The Twilight Saga

so guys, i need to repost this. all of my discussions and comments have been deleted while i was banned. so sorry. :( im reposting so no worries.










Chapters 1-6: pg 1


the story is down in the comments

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Thank you.
LOve it! Post soon!
Please Post!!!!

Please Post! I'll cry if you dont!!

I'm not joking >:(

If you are having trouble pasting use- Ctrl V

It works.


Post Now!!!!!!!1 (please)
I know, I'm taking forever. But I'll post in the next week. Defo.


Im holding this to you. If you dont I will be on your case until you do. :D

Please post more. It's really good. If you can, will you update me?

I'm so sorry I haven't posted, but my gran died recently and my birthday has just been so I've been busy. I have finished chapter 8 and nearly chapter 9. I have decided to post both at the same time for taking so long. I'm nearly done and will post as soon as I can! I promise!



Lots of love,

                  Kayleigh xx

post more p,ease

Gosh, it's been months!! I PROMISE, SWEAR, OATH, that I'll post in the next two weeks. I've set up an account on that I've been totally focussed on. You have every right to throttle me, butfrom now on, I'm focussing on finishing chapter 9. (Which is in Percy's POV.)




Kayleigh VotD xx

you better hurry


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