The Twilight Saga

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Chapters 1-6: pg 1


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Chapter 1- I hate boys

I made my way to school. Thank the Gods that all the stuff with Kronos was over. I was with Percy. I should be happy but I’m scared. I’ve moved to New York to watch over the plans being made for Olympus and today is my first day at school. I can’t even remember the name of it. I was wearing purple converse, black skinny jeans, a purple vest top, a black hoodie, my blonde hair was up in a messy bun, I had my Yankees hat and my knife in my bag and I had on dark Prada shades to cover my eyes. I was walking through the school grounds when I saw someone I recognised. No way. Maybe school won’t be so bad. I started walking and ---
-- walked right into someone. A tall someone.
“Sorry.” I muttered and walked around them.
“Wait up, babes.” he said. I stopped and turned.
“First, I am not your ‘babes’ and second, the day I wait for you will be when you treat girls decently. Actually, no, not even then.” and I started walking again. He grabbed my arm and spun me around. His grip was tight, too tight.
“You listen to me. No one talks to me like that, the whole school respects me and so will you.” he growled. I looked around and saw the guys behind him. They had goofy grins on their faces.
I looked at his grip on my arm then back to his face, “I don’t see why. Respect is earned and you have done nothing to deserve it.” I pulled my arm away and walked quickly into school. I made my way to the office and asked for my schedule. I took my glasses off and put them in my bag.
“What’s your name, darling? I’m Miss Campbell.” the woman said.
“Annabeth Chase.”
“Give me two minutes.” and she started typing. About a minute later she handed me a small polly pocket and a piece of paper. “That’s your schedule and everything else you need is in it. Get the paper signed by every teacher and come back at the end of the day”
“Thank you.” I smiled and headed to my first class.
I walked in and went straight to the teacher. He looked up at me and I instantly knew who he was. The best mortal I’ve seen with a sword. Paul.
“Mr. Blofis!” I exclaimed, not wanting to call him by his name in school.
“Annabeth?” he asked but I was searching the class. Paul knew who I was looking for.
“He’s not here. He’s in my second period class but I’ll tell him.”
“Thanks. You’re supposed to sign this paper.” I said handing it to him.
He gave it back to me. “Sit next to Andrew, up the back. I know you won‘t want to call too much attention to yourself.”
I looked. It was the guy from before. Everyone was talking to him and I mean everyone. Every single person was surrounding him, talking away to him.
“I’ll take my chances up front.” I said and sat right in front of his desk. The bell rang and Paul called the class to attention.
“Okay, class. We have a new student. Annabeth Chase. Introduce yourself, please.”
I got up and said, “Did you have to?”
He just nodded, smiling. I rolled my eyes.
“My name’s Annabeth Chase. I live near the Empire State building. I’m an architect. Right now I’m doing some designs for my mum’s home.” I chuckled slightly, “I live alone and, that’s about it, really.” I said and sat down.
“Are you dating someone?” Andrew asked.
“Now, now, Andrew. That isn’t your business.” Paul said. I have to think of him as Mr. Blofis now.
“No, I’ll answer.” I turned to face him, “Yeah, I am.”
“Can he fight? ’Cause he’s gonna have to for his girl.” Andrew said.
“Yeah, he can. He’s the best damn fighter I’ve ever seen. Ain’t that right, Mr Blofis?” He nodded and I continued, “But, believe me, there ain’t no competition.”
“Oh, really? What’s his name?”
“Like it’s your business?”
“Yeah, it is.”
“Why are you so interested? Because I stood up to you earlier? I didn’t let you talk down to me? Or is it the fact that I’m not one of your stupid little followers? Leave me alone.” I turned back around and faced the front.
Paul told Andrew to be quiet and went to the front.
“I’m sure gonna regret that later. Sally’s gonna shout at me” he muttered and only the front row heard. I laughed.
“Class, as you all know, in history, I start a new subject each semester so now, we will be studying the Ancient Greeks.” he said.
“Why?” I asked and everyone turned to stare at me.
“Well, Annabeth, I decided it when you walked in the door. This should be easy for you out of everyone. I would be worried if it was hard for you.”
“It’s not that it’s hard. It’s just, I don’t know, weird.”
“Okay, class, how knows anything about Athena?”
Okay, he done that on purpose.
“Yes, Andrew?” Paul said.
“Goddess of wisdom.” Andrew replied.
“Anyone else?” Everyone had suddenly put their hands down. Is that all my mum is known for?
“Goddess of warfare too. Whenever a war or battle came, the Gods would turn to Athena for help and once a plan was made they went to Ares.” I said without putting my hand up.
“Correct. She was the best planner and the wisest, obviously. Anything else? Anyone?”
“She wasn’t born like a normal person. She was born from Zeus’ head. Made of pure thought. And later when it came to demi-gods, her own weren’t born. They were made of thoughts too. She is one of the few maiden Goddesses.” I said.
He stared at me weirdly. He’s probably thinking, ‘She’s made of thoughts? Weirdo.’
“Well done. Okay, anyone know of another Goddess?”
“Aphrodite!” someone called out. Typical.
“Okay, tell me things about her, Linda.”
I looked at Linda. She had a brush in her hand, pulling it through her blonde hair and was blowing big bubbles.
“And as soon as you do, put the gum in the bin.”
“Fine. She is the most beautiful Goddess. I think, she is the only Goddess we should worship. She is the perfect deity.” she said in an extremely girly voice.
“You don’t know nothing about deities! We shouldn’t worship them for looks. We should worship them because they have done things worth worshipping! Aphrodite has practically thrown every hero off course for a stupid girl. I’m just glad-” I cut myself off before I said ‘I’m just glad she didn’t get to Percy or you all would be dead.’ That would be saying too much. She didn’t go to him. Did she?
“That what? You don’t worship her? We can see that.” she said, looking me up and down and giggled.
“Oh, I swear-”
“Annabeth, don’t do something you’ll regret.” Paul cut me off. He was right. If I had finished that threat, the Gods would hold it against me.
“Okay class. I want an essay handed in tomorrow about a God or Goddess that really stands out to you.” Paul said and the bell rang.
Andrew came up to me. “You don’t need to worship the beauty Goddess for looks.” and he walked away. I seriously wanted to hit someone. And that someone would hopefully be Andrew. I headed to my next class. Maths. I hate it. It passed in a blur. So did Honours Zoology. I was glad when it got to fourth period. Writing. Period before lunch and I was even happier when I got there. I walked in and handed the teacher my slip. She introduced herself as Miss Richardson but everyone calls her Max. First teacher I’ve ever known to let students call her by her first name.
“Find a seat, Annabeth.” she said. I turned around and that’s when I saw him.
“Percy!” I said and ran to him. He lifted me up and spun me around. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him.
Someone cleared their throat and I detached myself from him, flushing pink.
Max said, “Okay, lovebirds, sit down and wait for the bell.”
“Sorry, miss.” Percy said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into a seat next to me.
“Paul told me you were here. I didn’t know you were coming. Why haven’t I seen you for a week?” he asked.
“Yeah, I had Paul first period. He actually made us do Greek mythology.” The sky rumbled slightly. “Okay, maybe not mythology. I didn’t know I was coming either. I was only told yesterday. Lately, I’ve been busy in Olympus and coming up with new ideas. You should see the mail I get each day. All the Gods wanting another monument for themselves or a bigger room or a different colour for something. It’s annoying but it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m the architect of the most beautiful place ever. I just, feel good about that. It probably doesn’t make sense to you. I tried calling you but I just was loaded with another handful of work every time I went to actually pick up the phone.” I said in a rush. I blushed and looked down.
“It’s fine.” he smiled at me. I couldn’t help but smile back. The bell rang.
“Okay, class. We’re doing poetry. You have to come up with a poem. You have today and tomorrow’s whole period to come up with it. You are being graded on this. This poem will go into your folio and at the end of the year, you may use it as the poem on your final test. Start writing.”
I looked down at the sheet in front of me. I can’t write poetry. I’m the worst at it. I looked to Percy. He had already wrote three lines! I don’t know what to write. Emm. . . . . .
Hope survives the best at hearth
The core of your heart
The one you love
Shall always carry your hope.
I looked at it. It wasn’t poetry, it doesn’t rhyme. But, poetry doesn’t have to rhyme. I know that first line from somewhere. But where?
Percy read my poem. He tapped the first line with his pen. “I said that to Hestia.”
“So you did. When you found out about Rachel.”
“Yeah.” he looked back at his own and blushed. At Rachel or his poem?
He scrunched up his piece of paper.
His poem.
“Problems, Annabeth and Percy?” Max asked.
“Yeah, I was asking Anni- Annabeth for ideas. I don’t know what to write.” Percy said.
I’m going to kill him. He keeps calling me Annie. My name is Annabeth.
“Yes, well, quiet please.” Max replied.
I smiled at Percy and he smiled back. I stared into his eyes. I could get lost in those eyes time and time again. I blushed and looked at my paper. After everything we’ve been through, it worked out pretty well. The bell rang and Percy got up and waited on me.
“Go ahead. I want to talk to Max.” I said.
He looked at me weirdly but shrugged and walked away.
“Yes, Annabeth?” Max asked.
“I just want to see this. Then I’ll go. I promise.”
I smoothed out the poem he had written.
I hold her close to my heart
Afraid to let her go
My heart is her’s
But she doesn’t know.
I want her to be the one
I know she is
But am I her’s?
Perseus Jackson
There it was scribbled in his handwriting. A love poem. I stared at it in awe. Wow. I think Apollo has some competition. I felt my eyes tear up. A droplet fell onto the paper. He loves me. More tears came. I quickly folded up the poem and put it in my back pocket.
“Annabeth, are you okay?” Max asked as she rushed to my side. I looked up.
“More than okay. Thanks.” I said and walked to the lunchroom. I stuck my shades back on to cover my watery eyes. When I got there Percy was sitting at a table with Andrew. Exactly who I wanted to sit beside right now. I sat next to Percy and pulled my shades off, hoping my eyes were dry. Apparently they were.
“So, Annabeth, you decided to be friends now?” Andrew asked. Does he have split personality disorder?
“No, actually. Like a girl would be friends with you? You’re supposed to treat females equally.” I snapped, dragging out the last word.
“You know him?” Percy asked.
“You know him?” Andrew asked at the same time.
I answered Andrew first. “He’s the best damn fighter I know.”
He looked shocked. I just smiled.
“You’re wasting your time with him?” Andrew said. Well, he’s smarter than I thought. He caught on.
“I’m not wasting my time.”
“Oh, yeah? I could do things for you even he couldn’t.”
“Were you there the time I got kidnapped? Were you there when I got lost in the maze? Did you hold the weight of the sky? Were you the one that got accused of stealing? Did you save my best friend’s life? Were you the one to rescue me? Were you the one to sit by my side while I was dying? Were you the one I risked my life for? Were you the one who saved me? Were you the one that nearly drowned in a river and the only thing that kept you going was the thought of me? Were you there when my brother died? He died for me! You weren’t there, he was! Were you the one that has stood by my side for the past five years? No matter what happened? I think not! ’Cause no, I don’t remember seeing you there!” I screamed at him. The whole lunchroom was silent.
His face was pale.
“Damn, we’ve been through a lot.” Percy murmured. I even laughed.
I looked back at Andrew. “I didn’t think so. So, back off, stop flirting with me and leave me alone.”
Andrew spoke up, “Who was your brother?”
“Yeah, I didn’t get you either.” Percy said. He’s so stupid. My eyes were watering again. I had called him brother because it still hurts to say his name. The very knife I carry in my bag killed him.
“Your birthday is the day he died. Luke.” my voice broke at the end. I cuddled into Percy and the tears came pouring out.
“I’m so sorry.” I heard Andrew say.
I turned around. “Don’t be. It was for a reason. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Neither would Percy. Gods, I’ve never been so emotional. Maybe it was the poem that done it.” Thank Olympus everyone has stopped staring.
“The poem?” Percy said.
“My poem?”
“You read it?”
I ducked my head down, a little bit ashamed. “I shouldn’t have. But I had to know.”
“Yes, Percy?”
“I. . . . .can I have it back?”
NOT what I was expecting him to say. “Can I keep it?”
He blushed and said, “It’s yours.”
I smiled, thinking that if Andrew wasn’t here everything would be perfect. Gods, I hate him.
Chapter 3- Heartbreak

I was sitting in class wearing black leggings, denim shorts, a black vest top, black pumps and a denim jacket.
“Annabeth, come here.” Paul said. I walked up.
“You can’t write this.”
“Write what?”
“That Apollo likes Ray Bans.”
“Hey, I spent an hour arguing with him what was better. His Ray Bans or my shades.”
“Annabeth, it has to be things from the records.”
“And you can’t write that he’s bad at poetry, especially wh-”
He was cut off with my hand over his mouth. The sun was shining really brightly outside. “Shhh. Don’t say that out loud!”
He glanced at the window and nodded. I pulled my hand away.
“He’s not that bad.” I muttered and the sun died down slightly.
“And you can’t write how good a healer his son, Michael Yew, is. Or how Apollo, himself, healed you.”
“Why not?! Because that did happen and Michael is a fantastic healer, for your information.”
“Annabeth, this essay is going in the bin. I can’t let anyone read it. I want you to do a mythical creature paper instead.”
“Brilliant.” I said sarcastically and sat down.
“Okay, class. Today, you’re going to draw what you think Olympus looks like.” Paul said as he handed out paper.
I choked on the water I was drinking and spit it out. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling like crazy. I mean, I already know what Olympus looks like. I’m designing it!
“Annabeth, Shut up.” Paul said as he walked past and no one else heard.
I chuckled some more as I cleaned the table up.
“So, sir? You want me to work on my mythical creatures essay?” I asked.
“No. I want you to work on the assignment I just gave you.”
“But, I need my laptop to do that.”
“Annabeth, just take out the damn laptop.” he shook his head.
I pulled it out my bag and immediately started on Apollo’s house. I would need to make up for saying that he’s bad at poetry.
“I always imagined the pillars to be pink.” someone said.
“They’re cream.” I said, without my brain registering it.
“Lots of beautiful, grassy gardens.” another said.
“Flowery gardens.” I corrected.
“Poseidon would have a pool in his garden.”
“A lake, actually.” I said.
“Aphrodite would have about twelve statues of herself.” someone snorted.
“She’s not quite that self-centred. Yet.” Then I clamped a hand over myself to find everyone staring at me.
Idiot, idiot, idiot.
“Annabeth.” Paul said, eyes wide.
“Oh, gods.” I muttered beneath my hand. Then I placed it in my lap.
“Do you know something we don’t?” Andrew asked.
“No. I just-I-it-I-” I stuttered. How am I going to get myself out of this one?
Luckily, at that moment, Percy walked into my class. He handed Paul something and said, “Ms. Smith said to give this to you.”
Then he met me panicked expression and launched into a hushed talk with Paul, so no one would hear. I strained my ears but, sadly, they were speaking too quietly.
Suddenly, Paul turned around to me. “Annabeth, the headmistress wants to speak with you.”
“Hey, no fair. What did I do? It’s only my second day and I ain’t had the place wrecked yet. I mean, c’mon. Percy wasn’t even attending the school when that fire thing happened.” I whined.
“Annabeth. Go.” Paul commanded. I sighed and quickly put my laptop away. I grabbed my bag and stormed out with Percy. When we were further down the corridor Percy whirled me around and crushed his lips to mine.
For a second I was froze in shock but his touch made me melt.
I dropped my bag and tugged at the hairs at the top of his neck. This kiss was urgent, different. One of his and pressed to the small of my back, pulling me closer to him, and the other was at the back of my head, locking his lips to mine.
He pulled away and leaned his forehead against mine.
And then he whispered, “Why do I have the feeling that I’m going to lose you?”
I pulled away, placing my hands on his cheeks, forcing his pained eyes to meet mine.
“You listen to me, Percy Jackson. Nothing on this Earth, from Olympus, the Underworld or otherwise could tear me away from you. Not when I. . . .I. . . .I. . . .”
“When you what, Annabeth? Tell me.” he practically begged.
“Not when I like you so much.” I said. Oh, I’m such an idiot. I need to tell him. I want to tell him.
So why can’t I?
“I like you, too. Perhaps, too much.”
Oh, gods. Now, he thinks I don’t love him.
“Don’t think that I don’t. Because I do. I just can’t say it.” I blurted.
“Can’t say what, Annabeth?” he grabbed both my hands in his as he spoke and squeezed them tightly.
“I just can’t say it.” I repeated.
“So, you do feel that way?”
I nodded and a tear spilled.
“I love you, too.” he whispered and took me in his arms as I practically broke down crying.
Ugh. I hate myself so much!
Say it! Say it! Say it! I commanded myself but the words didn’t come out.
Why NOT?! I screamed internally. I love him more than my own life. Why can’t I tell him that? I told Andrew that I loved Percy! So why can’t I tell Percy the exact same?
He pulled away and wiped my tears with his thumb.
“C’mon. Let’s get you home.” he whispered.
I picked up my bag and asked, “How?”
“Well, I’ll tell the secretary that your mum is sick and in hospital.”
“That’s a horrible thing to lie about.”
“It was Paul’s idea. Plus, we need to talk.”
“Fine.” I huffed and we made our way to the office. As soon as Miss Campbell saw my tear-stained face she said she would excuse both of us for the day and we made our way to Percy’s house.

When we arrived it was just us two. Clarisse and Sally had gone shopping.
We both just sort of stood awkwardly. I couldn’t bear the pained looked in his eyes anymore.
I broke the silence first. “It just won’t come out. I wish the words would, so much. I told Andrew my feelings for you, but when I’m talking to you, trying to say it, it’s like something’s stopping me. Ever since I kissed you that day at the volcano, I knew my feelings for sure. And then I thought that I had lost you. You were gone for weeks and all I did was curl in a ball in your cabin waiting for you to come back and when you did, words can’t describe how happy I was. I can’t say it Percy, but I really do feel it. It pains me so much that I’m hurting you and myself because I can’t say three words. I really want to, with my whole heart. I know it will make me feel right when I do say it. But for some freaked-up reason, I can’t!” Tears streamed down my face.
“I love you. It’s three words. What’s so hard about that?” he whispered.
“I don’t know.” I breathed and fell to the floor sobbing.
He just stared at me.
“I need you and want you and I do feel that way, but, I can’t say it. Please, I need you right now.” I said.
He took two steps away from me, staring at me as if he didn’t know me, at all.
That cold-hearted son-of-a-bi-
The door opened and Clarisse and Sally walked in. What is it with interruptions nowadays?!
They stopped in their tracks and Sally said, “Did we interrupt something?”
I quickly stood up, grabbed my bag and pulled myself together, wiping away tears.
“No, you didn’t.” Then I turned to Percy, “I did everything I could to tell you it because I can’t say it. You messed up, Percy. Big time. I needed you, just two seconds ago. But you were determined to hear the words. Well, I can’t say them! I don’t know why. But, know this. I do feel that way. Always will. But, we’re over. Forever. I’m sorry.”
I turned to storm out but he grabbed me and kissed me. Ignoring the surge of pleasure that shot through me, I bit him.
“Too late. You were right. You lost me. But it was your own fault.” I growled.
I turned to leave yet again but this time Clarisse stopped me.
“What just happened?” she asked and I collapsed into her, crying.
She shot angrily at Percy, “You better hope she isn’t in as much of a state of when she lost you after the volcano thing. Because, if she is, I’ll get you. I swear. She loves you, so darn much. She wouldn’t do this without a reason. What did you do?”
“I told her I loved her.” he said hoarsely.
I whipped around. “Yeah, you did. And even though I can’t say the words, I feel the same way. But that isn’t enough for you! You want to hear the words. It might have took me a while, but I would’ve said them eventually. I won’t now. I won’t say them ever. You aren’t going to break my heart ever again.” and I ran outside, into the pouring rain.
I sat on his porch steps, not knowing what to do next. Oh, gods, I love him. Why can’t I say it?! I’ve just ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me! I want to die, right now.
Clarisse came out and sat beside me silently. The tears poured down my face, made invisible by the rain.
And then, someone I noticed walked by.
“Andrew!” I called.
He turned to stare in shock as I ran to him, telling Clarisse to stay behind.
“What’s up?” he asked as I stopped in front of him.
“Well, I was wondering if, maybe, you wanted to do something this weekend?” I said, nervously.
“I thought you were with Percy.”
“I was, like,” I counted back in my head, “five minutes ago. But not now.”
“You broke up with him five minutes ago?”
“Yeah.” I softly said. I know this is so mean but I need Percy off my mind.
“Hell, yeah, I’m in. Dude, I may be a rebound, but you are the hottest girl in school. I’ll get some rep points.”
I smiled, gave him a quick hug and went back to Clarisse.
She eyed me carefully.
“Look, I’m fine, now. I’m not going to sit and waste away to nothing over him. Not after-” I choked and couldn’t say it. ‘Not after he practically rejected me, looking at me like I was freak and taking a few steps away.’ Clarisse would march back in that house and kill him.
We went to my house.

After dinner I changed into shorts and a vest top and crawled into bed.
I sobbed and screamed at this feeling. It was worse than when I was the one who left him. Now, I know what he felt then.
“Please, don’t go. Don’t go. Please.” I begged.
“I have to go.” he whispered in my ear as he held me tight. We were standing beside a small lake in the forest.
“Don’t. Stay here. With me. For me. Please don’t, Percy.”
“I can’t. I love you, you know that. But I have to go.”
“Percy, I love you, too. How many times do I need to say it? I love you. Does that change your decision?”
“Annabeth, I’m letting you go because I have to. Because I love you. It’s for the best. I love you.”
“No, you don’t. you wouldn’t go if you did.” I whispered.
“Don’t you dare say that! I do love you.”
“Why did Aphrodite do this? Why make us fall in love to have us pulled apart?” I sobbed into his chest.
“I have to go, now, Annabeth. It’s time.”
He pulled my lips to his and kissed me passionately.
But then he pulled away. Too soon.
“Goodbye.” he whispered and disappeared into the forest.
I outright screamed.

I was whipped back to reality. I was lying on my stomach in my bed, my screams muffled by my pillow. Even though I was awake I didn’t stop.
Clarisse rushed in from the guest room trying to stop me but I couldn’t stop screaming.
I’ve lost him.
The words echoed through my head.
I stopped screaming and just cried, sobbing his name, all night with Clarisse cuddling me.
Chapter 4- Change

It’s been a week since the big break up with Percy. During the day I’m fine. But at night, that’s a different matter.
I have the same dream every night, wake up screaming and end up crying, calling out his name. I’m keeping Clarisse up and I don’t think that’s fair. She came here to recover from her break up only to help me deal with mine. She’s always there at night to comfort me, saying that it’ll be okay. But it won’t.
I’ve been noticing more details in the dream. Like what we wear or before he tells me ‘it’s time’ he checks his watch. Or more details about the forest.
As long as I’m without him, I’ll feel this infinite pain. But, according to my dream, if I go back to him it’ll hurt even more.
What do I do?
You see, demigod dreams are never just dreams. They either have a meaning behind them or sometimes are the future.
Me and Andrew were the power couple at school. When I kissed him I didn’t feel anything, at all. But I did it to keep my mind off Percy. Everyone instantly warmed to Andrew and I did too. But as a best friend and nothing more. I didn’t want to put him through this, but he didn’t seem to care.
Every time I said something everyone would agree.
It kinda creeped me out, but I got used to it. It was like they were scared of me.
Percy had only been at school once after the break up and he was only here to talk to Paul.
Swimming class just wasn’t the same.
Sally had phoned me but I didn’t answer so she left a voicemail saying, “Annabeth, please. He’s dying. He’s like a zombie walking around the house. Always locked up in his room, only coming out for food. Why can’t you forgive him? Percy told me everything and I understand your reaction, but he’s my son. I can’t bear to see him like this. It hurts and even Poseidon has visited, wondering what’s wrong with Percy and why, all of a sudden, you’ve stopped designing Olympus. Please, Annabeth. At least a phone call.”
I had immediately deleted the message. I mean, what right did he have to tell her? I had stopped architecture altogether. It was one of the few things that made me happy, and, well, I wasn’t happy without him.
Me and Clarisse were getting ready for school, right now. Clarisse was starting today.
I was wearing black leggings, a white, black and pink Dance Academy dress top, white and pink pumps and a black midriff cardigan. I had dyed my hair brown and had it cut just last night and was now wearing it down and straightened. I had had layers put in, cut to my shoulders and a side fringe done. I put on some black eyeliner, black mascara, I applied the white and black eyeshadow on heavily, a small amount of tan blusher and a thin layer of clear lip-gloss on. I slipped in my newly-bought contacts. It wasn’t to help me see. It was because they were a normal shade of blue. A human shade of blue.
I stepped in front of the mirror and I looked different, confident. But I looked empty. If I had him back then I-
I have to keep myself away from thoughts like that. It hurts too much.
I blew my side fringe out of my left eye and grabbed my leopard print bag, heading out to the living room.
“Annabeth? Since when do you wear make-up? And since when was your hair brown?” Clarisse asked.
“Since now.” I replied stiffly. When it was just me and her I didn’t have to pretend. I could show how much the whole ordeal had affected me.
Clarisse was wearing dark blue skinny jeans, black, knee-high, high-heeled boots, (which she could totally still kick @ss in)a purple, tight vest top and a black leather jacket. She had just shoved her hair up in a pony.
We made our way to school and as soon as I stepped out of Clarisse’s car I was scooped in a bear hug.
“Okay, calm down.” I said as I was put down. “Miss me much, then?”
Andrew grinned and kissed me. I kissed him back even though there was no emotion in it. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his wrapped around my waist, as we always did. But it was just a show, coming from me.
There was some catcalling from his friends, who were now my friends.
How much I miss camp.
I pulled away from him and grabbed my bag out the car.
Clarisse crawled out of the car and slammed the door shut. She came around to us. Andrew was staring at her with affection in his eyes.
“You idiot! No wonder, he’s in the state that he’s in! You only broke up a week ago. You’re already with someone else?” she said, frustrated.
“Look, Clarisse. I’m with Andrew. Percy-” I choked after saying his name.
“Hey, babes, I like the new look.” Andrew whispered in my ear.
“Why, thank you.” I grinned. “I needed a change.”
“No, you didn’t.” Clarisse interjected. “You did it to forget him.”
“So what if I did? Huh? Is it so bad for me to forget him and move on with life?” I snapped.
“I guess not.” she said and stalked away.
Yeah, I did it because I’m doing everything I can to forget him.
But I do need to forget him. I’m through with the demigod stuff an’ all. Forget them. I’m going to be a normal human. I’ll keep my friends, but the god stuff? Never want to talk about it again.
I turned back to Andrew, “Sorry.” I sighed.
“Hey, you think I don’t pay attention? I know you’re hurting.” he said.
“Not much longer. I’m going to forget him. Everything that reminds me of him. Gone.”
“Even your pretty blonde hair?”
“Even my pretty blonde hair.” I smiled and pecked his lips.
We were walking to history when Derek, one of Andrew’s friends, stopped us and said, “Whoa, dude. Where’s Annabeth and who is this?”
“You idiot. I’m Annabeth.” I play punched his shoulder.
“What’s with the make over? I thought you said you hated girly stuff?”
“I am not a girly girl. Just ask Per-” I cut myself off, took a deep breath and recovered, “Ask Clarisse. She’s starting today.”
“What does she look like?”
Just then Clarisse came bursting over to me, “Jesus, Annabeth. Wait. I can’t say Jesus. So do I say Thalia? I mean she is the big one’s daughter. You know what? Never mind! Anyway, Chiron said that he needed us back at camp. He didn’t explain why and was all freaking-out on the phone. So, we better go.” she grabbed my hand but I jerked away.
“No! I’ve done enough for them! I’ve lost everybody I care about because of them. Me and my dad barely spoke for years, I lost Luke and Percy. I’m never going back.”
“What’s brought this on?”
“I’m not doing it.”
She moved so her face was practically touching mine and growled, “You’re going to abandon your own mother? What would Thalia think? If Luke was still alive, what would he think? Your mother? Poseidon?”
I pushed her back. “Why are you doing this? Luke left them to team with the other side! He would be proud of-” I cut off. “You’re right. He wouldn’t. He would give me a right good slap and tell me to get a grip. As would Thalia. But they aren’t here! They don’t know what it’s like!”
The bell rang. I grabbed Andrew’s hand and we made our way to history. We took our seats up back and Paul walked in.
He glanced around the classroom as he marked the register but suddenly stopped and said, “Where’s Annabeth?”
I said, “Jesus, I’m Annabeth. I mean, Thalia. I mean, Jesus. I mean-oh gods, Clarisse has got me confused.”
“Someone mention me?” Clarisse asked as she walked in the door. “Sorry, I’m late, sir.” she paused then tilted her head to the side, staring at Paul. “Paul?” she asked incredulously.
There was catcalls from all around the class.
“Sally didn’t say you worked here. Neither did Annabeth.”
There was a lot of ‘ooh’s’ from around the class.
“Nice one. Now, why don’t you take your seat next to Adam over there.” I said, pointing to Ares in the corner.
Aphrodite and Ares had started school a few days ago as Belle and Adam. They had kept to themselves and away from me.
Clarisse gasped and walked over. Everyone’s gaze followed. Ha!
Since when did I become such a witch?
“Clarisse?” Ares asked and then recovered, standing and messing her hair up. “Clarisse! My fav lil girl. But, shush, don’t tell the others.”
She laughed and cuddled him, then they sat next to each other.
I stared in shock as the lesson began. I looked at the table, holding Andrew’s hand, not paying attention. All I could think about was how I missed my demigod life even though I hadn’t fully given it up yet. I wanted to be me again. But I couldn’t. Not without him.
I glanced towards the gods in the corner only to find them staring at me.
Then I saw Aphrodite mouth to me, “Love the outfit.”
I chuckled and was actually pleased that she approved.
Since when did I care about what Aphrodite had to say?
Things are getting bad.
I grabbed my bag and got up, wrenching my hand out of Andrew’s grip.
“What’s wrong, Annabeth?” Paul asked.
“You really want to know? I miss Percy. I’m not myself anymore. I didn’t only change my look but I changed who I am. I can’t stand it. I need him back. And I’m getting him back, right now. Stop me if you want, Paul. Cause without him, I don’t care.”
Everyone stared at me in shock except Aphrodite. She jumped up in glee and ran over to me.
“About time! I put obstacles in your path on purpose but I swear I didn’t plan this one. So, go get your boy back!” she exclaimed.
I laughed at her and ran outside. I heard footsteps behind me and I whirled around to find Andrew. We were now out in the parking lot.
He looked so. . . . .heartbroken. So sad. So lonely.
“Andrew?” I asked softly.
“Are you breaking up with me?” he croaked.
“No. I’m only going to see him. I promise. Nothing else will happen.” I said as I cupped my face in his hands.
He nodded weakly. “Don’t leave me.” he whispered.
For his sake, I kissed him. His lips were unresponsive for a minute and then moved in tune with mine. I pretended that it was Percy kissing me. That the same fire spread. But it wasn’t good enough.
I didn’t break the kiss. I’ve already made Percy depressed, I couldn’t do that to him too.
He slowly pulled away then kissed my cheek.
“Go.” he whispered and I ran to Clarisse’s car.
When I arrived at his house I knocked rapidly on the door.
No one answered.
I knocked harder and faster and then the door flew open.
Sally asked, “And who are you?”
“Oh, gods! Am I really that unrecognisable?” I rolled my eyes.
“Annabeth?” she breathed as she looked me up and down.
“Yeah. Can I see Percy?”
“He’s in his room.” she said and gestured for me to go in. I all but ran to his room, bursting through the door.
He was sitting on his bed, using his arms to clutch his knees to his chest, and watching telly.
“Percy?” I said.
He looked up at me and I took in his appearance. He had big bags under his eyes and looked like he was dying. He was only wearing a pair of jeans.
“Oh, gods, Percy.” I gasped.
“Who are you?” he muttered. Did I really change that much?
“It’s me, Annabeth.”
His eyes shot up to meet mine and he gasped.
Chapter 5- The plan

“You’re not Annabeth. The Annabeth I know has beautiful grey eyes, silky blonde hair, and never wears make up.” he said, tearing his eyes from mine.
I realised I was still wearing the contacts. I quickly took them out and kneeled in front of him.
A pain shot through my chest, knowing I had caused this.
I cupped his cheeks in my hands and stared into his eyes.
“It’s me, Percy.” I whispered.
“Why did you change?” he breathed. “I love the old Annabeth.”
“I changed because you left.”
“You left me! Not the other way around!” he wrenched himself away from me.
“Why did you do this to yourself?” I questioned as I stood up.
He stood up saw our noses were nearly touching and it took every inch of my self control not to kiss him.
He didn’t bother with control.
His lip touched mine. Just a mere brush and then the kiss was passionate. He walked me backwards, and crushed me to the wall. I felt all the desire that had been pushed down, for the past week, rise to the surface again. I dropped my bag to the floor.
His hands pulled on my hair and I moaned against his lips. His lips moved to my neck, working their way down my collarbone to my shoulder.
“Percy. Oh, Percy. I’m so sorry for what I’ve done.” I murmured, distracted.
His lips met mine again and he pulled off my top. I gasped in shock but his lips against mine cut me off. Slowly, something came to me. But I couldn’t remember it right. Something like school . . . .no, outside school. . . . . .a promise. But what promise?
I didn’t care. I loved Percy and I had to tell him. His lips went back to my neck, inching their way downwards. . . . . . . .
“I love you, Percy. I do.” I gasped.
He jerked back, stumbling over his own feet, and fell. He didn’t get up, he just sat there.
“I love you, too but. . . . .” he trailed off. BUT WHAT?
“But?” I prompted.
“You’re not the Annabeth I once knew.”
I let out a shocked gasp and pulled my top on.
“So, you don’t want to be with me?” I asked.
“I want my Annabeth back.”
He said ‘my Annabeth.’ Not just Annabeth. But my Annabeth.
“I haven’t changed that much!”
“Yeah, you have. You even kiss differently.”
I what?
“Maybe it’s because I’ve missed you so much. Or the fact that I can say that I love you, now. Or the nightmares that have me screaming all night.” a tear trailed down my cheek. I haven’t changed too much! I want myself back but I can’t find me until I’m with Percy. And Percy won’t be with me until the old me is back.
Complicated much?
“Nightmares?” he asked.
“The ones were you leave me because you think that it’s for best. You leave me alone in the forest, crying and screaming for you. I wake up unable to stop screaming. And then Clarisse comes in and I just cry all night.”
“What have we done to each other?” he whispered.
“We need to fix it.” I sat next to him. “But how?”
“I need to think about the new you. Go to school, find out about you.” he answered.
“I’ll be myself once I’m with you again.”
“But this is a hidden side of you. I need to accept both.”
“I’ve been with Andrew all week.” I blurted.
I couldn’t see his face and I didn’t want to. “Well, when we broke up, I changed, as you can see. I started dating Andrew the day-”
“YOU’VE BEEN DATING ANDREW?!” he exploded.
I grabbed his face in my hands. “Calm down and wait until I finish. Okay?” he nodded and I continued, taking my hands away. “Well, we got together the day after we broke up. I didn’t really want to. But I was welcoming every distraction I could. Every time he kissed me I would see your face. I wanted to be with you which only made it worse. Everyone in school started talking to me. Even the cheerleaders. I missed you in the classes I was supposed to see you in. I walked in, always looking for your face, then remembering what happened. It would pain me every time someone mentioned your name or anything to do with you. Two days ago, I realised that the only way to forget the pain was to forget you. So, I went out and bought a new wardrobe, jewellery and everything. I changed my style of clothing and rather than being quiet I would always speak my mind. It was quite funny at times, actually. Then last night I went and got my hair cut and dyed. I remembered how much you would twirl with my hair and say something so I changed it completely. I changed everything but I didn’t know that as I changed the outside I was changing the inside. I decided to block out all the demigod stuff and go complete human. And then Ares and Aphrodite enrolled in our school. I-”
“Wait, why did they enrol in our school?”
“I don’t know. They’ve stayed away from me and then Clarisse came today and they talked to her. I longed to be with them, with you and I snapped. I got up and headed here.”
“Is it me or the demigod stuff you longed for?” he whispered.
“No you, no demigod stuff. No demigod stuff, no you. It works either way. I can’t be human if I want to be with you. And I’m here for you.”
He smiled up at me and gently kissed my lips.
“Why did you do this to yourself?” I asked.
“I love you. Isn’t that enough explanation?” he quietly said.
“I love you, too.” I said and kissed his cheek. How much I really do love him. He put his arms around me and I lay my head on his chest.
“What do we do now?” he asked.
“Go back to normal?” I suggested. He looked at me. “Okay, maybe we can’t but we can be together again.”
I pulled away, “Can I ask you something?”
“You already did.”
I hit his arm and said, “Why did you step away that day? Why not come over to me?”
“I. . .I couldn’t. It hurt me so much that you couldn’t say three words, Annabeth. I thought you were just saying that. That you really didn’t love me. And then you told me we were over. So that’s what I believed. I thought that the only person I’ll ever love would never love me back.”
“Oh, gods, Percy. We’re so idiotic. We’re in love and it took us so damn long to get together. Then we threw it away on pathetic stuff.”
“You kinda did overreact.”
“I know I did. But, after everything we’ve been through, can you blame me for being so emotional?”
“Guess not.”
I leaned forward to kiss him. But we were interrupted.
“Aw. About time.” Sally said as her head popped through the door.
“Sally!” Percy and I said at the same time.
“What?” she asked and left.
“If every time we kiss we get interrupted I’m going to go crazy.” Percy said, angrily.
I couldn’t help it, I giggled like crazy. He chuckled along with me.
Then I remembered.
“Andrew.” I said stiffly.
“What about him?” Percy asked.
“I’m still dating him. And I promised him that I wouldn’t cheat on him with you. But, I knew I would, deep down. He looked like a hurt puppy. I don’t know what to do.” I said in a rush.
“You can’t not tell him.”
I closed my eyes and concentrated. “I don’t know.” I whispered.
“I have an idea.” Percy announced.
I looked at him expectantly.
“I’ll come back to school, we’ll act as though we’re only friends and you still be with Andrew. We’ll wait about a week to tell people, and in the meantime I’ll find out about the new you and we can look for someone to be with Andrew. So, how about it?”
It was a smart idea but I didn’t want to do it.
“What about when he kisses me? Or if he likes no one else? Or Clarisse? Cause she’ll know.” I questioned.
“Well, kiss him as little as possible and when you’re around me I’ll try not to hit him.”
I laughed.
“And Clarisse can keep a secret. And he has to like someone else. Aphrodite, herself, said that we’re meant to be.” he added.
“You haven’t talked to Aphrodite yet. When did you speak to her?”
“Well, remember when Ares came and shoved me in the limo? Well, Aphrodite wanted to talk to me. About us.” he shrugged.
“You what?” I asked, stunned.
“Oh, it doesn’t matter now. If you get ready we can be in for English.”
“Okay.” he stood up and grabbed out a set of blue jeans and a black top. I slowly stood up.
He turned at the same time as me and our noses were almost touching. The only sound was our breathing. I stared deeply into his eyes. The same desire from earlier was in them and I knew it would be in mine too.
I leaned forward to kiss him and our lips met. He pushed me backwards until I was lying on the bed, without breaking the kiss. He was on top of me. He tossed the clothes that were in his hand on the floor and his hands ran up my back. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled his lips away, needing a breath. His lips went to my stomach, kissing it gently. I moaned and pulled him back up to my lips. There was nothing else in the world at that moment, only us. He pulled my top off, for the second time that day. My hands ran up his bare chest, craving more of him.
“Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase! You stop that right now!” Sally shouted angrily from the door.
I gasped and pushed Percy off me and grabbed my top back on as fast as I could.
Percy groaned and hit his head on the wall.
“I’m going to go crazy.” he muttered and hit his head again.
My face was bright red. It was bad enough that Clarisse had walked in once. But Percy’s mum? God’s, so embarrassing.
“What the hell just happened?” Sally demanded.
I stayed silent.
“Well, mum, me and Annabeth were going to have make up sex and you interrupted.” Percy said teasingly.
I stared at him in shock and couldn’t help the laughter that came out.
“Annabeth, this isn’t funny. You’re too young.” Sally said strictly but I was still laughing.
I calmed myself down. The weird thing was that we might’ve if Sally hadn’t interrupted. And that scared me. I wasn’t ready. I’m not. But I can’t seem to help it when I’m around Percy.
“I’ll get ready.” Percy said. I nodded and left the room, grabbing my bag on the way out. I sat at their kitchen table and Sally sat across from me.
“Annabeth, we need to talk.”
“I don’t want you to ever do that to my son again. So I don’t think you should be here, messing him about.”
“What? Are you kidding me? I love Percy. I value him more than my own life! This isn’t some high school crush! Aphrodite has said that we’re meant to be. And for that, I owe her. There could be no one else on this earth that would love me so much. I’m really lucky to have him and I don’t deserve him. I know that. But I’ll do my best so that I do.”
Percy came in then.
“Am I interrupting something?” he asked, hesitating at the doorway.
“No.” Sally surprised me by saying.
“Let’s go.” I said and we left. We walked to the car holding hands.
Just before we got in Percy stopped me.
“Can I kiss you one last time today before he does?” he said.
I didn’t have to ask who ‘he’ was.
“You can kiss me anytime.” I whispered and kissed him deeply. I pulled away and climbed into the driver’s seat.
We pulled up at school and as we stepped out the car, laughing about what happened with Sally, I stopped dead in my tracks because of who I saw.
Chapter 6- Hugs and Fights

“Hi.” I said as we approached him.
He glared at Percy. Oh no. I so do not want to go through with this plan.
“Hey, dude.” Percy said casually and held his hand up for a high five then awkwardly put it down when Andrew just glared some more.
“Well then. This is going to be awkward. Well, she’s all your’s. and, Annabeth, before I go, if you see Paul tell him I’m back and healthy again. See you in English.”
How can he be so casual?
“Who are you and what have you done with Percy?” I asked, putting a hand to his forehead.
He jumped back, smiling, “Hey, no touchy! We’re only friends, remember?”
“Oh, we’re playing this way? Then, I just might give Rachel a call.”
He flinched. “If you did, I would have to be around Apollo. No thanks.”
That wasn’t the reason he was flinching and we both know it.
Suddenly, the sun shined through the clouds.
“Boy, you better watch your back. Last week I said that he was bad at poetry.” I commented.
He laughed, “Your own mistake. See you in English. I’m leaving this time.” He backed up and ran into school.
I turned to Andrew. He had a stunned look on his face.
“See? I told you I wouldn’t cheat. Or leave you. I just had to fix him.” I lied and cuddled him.
“I’m really glad you didn’t.” he smiled as he grabbed my hand and walked me to English.
When we got there I pulled away from him and walked into class without so much as ‘goodbye’ because I was really wishing that Percy had walked me to class, holding my hand.
I walked in and Max was handing out paper. She stopped and turned to me.
“Annabeth, I’m not going to give you detention because you helped keep up Percy’s grades while he was gone.” she said. Well, at least she recognised me.
“How?” Percy asked as I sat next to him.
“I handed in your poem.” I simply said.
“Class, you’ve to write imaginative stories, today.” Max announced and we got to work.
When class was over Max asked us to stay behind.
“Yeah?” I asked.
“I’ve just read both your papers and they’re the same Greek related story. Each paper is from your own view of how you, Annabeth, got kidnapped. The details are exactly the same except from your time apart. How?”
I looked at Percy. I certainly wasn’t coming up with an explanation for this.
“We’ve been writing stories ever since we knew each other, miss. We have a few more to do with Greek mythology that include us.” Percy replied.
I inhaled deeply and walked right out of class to find Andrew waiting on me.
“Hi.” I whispered. He put his arm around me and started babbling about what I missed. But gossip was no longer interesting to me, like it had been the past week.
He suddenly stopped and drew me to his lips. I kissed him back but with no emotion.
He pulled away and smiled. I turned my head to see Percy glaring at us and suddenly the small drinking fountain to the side burst, splashing Andrew.
A loud guffaw came out my mouth and I couldn’t stop laughing. Percy stormed past us to the lunch hall.
“What’s so funny?” Andrew asked as he tried to dry himself.
I tried to sober up but it wasn’t working. “Nothing.” I managed to say.
We walked to the lunch room with me in a giggling fit. As soon as we entered I ran to where Clarisse, Percy and the gods were, leaving Andrew behind.
“What’s up?” I asked as I swung into a seat.
“Well, I wouldn’t know. Aphrodite won’t tell me cause we aren’t together.” Percy said.
“But, we are together.”
“I know. But she wants proof.”
“That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard!”
“Yeah, well, she said we’ve to kiss.”
“I can’t exactly kiss you if we are going to stick to the plan.” and then I whispered, “Even if I want to.”
“I am here, you know.” Aphrodite said.
Andrew swung into the seat beside me. “Hey.”
“Hi.” everyone muttered except Percy.
Andrew put his hand on my thigh at the same time that Percy put his hand on my other one. Uh oh.
“Oh, you can smell the sexual tension.” Aphrodite said. I had a sudden urge to hit her. I tried to think of a way to remove Andrew’s hand politely. I didn’t mind Percy doing it but Andrew? I don’t know how to move his hand.
“Something big has happened and you two need to fix it. And, Percy, we have a fight to finish.” Ares said.
I spat out the water that I was drinking. I tried to stop myself from laughing but I failed and a small snicker came out.
“That was five or six years ago. Can’t you forget it?” I said, giggling.
“No.” Ares replied. Percy had gone stiff beside me. I grabbed his hand under the table and squeezed it. He relaxed slightly.
“Dear, we have bigger problems. Let it go.” Aphrodite said and placed a hand on his cheek.
“For now.” he said.
Linda approached us and said, “How are you, Andrew, Belle, Adam and Annabeth?”
“I’m alright.” Adam aka Ares said.
“I’m happy.” Belle aka Aphrodite replied.
“I’m good.” Andrew said.
“So, what? Are Clarisse and Percy invisible?” I snapped.
“Annabeth, calm down.” Andrew said.
“She is not talking to my friends like that.”
“She didn’t talk to them.”
“Exactly.” I replied, covering up my embarrassment.
“Just leave it.”
“Why should I?”
“Because I’m telling you to.”
“So, you’re in charge of me, now?”
“I’m your boyfriend.”
“And that means you can control me and tell me what to do?”
“Well, yeah.”
“Hell, no.” I got up and walked out the lunch hall into the corridors. Only Percy followed me. I turned around and kissed him.
He was shocked at first but then he relaxed and kissed me back. My hands went around his neck as his wrapped around my waist.
“Ooh, sorry, guys. Continue.” Clarisse said and I quickly turned my head to face her.
“Clarisse, if you’re going to make a habit of disturbing us I might just have to stab you.” I joked then I kissed Percy again.
“I don’t want to get stabbed, because I know you were probably serious, but, emm, Andrew’s watching.” Clarisse said.
I gasped against Percy’s lips and we both jerked away from each other.
It turns out not only Andrew was here but Aphrodite, Ares and Linda too.
Well then. What to do?
“I’m sorry. You told me not to kiss you, Annabeth, and I still did it.” Percy said.
“You’re not taking the blame for this. So, stop lying!” I said.
Next thing I knew I was slammed against a wall with a hand on my throat.
“Jesus Christ, Linda! What in Hades name did I do to you?!” I shouted. I shouldn’t have said Jesus cause technically it should be Thalia. I’m confused. Damn Clarisse.
“You hurt Andrew.” she replied. Now I’m even more confused.
“Do you like that hand?”
“Yes, it’s my cartwheel hand.”
“Then remove it before I do.”
“Now, that’s my Annabeth!” Percy exclaimed.
Linda just whacked me against the wall again.
I grabbed her hand and put her in a wrist lock. Then I noticed Percy and Andrew were fighting. I jerked back from Linda.
This is all my fault.
Andrew shoved Percy up on the wall and Percy’s head bounced from the impact. I walked over and tapped Andrew’s shoulder.
He whirled around and I threw a punch, smacking him right on the eye. He fell to the ground and I pulled Percy to me.
“You okay?” I asked him.
“Ow. That boy can fight.” he replied weakly.
“What do you have next?”
“You? Take physics?”
He just looked at me with hurt in his face.
“Sorry. I’ll walk you to your classroom.” I said.
“It’s fine.” he replied and walked away. I feel bad. I’ve made a mess. I turned to see everyone staring at me.
“Bye, then.” I said and ran to Architecture.
During Architecture I didn’t pay attention at all. I was too busy thinking about what a mess I’ve made of my life recently.
1) I overreact with the whole Percy thing.
2) I go running to Andrew instead of apologising.
3) I send Percy into depression.
4) I change myself completely.
5) I pretend to be with Andrew when I’m really in love with Percy. (In my defence, it was Percy’s idea.)
6) It’s my fault Aphrodite won’t tell us what’s going on.
7) I argue with Andrew.
8) I kiss Percy in front of Andrew.
9) I nearly break Linda’s wrist.
10) I hook Andrew.
11) I insult Percy.
Well, that’s not a long list, at all. I’m such an idiot.
The bell rang and I made my way to swimming.
I quickly changed into my costume and walked out to the pool.
Percy came over and surprised me by kissing me. I kissed him back and smiled when he pulled away.
“I’m forgiven?” I asked.
“You’re forgiven.” he replied and that’s when I saw Ms. Main, the principal, calling the class to attention, although no one was listening to her.
I hid behind Percy’s back.
“I’m not here.” I whispered.
“Why not?” Percy asked, unsurely.
I pointed to the principal, “She might be here about the fight.”
“Class, this is your new swim teacher, Mr. Don.” she said and left.
And then I saw him. I automatically ran over to give him a hug but stopped with my arms midair when he put his hands up to stop.
“Oh, so what? I’m not allowed to give you a hug but when I was designing your underwater castle you didn’t mind giving me a hug every day?” I asked.
“Yeah, well, right now, I’m acting as a teacher not Percy’s dad.” Poseidon said.
“I’m telling Percy on you.”
“You don’t get to tell on me to Percy after what you just put him through.”
“But-I-I-I-that’s-” I stuttered then pointed at him, “I’ll tell my mum on you.” I threatened.
“Just you remember that you’re about to go swimming. In water.”
“I-but-it-I-no fair. Ha! I can’t go swimming.”
“And why not?”
“Lady problems.” I lied.
His face went pale.
“Underneath all that god stuff, you’re really just a guy.” I said.
“You did not just say that in front of me.” Percy said and I realised that he had been listening the whole time. Oops.
“Well. . . .” I trailed off. I really couldn’t say anything.
“I need to go swimming or something.” Percy said, rubbing his head, then dived in the pool.
Roza: I LOVE IT!
Chapter 2- I get a bit carried away

My next class was Architecture. It was my favourite even though I haven’t been to it yet. It was soon over. Wow. Time really flies by when you’re having fun.
Next I have swimming. With Percy. Well, this should be funny. I was quickly changed and walking out to the pool. I saw Percy and stood beside him.
“Well, this will be. . . .hmmm. . . .interesting.” I said to him.
He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Yeah, it should.” he whispered in my ear. He rested his chin on my shoulder and the teacher called us to attention. We walked over hand in hand to the edge of the pool.
“Girls at the top end, boys at the bottom.” Coach Aitkens ordered. We separated and headed in our other directions.
Andrew stopped me halfway up the pool.
“I really am sorry. How can I put this? I like you, really like you.”
“But I love Percy.” I said it. But to the wrong person. Percy should’ve been the first one to hear that.
His eyes widened and I laughed.
“Well, I think I can change your mind.” he said and pulled me in for a kiss but my reflexes kicked in and I shoved him in the pool. Everyone burst out laughing. Except Percy. He was staring at the pool. I looked down and saw that Andrew was trying to get to the surface but couldn’t.
“Percy!” I shouted. He didn’t look up. “PERSEUS JACKSON! STOP NOW!” I screamed. He snapped back to reality. He looked at me.
“Oh, gods, Annabeth. I didn’t mean it, I was just so, so, so angry.” he said.
“It’s okay.” I said and made my way to the other end of the pool. He was actually going to drown him if it wasn’t for me. I didn’t know if that should terrify me or make me happy. Happy because he didn’t want me to be with anyone else. I was his. Terrified because he would kill for me, even if it was the wrong people.
“Okay, class, it’s a race. I will disqualify you, one by one, until two are left and then they will race.” the teacher announced. The whistle blew and everyone dived in. it felt like forever before me and Percy were the only ones left.
I floated at the edge of the pool with Percy in the next lane.
“You’ve got to be kidding, right?” I asked the teacher.
“What?” he asked, shocked.
“Like anyone could win against him?”
“Annabeth.” Percy warned. Oops. I forgot that we were with mortals and they didn’t know about the Gods.
I turned to him.
“Fine. But you don’t cheat.”
“Me? Never. Since when did I cheat?”
I stared at him.
“Okay, fine, maybe a few times. But were you ever involved?”
“Technically. . . .” I thought about the time he cheated by jumping in the River Styx.
“That didn’t count.” he said, catching on.
I smiled and his face lit up. I don’t understand why.
“Ready?” the coach asked.
I nodded and so did Percy. The whistle blew and I headed off.
All of a sudden, I felt the currents urging me on. He is not doing this! But they kept pushing me forward until I finished first.
I came up, not needing to take a breath cause somehow I had managed to breathe underwater. Hmmm. . . I wonder how that happened?
Percy surfaced.
“You cheat.” I said.
“Now, wait a sec-”
He was cut off with my lips crushing his. And it was perfect. Reminding me of the day we first had an underwater kiss. The day we first got together. It wasn’t our first kiss because I kissed him when I thought he was going to die that day at the volcano. I pulled away and I was breathing heavy.
“You made me cheat, unacceptable.”
“Maybe, I should do it more often.”
I chuckled and then remembered our audience. I quickly slid out of the pool and hurried off to get changed with my face on fire. As soon as I was done I raced to the underground. Percy was there. I walked over to him.
“Hey.” I said.
“Hi. Do you want to come to mine? My mum has been asking for you.” he asked.
“Sure. Why not?”
He smiled and I leaned forward to kiss him but someone bumped into me and I fell, knocking us both down. I was lying on top of him with my hands on his chest and my face directly in front of his.
I was about to kiss him but the underground arrived and I quickly stood up.
It would be pretty inappropriate to kiss him, lying on the ground outside. He stood up with me and we made our way to his house.

When we arrived there Clarisse was waiting at his door. I ran to her.
“Why are you here?” I asked. Me and Clarisse were quite close.
“I needed a break. Me and Micheal (A/N: I don’t know if that was her boyfriend’s name but oh well.) broke up.” a tear slid down her face as she spoke.
“Okay. Percy?”
“It’s fine. She can come in with us.” he nodded.
We went in and Sally scooped me up in a bear hug.
“Sally. . .can’t. . .breathe.” I gasped.
“Oh, sorry.” she put me back down. “Paul told me about what happened in class.”
“No, it’s okay. Me and Percy set the boy straight.” I laughed. I was going to forget the whole pool incident. Except when I pushed him in. That was hilarious.
“Hello, Clarisse.” Sally said.
“Mrs. Jackson.” Clarisse nodded.
“Sally, please.” she corrected.
We sat and talked for an hour. I was curled up on the couch with Percy while Clarisse and Sally sat on chairs. Clarisse was soon sleeping.
“She can sleep in our spare room for the night.” Sally said as she lifted her and walked away. Percy grabbed my hand and pulled me to his room. I smiled as we made our way in. He switched on the TV and the Madonna episode of Glee was on. He let go of my hand and lay on his back on his bed. I just stood there. I was so tempted to go and lie next to him but I didn’t trust myself. I really didn’t.
He held his arms out for a hug and I lay next to him as he wrapped his arms around me. I was stiff. I still didn’t trust myself.
I snuggled into his side, taking the chance.
“Percy?” I asked as I met his eyes.
“What?” he whispered, stroking my cheek.
“I. . . .” I trailed off. Gods, I’m such a chicken.
“Tell me.” he rested his hand on my cheek.
“I can’t believe you made me cheat today at swimming.” I smiled, shaking my head.
He sighed, disappointed. Did he want me to say it? I know I wanted to, but I just couldn’t.
“Yeah, well, it doesn’t matter to me.” he said.
“Seaweed Brain.”
“What, Wise Girl?” he smiled.
“Didn’t I hurt your macho look?” I teased.
“You’re more important.” he whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I stretched up and kissed him.
When I started to pull away he put his hand on my hip and whispered, “Don’t.” against my lips.
I leaned forward and kissed him even more passionately. Not wanting to let go. My leg wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. His arms encircled my waist, pulling me closer to him. We still hadn’t broke the kiss.
It was a knock on the door that interrupted us. I quickly pulled away and stood up, blushing scarlet. Percy sighed and rolled onto his back.
“Come in.” he called.
Sally came in and said, “Dinner will be ready in ten minutes.” and walked back out.
I turned to face Percy. He held his arms out but I shook my head and remained standing. He looked hurt.
“No, Percy. It’s just that-”
“That what?” he interrupted.
I looked away, not answering.
“Let’s just go and wait for dinner.” he said as he stood up and walked right past me. A tear slid down my cheek and I furiously wiped it away. I followed him out. He slammed himself onto a kitchen chair, crossing his arms.
He’s making a big deal out of this. I just don’t trust myself to keep control with him.
I leaned against the doorframe. Sally looked at each of us and sensed the tension. She started talking about pointless things.
Paul walked in and kissed her. I glanced at Percy and he was staring at me.
“Have I ruined it?” I asked. I could feel Sally and Paul’s eyes on us.
“I don’t know.” Percy answered.
“Percy, I didn’t mean it. I just-” I cut myself off, not wanting to say this in front of his mum.
“You don’t have an explanation, do you?”
“I do.”
“Well, then. Let’s hear it.” he demanded. I glanced at Sally and Paul.
“Okay, I can take a hint. Paul, come help me set the table. Now.” Sally said and practically dragged him out the kitchen.
He waited until the door was shut.
“Well?” he asked.
“I can’t control myself around you, okay?”
“Control yourself how?”
“Do you really need me to be specific?”
“Guess not.”
“I’m sorry.”
He got up and cuddled me. “No, I am. I take things too seriously.”
I rested my head on his chest. “I noticed.” I laughed and he laughed too.
Sally’s head popped in. “You done? I need to check on the lasagne.”
“Everything’s fine, mum.” Percy said. And it was fine. But to make things better I’ll have to pluck up my courage and tell him that I love him. Why can’t I? it’s three simple words. But they mean the world. I need to say them. But they just won’t come out.
We sat down in chairs, right next to each other, hand in hand. My iPhone started playing Eenie Meenie by Sean Kingston and Justin Beiber.
I groaned as I looked at the caller.
“Hello?” I answered.
“Move, Annabeth.” Nico said.
“You’re supposed to be at Camp.”
“What for?”
“To oversee the building of the Nemesis cabin.”
“You’re kidding me! That was supposed to be finished two days ago!” I exploded. Perfect. Just what I needed right now.
“Annabelle, stop it.” he laughed.
“Who in Hades name is Annabelle?”
“My girlfriend.”
“Okay, I’m not even gonna ask. I can’t come. I have school tomorrow. Get Chiron to help.”
“Fine.” he hung up.
“Goodbye to you, too.” I said. I slipped the phone in my pocket and Sally put the lasagne in front of me.
“Thanks.” I said.
“Who was that?” Percy asked.
He looked at me funny so I told him what Nico had said on the phone. He laughed and started eating, so did I. I seriously do not want to know what Annabelle and Nico were doing.
When we finished I helped with the cleaning up.
“No, Annabeth, leave it.” Sally said.
“Sally.” I said.
“Fine. Percy, you too.” she picked him up as he huffed and together me and Percy did the dishes.
He splashed me and I was covered in water and bubbles. I let out a surprised gasp.
“You did not just do that!”
“Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.” he replied. I filled up a cup as he turned away and poured it over his head. He froze on the spot and turned to me.
“I’m gonna get you!” he shouted.
We had a big water fight. And I mean, big. The kitchen was soaking. You have a water fight with the son of Poseidon and try to come out dry. I was soaked right through to the bone. I splashed him once more. He tried to get me back but slid instead and we fell to the floor with him on top of me.
We both laughed our heads off. Our eyes met and we both stopped laughing. My breathing was heavy and so was his.
He leaned down and kissed me. I rolled him over so I was on top and kissed him hard. One of his hands was on my waist and the other on my cheek. One of my hands tangled in his hair and the other wrapped around the hem of his t-shirt. I took my hand away from his hair and it travelled up his chest. His lips moved to my neck and-
Someone cleared their throat. I jumped up into one of the kitchen chairs.
Clarisse was staring at us, mouth wide. My face was on fire. Percy slowly stood up. He grabbed a dishtowel and handed it to me. I started wiping my wet arms. In the midst of kissing I had totally forgotten I was wet.
“Nothing like sex on the kitchen floor.” Clarisse said.
“Seriously, Clarisse?” I exclaimed.
“What?” she asked.
I shook my head.
“I only came in for a glass of water and I find you two on top of each other.” she laughed.
“Just get your water, Clarisse.” Percy said.
“All right, Fish Boy.” she walked over and grabbed a glass, filled it and left.
“Awkward.” I said.
He chuckled nervously. “Tell me about it.”
We sat in silence.
I broke it first. “Do you see why I can’t control my-”
“I understand.” he said, breathing heavily.
“I think, we should maybe try to, I don’t know, not be alone.”
He looked at me weirdly.
“Percy, I’m not ready to- well, you know.”
“Okay. But I think we should do the dishes more often.”
I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing. He joined in.
After we stopped I glanced at the clock on the wall.
“Oh my gods! It’s quarter past eight and I have an assignment due tomorrow.”
“Need help?” he asked.
I smiled warmly at him. “Yeah, thanks.”
“What is the assignment?”
“I have to write about a Greek god or goddess.”
“Emm. . . .”I trailed off because I don’t know who. Then it hit me.
“Apollo.” we chimed at the same time.
He smiled and I did the same. Right now is the opportune time to say those three words but they won’t come past my lips.
We cleaned the kitchen and worked on the assignment. When we were done it was twenty to eleven at night. Sally was in the living room with Paul.
“I better go.” I said as I put the paper in my bag.
“Yeah.” he sighed.
“Bye.” I said and kissed his lips lightly. I took a deep breath and made my way home.
hey I really like your story i love the Percy Jackson books :)
But why were you banned?
i wrote a couple of swear words in even though i *'d it they still banned me
write more pretty please
I love this story!!! Please keep me updated?
love it


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