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Edward tried to soothe his beloved brother but all nothing seemed to comfort him. Edward could feel the thoughts of everyone around him buzzing and causing a clamor Edward had never experienced before. Alice and Jasper were calling for the girl's freedom while Sam and Paul opposed them completely. Everyone else seemed to be trying to choose a side.

Edward's family was confused; they didn't know who to side with. Paul and Sam were right, they had no idea whether the girl was dangerous or not but they also didn't know if she had really been trying to kill Emily. Even if she was a monster Edward could hear his family's objection to the cruel matter in which they treated her. No one deserved this kind of death.

Nessie seemed to be the one who was the most perplexed. She felt a kinship for the poor girl. Edward didn't quite understand it until memories of how Jacob and the pack had wanted to kill Nessie before she was even born flashed through her mind. Edward felt guilt wash over him when she remembered how even he, her own father, had wanted her dead.

Suddenly a certain thought became louder than the others and Edward reacted in the only way he could.

"Stop him!" Edward shouted as Seth lunged at the makeshift cage. But it was too late. In a matter of seconds he had scattered the silver, making a very large hole in the barrier. The girls head flew up and everyone froze. Her movements were fast and deadly, even so she was graceful, even more graceful for a vampire.

In a single uniform leap she landed right in front of Seth, her claws poised to kill him. Right at the last second, however she stopped, on millimeters away from his throat. Her gold eyes were wide and curious. A single word echoed through her mind.


Her face fell and her eyes closed and with a soft sigh she fell into Seth's arms, unconscious. Paul began to growl but Jasper, while they were distracted, ripped out of Edward and Emmett's grasp and leapt in front of Seth, snarling.

"You want her, you're going to have to go through me," He hissed and tensed to spring. Alice was at his side in an instant, standing behind Seth with a very protective look on her face. She looked like Rosalie when Bella was pregnant, only scarier. She glared at all of them in turn, daring them to take a step forward. Sam began to growl; Edward knew that he would gladly kill them all if it meant protecting Emily, but someone had another idea.

Nessie jumped in front of Jasper with arms outspread. Her face was determined and resolute.

"Nessie?" Jake asked in surprised.

"I won't let you kill her," Nessie hissed. It was the first time Edward had ever seen his daughter upset.

"Nessie…" Jake said as he reached out to Nessie and took her arm.

"No," she snapped and pushed him arm away, "Why can't you give her a chance!"

"She's dangerous Nessie," Sam said trying to calm the angry Halfling.

"Oh, and I'm not?" Nessie retorted, "You wanted to kill me before I was born, didn't you? You thought I'd be dangerous. Why did you wait to see for me and not for her!"

"It's hard to explain…" Sam began.

"Hard to explain? Yeah right!" Nessie was starting to cry now and Jake looked torn between his love and his pack, "You just want to protect you 'Emily'. How do you know she doesn't have a family! What about them, you don't care about their feelings!"

"Sometimes the choices are hard, but we have to do what's right-" Jake tried to say.

"Killing is never right!" Nessie cried as she sobbed into her hands. Jacob had the most depressed look on his face. He didn't know what to do. He had to choose between Nessie and his pack and it was killing him. Luckily Edward stepped in.

"It doesn't matter what any of us think, the werewolves aren't allowed to kill her," Edward stated simply.

"What are you talking about bloodsucker?" Leah growled while the rest of the pack just looked confused.

"Seth?" Edward said as he gained the young shape shifter's attention. Seth looked at him darkly and growled. Everyone gasped. Seth idolized Edward, he would never growl at Edward, Seth only growled when he felt someone was threat to his pack or friends. But then he looked down, at the girl he now

cradled in his arms. His eyes shone with so much love and adoration that it was like he was looking at the sun for the first time.

"Oh. My. God." Quil whispered.

"Oh, Seth," Bella murmured, not sure whether to be happy or upset. She had no idea what to think.

"Seth you little mutt! How could you imprint on the enemy?" Leah screeched.

"She isn't the enemy, Leah!" Seth snapped back. It was the first time Seth had ever stood up to his sister and it proved how serious he really was.

"Who cares if Seth imprinted on her, he's part of Jake's pack not ours-" Paul growled.

"You know the laws Paul! Even if Seth is part of Jake's pack he's still family and I will not allow you hurt that girl," Sam said his voice echoing his Alpha male status. Paul grimaced but nodded. He had no choice but to obey.

"First things first, now that we've settled the fact that she will not die, I should take a look at her wounds. See what the damage is," Carlisle said a in a smooth voice as he moved gracefully into the circle. He stepped forward toward the girl and Jasper growled, surprising everyone.

"How do I know I can trust you," Jasper asked darkly.

"Jasper, I won't hurt her," Carlisle said with his hands raised in surrender, "I haven't felt right about this situation from the beginning."

"He's right Jasper, besides it's Seth's decision not yours," Edward said. Jasper didn't seem pleased but he nodded and turned to Seth, who didn't seem very pleased with having to make the decision.

"I trust Dr. Cullen, but I want to be there… just in case," Seth murmured never letting his eyes leave the girl. Carlisle nodded and motioned Seth to carry the girl inside. Sam stopped them.

"we can't just leave her here, if she turns out to be a killer she may overwhelm you and attack Forks," Sam said as kindly as possible as not to upset Seth. Seth frowned but Carlisle shushed him before he could say anything.

"We understand, feel free to leave as many of your wolves as you like, as a sort of guard if you wish," Carlisle compromised with a light smile. He liked things much better when people could get along. He ushered Seth and the rest of his family inside while Sam and his pack discussed how to guard the girl. Alice stayed outside to make sure they didn't try anything.

Seth followed Dr. Cullen up into the upper floor of their home. There on the right was a small examination room where Dr. Cullen instructed Seth to lay the girl down on a hospital bed. Seth was ever so gentle with her as he lay her on the twin sized bed. Dr. Cullen swept over to her and removed her jacket; underneath she had a simple white tank-top. Seth could already see the black burns that covered her body. Seth sucked in his breath at the sight of her pale skin ravaged.

"These burns are fourth degree," Carlisle murmered to himself as he inspected her.

"Fourth Degree? I thought there was only three degrees for burns…" seth said as he peered over Carlisle's shoulder.

"Fourth Degree burns penetrate the skin and into the muscle and bone, they are very dangerous, she should be dead by now," Carlisle said as calmly as possible.

"Why isn't she?" Edward asked when Seth was too horrified to speak.

"I don't know, I can't hear any of her organs functioning, it's like she's in some sort of hibernation, preventing the burns from hurting her but preventing her from waking up," Carlisle hypothesized as he took the girl's vitals.

"She wasn't 'hibernating' when she was screaming," Seth muttered.

"yes, I suspect she probably went into this hibernation when the burns threatened to reach her organs," Carlisle said softly.

"Is there anything you can do?" Edward questioned.

"In normal circumstances…no," Carlisle stated and Seth whimpered, "but her scent suggests that she may be part vampire. Blood may have the sustenance she needs to heal."

"Then let's get her some blood!" Seth said the light returning to his eyes.

"It's not that simple, she may be allergic to blood. We should give her a small amount and see what happens," Carlisle explained as he went over to a cupboard and pulled out a bottle of human blood. Walking back over he poured the smallest amount into the girl's parted lips. Seth knelt at her side and watched her face, waiting for something to happen, anything. "It seems we'll have to wait for a while to see if the blood as any effect," Carlisle said and motioned for them to leave the room. Just as they were leaving, Seth, still at the girl's side, spoke up.

"Dr. Cullen, look," Seth whispered. Carlisle was at his side in a second. Seth was pointing at her hand. It was barely noticeable unless you had been paying attention. The tips of the girls fingers, on both hands, no longer had any burns.

"Well then it seems you were right," Edward murmured softly.

It took them only minutes to set up a bed in the living room downstairs where seth could sit besides her and Carlisle could monitor her wounds. The girl lay there in the soft bed with her burns dressed as best they could. Seth was sitting by her side and every half an hour would give her blood to drink. She didn't wake but Seth's eyes shone with hope.

Jasper sat in an armchair across from the makeshift hospital room and watched while Seth tended to the girl's needs. The closer he got the more he could feel it, a aura drawing him closer, making him feel for the girl, making him want to protect her, he wondered if it was because of his power that he could feel

in while she slept. He figured he was right and sat there all night watching while Seth began to get tired but refused to sleep. He watched while the burns on her arms faded slightly with the blood her gave her. It was around 3 am in the morning when Seth began to finally drift off. At first he would nod his head but wake himself, finally he began to fall asleep and lay down besides her bed.

Jasper sat there in the dark, Alice and Emmett and Rosalie had gone hunting. While Carlisle and Edward were upstairs going over the various tests they had run on the girl. Esme was trying to keep herself busy and the wolves were sleeping outside. Jasper just sat there, not moving, until a small motion caught his attention… her hand moved.

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