piercing screams, even miles away.

Brady: Maybe we should head back now

Colin: Yah, I want to see this chick for myself

Seth: Ok, let's go.

Seth had to admit it felt good for a plan to go the way planned. They ran back to The Cullens, as they grew closer her screams died down. The scene that unfolded, however, when they emerged from the forest, in their human forms, was not what the three shape shifters expected.

Emmett and Edward were holding Jasper back as he tried to force his way toward the girl.

"Can't you see she's in pain!" Shouted the battle scared Jasper as he tried to force his way toward the silver prison.

"What does it matter, she's a monster!" Paul bellowed back as Quil and Jared desperately tried to hold him back.

"It's killing her! I feel it, it's like torture!" Jasper snarled back.

"She tried to kill Emily!" Sam howled, joining the fight.

"How do you know you stupid mutt? Did you even bother to ask?" Jasper bit back.

"What do you want us to do? ASK her! How do you suggest we do that!" Rosalie snapped.

"Uh… What's going on?" ask Collin with a confused look on his face.

"SHUT UP COLLIN!" Leah Screamed at him, causing Collin to jump back a few feet. Seth could tell things were going downhill fast. At this rate things were going into a fight and the sides were clear. Alice (being held back by Bella and Rosalie), Jasper (being held back by Emmett and Edward) were for letting the girl go and everyone was against them. Seth knew, however, that if it came to a fight, The Cullens would side with Alice and Jasper over the wolves, Seth just hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Alice was beginning to get more and more angry as Paul threatened and argued with Jasper. Her eyes were sharp and her fangs poised to kill. If either Esme or Rosalie slipped up Alice would wound, maybe kill, Paul. With every passing moment Jasper got angrier and angrier.

How much pain could that girl been for Jasper be so intent on freeing her. Jasper had always struck Seth as a clam guy who didn't get angry. Seeking to answer that question glanced over at the girl the packs had imprisoned. Her cage didn't seem very much like a cage, it was just a circle of different silver items, knives, forks, other utensils, jewelry, plates, coins, tea sets, and other silver items.

Suddenly she let out a scream and Jasper howled. Alice, breaking free of Esme and Rosalie during their confusion, dashed over to him and cradled and he shook and trembled in her arms.

"Jasper? What is it what's wrong?" Alice cooed to her life partner.

"I-it's getting worse, the silver, it's going to kill her Alice." Jasper whispered painfully to the tiny pixie haired vampire.

"We'll be better off if she dies," Paul growled darkly and Alice snarled at him in opposition.

"It's not just that," Jasper began, his gold eyes were so filled with pain it made Seth shiver, "She doesn't hate us, there's no hate, no anger, nothing, just understanding. She knows why we put her in there, even if she doesn't think she deserved it-"

"Of course she deserves it, she killed someone you stupid bloodsucker!" Paul roared.

"Shut up Paul!" Edward shouted, defending his brother for the first time during the fight.

"She… forgives us… for killing her," Jasper mumbled his voice fading toward the end.

"You have to understand Jasper, we don't know who or what she is. We can't just let her out and ask, she might kill someone," Edward tried to soothe his brother but Jasper wouldn't hear it and shoved him away.

Seth heard a soft sobbing and thought it might be Jasper, but he quickly remembered vampires couldn't cry. Turning his head Seth met the eyes of the girl and the world froze. Tears of pain hung on her lashes, refusing to fall and black burns streaked across her cheeks. Seth felt his heart break and every feeling he felt for his pack and family become nothing. She was his world, his light. Her gold eyes bore into his and Seth felt hate and pain form in his heart. Hate for his pack, they imprisoned her and brought her unimaginable pain, and pain for his imprint, she took it all without a single word. Seth's body began to shake and the only coherent thought he could form was the action he must perform. It echoed through his mind like a ringing bell.

"Free Her"

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