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Her eyes fluttered open and a pair of gold eyes met his. If Jasper hadn't been looking right at her, he wouldn't have even known she had moved. She was completely silent as she sat up and peered at him from under her long lashes. Her eyes seemed to be staring right through him. She slowly surveyed the room, but stopped when her eyes landed on Seth. He was curled up at the side of her bed, mumbling in his sleep.

Jasper saw the small smile that spread across her lips. With a single push of here arms she flipped off the bed and landed besides the shape shifter. She extremely graceful, even more so than any vampire Jasper had ever seen and her landing was soundless and perfect. Her smooth fingers brushed a stare lock of hair out of Seth's face. She was smiling to herself as she kissed his temple softly and placed a blanket over him.

Jasper was about to stand when she flitted over to, her feet barely touching the ground. She sat daintily on the arm of his chair and smiled at him, a smile for perfect then any he had ever seen.

"You're Jasper," she stated as if daring him to argue. Jasper could only nod. She just smiled another smile. "Thank You for defending me, I'm Marci," She continued in a smooth voice.

"You're welcome, we've shouldn't have done that to you," Jasper managed to choke out. Her presence was so… so… he didn't have a word for it. It was like gravity had shifted and everything was revolving around her. She seemed to notice over overwhelmed he was.

"I'm sorry, it's natural for my kind, I can try to dumb down the magnet if you wish," She said apologetically.

"It's alright I just have to get used to it," Jasper said as he felt the pull weaken, "Why do you do that?" She giggled at his question and smiled.

"Why are vampires so beautiful?" She said cross-examining him, "it's so we can attract our 'prey'." Jasper looked surprised but she just nodded. She turned to the stairs as Carlisle came down.

"You're awake?" He asked, clearly surprised. Marci smiled and nodded. "Would you mind if I take a look at your wounds? I'd like to make sure you're healing alright."

"It's alright, I can tell you the burns have turned into bruises. I fine. I just need to go hunting and I'll be alright,' She said with that same soft smile. It seemed to make the room a little brighter.

"I see,' Carlisle murmured, "Would you like to go hunting now?"

"I don't think you shape shifter friends trust me enough to do that," Marci said lightly with a shrug of her shoulders, "I'll be alright for a few days, at least."

"speaking of the shape shifters, we should tell them you're awake, I'm sure they have some questions for you," Edward said, joinig Carlisle.

"I'll go with you… but my clothes are covered in burns…" She mumbled looking down at her slightly scorched clothing. Her skin burning had singed the clothing nearby. And as if on cue Alice appeared grinning like a crazy woman.

"You can borrow some of my clothes!" She squealed happily and dragged Selene upstairs, "I'm sure you're the same size as me!" Alice dragged the slightly surprised girl into her huge closet and began rifling through different clothes.

"Ohhhh, you could wear this… or this… or this would look amazing too," Alice said in a giddy little voice. Marci just stood there as Alice held up countless outfits and decided which ones were good or not.

"Umm Alice, how about… this…" Marci offered as she floated through the closet and picked out an outfit.

"Fantastic! I love it!" Alice said clapping her hands and pushed Marci into the bathroom. Marci just shook her head and changed. She had ended up picking a yellow and white horizontal striped tank with skinny jeans and bright red flats. It seemed strange at first sight but matched quite well once you looked at it. She floated down the stairs alongside Alice, gaining complements from Jasper and Edward. She simply smiled and nodded her head.

Carlisle smiled as selene came down the stairs, Jasper had told him about the pull last night and even though he couldn't consciously feel it like Jasper could, Carlisle had no doubt everyone one in the room was being pulled toward her. He wondered what her other half was, it sure was powerful.

Stepping outside the pretty half vampire flitted outside only to have Paul begin to growl at her. Marci just smiled and waved at him softly, not a single angry emotion portrayed on her sweet face. Sam, Paul and Leah were all on guard duty and Sam was about to go the sleep when they had come out. Now he was alert and on the defensive.

Marci seemed to notice and held up he hands in a sign of surrender before flosted over to him. Her walk so graceful and quick Carlisle began to wonder how they had caught her, perhaps she had let them.

"You're Sam?" Marci questioned with that constant smile of hers. The black werewolf only nodded gruffly. "I wanted to apologize for the incident with Emily. I wasn't trying to hurt her…" Marci began but Sam looked surprised, "Ah… I'm sorry I've been here for a few weeks now staking out the area and I learned she was your wife. And yea I can here your thoughts. It's a kind of specialty of mine," Marci tried to explain but only succeed in having Sam growl at her.

"I'm not here to hurt anyone… I'm looking for someone and I had knowledge that he would come here. You see he's not quite well and is a danger to people around him. It was him I was trying to scare. He was sitting on top of your house when I ran by. I didn't know if he planned on hurting Emily so I tried to chase him away," Marci clarified her smile never faltering. Sam looked confused and Marci once again began to talk.

"Ah, Yes. That's not the whole story, you see the whole story is very long and I would like to only have to say it once, but if you really want me to tell you now I will… I was just thinking your pack might want some breakfast first. I've been informed that you've been out here all night. I thought you might be hungry and I would love to make you all breakfast as a thank you for letting me stay here last night. I know you didn't have to," Marci declared while tapping her fingers together and smiling, some more. Sam seemed completely surprised but nodded, accepting her offer. Selene clapped her hands happily and turned to Carlisle.

"Would you mind terribly if I used your kitchen?" She asked happily.

"Of course not, you are free to use everything I have," Carlisle said with a soft smile. Marci grinned brightly and dashed inside, even now her steps were silent, not a single noise reached the vampire's keen ears, not a single one.

Carlisle turned to Sam who was immerging from the woods in his human form.

"She's quite the girl isn't she. I never would have guessed that yesterday she almost died," Carlisle chuckled softly.

"it's like she erased her memory… or something," Sam said with a frown, "Doesn't she know I didn't want her to stay?"

"I'm guessing she does know that, but she also knows you didn let her stay and perhaps that's what she really cares about. I must admit, I can see how dangerous she could be, but not how dangerous she is," Carlisle said while shaking his head softly.

It was then that Brady and Collin showed up.

"Hey is that girl awake yet?" Collin asked.

"Yes, She's inside making breakfast, and her name is Marci not 'that girl'," Carlisle answered.

"Sweet can we go help?" Brady asked while beginning to jump up and down.

"Yah! Yah! Can We? Can We?" Collin asked as he began to jump as well. Sam groaned at their childish behavior but nodded and motioned for them to go inside.

"I don't know what I'm going to do with those two…" He moaned, still shaking his head. Carlisle smiled and patted the shape shifter shoulder.

Marci had now been joined by Brady and Collin and was currently having them mix batter for pancakes, a lot of batter. She, meanwhile, was making bacon, sausage, biscuits, and every other breakfast food imaginable. It wasn't long before she had whipped up enough food to feed 50 people and the perfect amount to feed 17 hungry werewolves and a handful of humans. She had set up five large picnic table outside and had sent Collin and Brady to get everyone.

"Perhaps its time you woke up Seth," Jasper said with a chuckle. It had been a few hours and Marci hadn't woken the pour boy up yet.

"I thought he needed some sleep," she said with a sheepish look on her face before gliding into the living room, Which once again resembled and actual living room instead of a hospital room. She knelt and Seth side and began to brush his cheek with her long fingers.

"Seth… Seth, love… It's time to wake up," she cooed softly to the boy. Seth murmured something about five more minutes causing Marci to giggle lightly. At the sound of her soft laugh Seth began to open his eyes and met the gold ones of the beautiful girl above him.

"Y-you're a-awake," He whispered and Marci smiled.

"Yes, I am. I'm Selene, I suppose you are the one I should thank for saving me," she said evenly.

"W-well… I guess so," he stuttered and looked away.

"Would you like so breakfast, love," Marci asked softly and she stood. Seth's eyes lit up at the mention of food and a blush crossed his face at the pet name she used. He stood and followed his imprint out and onto the front lawn of the Cullen's home.

As they ate, Marci once again explained that she wasn't trying to hurt Emily. Emily, of course, forgave her full heartly and apologized for holding the platter out to her. Marci just laughed and said it was alright. The silver platter had been what scared the other creature away. She also began to receive countless apologizes of the wolves and the Cullens for imprisoning her. Marci would just smile and laugh and push it all aside, saying she was perfectly, absolutely, and positively fine. The others of course began to argue and try to convince her they had been in the wrong, she wouldn't hear it. She said they had done the right thing and she would have done the same thing if she had been in their place. Finally when breakfast was over Marci agreed to tell her whole story.

Everyone crowed around to hear it and even the young wolves braved the vampire smell to get a closer spot. Once everyone was settled, Marci sitting at the end of a picnic table with everyone crowed around her in various seats and chairs she began to speak.

"In order to understand the story, you have to know what I am," she began in a smooth voice, "You see Paul and the others are right, I am half vampires, on my father's side. You he was a vampire and my mother, well she was something else entirely… she was what some humans have called… an angel."

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Chapter 4 is out now. :)
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