The Twilight Saga

When Forks Private High School offers a year long program that travles to 4 different countries in a year Bella Swan is intrigued. The program consists on starting at the end of Junior year and ends at the end of senior year. The students travle to Brazil for 3 months, Bali for 3 months, India for 3 months, and Paris for 3 months. Only 36 students are selected for the program and Bella happends to be one ot them.


Summary: Bella Swan lives in the poorer side of Forks. Her father just passed away from cancer and Bella just turning 18 can live alone. When her school offers her a chance to travle the world she takes it to take her mind off of life. Edward Cullen is is the son of the biggest buisness man in the country. He and his sister take the trip to escape from their home. When he meets Bella Swan he is instantly intrigued but realizes she's way to good for him even though she's much poorer.


Cullen-Edward(18) Alice(17, adopted)


Hale-Jasper(18) Rosalie(18)



Chapter 1: Take Off



There are moments that come where you can't find the words, where you don't know how to react. Your body is numb with fear and heartbreak. Your mind can't process the actions that have taken place. Your compleatly distraut and in compleate deniel. Guilt pours through you and 'what if' questions fog your thoughts. You, for once in your life know what it's like to be compleatly alone. It's not a good feeling either, you just feel like their's no reason to go on. But there is, you find a cause a hope to keep you pushing though even though you know it will be hard. And pushing through is exactly what you need to do. I'm in those moments right now. The line of reality and dreams is blurred to the point of confusion. The truth is I still am numb and hope to remain so. I don't want to feel the pain I can't right now, I don't want to try and visualize life with out him, with out all of him by my side. The doctors say that i'm shock and that i'll escape it soon but like I said I don't want to. I know pain awaits me the moment I start to process thoughts again and I don't want that. Everyone has sympathy, and sorrow for me but I don't want it. If I could only go back and change it so that none of it happend, I only wish I could.


I came out of my daze with Mr. Henson talking to us on the megaphone. I sighed and looked out the airplane window. The plane would take off any moment but I wish it would happen faster so I didnt have a chance to change my mind for the 30th time. I was given a full paied chance to go on this trip right before he passed. He told me I was stupid if I passed up a chance like this. I told him Id think about it. The day after he died I accepted. I knew he would want me to do it. I sighed trying to get my mind off of the subject. Someone took the seat next to me. I looked up at him. Edward Cullen.

"Bella right?" He asked me. I nodded and looked back out the window. I was mentally preparing myself for the 13 hour and 33 minute flight of pure time alone with my thoughts. I honestly scared me. I was never used to that much time alone with my thoughts. I took a deep breath as the pilot briefed us for the flight. I shut the window and tryed to get confertable in my first class seat.

"Are you excited to go around the world." A velvty voice asked. I looked over to him and lookeded into his emrold green eyes. I chuckled and looked away from him. He chuckled as well and started to twidle his fingers nervosly. I looked back at him and waited untill her retunred my gaze.

"Yes im exicted." I told him and looked away once more. A small pixie head poped up next to Edward. I reconized her from school. Alice Cullen the entergeic adopted daughter of the Cullen family. The Cullen family, the biggest known family in the world. They owned the biggest buisness in the whole world and have been in the press constantally. I'm sure Edward and Alice will be reconized.

"Your Bella Swan right?" Alice asked. Edward looked at her and nodded."I've herd about you. Your like a genius right? Don't answer I've herd you were alreayd accepted to Harvard too. I wish I could get into harvard. Edward applied to Harvard i'm sure he'll get in. He's smart too. You guys should have intelligent talks with each other. What do you want to study at Harvard?" She just kept going.

"Hey Alice." I asked her. She stoped and looked at me with wide eyes."I guess you could call me a genius, I was accepted to Harvard, I will be attending, I think it's great that Edward's smart, If you want to go to Harvard you have to try very hard, might be too late though, Intelligent talks are just normal conversations, and I want to study medicine." Both her and Edward stared at me for a second."Now if you excuse me I want to sleep."

"Belly bear." A famliar voice called. I shrunk in my seat. Only one person called me that and then he appeard. Emmett stood aboce Alice and smiled at me. I looked at him and tryed to crack a faint smile. It had been only a few months since we broke up. What was he even doing here. I looked at Edward and he stared at Emmett curisoly. Im's sure he reconized him. Emmett attended Forks Private last year when he was a senior. He lead the school to their first champion ship.

"Hey your Emmett McCarty, head quarterback. What are you doing here?" Edward asked. Emmett didn't take his eyes off of me but contined to answer Edward's question. He was here because he was asked to chaperone and just had to accept. This trip just became very complacated.

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Omg...Love it keep me updated!!!
<3 this! I recommend spell check though! If you download fire fox mozilla it had automatic spell check!
sounds great....write more soon
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post more i love it !!!!!!!!!!please keep me updated!!!!!!!

Chapter 2:The Flight



Emmett made a way of sitting with Alice right behind Bella and I which seemed to irritate Bella. She did her best for the first hour to listen to music and drown out the rest of us. Alice fell asleep quickly. Emmett took a quick look at Bella.

"How do you know her." I asked him. He looked at me and chuckled lightly. His eyes drifted and he looked as if was drifting. It reminded me of the look that dad get's. When people look at the Cullen family they see a family that is well put together, and a family that has it all. I wish I could tell all of them what it was really like. Tell them that I barley ever see my father, that my mother hides everything inside her, that my sister could runaway at any moment and that I am so lost that I barley reconize my reflection. I could tell them that but that would just ruin our perfect reputation. No one would understand anyway. They buy our perfect act, I wish that just one person would be able to see though it.

"We met three years ago, her freshman year my sophomore." Emmett's voice brought me out of my thoughts. "I guess I was intrigued by her at first, but suddenly she was the only person I wanted to spend time with. I fell in love fast, can't say she returned the love. She is very stubborn let's put it at that. She's very selfless as well, it scares me how she's so ready she is to help everyone else but never ready to help herself. I think I asked her out 20 times before she finally said yes. From there it just blossomed until her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer  7 months ago. He was given 6 months to live but he died the day after her 18th birthday. She broke up with me two days later. I don't think she could take it." It was hard to take all this in with him sitting right behind me. I turned to look back at him.

"She lost her father." I asked him. He nodded. I tried to imagine life without my father. Even though he's never around. I don't think I could imagine living with out the way he constantly ignores me. Growing up with out him made me strong but if I did grow up with him and he just died I don't think I'd be stable enough to go on a year long trip. I looked at Bella who was quietly listening to music and looking out the window. She seemed normal. That shows how much I pass her over.

"She's actually on her own now. Her mother walked out when she was little and Bella just found out she died almost 3 years ago. She's completely on her own now. The lawyer that wrote Charlie's will wanted Bella to go to a shrink and maybe into foster care but in his will it said if Bella's 18 she get's everything and shouldn't have to go into foster care." Emmett said. I kept staring at Bella and she turned to look at me. She took her ear plugs out."I think unconsciously he died after her birthday so that she wouldn't have to go into foster care." Bella's eyes narrowed and she looked at Emmett.

"Are you giving him my life story Emmett because I'm pretty sure I could do that, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. I can't believe you'd just tell some random person all about me. It's not your story to tell, it's not a story for me to tell. It's personal and my life and I thought we covered how personal it was when you tried to get me to go to the shrink. You make think your doing good Emmett, letting people know about my miserable life story but your not, the less people know the better. I don't need the pity. " Bella's voice cracked towards the end. She unbuckled and headed towards the bathroom.

"I'll be back," I mumbled and followed her. When I got to the bathroom door I herd crying."Bella?"

"Go away." Her voice was muffled and broken but still amazingly clear.

"Your not the only one with a pathetic life story. I have one too." I said. I herd her laugh.

"Your Mr. Perfect, how is that possible." She asked.

"Open the door and I'll tell you." I said. I waited. Her crying had died down, it was just simply sniffling. She unlatched the door and it flew open. I came in and shut the door behind me. She was sitting on the covered toilet. "That's gross, even if it's first class I'm sure it's filthy. She chuckled. I squatted in front of her. To steady myself I placed my hands on her knees. "Growing up, I went from boarding school, to boarding school. When I saw my family it was when my father was telling me he was going to get remarried. When he married Esme those visits stopped. The only reason we're going top Forks Private is because Esme thought we should spend more time with them, but you know she hides everything she feels, she pretends that our family isn't falling apart and my father. The last time I saw him was 3 months ago when he asked me If I wanted to go on this trip, and we live in the same house. Alice is so close to just giving up and running away, I can see it in her eyes and I. I don't even know who I am." I let it all out and to be honest it felt good. She was the only person I had every told. She reached and hugged me. I took a deep breath and hugged her.

"We're both messed up." She said. I took a deep breath and held her there for a second."You probably got the short version from Emmett, there's a lot more and I'm sure there's a lot more to your story too."

"This is a lot to take in on a flight." I said. She laughed without smiling to be frank I don't think I've seen her smile yet.

Completely awesome! Can't wait for more. :)

Chapter 3:The First Night



I woke up in a very comfortable bed with pillows surrounding me. I sat straight up and looked around the room. The TV was on somewhere in the suite. I saw a light peering though under the bedroom door. I looked over in the other bed. Alice was laying in the bed passed out in pajamas. I slid out of bed and tried to find my suit case. I tripped over a purse and finally made it to the door. I pulled it open and shut it quietly behind me. The bright light almost blinded me. I blinked a few times and looked to my right. Edward was a asleep on the pull out couch with no shirt on. I saw a bunch of suitcases by the door. I found mine and dug through them until I found my pajamas. I herd shifting on the pull out couch behind me. I turned and saw Edward staring at me. I gave him a faint smile and looked away. I zipped the case back up.

"You were half asleep the whole time during baggage claim and then fell asleep on the ride home. It's me, Alice, Emmett, and Jasper Hale in this suite. Apparently they trust Emmett enough to make sure nothing happens." I herd Edward say. I stood up and walked over to the couch. I pulled a seat next to it and say. I glanced at my phone for the time. It was 2:35 in the morning their time. I stretched  and looked down at Edward, who had his eyes closed. I chuckled.

"Thanks," I told him. He nodded and rolled back over. I turned the light off and turned the TV off as well before returning to Alice and I's room.

"Bella wait." Edward voice called. I turned around and walked back into his "area". I sat back in the chair in the dark."Emmett said you dad died only a month ago. Why are you on this trip?" I swallowed hard and looked at my hands without actually seeing them. I took a breath and looked back in Edwards direction.

"I was given the offer the day my dad died. We both knew that he was going to die soon and he told me to make him a promise. The promise was that I wouldn't live with regrets and take any chance if it would change my life and by not accepting this offer was breaking both promises. So the day after when I was making life changing decisions I called the school and accepted." I stopped talking my words trailing off. I could feel him staring in the dark.

"I think your a very strong person Bella," He whispered. I smiled something he wouldn't see and I returned to my room. I put my pajamas on and laid back down. I was asleep in now time.




We all woke up around 8:00. Emmett was staring at a schedule we had to abide to for he duration of our trip. Bella was the last to stumble out her room in a sports bra and sweat pants. I looked away feeling my face flush. She walked over to Emmett and took the schedule out of his hands. She squinted at the clock and shrugged. She walked over to Alice.

"So are we going to be best friends now?" Bella asked her. Alice's face lit up as she hugged Bella."Okay guys Breakfast is at 9:00, what shall we do." Alice started to play with Bella's hair and then her face lit up. She sprinted to her bag and pulled out a straightener. Bella's face froze and she shook her head. Emmett put the schedule down.

"So today we are just taking a day to unwind and unpack and go to the pool and such so, we're not going anywhere." Emmett." Hey Jazz where's your sister?" Jasper looked away from Alice to Emmett. Jasper chuckled and sighed.

"She'll join us when we go to Bali," Jasper said. I had known Jasper since we were little but over the years we had started to grow apart."Honesty in my opinion, I think we should unpack and take naps." Alice smiled at him, and I rolled my eyes. She's had a crush on him since she was like 9. Bella became curious as she looked between Alice and Jasper, She met my gaze and lifted an eyebrow. I shrugged.







Bella, Edward, Alice, Emmett, and Jasper's layout of suite

Alice and Bella's Room

Jasper's roomEmmett's room


love it!!!
Post more soon i love it keep me update please!!!!!

love it pls keep me updated and pleassssssssse post more!!!!! :D



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