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what if Bella was Aro's daughter what would happen when she meets edward? should i write this fanfic, give me your opinion please.

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I'll get right on it.
I've decided to make Bella the only Volturi guard that is a vegetarian. Is that cool? I need opinions!!!!
Really cool!

Yes write it!
But maybe Bella is a vampire with a conscince and doesn't want to kill people, just another thought.

I like this idea, will you let me know when you write it? I like that she would still be a she adopted or his actual daughter from when he was human that he changed when was old enough? Maybe her mother was killed by a vampire so she decided to be vegetarian ?
My friend and I came up with this during my World History class, we were suppoused to be studying for an exam but... anyways enjoy!!! Also give me your opinion I'd love to hear it. These characters are all SM's.

This was seriously getting boring. I really wish I could sleep. I can't really remember what it feels like to sleep though, so maybe that's not such a good idea. Still having to sit here in a meeting for who knows how long is not what a vampire should be doing. I could feel my face screw up in a pout.
"Ah, yes lets get this meeting started" said my father, Aro, one of the three leaders of the Volturi, or vampire royal family, whatever you prefer to call it. He seemed excited which was not something totally new but, it still suprised me.
"Well I've called this meeting between the highest ranking guards because I have decided to invite and old friend and his family to our castle for a while, his name is Carlisle Cullen, and I wondered if anyone had an objection?" he asked. I often wonder why we even have these meetings its not like what we think matters. I really hope these "Cullens" aren't more annoying nomads. At the end of the meeting it was decided that the Cullen "family" was to come to Volterra, Wonderful. "Bella, Bella!!" Alec pulled me from my reverie. "Listen Bella, I was wondering are you ever going to go out with me, your father seems to think its a good idea, why don't you just be a good girl and listen to him." he said. To be perfectly honest i couldn't imagine having to go out with Alec, he is like a brother to me there is no way i would EVER date him. Anyways i decided to respond in a cordial way, " Alec, I'll go out with you when the Cullen's come I'll need to keep my distance you know how the other vampires feeding habits tempt me." i replied. Sometimes being the only vegetarian guard in the Volturi was really tiring. But it's worth it, my conscious is clear and i dont feel like a monster.I was not only the only vegetarian in the Volturi but I was the also the only one who felt bad for the humans we killed.


A monster, sometimes this is exactly what I feel like. Ever since Carlisle saved me and I became a Vampire I feel like a monster. I rebell against the thirst that taunts me daily, for precisely this reason, "I don't want to be a monster." I repeated to myself. "Edward!!!" Alice ran into my room and stayed in the center of it hopping up and down. "Guess what, we're going on a Vacation, to Italy to see Aro, Carlisles old friend!" she continued happily. "Oh" she said while her eyes seemed to be looking at something far away, she was having a vision. "It looks like some of them are not that friendly" she said frowning. "Oh well. So do you want to go with Esme and me shopping for our trip" she asked hopefully. "Sorry Alice you know I'd just be in your way, you go and have fun with Esme." i said this and she turned to walk out pouting. "Wait!" she turned to me as I asked this and said "We're leaving tonight." she said as she walked out of the room and left me to do my packing. Her final thoughts before leaving were, " pack lightly the whole point of a vacation is to shop." Living with a psychic was really annoying, but Alice was my favorite sister.

My father made me and Alec pick the Cullens up from the airport. I was wearing a black miniskirt with a dark blue blouse and black ballet flats, my long brown hair was just hanging down my back like any normal day. "I wonder what they look like." Alec commented as we waited for our visitors. As i was scanning through the crowds, I saw a group of seven people and their by their looks i could tell they were vampires. The leader, was blonde and was walking with who would obviously be his mate, she had caramel colored hair and looked like a very nice and motherly. I imagine my mother would have looked like that, but thinking about that will only make me feel bad so i seperated it from my mind. Behind them came a small pixy like girl with short spiky hair who looked like she was VERY excited, beside her was a blonde male who looked overwhelmed. Behind them came a blonde girl who was very beautiful and beside her was a tall muscular man with curly brown hair, they were obviously together they could barely keep their hands off each other. I was looking at these three couples when the last member of the family appeared. He was tall muscular and had bronze hair, he was very attractive. What surprised me more was that their eyes were golden, they were vegetarians!!
This is great, please continue!! =)
I love it! Please write more! send me updates when you do! :-)
the whole point of vacations is to shop! she looked VERY excited! i luv this keep going!
I LOVE IT !!!! plz write more
its really intresting
write more plz
and you can write what aro think about his daughter as a vegeterian
ill be glad 2 read more
hey you should write more you are a great writer.


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