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What if Edward loved someone when he was human? Her name is Marie, but on the morning of their wedding, Edward disappeared. The reason? He was bitten by a vampire. The sad thing is, Marie was left in the church,
and pitied by everyone because everybody thought her own groom ran away from
her. Now, Marie was broken-hearted. She does not know what to do with her life
Edward. And she believed them, she believed that her love really left her.
After several months, she disappears too and was never heard of again. When
heard this, as a vampire ofcourse, he searched for ways to kill himself, but Carlisle found him and as all of you know, the Cullen
family started. But Edward yearned for his Marie, and pledged never to love
someone else except Marie.

decades and decades after, Isabella Marie Swan looks so much like Marie. She
does not know her past, because she was adopted in a car crash by her adoptive
parents- Charlie-the chief of police officer, and

Renee, a local doctor of Forks. They all claim she had “amnesia” after the
crash since she remembers nothing. But a year after, her amnesia has done 0%
recovery. She does not even know the faces of her parents, does not know her

address, but the diamond ring she wore since the crash is the only token of her


Chapter 1 is on page doesn't work sorry.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3  is on page doesn't work sorry.
Chapter 4

Chapter currently being written by me, and in this chapter, my editor gets to write the most parts..and i get to be the editor :D


But please don’t if you’re just going to criticize.

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the first banner was done by me, I used lol

the banners here are done by cullen, ash blackwood-strigoi, celia, myself(lol) and kelsi anne. Thanks for spending time creating them and they're all very beautiful!

and I should warn you, if you don't know yet, I am a master of giving cliffhangers. and twists.Never try reading at night..okay? lol.

Please try reading my other fanfics?

*Golden Eyes-What if Carlisle was Bella's father?

this story's begginign chapters suck. really really suck. There are ohso many grmmar errors, but what can I do? I started writing this since I was 11. Now I'm 13. Maybe I might edit it all. I don't know, but the chapters gets good once you read until the middle.

*Love's Wounds-Bella loves another vampire, a vampire who broke her heart in Phoenix, and when in Forks, she knows EXACTLY what the Cullens are. And she hates
them.Who wouldn't? Vampires are all liars..right?

link does not work so maybe you can find it in my recent activities page. I recommend this story alot:)

head writer: Ѽlittlemisswriter-rexanne
editor: julia cullen

fashion designer: annabeth chase

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Sounds like a cool story! Even though you haven't written any of it yet, I already have my suspicions. =) Write it!
lol. im sure ur suspisions are very far from the truth. i knew u guys would be thinking what i know u would be thinking.. :)) lol. sure i will.. thank u so much for commenting! :)
LOL, my suspicions are always far from the truth - right now, I'm considering a time machine, what do you think? LOL. =)
rofl. secret :D that's what i think. lol.. u are so... far..or close? lol....
lol. i know ur ideas... since u are elena, lol. from.the.vampire.diaries. :))
well its kinda a combo of vamp diaries and twilight. the whole twilight. oopss. i am saying too much
just remember my cluE: the WHOLE twilight saga. I mean it like new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn collaborated with the vampire diaries. but there will be no vampire diaries characters... :p just borrowed the fact that elena looks so much like good luck with that! I am sure the identity of Bella here will surprise evryone of you.. except my f. deigner and editor.. lol. they know the whole plot! :)
How do i get to the story? i clicked on the link and it went to the secnd page. and no story I wanna read it so freakin bad cause it sounds so freakin good but i cant find the story please help??
thank u :) ..again.. elena.. lol. somehow i think vampire diaries fans gets an advantage at guessing whom bella is. but twilight bd detectives will be better at guessing.. here i am again. babbling too much :p
cant wait to u start posting
:) u too julianna


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