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Bella & Edward love story!!!

Bella is a vampire that lives alone, but forges her school papers considering she is 17. She lives in an abandon forest close to Forks High School. Edward is in a steady relationship with Tanya and they live with Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, and Carlisle. Would Edward be interested sinse shes the first vampire that goes to Forks High School, drinks animal blood thats outside of his family and he cant read her mind? Would the Cullen clan be curious about Bella? Or would they think that Bella will cause trouble?

It's my first ff, so please tell me what you think. :)

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It's good. keep writing. cant make a firm decision until i read MORE. *hint hint*
*laughs* I hope to write tonight. I hope you like what I write. I totally get the hint *smiles*

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
sounds interesting, plz keep me updated
Thanks Jordan *smiles* ill do my best to.

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
Here's the first chapter I hope you guys like it!!! :) Enjoy!

Bella's POV

It's the first day of high school for my junior year. I really hated going to school cause I knew the material inside and out, but I need to keep up with my apperence. It wouls cause talk about me if a seventeen year old didnt go to school. I live alone in a forest in Forks, Wahington. I heard that it's mostly cloudy and has lots of rain. Ive always been alone, my whole life or my exsitence, whatever you wanna call it, I was out of the group. People would judge me be the way I look, with my long brown hair, my cold hard skin and my golden eyes. This year I was determind to have friends even if I was different. But of course im different, because im a vampire.

School started in forty minutes, I wanted to be early to get my schedule and to know where all my classes were. I decieded to wear some blue jean pants, along with a red long sleeve shirt to seem like it was cold here when it really wasnt. Instead of running to school, I chose to drive my new light blue camero.

When I arrived, I stayed inside it, waiting for other students to come. I got bored, so I got out to get my schedule. But as soon as I opened my door, I smelled them. I knew I would meet vampires but I didnt expect to find any to go to school. I was suddenly overwelmed with their scents. Judging by how many I smelled, I guessed about five or six other vampires. They better not be here to find sweet blood and kill them. Then suddenly the bell rang and I raced to class, hoping these vampires dont cause too much trouble.


Sorry its short. I will hopefully post more soon like on wednesday. I hope you like it. Please give me feedback. Now I have a question, should I do chapters in both Bella's and Edward's POV? *smiles*
i like the idea :) please keep writting!
Thank you Kaleidoscope Eyes. I was very nervous when I posted it. Of course ill write more *smiles*

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}

Love it!!!

Thank you Ashley Jordan! Ill try to post chapter 2 some time this week. *smiles*

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
love it! love it! LOVE IT!!! update me soon.this story is amazing!!


love it post more soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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