The Twilight Saga

Bella & Edward love story!!!

Bella is a vampire that lives alone, but forges her school papers considering she is 17. She lives in an abandon forest close to Forks High School. Edward is in a steady relationship with Tanya and they live with Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, and Carlisle. Would Edward be interested sinse shes the first vampire that goes to Forks High School, drinks animal blood thats outside of his family and he cant read her mind? Would the Cullen clan be curious about Bella? Or would they think that Bella will cause trouble?

It's my first ff, so please tell me what you think. :)

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Its good
Thank you Roman Cullen :) I hope others do too! You are the first to comment and thank you!

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
Love it.. keep me updated!!!
Thank you Ashley Jordan! :) ill keep you updated but if I cant send a message, ill definetly comment on your page

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}

i like it...hope u post more :)


Thank you Denice :) I most likely will post more tomorrow afternoon. Just gotta have to think on ideas.

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
Sounds great...can't wait to read more!
Thank you Kelley Brady :) hope to post more tomorrow
post it it sounds really interesting keep me updated please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you TheArtsyType_xD!! sorry to reply late, but ill definetly do my best to update you! If I cant message, ill definetly comment on your page!!! Ill hopefully write tomorrow afternoon! *smiles*

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
it perfect u should write the first chapter plzzzzzz add me as a friend?!

Thank you Alyssa Cullen *smiles* unfortinitly I cant add anyone as a friend due to that im using my phone. Ill most likely posting tonight

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}


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