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     The sun grew ever so brighter in the sky, which I knew meant that it was almost high noon. It had been twelve years since Renesmee my daughter had been born. And exactly twelve years now since I had become a vampire. Many things have stayed the same since then, though some things have changed alot. Like the fact that my parents Renee and Charlie died in a car accident when they went to get remarried- an event that no one had predicted- not even Alice. Our whole family dry sobbed/cryed if you want to call it that over their death. After their horribly sad and unpredicted deaths, we headed northwest towards Alaska. Once their we started homeschooling Nessie, and it wasn't until a few years ago when she was seven that she began going to public school. Me and my hubbie Edward became teachers. He became a Biology teacher, and I settled for teaching the kindergarden kids like my mom used to. I still find myself drysobbing over the realization that I'll never, ever see her again. Then again that's just one of the prices you pay when you are immortal. Also some newfangled secret vampire store opened near the Amazon where Zafrina lives. The store sells blood pops, blood sickles shaped like our favorite animals, and even blood disquised as human food. So no more just sitting there at the lunch table for us, which is good cause Eddy says it will lower suspicion. Other than that life has been going good until the immposible happened. Alice, Rosalie, Nessie, and I found ourselves pregnant after a dare to eat some wierd purple, spiky, and somewhat fuzzy exotic fruit. Yep, oh and another thing we have discovered other vampires as well. Weaker vampires that get a tatoo when they are to be turned and who go to the "House Of Night". well get used to that cause that's almost normal for my vamparic family.



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Please keep me updated! lol It sounds pretty interesing...
Okay ya' sure this seems to be a popular story better get on it right away.
this is cool you should write more!
please rite more!!
Hehe love it
Chapter One (Part One)

At the doctor's er... Carlisle's Office

I entered the small brightly lit- yet at the same time friendly- doctors office with its light blue walls and ceiling. Alice, Rose, and my daughter Nessie are not with me at the time. Instead they are back at home resting up and being totally bored, since they cannot hunt. No. They arn't eating human food. The fruit only allowed ourselves to change a little, but not enough to change back to humans. Instead, Emmett, Jasper, Jacob, and my Edward are bringing our food to us already killed. And if any passers by ask what we are doing with them- we say we are taking them home to clean and eat 'em. Typical things to do for the local hunters, so nothing is suspected about us. But the truth is we are not going to eat them, but we are rather going to suck their blood right out of them. Yes, we really are vampires. The real kind, not the explode in the sunlight, turn into bats, and have fangs type of fictional bolony the humans believe in. My dad- (I can not even bring up his name without causing me pain) didn't even believe in vampires at all. He said if they did exist then everybody'd be one by now. But wherever he is now I am sure he knows they exist. And that like it or not I am one. A really strange one at that because I am preggo. But, then again I am not the only one. Rose, Alice, and Nessie (who I personally think is WAY too young) are pregnant. Apromimently six and a half months pregnant, same as I am with protroding bellies to match. And currently my belly is HUGE, and I already am one size bigger than I was two weeks ago. Pregnancy is so fun- NOT!

Creak. The door in front of me flung open, and there stood Carslile who still looked as young and Zeus like as ever.

"Hello, Bella." He told me with excitment in his harmonous voice. Obviously he was excited about the baby, and I was too. Today I'd finally get to see the gender of my baby. Edward wanted to be with me, but with school and all today was the one day he could go hunting. Normally he'd just skip it, but he doesn't want me to be thirsty so he is going hunting for me. I raised my head, and extended my super pale smooth hand as a questure for a handshake.

"Hello to you too, Dr. Cullen." I said as I flashed my sparkly white teeth at him. He shook his head, laughed a series of bell like laughs, and said- "Please call me Carslile."

"Okay then. Nice to meet you, Carslile."

"Much better." He mouthed to me, while he motioned for me to lie down on one of those scratchy doctors office beds. After I lied down I lifted up my shirt, and Carslile put some gel on my big belly. Then he took the monitor thingy, turned on the screen, and showed me my baby.

"Oh by the way Mrs. Cullen..."

"Please call me, Bella." I inturupted.

"Erm... Bella you are having a..."

-And cliffhanger see if you can quess what she is having.-

Nicee :) i likee it .. very interesting

i can't imagine the happinesss rosalie feels about her being pregnant she always wanted a family :)

and i really cant imagine Alice's daughter :D ( i can't imagine alot of things xD )

very original

post soon



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