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Ok, so this is my first fanfiction. I thought about it, and I didn't want to recreate a Twilight story, I wanted to write something new. Inspired by the holiday, this game was created in my head. It was originally Jacob and Bella's game, but I thought it would be more fun to have a whole group of the Cullens take part. This is just the intro, but I'm going to post more.


Another day at the Cullens, and somehow I was still thrilled to be part of this family. I had my loving, perfect husband at my side, my beautiful daughter on my lap, and the rest of my vampire family sitting around me, with the addition of my werewolf best friend. What could get more perfect?

Suddenly, breaking the silence, Jacob spoke up. "Don't you guys ever get bored? I mean, living forever when there's really not much to do in this world. Why not make it interesting?"

Edward wasn't so keen on this idea. "Jacob, your're a werewolf, you've imprinted on my daughter, we've just escaped the clutches of the Volturi, barely, and you think life isn't interesting enough? What more is there?!"

"Well, I mean, fun. Games. Sports. That kind of stuff."

"Yeah, vampire football. That should be fun," Emmett commented in a sarcastic tone.

"Well, Emmett, if Jacob wants to spice things up, we should be open. Right? Let us see," Jasper said.

Everyone turned to look at Jacob to see what his idea of entertainment was. From my experience with him, it couldn't be good. There was so much commotion a teenage werewolf could stir up when trying to have fun, and I had a feeling I was going to be entangled in the mess.

"So I've been thinkin' about this for a while, and I got it. This is gonna be awesome. You ready?" Jacob was beginning to draw out the suspense. You could tell something more than just a basic game was coming. Emmett was leaning forward, eager, Jasper was looking thoughtful as if planning on fun, Edward had an expression that said he thought this was childish (most likely because it was Jacob's idea), Alice was smirking as she saw Jacob's plan, Rosalie looked semi-interested, and I was just confused.

"Spit it out!" I let my irritation seep into my voice.

"Okay, we are going to have a prank contest. Like April Fool's gone bad. But it never stops. And you can play the joke on any of us in this room, but whoever has the most creative prank wins. There are rules," Jacob said in an entertained tone.

I rolled my eyes on the outside, but on the inside I was a little nervous. A) I knew I would be an easy target. I mean, a gullible vampire, what could be more fun for them? B) Even though I was indestructable, my mind was calculating all the things that would go wrong, and it wasn't about my safety. They all involved public embarrassment, teasing-for-life, and the feeling of stupidity. C) Emmett, Jasper, and Jacob weren't ones to go easy. They would give no mercy, and wouldn't stop until they had succeeded. D) Creative wasn't in my description. I couldn't think of anything to really put anyone over the edge, especially if they saw it coming.

But with all the extra room in my vampire mind, it made it possible to think of the best parts of this game. My list was a good size, considering the negative aspects. I had Edward on my side, he wasn't about to pull a prank on me. With his mind-reading, we could easily overcome what our siblings (my sibling-in-laws) were waiting to dish out. My shield gave an advantage, so I wouldn't be cheated by Jasper and his overwhelming emotions. Emmett's strength, if he chose to use it, was nothing against mine. My newborn status hadn't wear off yet, so this was working out quite nicely. With that positive atmosphere that now swirled around my head, the planning was coming at full force.

Seeing how it had only been a couple seconds, I let my enthusiasm take over my words. "I'm in. Let the game begin."

Jacob grinned impishly and said, "Perfect. Now, some of your extra abilities in this family will make it challenging, but you have to rise to conquer it. Everyone must pull a prank at some point, and you may not consult with people outside of this group. That means Carlisle and Esme cannot participate, they will be the judge of creativity. You can team up with others, but not everyone can gang up on the werewolf, here." He grinned, and I knew that he could survive by himself just as well as a team could. Jake was ruthless when it came to jokes to inflict humiliation.

With that, we all separated to strategize the pranks that would await us tomorrow.

So, hope you liked the little introduction, and please comment. I need some suggestions for pranks, so please message me! (Wanting-To-Be-A-Cullen) Just send me a message with who plays the trick, who it's played on, and what happens. I wanna get some great ones, so start thinking!! More posting soon :)


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please comment and send me a message for suggestions!!
I like this! I think it's really good. when will you post more?:)
well im hoping tomorrow, but im not sure. i need some suggestions for pranks, but i have some in mind. so i would say tomorrow evening
hhhhmmm this should be interesting lol cant wait!!!!!
this sounds interesting continue.

Edward and I ran towards the cottage, no doubt thinking about the contest. I hadn't asked about his alliance yet, but I was sure he wouldn't refuse.

Once Renesmee was asleep in her bed, we ventured back out into the field. Making sure no one could eavesdrop, Edward spoke.

"So, what's your opinion?" he started out timidly.

"Well, I was turning this in my mind for a while, and I think I have a conclusion. We're going to win," I said in a business tone.

A smile lighted up his face as he heard the "we" in my sentence. Opening up my shield to his power, I pondered the possibilities. Edward's eyes widened at my approach at our competition. His lips were suddenly on mine, and I could feel his excitement to begin seeking our prey. Jasper.

At vampire speed, he was behind me, hugging my waist. "I never knew you were so devious, Bella. Some experience you haven't told me about?"

Turning to see that his eyebrow was raised and that there was a smirk on his lips, I replied in a way I knew he wouldn't resist. "Well, when you think of beating your siblings, nothing's going to stop you, is it? Let's crush 'em," I said in a sly tone.

Sweeping me off my feet, he ran us back into our cottage for a night of cunning preparation to humiliate our victim. Well, mostly.

just a little add-on to hold some suspense for the first attack of the pranks. jasper's going to get it first, so please give some suggestions!! thanks :)
hmmm...i like it!
Awesome! Really good already. Can't wait for more!
umm idk what u should do to jasper but somthing that gets him good!! keep it going its awesome!!!!!
Hey! This is going really well - please PM me when it is updated
I think to prank Jake your should make Bella act like she's relly thirsty then have Renesmee help. After a while have Jake walk in and she Bella drinking Renesmee though she's not really drinking her obviously
i wonder who will be the most creative?? i cant wait for more:)


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