The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1


I had only been  gone 10 minutes, maybe less, but I guess thats all it took.


      Yeah, I knew my boy friend was a wolf  and I knew all that crap about  imprinting,

but I guess I just figured it would happen some other time for us. But somethings

aren't suppost to happen and somethings are.

     Sam Uley and I shared alot of things heated tempers(his wolf, mine...well normal)

the love of  the idea of marriage and children, the secrets he'd tell me, and us loving

each  other.But that all disapered in a blink of an eye the night Sam Uley met my cousin

Emily Young. Emily was beautiful, with her deep and dark chocolate brown  eyes her long

loucious black hair that was just a little past her shoulders. Emily was beautiful no doubt

about it, but I was definatley not ugly.

      I wasn't even in the room when Em walked in the door, but as soon as I came out of the

kitchen and saw them  looking  at each other with such passion I knew  Sam had imprinted

on Emily. The glasses I was carrying  slipped  from  my grasp and fell on the floor and broke,

thats when Sam saw me and the look in his eyes told me he knew I knew,

       "Damn it, Leah! I..." I didn't let him finish.

   " Save it!" I screamed as I ran out the door the shouts behind me I ignored till Sam  hit a vein,

   "Lele! Stop" He screamed after me, I turned.My eyes blazing with rage, hurt and sadness,

           "Don't you EVER call me that again! Do you hear me Sam Uley ?!? EVER!"  I shrieked at

him, he  had  hold of  my wrist and I snatched it away. I knew he must of  let me go  because

Mr. SuperWolf   had SuperStrength and I definatley was not anywhere near as strong as him.

I turned around and Sam was quivering. Oh Hell! I thought.

         "Paul! Jared! HELP!" I screamed . Not even 30 seconds later two massive wolf forms came

flying outta the woods,

       "Get him out of here! If he phases he'll go ballistic," the two wolves nodded and dragged

near the woods , but Sam's clothes erupted with a tearing sound and right there infront of

me and everyone  was a  huge black wolf. Emily already knew Sam was a wolf but she had never

seen him in that form before

     "SAM!" she screamed for him  to stop and to calm down, but he just howled. The others

winced not from the howl though. Sam had told me about the whole telepathy thing , I hoped they

could see my reaction to Sam and Em but I knew that was not the case.

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This is awsome :) do you do updates ?


Can you read my story :)

Satin Roses and Blue Hearts

thanks for reading and yes i do updates :)
Awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!
sure thing!

Omg havent seen this in a long time!

Chapter 2


The whole Emily and Sam thing had really made me distant from

my family, I didn't know who to  trust. My family didn't seem to really

notice. My dad, Harry was to busy watching baseball down at Charlie Swan's

with Billy Black.My mom was helping Mrs.Call with a bake sale down at

the elementry school. So that only left Seth. I knocked on Seth's door

and let myself in, "Hey Lee! What's up with you? I haven't seen you in forever!

And where's Sam been? He's never been a stranger in this house." I looked around

unable to look him in the eyes, he scooted over and patted his bed. I sat down and he

put his puney arm around me and I laughed, " Sam and I broke up, it was... sudden"

I said looking at my shoes. He slightly gasp,"I'll kill him," Seth growled. I shook my

head, " I love you Seth. I love that you'd try to kill him," I emphasized try ,"But he'd

squish you and you know it!" he sighed because he knew I was right. I kissed him

on the cheek. He smiled at me. "Thanks Seth, I'm tired I gotta sleep." I said to him

getting up, "Goodnight Lee." he yawned, I smiled he looked beat,"Goodnight kid,"

And I shut his door."See you in the morning"




*sorry guys this chapters short but I didn't have very much time*



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