The Twilight Saga


 Apocalyptica Saga

Book One:

Blood of an Animal

Do you ever feel lost?

Do you ever look deep down inside,

Staring at you're life,


Living in a world so cold.




Lita Rouge is a Lux Lucis Ferox. In Latin, a Light Warlock. She is a protector, of all races of all planets, along with few selected others. Passing the main test, at a young age, she is paired with Dominic Ratchet, the youngest, most skilled Lux Ferox. so she can be trained. Lita is now very proud of her sister Leila, who's been elected Queen of their home planet, Pacis. But when a alliance goes wrong, and an important ally turns against the Lux Ferox, and turn to there enemy, there leader wants the new Queen. To strike a very, important deal.

Lita won't let that happen.

Pacis is a very important planet, the only planet of peace, and a valauble ally to Urbs. The most important, civlized planet it the world. Litaand her Master are scent to help the Queen, whom refuses to leave her invaded Kingdom. Along the way, Litas friend is facing deadly challenges of a deadly curse, and her and her fatherly figure meet a boy who's more than he seems, utterly powerful, powers that can match even Litas.




My heart pounded, as I felt the dark eyes lift to her. I caught the gaze, and my weapon was in my hand, ready to strike and kill. I lifted it up over her head, two hands waiting for the attack. The creature smiled, teasing me. Making me feel like an amateur. I was the beast here, and I knew it.

I smiled, and clicked the button on my sword, making an extra blade come out the end. It was custom made… I made it myself really. The tip, tinted with a killing black poisonous toxin, the blade made with Rica, a very fine material found newly on the planet Razenor. It was an indestructible metal. The blade made in the fires of Mount Oom.


I smiled at the challenged in the beasts eyes, and he circled me a while as I him. Than he charged. I let out a cry of war, swerving to the side and slashing down the blade with immense force. The beast caught the blade in hand, black blood flowing and twisted it over so I went painfully twisting to. I yanked it back before I fell and went for another strike under him, which he neatly jumped. But I didn’t feel nervous. I would not loose. Not ever. The beast swung hard, his clawed hands outstretched, I crouched missing it and shot back up, and hit his hand.

His hand – alone- fell to the ground. It streaked – more in surprise than pain I was guessing- and shot me an evil glare. I gave her sword and little twirl. “Revenge is right here, come and get it while it's still warm..” I chanted, smirking wildly. 


He let out a threatening snarl, which would have made me jump out of my pants if I wasn’t used to these things. He charged, and I flipped over him, landing on the other side. He quickly turned over but it was do late for him. I jabbed the end – and curved- part of my blade into him. He streaked, as I pulled it out and did a little spin as I swerved the long part of her blade to take of his head.


I breathed hard smiling to myself. Not a scratch on me! (Except for maybe a sprain or broken wrist) The lights turned on in the training room, and I ran a hand threw my hair.

“Impressive, very impressive Dear Adelita. I’ve never seen someone you’re age past this test, since Dominic Ratchet.” I smiled, it felt good to hear it. “Thank you Master.” I said. The huge barricade door’s opened, and the light was a little harsh on my eyes. I clicked the button on my weapon that cased both blades to draw in. 


I walked threw the doors, greeted by the friendly smile of Master Jason. He cleared his throat. “Lita Rouge, at the mere age of seven we are happy to say you have passed the test, to become a Learner.” He said, smiling. Master Jason seemed nice… until you saw him in battle. I stepped forward, and old Master Jason put an arm around my shoulder leading to the Pairing room. It was were Master’s, from all over came to see young Lux lucis Ferox’s train. If they liked the Ferox, they’d place a bet to teach it. The bond between Master and Learner was something unbreakable. A great friendship.

“Would anyone like to teach, young Adlelita Rouge.” He said, "Just Lita." I corrected and to my surprise almost all of the hands shot up.I recognized some of them from her studies… famous’s Ferox’s here to see… me?

I almost blushed.

And that's pretty rare, because I don't do blushing.,


Master Jason smiled, impressed. I played with my hands. “I’ll take her.” Said someone, suddenly walking in. I turned my head, and my mouth dropped open. It was Dominic Ratchet.

He was a VERY famous Lux lucis Ferox  even at the age of 10. Age doesn’t matter when you are a Ferox. By the way, a Ferox (short for Lux Lucis Ferox) is a Warlock in a way. We can control the things around us, manipulate the things called, minomites. The things that control our world. Well we can control them. Lux lucis Ferox  also can control one of the deadly elements. We have more than the mudane four now.

There’s Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Darkness, Light, Sonic, Ice, Sand and Metal.

Master Jason smiled. “Dominic. Good to see you again. Anyways, you are still young. You sure you would like this responibity right away? Not have some fun first?”

“How is it fun without someone to share it with, and teach?” he asked, smiling at Master Jason. Master nodded and smiled at him. “Very well. But anyways, it’s up to Lita to choose.” He said, and looked at me. I gulped. I looked around at all the famous faces in the room. “I own a planet!” said one. “I’ve taught two other famous Ferox, I could teach you also! You’d be better than my other two!” said another. Comments on themselves spread across the room. But I knew what I wanted. I looked to Master Jason, who read the expression on my face. He smiled. “Master Dominic, I think she’s chosen you.” He said, and defeated groan’s filled the room. But Dominic just smiled friendly to me. My heart melted. Such a nice smile. But he was Master to me now. He would teach me his ways. And he was only four years older than me. I smiled. I could finally, officially be a Ferox. I could finally, protect my people, and show them that no matter what age, I could never be defeted. His smile grew. “Lita Rouge, I take you, as my Learner. I will teach you, guide you, and help you along any path, until I know you are ready to go off on your own.” He said, smiling. I knelt down, and he put both hands on my shoulders. “Do you accept?”

“I do Master.” I answered, and Master Jason smiled and applauded. “You two may go. You are bonded by the power of Learner and Master. Until the Master see’s it fit to let you go. Now, children, go. Go wherever you wish! Of course, before you start fighting side by side, you need to bond.” Master Jason said, smiling.


Master nodded, and walked out with me. I pulled my white hood over my head, that belonged to my white cloak. My mom had made it for me before her passing.

“So.” Dominic- I mean- Master said. “What’s you’re element?” he asked. I smiled. “Lightning.” I answered. He smiled. “Can I see you’re weapon?” he asked curiously, and I nodded, with drawing it from my belt for him. I place it in his hand. Right now, it was just the handle. “You push the black button, and the regular blade comes out. The regular blade, it tinted with Toxin, that will kill you if you get hit with it. The white button brings out the back-up blade. It’s about a quarter of the size of the real blade, but it’s curved and very deadly.”

“Where did you get this?” he asked me curiously. “I made it myself.” I answered. “My dad, he’s good with building and fixing things. Always was. We made a demo of it together, than I perfected it and made it my own. By myself.” I explained, playing with a stray lace on my cloak. His cloak was to no surprise black. Matching his element, Darkness.

“If you’re a Lightning, than why do you have a white cloak?” he asked me.

A common question. “Shouldn’t it be yellow?” he continued. I smiled. “My mom and my dad, both were the Light element. Mom made me this cloak before she died, assuming I would be a Light element.” She shrugged. “So I wear it anyways.”

“Hmm.” He said. “Interesting. Very interesting. What about you’re grandparents?”

“They were Light too. Dad assured me. We don’t know how I got Lightning, but I don’t really care. I am who I am.” I said logically, shrugging. He nodded with a smile. “Guess you are huh?”

He pulled down his hood, and I could finally see him.


I know, I shouldn’t being saying that about my Master. And, of course Ferox weren’t allowed to marry unless they gave up there position. For good reason too, any Ferox who fall’s in love while still battling, always falls into trouble. It’s one of our most sacred of laws. The law all must follow.

Anyways, he was beautiful I tell you. He smiled at me, and I smiled back.


And that was the start, to everything for me. Everything that is about to happen. I must warn you this story can be very upsetting and depressing. A lot of people I loved died. Of course, this first book is sort of just an intro coming into the real stuff, so no worries no one dies yet. Not for a while anyways.

Well wait no... yeah someone dies in this book.


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Thank you guys :P

Sorreh about my werid tendancy to change between narrator p.o.v to first person. :P It happens to be sometimes ;)


 Fun fact: Minomites, are the things that keep the world alive. Each of us have millions living inside us, making us work. Half of these Minomites, are good and half are evil. What matters is the side of them you choose to act with.

“And she takes another, victorious swing!” I called laughing. “Not a chance!” Dominic called smirking. He took a lower swing, which I neatly jumped. I laughed. “You know I’ll get you one day.” I said, poking him in the shoulder. “One day.” He agreed. “But that day, is not today.” He smirked. I smiled back. “When do we get our next mission?” I asked him, and he shrugged. “I don’t know. But right now, let’s enjoy the vacation!” he cheered and jumped on the bed. I rolled my eyes. “You have a holographer?” I asked him. Dominic rolled his eyes. “Where’s yours?”
“I left it in Pacis when I visited Leila.” I answered shrugging. He laughed, and tossed it to me. I caught it, and dialed the numbers. “You calling Leila?” he asked, I rolled my eyes. “Uh duh!” I laughed. The picture of her face, popped up in the device in my hand. “Hey Leta.” She said, smiling. I smiled back. “Hey sis. I missed you.” I said, and she smiled. “Of course you did! What do you need?”
“Just wanted to see how things are going, on you’re first day as Queen.”
“Perfect, totally perfect!” she chimed her hair, down to her shoulders curled perfectly. “I’m so happy I was elected.” She said, smiling. I smiled too. “I am too. And on the planet of Peace? Gosh dang you’re good.” I laughed. I starred at her face, so much like mine. I loved her so much. I just wished I could be with her right now.

We’re twins, the same age. She was a Queen (for four years anyways) and I was a Ferox in training. Yeah! “When are you coming down again?” she asked. I smiled. “Another reason why I called, I might be coming down soon. Doesn’t look like me and Master Dominic are getting any missions so… I might come over.”
Dominic chuckled. “Oh are we now?”
“Yes you’d better!” Leila said smiling. “I miss you too.”
“Even me?” Dominic asked, smirking. “Yes, despite how cocky you are, yes even you Dominic.” She laughed. “Alright, message me if you end up coming.” She said, and I nodded. “You got it,” I smiled, and she hung up.

“You here that? I’m loved.” Dominic smiled, and I nudged him. “Yeah, yeah.” I muttered. “By the all mighty and soft Leila. She’d be best friend’s with a mass murderer if she could. She reaches out to everyone.” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah… she’s nice.” He said, looking at me. “You guy’s are polar opposites.” I whacked him over the head. “C’mon, we should go to the training room.” He said to me, eye sparkling. I gave him a look. “I don’t want to train… not today.” I muttered, trying to show the importance of this certain day. “Why not.” He muttered, grabbing my wrist and tugging me along. It took us a few minutes to arrive, and I noticed something. “Dominic, you forgot you’re Scythe.” I muttered, and he smiled. He pulled me into the training room, and the lights flickered on. “Surprise!” called a courses of voices, most of men, But I recognized the two girls. “Guys!” I said, voice choking on surprise. “You didn’t think we’d forget! Did you?” asked the familiar voice, of who was like my father. “Oh, Roman.” I said cooed, and he pulled me into a hug. “Happy 17th birthday kiddo.” He told me, smiling sweetly. He had a scar, on his left cheek. It was minor, but I remember him telling me stories of that battle. The time his master finally let him go, let him be a full Lux Ferox. Alarik was next, scooping me in his arms and doing a little twirl. He was my best friend, has been since childhood. He was an Air Ferox. Very talented too, he was under the training of Christopher. Never liked that guy… but whatever. “Happy birthday Leta.” He said, smiling. I smiled back. “It’s good to see you… it’s been what… two… three years?”
“I had to be here for you’re birthday.” Was his only answer. Next was Corona. A good friend, met her on one of my missions with Master Dominic. I saved her life. She hugged me tight, her strawberry blond hair falling over my shoulder. “Oh Leta! So good to see you.” She said her voice soft and comforting. But, she was mean and feisty never forget it. She’s not a Ferox. She a necromancer. She can talk to the dead. “Good to see you.” I said back. I looked over her shoulder, and Master Jason smiled to me. “Hello Leaner. It’s good to see you’ve made a lot of progress.” He said and smiled. I smiled back. “Thank you Master Jason.” I said. We didn’t hug.
It was Adonis I saw next. I smiled crazily… another good friend. He was like a brother, considering he was Roman’s Learner. He pulled me into a hug before I could get the word ‘hi’ out of my mouth. It was a good long silenced hug for us. No words said. Because none needed to be said. That’s how it was with me and Adonis. He was a silent guy. He was a lot older than me. He was 26, but still… an older brother. Not as old as the old geezer Roman. Who aged at 57. Or Master Jason. He’s immortal… I think he’s somewhere around 500. Not too sure. When I saw Leila, I swelled with happiness. She was in her Queen robes of course, she looked totally professional. Her hair, still special from the call. That little brat! She wasn’t even in Pacis! I laughed, and she laughed and we hugged. It was true, we were nothing alike. I was a warrior, she was a politic. Sure we looked alike, just a few differences along with her shorter hair. But we loved each other so much. It was the strongest of the strong in our relationship. I couldn’t imagine life without her. She kissed my cheek and pulled back to look at my face. “Happy birthday!” she giggled. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. We’re twins right? Um… we should have the same birthday! Well… we do but as much as we loved each other, we hated being seen as the same person. So, I moved my birth date to April 20th. My real birthday, is January 6th. But we count that as her birthday instead. “Thank you.” I said, but seeing her face was the best birthday present in the world.
After, I escaped her arms, blushing as everyone smiled and chuckled at the scene. Dominic pulled me into a hug. “Didn’t think we’d ever forget you’re birthday, did you?” he asked me, and kissed my forehead. I laughed. “Actually, you had me fooled.”

“You hear that guys!? We did it!” Corona said, and they all did a little fist pump… except Leila whom disided to just laughed and cheer with them. I rolled my eyes. “Mine first!” Dominic said, pulling out a present. “Oh no!” I said. “No presents!”
“You know you want it, don’t lie.”
“Okay I want it.” I said, and took the present from him and ripping it open franticly.

To my surprise, I pulled out the battle belt I desperately wanted. Although, I couldn’t get it because it was rather expensive “Aww, Master.” I cooed. “Thanks.” I said. He smirked. “You can call me Dom on you’re birthday.” He reminded me. Or whenever Jason isn’t around. His eyes finished the answer, and she smiled. “Well thank you Dominic.” She said, and Alarik chuckled. “Now, of course mwah next.” Leila said, skipping up and pulling out a tiny box. I opened it, and saw the most beautiful bracelet. A diamond was in crested in the middle, my April birthstone. Around were beautifully laced, colorful pieces of what seemed to be some kind of metal. I starred at it. “I got it hand made in Findle’s. The guy’s a genius. I thought you’d like it.” I smiled at her. “Oh god Leila I love it! Remember… when we were kinds on Pacis and we…”
“Would look threw the window’s, and always call out which piece of jewelry was out favorite, that we’d go home and...”
“Try to make our own! And they…”
“Always ended up looking like crap.” She finished, and I smiled. “Thanks Leila.” I said, and hugged her. “Of course.” She said. she looked almost at tears of joy. “Now me.” Alarik said, and tossed her a box. She caught it, and opened it finding the newest Holograper. “Aww, thanks Alarik.”
“I knew you lost yours so…”
“Oh shut up.” I snorted rolling my eyes. Master Jason smiled fatherly at me, and passed me an unwrapped divise. “What is it?” I asked him. He smiled. “It’s a memory capturer. You turn it on, think of a moment and it puts it into picture. So, when ever you feel down, you can relive, and watch the good moments.” He said, and smile. I broke into this crazy smile. “Aww! Thanks Ja- Master Jason. It means so much.” She said, and hugged him. He half-hugged her awkwardly back. She pulled away, and Corona smiled at her. “Me, Adonis and Roman all had to pitch in for this one.” She explained, and smiled sweetly at me. I smiled. “Where is it?”
I didn’t realize Roman was gone until looking around a little bit.

Roman walked it the door, he was holding onto a light chain. I watched curiously, and at the end of the chain was a caller. And the caller was on…
“A dragon!” I screamed, swelling with the most huge excitement. Roman smiled, and I ran over to him hugging him. “Oh my gosh!” I screamed, and hugged Alarik and Corona, whom both blushed big time. “She’s a shape-changing dragon.” He explained. I smiled. “She’s very special. One of the last of her kind. Her name is Monique. I know, a prissy name but she’s feisty.” He smiled. “I can’t assure you that she’ll warm up to you…” But I wasn’t listening. I was fascinated with the ice blue, and white skin. The scales on her stomach, were a little of a darker blue. She had three horns on either side of her face, and then a single long one on the top. I crouched down, so we could see eye to eye. Right now, she was around the shape of a dog. She had sharp, beautifully curved talons. The part of the eye, that is supposed to be white, was entirely ice blue. The pupil, was white. Tiny spikes trailed on her long neck. Her white wings were tucked in, but when I crouched down she opened them up slightly so I could see the ice blue. Her teeth, small bu there were so many, sharp and smooth. She had a blue tongue too. The tip of her tail, was ice blue, and the rest of her shimmering white. We looked at each other for a few seconds, and I bowed my head respectively. She bowed her head back. I reached my hand out to touch her long snout… and she let me.
“Well, well, looks like I’m wrong.” Roman muttered. Corona smiled. “You sure do have a way with people…and animals don’t you Leta?” she asked, but I was zoned out. Monique seemed to smile at me, flashing her perfectly snow white teeth. I was totally, unaware that Master Jason had left, while I gapped at Monique’s beauty, and as she scanned me curiously. Her new master, her new best friend, her new rider.

“You’re late.” Said the King. “I know.” Master Jason said, and bowed. “I really am sorry King Skillet. I should have been here earlier, but one of my learners birthday was today. I had to be there to give her my present. “ he explained. “You blew us off for a birthday party?” he asked raising an eyebrow. “No.” Master Jason said.
“So, anyways what is in this for us.”
“You join Urbs, and the Lux Lucis Ferox and we give you protection. Free shipping, and passage into our kingdom.” He said, taking a seat. Urbs was one big city, on a planet.
King Skillet seemed to consider. “Maybe.” He said. “But… I don’t know I’ve got a better offer.”
“From whom?” Master Jason asked, already knowing the answer. The atrum Ferox. The Lux Ferox enemy, the dark ones.
They are Ferox, whom have chosen to work on the dark side of there Minomites. “Don’t trust them.” Jason said warned, when there was a silence. “Give me a second to consider.” Said the King. King Skillet, was the current ruler of Bellum. Planet of Warfare. They had the best, army in the universe. Jason nodded, as King Skillet stepped into the other room. He pulled out a holograper, and dialed… his… number. His image came up, but with a hood pulled so far over his head, you could only see the mouth. That is maybe you could of if there wasn’t a bandana there to cover it. His hands, hidden in gloves and the rest of him covered in a single dark robe. You couldn’t see a piece of his skin. “Lord Desessus.” He muttered. “Lord Jason is not willing to give up. I have tried a nice turn down to the alliance with him…”
“Than kill him.” He said his voice slightly muffled by the bandana. “But sir… I’m not possibly strong enough to kill a Lux Lucis Ferox. Especially not an Origanal…”
“Than I will send one of my own to get it done.” He hissed, and he gulped. A Atrum? Here? In his kingdom? “Surely there can be another way…”
“No, there is not. Jason needs to be killed. He’s been around long enough.”
its really good : )
This is really good. I love it!! Hurry up and write more!!!


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