The Twilight Saga

"DADDY COME ON LETS GO ALREADY!" I screamed at my dad, he had promised my he would take me ice skating.

"Alright doll, lets go" we set off in my dads out-of-date chevy truck. "Dad does this thing go any slower" we couldn't have been going faster than 30 or 40 mph and I really wanted to get to the ice-rink. " No hating on my truck" dad said  laughing at himself. As I turned from my dad to look out the window I felt eyes stabbing into my back like a thousand knifes all at ones. I looked at my dad who was happily singing so old 80's song on the radio. I must just be over reacting

"HOLY CRAP" my dad yelled as he slammed on the breaks. I turned to see what he had stopped for, thinking that it was an animal. I was wrong, I was very, very wrong. Right in the middle of the road about half a mile away stood a person covered head to toe in black. Within seconds he was at my fathers window smashing it with his fist. My screams were locked into me, I couldn't make a sound, shock had stollen my ablitly to speak. Over my silent screams my dad didn't put up a fight with the man dragging him out of the window, he welcomed it as if he had been waiting for the made to come his entire life.

" I love you" he whispered before being murdered right before my eyes. It all became too much and the screams that had been locked away erupted from my mouth. This was a bad idea. The Man in black ran to my side within a blink of my eye, smashed my window and hit my head so hard I could no longer breath. The only thing I noticed over the darkness that threatened to invade me was the coolness of his hand. It was ice cold. not a normal cold hand but like it was frozen.

Then the blackness became to much and I welcomed the peaceful dark.

This is a story about a different way Bella finds Edward and the Cullens

Should I continue writing this? Please comment

Love Rhi


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Will Edward rescue her?  It could be interesting to see how things develop in this story!


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