The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1
Why?!!!!?!?! I screamed at him as he crashed through the door on his way out. "EDWARD WHY WONT YOU??!??!" I couldnt hold back my anger anymore so i released it. I was sick of him trying to keep me away from his lifestyle. i wanted to be a vampire, i wanted to be like him, i wanted to be WITH him for the rest of eternity. I was sick of him trying to "Save my soul" i didnt give a damn about my soul.
I ran out of his house trying to catch up to him, but when you compare human speed to vampiric speed its impossible. "Dont worry Edwards just having another one of his hissy fits" Emmett tried to tell me but i didnt care. I started sprinting towards the woods where edward had dissapeared but i triped. of course, I was so sick of being such a klutz, it was like i couldnt function as well as others. I jumped up and brushed myslef off before taking off after him again. I follwed his trail of broken trees, smashed rocks and handprints imprinted into the plants and rocks surounding him. It took me almost an hour just to reach him. He stood there in a small meadow sitting in the exact middle. I crept towards him and sat in his lap. "Why...." i questioned again "just tell me why" he looked at me with sorrow in his gorgous gold eyes. "I..." he started but abruptly stopped. "I dont know" he finally said while looking away from me. i could feel myself bubbling with anger. I wanted to hit him so hard, to cause him the amount of pain i felt. "WHY WOULDNT YOU WANT TO, IF I WAS LIKE YOU THEN WE WOULDNT HAVE TO BE CAREFUL, YOU WOULDNT ALWAYS HAVE TO SAVE ME," i was starting to calm down now "You wouldnt have to worry if you would hurt me, you wouldnt have to worry about us never being together, we would be a whole part" i finished with something that would hurt him, i wanted to, i knew it wasnt tru but i wanted him to think i beleived it. "You might actually love me" I said before lifting myself up and walking back through the forest.

Chapter 2

I could hear him cry out in anguish and sorrow. I wanted him to hurt. I didn’t know why he didn’t want me to be a vampire with him, to spend eternity together, I was so horrified at the thought that maybe he didn’t love me, and that that was the reason he wouldn’t change me. Carlisle had told me that he would change me, but then I would feel like Edward was stuck with me, I wanted him to change me himself so that he would actually want me.
I saw several trees go flying, boulders go rolling down the cliff. I could almost feel his agony. Edward deserved every ounce of this. He knew how I felt to question someone’s love.
I finally reached the house but didn’t make any eye contact as I walked right past the Cullen family. I could feel there questioning looks pierce through me. Alice was in her lost gaze trying to find out what was going to happen. I glided to my truck more gracefully then I can usually manage and drove back home.
I arrived at my house and quickly scuttled to my room. I turned on my cd-player and blasted the first cd I found. I wanted to keep him out of my head. I lay down on my bed just waiting for the arrival of him at my window. Before long I heard the soft noise of him jumping on my roof. I tried to reach the window and lock it in some attempt to keep him out but I was to late. He was in my room his eyes full of grief and questions. He pulled me into his strong marble arms and lightly laid down on my bed. I knew the questions were soon to come. “Don’t talk, just listen” he said calmly to me. I obeyed an as I heard him my eyes filled with salty tears.

Chapter 3

“why did you say that?” he questioned me. I didn’t know what to say. I had my reasons but now they seemed stupid. I wanted him to just leave me alone. “Because, if you actually loved me then you wouldn’t feel bad about making me one of you. If you loved me then you would do anything for me to be with you, including making me a vampire,” he gaped at me. If he was human I was pretty sure he would be crying right now. I felt horrible but I knew what this was leading to. “Edward, I don’t think you love me, and unless you prove it then I don’t want to be with you,” you could see the hurt in his eyes as I spoke. You could see the anger he had to himself which surprised me. I thought he would be furious at me. He looked as though he was trying to force words but couldn’t comprehend how to.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t sit here and watch him stare at me. So I stood up and walked away, I didn’t even turn around to say goodbye. He knew exactly how I felt when he had first left me.
I stayed downstairs with Charlie until I heard the faint steps of Edward leaving. I then walked back upstairs and went to bed. I was now regretting having most of my classes with him. I was going to have to endure the rest of the semester sitting with the one person I loved, the once person I had just left.
I woke up early the next day to get ready for school. I took a cold shower to quickly wake me up and then dressed. I usually didn’t care how I looked but at this moment I wanted him to miss me. I dressed as best as I could to look much different from who I am.
I got into my truck and drove to school. First period was the only one I didn’t have with him. I didn’t pay attention to anything, the whole time I just sat there drawing. When the bell rang I looked down and was appalled by what I had drawn. It was his eyes, the look in them was the same look he gave me when he walked into my bedroom last night, it was of agony, loneliness, and forgiveness.
When I walked into science he was already at our table. I tried to keep my head up as I walked by but as soon as I met his gaze I fell under his spell of depression.
He wrote small notes to me during class, all of which I slightly glanced at but still threw into the trash. They all said things like “I’m sorry”, “Please forgive me” and other things like “Second chance”, “I’ll do anything”
HE did that the rest of the school day, writing notes and pleading for forgiveness, it was getting annoying and I couldn’t have felt happier as the final bell rang and I was excused from school.
I walked out into the parking lot expecting to be trampled by him, but to my suprise nothing. I saw him surrounded by his family, all of them were comforting him. "Ugh" i managed to say as i threw my books into the car. I Started the loud engine and tore out of the school parking lot. I didnt know where to go, he would most certainly come to my house if i was there, so i decided to go to the reservation. none of the cullens would be stupid enough to break the treaty.
I was almost there when i saw it. I had no idea what it was though, a huge form maybe a little smaller than the Jacob's pack of wolves. But it wasnt on all fours like the pack was. This creature was on two legs and maybe even faster.
I pressed harder on the gas pedal trying to get what speed i could manage out of this old truck. I wanted to find out what the creature was. I pulled up near it as it ran and i stared out the window. It gazed back at me. I was instantly horrified. The creature was covered im matted clumps of fur that had fallen away in most places, on its paw were huge claws larger than the wolves in the pack. The one thing that scared me the most was its eyes. They were bloodshot red and had no emotion. It wasjust a blank gaze. It managed a growl as it pounced atme and broke into my truck, i screamed as loud as i could before everything went black.

Chapter 4

I could hear soft sounds in this black slumber i was in. I could here wimpering and soft crys. "Bella, Bella, Oh dear god Bella wake up!" Someone cried. It was edward. He had crossed the treaty line to rescue me from that monster. The monster!!! I cried to myself. I was then greeted by flashes of that horrible creature. At first it was just pictures of its matted fur and claws, but the final picture was of its eyes. the bright red eyes. There was no white, no pupil, no color other than red. It was expressionless and horrifying. I could hear screaming in the surrounding area oustide of this blackness. Then edward continued to cry harder. I was starting to think he would actualy produce tears of how loud he was. I wanted to know who the screaming was but i couldnt concentrate. The flashes of the eys were sending me into convulsions of terror. Then i realized. I was the one screaming. Edward was crying because i was screaming. I tried to stop.

I continued to see the visions and feel the pain. I started to sense the things around me as i came back into the world. I was in Edwards arms he was holding me tight agains his marble chest. I didnt want to wake up. i wanted him to hold me forever. But i couldnt. when i woke up he would most certainly leave me. I felt horrible, WHY did i hav to leave him. God im so idiotic. I could feel pulsing in my leg and wrist. the colors of the world slowly came back into view. Edward and his white skin and golden eyes, my truck, MY TRUCK!!!! The poor vehicle was smashed and bent, it looked as though i had hit three semi's continuously. I gazed down at my leg, it was gory and horrifying. MY bone was abrubtly peircing my sking and i could see blood everywhere, blood....just great. I got queasy and lightheaded and before i knew it i had entered my black world again.

I didnt know how long edward had stayed with me. I had been attacked around the afternoon but when i awoke it was evening. I was in the same place and in the same position. Edward looked horrible. i had never seen a vampire not look absolutly gorgeous until now. He was matted, his hair messed up, his clothes ripped, his eyes moving rapidly as though expected to be attacked at any given time. I tried to mumble a few words, it took me a couple minutes before i could succumb somehting "Edward" i gasped at him. It hurt to talk, it hurt to breath, it hurt to do anything. MY words caught him bysuprise, his face lightened up in pleasure. "Bella!, Oh bella what happened love, what did this to you!?" I didnt know what else he asked me i fell back in and out of my blackness blocking out some of what he said. But i did catch something that made me cry. it hurtmy heart to think that i could ever cause him pain. i felt terrible. My and my throbbing body didnt help that much. "Bella i love you, i will NEVER, do anything to hurt you again, iwill never leave you, i love you" He spoke softly to me. It was magnificent hearing him mold his perfect voice with his perfect words.

"Edward, sorry" i managed to speak but was interupted before i could finish "Bella dont say anything we need to get you help. "Im sorry, i dont deser-" "Bella" he again inturupted more sharply this time "Dont blame yourself, dont say your sory, I deserved what you did to me, its ok, just please be quiet, your hurt and need help". I listened to him and kept quiet for the rest of the journey home.
Alice must have been with him because he sat in the back of his silver volvo with me. He kept me close to him. His cold skin felt like heaven against my wounds. All my happiness was fading though as i thought about what would happen when i came to my senses. It felt as though i was fighting myself, part of me wanted to be furious with him, while theother wanted to stay with him and forgive him. "Why am i doing this to him?" i ment to speak to myself in my head but ended up muttering the words out loud. Edward must haveheard them because he tensed slightly and pulled me closer.

The hospital visit was brutal but he helped me through it. While i was gettin screws and bars put inside of me along with stitches he sat next to me and endured it. he had totry to control himslef as all my blood spewed out across the table. I dotn know how he did it. "He really does love you" a voice told me in my head and i knew it was true. I was given a sedative to let me sleep through the night. The last thing i remember was him laying in bed next to me and softly singing my lullaby. My quiet slumber was stopped after i was given horrible nightmeres of that animal. Those wretched eyes!!!!. i screamed. HELP!!!!I ended up yelling as loud as i could. Edward was there comforting me withing seconds. "Bella what happened to you!!!!???" he asked. I tried to tell him but was stopped dead in my tracks as i gazed out the window and met my worst fate. The creature of my nightmeres, with the red lifeless eyes. Was standing right at the window.

Chapter 5

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I Screamed as i went flailing off the hospital bed. Edward looked towards the window and gasped. He to fell backwards which was unusual because he was normally really graceful. I couldnt even succumb another scream. I tried to crawl back farther away from the window. Edward ran at vampiric speed to Carlisle. When the doctor or my second father in my view returned he gazed out the window but nothing was there.
"Carlisle i swear something was just at that window!" Edward screamed at him. You could almost feel Edwards annoyance when Carlisle stared at him like he was insane. Edward sat on my bed staring at the window. "Bella draw what you saw" he commanded. i grabbed a pad of paper from the small desk in the corner of the room and a pen. I sat for almost 10 minutes drawing every detail of what i had saw. The picture was so realisitc even I was astonished at this slight artistic ability. Edward flinched at the picture, it must have brought back the memories of that creature.
"Bella i need you to tell me exactly what happened to you" i nodded and started my story

" was driving towards the reservation and had just crossed the boarder line when i saw it. At first i thought that it was one of the wolves from Jacobs pack, but then i realized it was running on two legs instead of four. I was puzzled so i floored it and tried to catch up to it"

bad choice on my part

"When i had come up to it i was startled by what i saw, well just look at the picture, then the thing looked at me and well it jumped into my truck and attacked me." While explaining flashbacks of those dreded eyes came back into my head and i started to hyperventalate, i was scaring myself now. "CRASH!" went a nose outside the hospital room. I screamed and dropped to the floor in terror. "I CANT TAKE IT!!!!!!!" i screamed, 'Its FOLLOWING ME!!!" I was bawling, i was shaking, i was sicked by the thought of having another encounter with that creature. "Edward please! Please make it stop!!" He looked at me so sorrowful he looked horrible, i could tell he was aching inside with the thought that he couldnt help me. I stared at him appauled. I wanted help, and he wasnt going to do anything. I could tell he knew what i was thinking. "Bella i will do anything and everything to make you safe, i will never allow that thing to hurt you again!"

I wanted to beleive him, but he had said that about two years ago, then he left me, i didnt trust him. "I need to get out of here!" i told him while i started packing my things. I needed to get out i needed to get to a safe haven. I needed to get far away from that creature. I grabbed my bag and started to walk out of the hospital but was stopped when a strong cold arm grasped my shoulder. "Bella its still out there, i can hear it" i started to hyperventalate again, the room went blurry and everything started fading, but he snapped me out of it. "Bella im going to take you home, your not staying alone out here, i am NOT leaving you," I wanted to cry, he was to perfect, i lightly stepped up and met my lips with his, not for long, but just enough.
He grasped my hand and it sent electric shocks through me, i felt butterflies in my stomach, "Oh why is this happening" i thought to myself as he pulled me onto his back. I hit my leg on his and it hurt so bad, i wanted to scream but i didnt, he would just inflict it apon himself to make it better.
He ran as fast as he could to my house, i closed my eyes so as not to see the monster at all, i was tricking myself now, everytime i opeened my eyesi would see the glowing red of the creatures eyes gazing at me. We reached my house and he jumped up to my window. He laid me in my bed and then sat in the rockingchair nearby. I looked at him carefully and it was almsot as though he read my mind, he crept up towards me and laid next to me. I felt whole inside. happy, wholesome. All night it felt like i was being zapped and those damn butterflies were killing me, i wished they would go away.

I kept waking up all night sweating even though i was pressed against his coldness. I would wake up and stare right into his amber eyes. I felt so nice. At one time i woke up from a nightmare about that thing. I was so scared that i pressed my lips against his, he seemed eager, i hadnt kissed him or even been near him in two weeks, i to became eager but of course he stopped, i wasnt a vampire, and he would never do anything, i slumped away from him scooting towards the end of my bed so taht as not to be near him. I wanted him to react, and he did. "He loves you, i told you so" that voice i my head told me. Edward wrapped his arms around me and nestled his head into the crook between my head and neck. I gradually fell asleep only to be woken up by soft scratches on my window. "Bella d-d-dont l-l-look" edward stuttered at me.
I did though, being as stupid as i was. I screamed but nothing came out, i was petrified, edward placed his rock hard hand over my mouth.

At the window, on my roof, at my house, staring inside my room, was the monster, its red eyes pierceing holes inside me, i saw something dripping from its mouth, blood........

Chapter 6

I couldnt even stifle a scream. Edward pulled me out of bed and rushed into the bathroom in campiric speed. I felt paralyzed, i couldnt braeth. That creature had found out were i lived. It was stalking me.

Edward placed me gently on the floor ten locked the door and used his strength to mold the handle into and impenatreble shape. I could hear the sniffing and scrathching from the creature as it tried to pry the door open. Within a few seconds it abonded its mission of attack and returned to my room. i could hear it destroying everything in its path. "I think its getting its anger out" i managed to mumbled. I heard my bed and desk crash into the wall dont doubtly leaving holes.

I was wimpering now and edward could sense that. He backed away from the door and grased me, pulling me closer to him. I felt better, calmer, not nearly back to normal but it was a start. We waited for nearly eight hours in that bathroom. I prayed that charlie wouldnt return home to early. I would never fogive myself if he was hurt by that thing. "If only i wasnt cuious about that thing, if only i hadnt gazed back at it, if only i hadnt left him....." i thought sadly towads myself.....this was all my fault.....
Edward sat town and held a gaze on his face taht told me he was searching for the beasts mind. "Hes not here anymore" he spoke to me. "Wait, you can hear his mind?" i questioned him. he nodded in response. "can you find out where hes going next" this time he shook his head in diasapointment. I was feeling the same way. I didnt know where to go. That creature would find me no matter what. "We need to talk to carlisle, maybe he has something in that vast amount of books that will help us" edward spoke. He opened the door after remolding the handle and then pulled me onto his back. I closed my eyes to avoid getting nauseas as he sprinted through forks towards his house.

I opened my eyes and looked at the huge amont of books that carlisle kept. The answer to our predicament had to be here somewhere. I used the ladder to climb up to areas with books under the title "Mythological creatures" we found small things under other names but nothing was the full description of what i saw. It wasnt until i came apon an old dusty book that looked centuries old, and probably was, that i found my answer. The picture inside was exactly like the one i drew, and the name fit the description in print perfectly.

Chapter 7

"Gemini" i spoke aloud so edward could hear me. "Edward come read this, its exactly the same as that monster i saw" I opened the book and tossed it lightly to him. He then read the heading outloud in his soft velvet voice.

"The gemini is a word used to describe a animal that is two creatures. The most common is when a werewolve is infected by the disease salivapecia. The disease causes the werewolf to take on another form. Instead of being more wolflike it turns into half human. The wolf will run on two legs. Most of its hair will fall out. The claws will increase size much larger than any other creature. THe final thing is that the chemical arouse will cause the werewolf's eyes to change color. Instead of the usual black or brown the eyes will turn red. The pupils will disapear along with any white. The rapid change will cause the werewolf to attack anything in sight. It stalks one prey until it is conquered then moves on to another. The name Gemini was given to it because of its split personalitly. The way it transfers from either being a calm human or werewolf to the ferocious rabid Gemini. Salivapecia is spred from the saliva inside an infected person or werewolf. The transformation can begin even if you are human. Although most dont even make it past stage one."

"That was slightly horrifying" i announced to edward. he was still staring at the page as though waiting for something else to be written. I climbed back down the ladder and nearly tripped. i took the book from him and reread the paragraph. "So this creature could be a human?" i questioned him "What ever it is could have originated from either human or werewolf." He took the book and sprinted down the hall to his room placing the book there and coming back to me in less then a second.

A gemini, i thought to myself, were did this creature come from, and who was the human that had originally came from it, or werewolf i guess. I didnt really understand it yet. And i didnt know why it would come after me. "Attacks at anything in sight" i remembered, wow, again i was the damsel in distress, i hated that. The fact that i couldnt defend myslef for fear of tripping right before my attacker and it doing away with me. I was useless, no wonder edward always had to be near me.

I needed to get away before i could mess things up. I felt the coming presense of trouble and i knew i would be the start of it. Alice wouldnt forsee it because i had just decided it. I ran, sprinted, tripped. No use. My helpless escape lasted all about five second. I was pathetic. Another reason why he should allow me into his lifestyle. If i was a vampire i would be more agile and less well, bellaish. I hated being me, i was just pathetic.

I slumped back up the stairs to edwards room. I walked in to find him laying on his black lether couch. I went over and layed right next to him. he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in tight. "Bella, i will never leave you, i will never hurt you, i will never do anything horrible to you ever again, i love you" he spoke in his romantic velvet voice. I started crying. "Bella, whats wrong!" he looked distressed, "Nothing" i responded "Im just happy, i didnt know if you would ever love me after what i did to you, im a horrible person, i dont deserve you" his eyebrows furrowed togeher in a questioning glance. "I never stopped loving you, i never will, when you left me i thought that was what was best for you, but apparently but the looks of it now" he gazed at his arm that was wrapped around me "I think everything is fine" He smiled that heartbreaker smile that instantly sent butterflies back into my stomach. I layed against him for hours just staring into his eyes, Eventually fell into my black slumber, only this time i wasnt tormented by horrible nightmeres, scratches at the window, or a creature glaring at me throught the window. I slept peacefully in the arms of the man i love.

Chapter 8

I had slept peacefully for the first time in nights. I felt refreshed and new. If only that would have lasted. I let my eyes wander around the room. I saw the book with the description of the Gemini in it. It was lying wide open. It was then that I noticed edward wasn’t with me anymore. That somewhat dissapointed me. I could hear loud noises downstairs, proabably Emmett trying to fight Jasper again. I walked over to the book to read more about the Gemini, I wanted to know everything I could about the thing that was stalking me. I read through paragraphs that were just filled of useless information until I came across a section headed "How the disease Is spread" This caught my attention so I continued to read.

The Gemini can continue its generation by passing on the disease. Salivapecia is spread when the saliva from the infected creature is put directly into another noninfected animal. The transformation will start within two weeks and will end after only one. Once the transformation starts though it cannot stop.

I was bawling. The Gemini that had attacked me and no doubtly dropped its saliva onto my open wounds. I layed on the floor crying, I was breaking down into sudden convulsions. Edward must have sensed it along with the rest of his family for the came rushing to my side. Edward picked me up and held me close kissing my forhead and cheeks. "Its ok Bella, were going to make it better, we Will find a cure. I promise you nothing will happen to you." For once I didn’t believe him. "The book says that once the transformation begins it will not stop, what happens if I already start to change before you can find a cure. Edward, what is going to happen to me" I looked at the picture in the book and could distincly imagine my face turning into that hideous creature, my dark hair becoming short and matted and falling out, my brown eyes turning solid red. I couldn’t take this. "WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME!!!!" I screamed out to no one in particular. "Why?!?!??!?!" I couldn’t handle this, I was always the one that this happened to, first edward wants to kill me, then james wants to, then the volturi want me to become one of them. It was always me.

I hated my life, I hated everyone in It except for the cullens, they were the only people who could actually protect me. I sat with edward kissing him and letting him hold me tight. He couldn’t change so he didn’t care if I was infected, "lucky" I thought to myself. Then the brilliant idea hit me "Edward…" I began but he inturupted me "I already thought of that, that is my FINAL plan if EVERYTHING else doesn’t work." I felt that feeling come back to me when I just wanted to hit him. I probably would have if it wasn’t for the fact that I would have shattered my bone into dust in an instant. I stood up and walked away from him towards the bathroom. My stomach was killing me and before I could make it I let everything out of my stomach and then collapsed to the floor.

"Bella wake up dear" I heard Esme's calm voise plead to me. She was cradling me in her arms, "where is edward?" I questioned her. "He and Carlisle are going to find you a cure" I smiled at that remark. He would find one of course. Edward was perfect, he ALWAYS made it better. I didn’t want to fell to dependant on him, I didn’t want to be encouraged thinking that he would find a cure, If he didn’t I would just be more pissed than usual. I would be stuck as that disgusting animal for the rest of my life, "lovely" I thought sarcastically. I wanted him to change me now more than ever. I had no idea why he wouldn’t. This was a matter of life or death. Would he rather I be DEAD than be with him, would he rather I be a MONSTER than be with him. Would he rather that I be a creature forbidden from civilization, banned from humanity, left alone in this world, then be with him. It was now that I truly questioned his love. I didn’t understand him. God I was bipolar, "I love you, I hate you, I don’t get you, I love you, I don’t get it, what the hell are you doing" all the things I did to him. I felt weird, I was a different person. I was altogether strange. God I needed rest. I layed down my head in Esmes lap and fell asleep awaiting the arrival of Edward, I needed to get my point out to him.

Chapter 9 Edwards perspective

I was fighting time. In all my years I had neer wanted time to stand still more than now. I only had a week and a half roughly to find her a cure. I could not loose her to that idsease. I could not allow her to undergo that painfull change into a Gemini, and I could not let her be that animal and now be able to spend my life (well more pronounced her life) without her.

Carlisle and I had taken off immediately to find his long time partner in medical science from when Carlisle was first changed. This vampire knew everything about the mythilogical creatures that didn’t only exist in books. "Nathaniel should be at harvard unicersity" carlisle thought. Our conversations had swindled rapidly and now were only passed by him thinking aloud to me and me responding with a nod or a shake of my head.

I was so worried, I could loose my precious bella to this illness. It was agrivating thinking that for once I couldn’t hold her and tell her it was ok and it would be. For once I wasn’t sure if it would work out. Carlisle could almost feel my tension rising as I pictured my perfect bella turning into that horrible Gemini.

It only took a day to travel from Forks, washington to harvard university. A day to long in myeyes. We were running out of time. Bella had been attacked on Wednesday and it was now Friday. I had twelve days before Bella started to change. Twelve days before she would die as a human and forever coexist in the ravenous word of the Gemini.

We had to stay covered for it was bright and sunny all day. At night we would meet with nathanial.


When the glorious night return from its rest behind the day we embarked on our quest to find Nathaniel. I actually felt like one of those vampires from old story books. The ones that couldn’t even come out during the day and would have to hide until nightime. All I needed were fangs to complete the inacurate look of vampires in the naïve human eye.

We searched through the halls of harvard looking for Professor Lenor which was Nathaniel's school name. At last after searching for an hour we found him. "Nathaniel its me Carlisle" carlisle called out into the dark room. Almost instantly the lights turned on and out came a man about the same age as me, well at least the age everyone who wasn’t a vampire knew me by.

"well hello carlisle its been a long time since I have talked to you, what brings you here today?" he asked calmly. "Nathaniel I know you study mythological creatures and we have come across a small issue in our family, I think my son edward will want to explain the rest. I stepped forward a litte and started "the woman I love, bella,was attacked by a creature named the Gemini" I saw nathaniels eyesbrows rise in curiosity at the name "The saliva has penentrated her skin and in twelve days" the clock chimed twelve "Maked that eleven days, she will turn into one of them. Sir I beg of you that you help us cure her. She is all I live for, or exist I mean. I will do anything to make her safe. Please sir tell us you have something that will help us" I pleaded. He walked over to his desk and opened a drawer. From there he took out an old dirty book. "I think I know just what to do" he said with a small smirk on his face" my happiness was overwhelming and if I still had a heartbeat it probably would have stopped from joy anyways.

Chapter 10 Edwards Perspective

Nathaniel waved his hand at me directing me to approach him and his ancient book. He was at the table of contents. The list of animals went on for pages. Unicorns, Harpies, Sphinx etc. I just gaped at the amount of creatures that had been legends that I know realized had existed the whole time. I scrolled through the pages until I found G, Gemini, I saw almost immediately. I opened to the page and read aloud, but stopped, it was the same description as in Carlisle's book. I went to the glossary looking up "Cure for Salviapecia". Quickly flipping back and forth from page to page trying to find answers.

I was rushing, I needed that cure, the only thing standing between my perfect bella and I being together forever and her being a Gemini for eternity was a stupid piece of paper. Moving at vampiric speed I searched through chapters and chapters of useless information. "Were was it!" I screamed at myself in my head. Then I found it. "Cure for Salviapecia" was scribbled in messy writing at the top of the page. I read aloud.

"While Salviapecia is spread by saliva form an infected animal penentrating the skin of another creature there is only one known cure. The saliva only contains its poison while the animal who spread it is still alive. To cure a infected person one must kill the animal who had first bitten them. "

No one had a chance to respond to that passage in the book for I was already sprining back to Washington. I didn’t want to waste any time at all. I could have sworn it took me less time getting back then it took to get to harvard. It felt like a high knowing what I had to do. I felt great. Not only did I get to kill the horrid creature that stalked my bella in her dreams and in real like but I also got to save her in the process of doing that. I wanted to get back to forks more than ever at this moment.

When the bright sun came up I had to hide, it was difficult trying to run and stay out of the sunlight at the same time. When I finally got to the outskirts of Forks I put my all into getting to the house. I had to tell bella the good news. I could picture her face lighting up in that magnificent smile as I told her she would be fine. If only that had had happened.

I walked into the house expecting her to come running into my arms, to kiss me and say she missed me, but nothing, not one sound came from anywhere in the house. I walked around exploring rooms trying to find her. It was then that I heard the bloodcurdling scream come from my room. I was up the stairs before a second had passed and into my room. There she was on my black leather couch curled over clenching her fingers around her think legs pulling them close to her stomach. She let out another scream as she started to convulse from the pain coming from her stomach. Alice was next to her holding her against her petite frame. "Its ok hon, everything will be alright" she said while lightly rocking her. Bella was sweating heavily and she looked overheated even with alice's cold body against her. When she looked up I was petrified, for she still had pupils and a little white but otherwise her eyes were the same as the Gemini's.

Chapter 11 Bellas perspective (Right after edward leaves)

I didn’t feel like talking, I didn’t want to talk. He had left again, probably for good now. I could hear Esme and alice pacing in front of my door like guard dogs, it was ridiculous. It was almost like they were scared of me. Hmph, I laughed at myself at the thought that century old vampires could be scared of an accident atracting klutz that just so happens to be turning into a gemini. Actually, I would proabably be scared of myself now.

I sat that whole day staring out the big glass window in edwards room waiting for something to happen. I wanted to absorb my surroundings, to remember every inch of it so that if I didn’t get saved I could remember what beauty looked like. I was going to be that disgusing, horrible animal for, well, forever.

Alice came in once to give me some food. She saw how depressed I looked and stayed. Her presence just lightened me up. We talking about random subjects, I think she was just trying to distract me. Eventually I must have dozed off because I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pains around my eyes. It felt like burning, almost the sensation I had when james bit me. I grasped my head with my hands trying in a failing attempt to stop the burning.

I think rosalie must have heard me. She didn’t like me, I didn’t like her, so my screaming must have annoyed her. She knocked on the door, which I didn’t understand, but then walked in and embraced me in a hug. I was shocked. I thought she was just going to tel me to shut up and quiet down. But she actually cared. "It wil be ok, He wil lfind something to help," she whispered quietly. The pain seemed to simmer down. Alice then came in and also hugged me. She and rosalie then walked to the corner of the room to talk. "Theres going to be more" was all I could catch from there fast paced conversation. I just collapsed on the leather couch, curled up in a ball, and fell to sleep.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I woke screaming. The pain in my head was horrible. I tried opening my eyes but it was burning. I couldn’t move, all I could do was scream. MY eyelids seemed welded shut. I tried prying them open but the burning just increased. I heard alice next to me. She was holding me to her cold body. For once the presense of the vampires icyness didn’t decrease the pain. I could hear someone enter the room. "Its ok hon, everything will be alright" alice said trying to calm me. Then the pain moved to my stomach. I pulled my legs up to my stomach and screamed then.

He gasped. Edward, that made me ecstatic. I pulled open my eyes to look at him. But everything was blurry. I could barely make out the expression on his face, but it was the same one he wore when he saw the gemini at my window for the first time. I looked at the mirror in the far corner. I got lightheaded, and im pretty sure I passed out, but I don’t remember anything after seeing my reflection. My brown eyes had been replaced with those disgusting, red, lifeless eyes.

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omg this is really good let me knw when the next chapter is up!!!!
I'm officially getting the shakes from withdrawal... AAHHH!!
wow this is good you're ONLY 12 are you sure about that? are you lying about your age or somthing cause that is way too good for only 12. write more please!
im sure im not lying and technically, im 13 now :D haha! okay i had some things goin on im my life and didnt get to write, and i also got my laptop taken away (tehe!) haha, yeah so the next chapter is coming up momentarily!!!!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG... I just read the latest chapter well, not so latest more like last chapter and I thought it was awsome!! LOL... Plz, post more soon!!! well, as soon as you can... and could you plz tell me when you do??
Chapter 14, edwards perspective

(the long waited chapte 14!! SRY for the long wait but ill be posting mor often now!!!)

I ran as fast as I could to the border hoping that Sam had already called off his patrols, I didn’t need
any young werewolfs getting in my way of ripping the gemini to shreds.

I crossed the boarder and made my way to the place where my precious bella had gotten attacked, sharp, painful visions of the night when I found her kept seeping back into my head. I could even hear her wimpering in my mind. But even though the visions were swept away by my need to find the gemini I could stil hear thewimpering. In the distance I could smell a faint scent of blood wafting through they air. "No…." I whispered before taking off into the forest towards the scent.

It took me longer than I thought to find where the smell was coming from, but as I sat there awstruck at what was laying before me, I realized that this gemini was become a larger problem then I thought.

A young girl, maybe 13 was laying out on the grass, bloody, scraped, and bruised. Her right arm was bitten and the marks from where the teeth dug in were distinct. The gemini had gotten her. The little girl was frightened and in shock. I tried to lift her up but she let out a gasp. Only carlisle could help her. I wipped out my cell phone and dialed carlisle.

"Edward what is it, wait hold on." In the backround I could hear alice screaming at him what she had seen in a vision. "ill be there in a second" he managed to say before hanging up on me.

I looked down at the little girl again, she had dark brown hair and bright green eyes, not the description you would find of someone on the reservation. So why was she here? I wanted to hellp her so bad, but yet I couldn’t, everytime I tried to lift her up she would attempt to scream, but nothing came out, the little girl was turning paler and paler by the minute from loss of blood and it seemed like carlisle was taking longer than usual to get here.

Almost as if on cue he arrived with his medical supplies.

"Where is sh….never mind" he spoke

He bent over the girl and started to bandage her up, but she wouldn’t hold still , the pain must have been to excruiciating for her. "Edward we need to put her to sleep, hand me that bottle and needle" he directed pointing at his bag, I grabbed the things and handed them to him. He injected the liquied into the girl and within moments she was out cold.

I couldn’t take it watching him work over the poor girl, every time I tried to look at her face I just saw bella, it was bringing back memories of that night when she was attacked, only this girl looked worse.

Then I reminded myself of why I came to the reservation in the first place, I was saving the girl I loved, and now the girl I had discoved wounded in the forest. For several minutes I sat down on the grass taking in every scent I could, but the smell of the girls blood was intruding in on my thoughts. I hadnt eaten in a while and with every second I was getting closer to breaking. The faint smell of dear brought me back to reality, I took of in that direction.

After replenishing my thirst I once again looked for a scent that was new to me, but yet was so disticnt I couldn’t miss it anywhere.

So when I finally found that mysterious smell I knew where I was going, andi new that I wasn’t going home without it dead.
poor bella i like the story please write soon and keep me updated
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i love it
Wow I just read all about it its sooo good keep me updated and keeep on going
love it keep me updated


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