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HEY PEOPLE OF THE TWILIGHT WORLD!!!!! I KNOW I HAVE OTHER FAN FICTIONS BUT I JUST HAVE SO MANY IDEAS AND THIS IS A IDEA I'M WRITING AND I'M CO WRITIN THIS WITH Selena Salvatore♥. Its called Another Girl Comes Along and its about this girl named Jesse who transfers to Forks High. When the new girl takes in interest to the Cullens everything starts getting horrible. She's a mind reader and she can read everybody's mind even Bella's. Okay I know that Edward can't read Bella's mind so why should this girl get to. Well it has something to do in the story and thats all i'm going to say. Oh and Edward can't read Jessie's mind either. Anyway when Edward discovers Jesse is part of Edward's human family they spend a lot of time together. Bella starts getting worried and thinks that Edward will leave her and go to Jesse. Jesse hears Bella's thoughts and tries to get Edward. It doesn't help that she's obsessed with him. One day Jesse steeps so low that Bella gets so hurt that she does something. Well the rest you have to find out on you're own. :o) I hope you love it. ALSO I ONLY OWN SOME OF THESE CHARACTERS AND THE REST ARE OWN BY THE LOVELY SM!!!

Chapter 1

Hi, Im Jessica Phillips but I go by Jessie and Im a mindreader and no Im not a vampire or something immortal. Im just a fragile little human. I've known about vampires ever since I met my boyfriend John. John and I were together ever since he moved to my school in Denali a year ago. He told me he was a vampire on our second date and everything was just plain fun until that day that his brother tried to kill himself. His brother Nate wasn't happy with himself and went to Italy and exposed himself in the sunlight and the Voultiri got him. John and his family had to go to Italy to save Nate but it was too late and so John and his family died along with Nate. It was horrible not having John around but I had my best friends Lauren and Katie with me. But i got in this horrible depression.

My mom Meredith and my step father Frank decided to move us away from Denali and move to Forks. I didn't take this news very well. I started thinking about the day they told me the news.

It was like any other day. I just got home from Katie's house. I got into my house and was on my way to my room till I heard my name being called.

"Jessie is that you?" my mom said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Who else would it be," I said under my breath.

"Yeah Mom its me," I said.

"Can you come to the kitchen please," she said.

I walked to the kitchen and saw that my mom, Frank, and my brother Jason, around the table. I sat down at the last chair remaining.

"Now kids we think its time for a change for this new family," My mom said.

"What do you mean change?" I asked.

"You're mother means Jessica that we should start over in another state and town," Frank said.

I looked between my mom and Frank. I was so shocked that i couldn't even correct him in calling me Jessie. Luckily I wasn't the one who spoke first.

"ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY???" Jason said.

My mom started to speak "Now Jason- Jason cut her off.

"No basketball season is about to start soon. I've been practicing all summer and for what nothing we can't just leave," Jason said.

"All of our friends are here and our school is here and Katie and Lauren are here and so is Dad," I said.

"Now kids I understand that you're angry but when I was kid my father was in the Navy and we had to move around all the time and I always had to make new friends," Frank said.

"Yea that was like 80 years ago and that was when you had a life. You're lives are over. Mine and Jason's just started," I said.

"Jessie apologize right now," my mom said.

"Why should Jessie have to? Its the truth," Jason said.

"Im not leaving Mom," I said.

"Who are you going to live with then because we are selling this house?" my mom said.

"I'll live with Katie or Lauren," I said.

"No you won't you are part of this family and we do not leave anyone behind," she said.

"Im not going anywhere because Katie and Lauren are here," I said.

"You will make new friends in Forks Washington," Frank said.

"Forks. Thats where were moving? On the way there are we going to go to spoons to?" I said sarcastically.

"Just give it a chance Jess," she said.

I wasn't going to give in so quickly. I didn't want to move. Thats when I thought of something.

"Okay I will give it a chance if only and only Katie and Lauren can move with us," I said.

"Absolutely not," my mom said.

"Well then Im not going and since you're making me I will not be on my best behavior and give us a horrible name and I will never ever ever talk to you ever again," I said

I got up from the table and made my way to the stairs. I walked really slowly knowing that she would give in any second.

"Fine they can come but you have to be on you're best behavior and I'll call Katie and Lauren's mother," I heard her say.

I turned around and sat back down at the table.

"Okay so when are we leaving?" I asked.

"Next week," she said.

"Well I will call Katie and Lauren and tell them they better get a move on then," I said.

"Jessie Jessie Jessie," I heard my mothers voice.

I was brought out of my memory.

"What," I said.

"Were here," she said.

I looked out of my window. For the past hours on this stupid road trip to Forks I've been looking at nothing but green. Green grass and green trees. I looked at the house. It was bigger than any of the houses on the street. I looked behind me. Katie and Lauren were still sleeping in the backseat and Jason was still sleeping in the seat right next to me. I wanted to be mean at the moment.

"HEY EVERYONE WERE HERE!!!!" I screamed.

They jolted awake.

"OWWWW," Katie and Lauren said.

They bumped their foreheads together. Jason was rubbing his nose.

"What was all that screaming about?" Jason said.

"Were here now get out of the car all of our stuff is here and we need to start unpacking because we start school tomorrow," I said.

"Ugh," they all said.

"Can't we start Tuesday?" Jason said.

"I already told you that you guys can't," mom said.

"Thanks mom for ruining all of Jessie's fun," Jason said sarcastically.

"Hurry up kids all the boxes are ready to be unloaded," Frank said.

We all got out of the car and got into the garage. Thats when Jason decided to run to his car.

"My jeep my beautiful jeep," he said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Jason boxes now car later," mom said.

"Fine but then Im coming right back down to sit in it," he said.

"What is with boys and cars?" I said.

Thats when I started to hear Katie's mind.

"OMG its my beautiful little black beetle," she said.

I rolled our eyes.

"Can you guys get you're dairy ends in this house," Frank said.

I turned to Lauren.

"Who says that?" I said.

Then I heard Lauren's mind.

"I think I said that once or twice Im not sure," she said.

We walked into the house.

"OKay just go up the stairs and you'll find you're bedrooms you all picked them last week," mom said.

We all ran up the stairs. The stairs weren't that big so we all got stuck on them. We all were so squished and I bet if Jason wasn't so big and tall Katie and Lauren and I would be able to fit.

"Let me go first,"Jason said.

"No I was on the stairs first," I said.

"No you were not let me go threw Im easily the smallest person," Katie said.

"Are you calling me fat," Jason said.

"No she's just calling you round," I said.

"Will somebody just move," Lauren said.

After 5 min. we were finally free. We all ran into our rooms and started unpacking.
The first thing everyone unpacked was their IPod's and our speakers. There was so many music blaring from rooms we were yelling at each other to change the song.

In Jason's room he was blaring songs from bands like Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, All Time Low, and Maroon 5.

In Katie's room she was blaring band and singers alike. Songs from bands like Metro Station and Mayday Parade and Paramore. Singers from Ashlee Simpson and Ashley Tisdale and Taylor Swift and Ke$ha and for all I know more than all those.

In Lauren's room she was blaring Lady GaGa and Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. It doesn't help that Katie and Lauren like some of the same music because I have to listen to the same son over again.

In my room I was blaring song from Akon and Tiao Cruz people like them I listen too. Don't get me wrong I love my friends music to but I can't say they are my favorite.

I looked out my window which had a perfect view of our neighbors right across the street. I saw someone getting into this volvo. The only thing I could make out of the person was that they had bronze hair and that they were a boy. I looked in the person's mind and only heard a piece.

"I hope Bella will be okay," the person said.

Bella must be our neighbor. The volvo took off at top speed and was gone in a blink of an eye. I was lost in my thoughts till I heard yelling and the song Alejandro by Lady GaGa.

"Lauren change that song. You know I hate that song," Katie yelled.

Lauren turned the volume up.

"What I can't hear you," she said.

"Ugh whatever Lauren," Katie said.

I rolled my eyes. This is going to take some getting used to. I heard a knock at my door when I was in my closet.

I heard their mind so I already knew who it was.

"Come in guys Im in the closet," I said.

The came in with clothes over their arms.

I raised my eyebrow.

"You guys already picked out you're outfits for tomorrow?" I said.

"Yea you didn't?" Lauren said.

"No but Im doing it right now. What did you guys pick out?'" I said while looking through my clothes.

"I picked out this gorgeous outfit," Lauren said while laying out the clothes on my bed.

Lauren's Outfit:

"Wow Lauren. That outfit is cute. I love the shirt," I said.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Katie said.

Katie went to my bed and laid her outfit right next to Lauren's.

Katie's Outfit:

"Wow Kate its amazing. I love you're shirt too. Where are you guys getting you're shirts?" I asked.

"Here and there," Lauren said.

"But mostly everywhere," Katie said.

I finally found an outfit that was perfect for tomorrow.

"What do you think?" I asked.

Jessie's Outfit:

"OMG!!! Its amazing," Katie said.

"Amazing try gorgeous," Lauren said.

"Thanks," I said.

"Girls its time for bed," my mom said.

"Okay," we said.

"Well goodnight pretties," I said.

"Nighty night pretties," Katie said.

"Night pretties," Lauren said.

We got in a group hug and Katie and Lauren into the rooms. I got in my bed and turned off all the lights.

"First day of school and were going to rule the school," I said to myself.

The last thing I remembered is closing my eyes and falling asleep.



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Hey Sidney & Selena! I love the awesome introduction to this story. Excellent collaboration! I can't wait to find out what plans Jesse has in play for Edward & Bella since she can read everyone's thoughts and Edward can't? I look forward in reading it so please keep me updated when you post the next chapters. Thanks!
will do.
o wow thanks much and i love it.
This is amazing! thank you!!


"Yeah, she's great," I said.

Then someone started Karaoke. I looked around and saw two blondes jumping up and down.

"Hello Everyone Im Jessica Stanley you're president of the Karaoke club and one of your honorary cheerleader," one of the blondes said.

"And Im Lauren Mallory your vise-president of the Karaoke club and another honorary cheerleader," the other blonde said.

"Those are what you're cheerleaders look like?" I said while starring at Jessica and Lauren.

"Yea they aren't bad," Mike said.

"Yea thats what you think," I snorted.

"Katie," Lauren said warningly.

"What you both know that I'm a way better cheerleader than those guys. Hell I bet Jason is a way better cheerleader than them," I said.

"Yes Katie we know that you were the best cheerleader at our school but were at a school now someone might be better than you," Jessie said.

I rolled my eyes

"I highly doubt that," I said.

I looked at Jessie and she was staring at the people in a far away corner in front of us. I was about to ask what she was looking at but the bell rang.

"What class do you have next?" Tyler said.

"Umm History," I said.

"Oh I have biology," he said.

"Oh I have biology right after you then," I said.

"I have history and then biology to," Mike said.

"Thank goodness a friendly face," I said.

"Well we better go I'll catch you guys later," I said.

Mike and I walked to History together.

"So what brings you to rainy Forks?" he asked.

"Oh Jessie's parents were forcing her to move here but Jessie couldn't leave us behind so she convinced her parents to bring Lauren and me along with the move," I said.

"That seems to be reasonable. So you're a cheerleader?" he asked.

"Yea I am a great one at that. Do you play any sports?" I asked.

"Yea football and basketball," he said.

We already reached the class and sat right next to each other. I was really bored because my history teacher Mr. Burns hahaha thats funny kept drowning on and on and on. Biology wasn't all that great either Mike had to sit three seats behind. It was super boring unless you count the last 15 minutes of it when Mr. Tanner left the classroom.

"Katie," I heard Mike say.

I ignored him.

"Katie," Mike said.

I started to hum pretending to be oblivious to him calling me.

"KATIE," Mike yelled.


Thats when i felt something hit the back of my head. I turned around and looked at the floor. It was a paper ball. I looked at Mike who was looking around whistling. I turned around and grabbed my notebook and tore a page from it. I squashed it into a ball.

"Hey Mike," I heard a guy say.

Mike turned away from me and was looking behind him. Perfect moment.

"Hey Mike," I said.

Mike turned his face and I threw the paper at him.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," I said while waving.

Mike got a paper ball and threw it at me but i ducked just in time but the ball hit the person sitting in front of me which happened to be one of the cheerleaders Lauren.
She turned around and looked at Mike.

"Lauren look Im sorry I didn't mean to- Mike got cut off when Lauren threw a paper ball at him but missed and hit Eric instead. Eric grabbed his notebook and made a bunch of paper balls and yelled "PAPER WAR!"

I grabbed my notebook and got under my desk. I didn't know we were going to start a paper fight. I crawled to where Mike was.

"Oh god what if someone gets hurt," I said.

I looked around the room and it was chaos.

"Don't worry Katie the least anyone can get is a paper cut," Mike said.

All of a sudden the desk we were under was turned over and we were getting ambushed. I quickly crawled into the very back desk and I noticed someone was right beside me. It was a guy. The guy had messy bronze hair and gold eyes and he was . . . theres no words to put for this guy. I smiled at him.

"Hiding to," I said.

"Yea its total chaos out there,Who knew that a paper ball fight would be so dangerous," he said.

It was kinda awkward not knowing his name.

"I know this isn't the time but Im Katie," I said.

"Im Edward," he said.

"Its nice to meet you," I said smiling.

Thats when I felt someone crawl next to me.

"There you are I've been looking for you everywhere," Mike said.

"Not my fault I needed to hide," I said.

Mike looked over my shoulder to look at Edward.

"Cullen what are you doing hiding? Shouldn't you join you're brother in this fight?" he said.

"I would but I would rather talk to Katie instead," he said.

That got Mike angry.

"Don't you have Bella why do you need Katie to?" Mike said.

"I love Bella but that doesn't mean me and Katie can't be friends," Edward said.

I saw someone crawling next to Edward. He was huge with muscles. I was surprised he could fit under the desks.

"Dude you have got to get out there," muscle guy said.

"I don't want to Emmett. Thats why Im down here and not up there," Edward said.

"C'mon Edward you have to defend you're class," Emmett said in a serious tone.

I laughed. Emmett looked at me oddly and then looked at Edward.

"Edward you're the gentleman in the family so go defend you're class for the women in it," he said pointing at me.

"What would Jasper and Esme and Carlisle say?" Emmett said.

Edward rolled his eyes and grabbed his notebook and got out from under his desk. I looked behind me but Mike was gone. Emmett was looking at me funny again.

"Hi, Im Katie Im new," I said.

"Im Emmett and Im old," he said smiling.

I laughed. Thats like the oldest thing to say.

"You're funny," I said.

"And you're pretty small for starting this huge paper fight," he said.

I was about to say something till I heard a door bang open.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Mr Tanner screamed.

Emmett and I got out from under the table. The room looked like a winter day with all this paper on the floor except it wasn't cold.


He looked pissed. There was a vain popping on his head and everything. Everyone quietly gathered paper and put it in the recycling bin. When the bell finally rang for school ended the class was paper free. We walked out of class and everyone started laughing. Edward and Emmett started to walk next to me.

"That was the best first day of school ever," Emmett said.

"It was alright. Im just glad I didn't get a paper cut," Edward said while exchanging a look with Emmett.

We were already out in the parking lot when I saw Mike and Tyler. I waved at them. They smiled at me and waved back. Edward and Emmett walked me to Jessie's car but no one was there yet so I sat on the trunk. I didn't notice that Edward and Emmett's car was right next to Jessie's. People were already inside but Edward went toward this girl with long brown hair and chocolate eyes. He brought her over to where Emmett and I were standing.

"Katie I would like you to meet Bella, my girlfriend," Edward said.

lol....paper't wait to see what happens next with Katie & Bella...LOVED IT
love it!!can't wait for more!!!


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