The Twilight Saga

When Forks Private High School offers a year long program that travles to 4 different countries in a year Bella Swan is intrigued. The program consists on starting at the end of Junior year and ends at the end of senior year. The students travle to Brazil for 3 months, Bali for 3 months, India for 3 months, and Paris for 3 months. Only 36 students are selected for the program and Bella happends to be one ot them.


Summary: Bella Swan lives in the poorer side of Forks. Her father just passed away from cancer and Bella just turning 18 can live alone. When her school offers her a chance to travle the world she takes it to take her mind off of life. Edward Cullen is is the son of the biggest buisness man in the country. He and his sister take the trip to escape from their home. When he meets Bella Swan he is instantly intrigued but realizes she's way to good for him even though she's much poorer.


Cullen-Edward(18) Alice(17, adopted)


Hale-Jasper(18) Rosalie(18)



Chapter 1: Take Off



There are moments that come where you can't find the words, where you don't know how to react. Your body is numb with fear and heartbreak. Your mind can't process the actions that have taken place. Your compleatly distraut and in compleate deniel. Guilt pours through you and 'what if' questions fog your thoughts. You, for once in your life know what it's like to be compleatly alone. It's not a good feeling either, you just feel like their's no reason to go on. But there is, you find a cause a hope to keep you pushing though even though you know it will be hard. And pushing through is exactly what you need to do. I'm in those moments right now. The line of reality and dreams is blurred to the point of confusion. The truth is I still am numb and hope to remain so. I don't want to feel the pain I can't right now, I don't want to try and visualize life with out him, with out all of him by my side. The doctors say that i'm shock and that i'll escape it soon but like I said I don't want to. I know pain awaits me the moment I start to process thoughts again and I don't want that. Everyone has sympathy, and sorrow for me but I don't want it. If I could only go back and change it so that none of it happend, I only wish I could.


I came out of my daze with Mr. Henson talking to us on the megaphone. I sighed and looked out the airplane window. The plane would take off any moment but I wish it would happen faster so I didnt have a chance to change my mind for the 30th time. I was given a full paied chance to go on this trip right before he passed. He told me I was stupid if I passed up a chance like this. I told him Id think about it. The day after he died I accepted. I knew he would want me to do it. I sighed trying to get my mind off of the subject. Someone took the seat next to me. I looked up at him. Edward Cullen.

"Bella right?" He asked me. I nodded and looked back out the window. I was mentally preparing myself for the 13 hour and 33 minute flight of pure time alone with my thoughts. I honestly scared me. I was never used to that much time alone with my thoughts. I took a deep breath as the pilot briefed us for the flight. I shut the window and tryed to get confertable in my first class seat.

"Are you excited to go around the world." A velvty voice asked. I looked over to him and lookeded into his emrold green eyes. I chuckled and looked away from him. He chuckled as well and started to twidle his fingers nervosly. I looked back at him and waited untill her retunred my gaze.

"Yes im exicted." I told him and looked away once more. A small pixie head poped up next to Edward. I reconized her from school. Alice Cullen the entergeic adopted daughter of the Cullen family. The Cullen family, the biggest known family in the world. They owned the biggest buisness in the whole world and have been in the press constantally. I'm sure Edward and Alice will be reconized.

"Your Bella Swan right?" Alice asked. Edward looked at her and nodded."I've herd about you. Your like a genius right? Don't answer I've herd you were alreayd accepted to Harvard too. I wish I could get into harvard. Edward applied to Harvard i'm sure he'll get in. He's smart too. You guys should have intelligent talks with each other. What do you want to study at Harvard?" She just kept going.

"Hey Alice." I asked her. She stoped and looked at me with wide eyes."I guess you could call me a genius, I was accepted to Harvard, I will be attending, I think it's great that Edward's smart, If you want to go to Harvard you have to try very hard, might be too late though, Intelligent talks are just normal conversations, and I want to study medicine." Both her and Edward stared at me for a second."Now if you excuse me I want to sleep."

"Belly bear." A famliar voice called. I shrunk in my seat. Only one person called me that and then he appeard. Emmett stood aboce Alice and smiled at me. I looked at him and tryed to crack a faint smile. It had been only a few months since we broke up. What was he even doing here. I looked at Edward and he stared at Emmett curisoly. Im's sure he reconized him. Emmett attended Forks Private last year when he was a senior. He lead the school to their first champion ship.

"Hey your Emmett McCarty, head quarterback. What are you doing here?" Edward asked. Emmett didn't take his eyes off of me but contined to answer Edward's question. He was here because he was asked to chaperone and just had to accept. This trip just became very complacated.

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Love it!!!!
Great Chapter!!! LOVED IT!
Love it
love it, update me.(:



Awwww EDWARD JUST GET IT THREW YOUR HEAD THAT YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO LOVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! cant wait for more!

Chapter 8- On The Other Side



I woke up acing and sore, not looking forward to the day. I knew from last night that we were just spending the day at the beach. I rolled over in my bed and looked over at Alice who was sleeping peacefully. I took a deep breath and glanced outside. It was still very much dark outside. I slipped out of bed and headed into the kitchen while walking into someone.

"Hey I was just about to come talk to you." I recognized Edwards voice immediately. I took a deep breath and stumbled to a light and flipped it on. I looked at him as he had a cheesy crooked smile on his face. I chuckled as a sudden thought flashed through my head. I kept my thoughts to myself no need to be rude. Edward sat at one of the bar stools and I shuffled around the kitchen. I poured us some water. "I think we need to talk about that kiss."

"It was just a kiss Edward. It meant nothing, not to me and to you." I said as I took a sip of water. I knew I was lying though my teeth but I was hoping he wouldn't notice. He stared at me for a moment before nodding. "We were tired and we didn't really know what was happening. I mean yeah your a great kisser- but it meant nothing."

"Do you really mean that or are you covering your real feelings." He said. I froze. "Because I think I'm finally starting to understand you. Your scared to having feelings." I started to interrupt. "Wait let me finish. You've lost a lot of people right, all people you've loved. I think you don't create relationships because your scared you'll loose that person."

"Congratulations do you want a cookie, for your amazingly false accusation." I half yelled. I stared at him for a moment longer before I herd an alarm go off. I looked in the direction of Emmett's room."I better take a shower before he takes all the hot water."




I grabbed Bella's arm before she could walk away from me. I stared into her doe eyes for a moment before speaking.

"I think I'm falling in love with you Bella." I told her. Her eyes widened before she shook her head. She smiled at me for a moment and pulled out of my grip. She placed a delicate hand on my face. She stoked my cheek and let her smile fade."I do." I could see that her eyes were arguing with me. She sighed and let her hand drop.

"Your falling in love with the idea of me, Edward." I gave a confused look."I have just as many problems as you so you feel that you can relate but trust me, I'm not someone you can love." She walked out the room. What did she mean shes not someone I can love. Just a few hours ago I thought that she was crazy for asking me questions about my life, I thought a few days ago she was beautiful, and now moments had passed and I thought she was messing with me. God, Bella Swan was a tough girl to understand. But I would get her to have feelings for me as well.

"You know she's right." I herd Alice's tired voice. I looked over in her direction and she walked over and sat next to me. "But she's also wrong. You are falling in love with the idea of her but not because you can relate to her but because she's almost exactly like Rose. They have the same toughness, and braveness. They share tough pasts and promising futures. Your not falling in love with her, your falling in love with the part of her that is like Rose." I stared at her.

"I don't love Rose not anymore and I'm not falling for Bella because she's like Rose, she isn't like Rose." I said.

"You'd be surprised Edward. You've only seen parts of her the parts she wants you to see. You know I'm right. I'm the one who lives in the same room as her. She's like Rose a lot like her, I don't want to see you hurt again okay. I know Bella wouldn't intentionally hurt you but if you fall for her Edward you'll just keep falling because she has a future planned out and you don't." She said." I'm not trying to be mean, but she can't have you holding her back." I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. She was right Bella needed someone with a path planned and I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. She needed something better some one who could support her not play her. Now instead of getting her to like me I had to get her to dislike me.


*hey guys ally here. I'm so sorry that i haven't updated lately. I got all four of my wisdom teeth out on thurs and before that I was on a cruise. I am back now and so ready to write. I know that Edwrard is having alot of mixed feeling btu i've written it so edward would need to find himself though bella.. so please read and enjoy love alwyas AlRob

PLEASE keep me updated! This story is awesome :) Great job.
Okay as long as Bella and Edward get to together... Love it! hope your mouth feels better!
thanks! that means alot:)
Love it


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