The Twilight Saga

When Forks Private High School offers a year long program that travles to 4 different countries in a year Bella Swan is intrigued. The program consists on starting at the end of Junior year and ends at the end of senior year. The students travle to Brazil for 3 months, Bali for 3 months, India for 3 months, and Paris for 3 months. Only 36 students are selected for the program and Bella happends to be one ot them.


Summary: Bella Swan lives in the poorer side of Forks. Her father just passed away from cancer and Bella just turning 18 can live alone. When her school offers her a chance to travle the world she takes it to take her mind off of life. Edward Cullen is is the son of the biggest buisness man in the country. He and his sister take the trip to escape from their home. When he meets Bella Swan he is instantly intrigued but realizes she's way to good for him even though she's much poorer.


Cullen-Edward(18) Alice(17, adopted)


Hale-Jasper(18) Rosalie(18)



Chapter 1: Take Off



There are moments that come where you can't find the words, where you don't know how to react. Your body is numb with fear and heartbreak. Your mind can't process the actions that have taken place. Your compleatly distraut and in compleate deniel. Guilt pours through you and 'what if' questions fog your thoughts. You, for once in your life know what it's like to be compleatly alone. It's not a good feeling either, you just feel like their's no reason to go on. But there is, you find a cause a hope to keep you pushing though even though you know it will be hard. And pushing through is exactly what you need to do. I'm in those moments right now. The line of reality and dreams is blurred to the point of confusion. The truth is I still am numb and hope to remain so. I don't want to feel the pain I can't right now, I don't want to try and visualize life with out him, with out all of him by my side. The doctors say that i'm shock and that i'll escape it soon but like I said I don't want to. I know pain awaits me the moment I start to process thoughts again and I don't want that. Everyone has sympathy, and sorrow for me but I don't want it. If I could only go back and change it so that none of it happend, I only wish I could.


I came out of my daze with Mr. Henson talking to us on the megaphone. I sighed and looked out the airplane window. The plane would take off any moment but I wish it would happen faster so I didnt have a chance to change my mind for the 30th time. I was given a full paied chance to go on this trip right before he passed. He told me I was stupid if I passed up a chance like this. I told him Id think about it. The day after he died I accepted. I knew he would want me to do it. I sighed trying to get my mind off of the subject. Someone took the seat next to me. I looked up at him. Edward Cullen.

"Bella right?" He asked me. I nodded and looked back out the window. I was mentally preparing myself for the 13 hour and 33 minute flight of pure time alone with my thoughts. I honestly scared me. I was never used to that much time alone with my thoughts. I took a deep breath as the pilot briefed us for the flight. I shut the window and tryed to get confertable in my first class seat.

"Are you excited to go around the world." A velvty voice asked. I looked over to him and lookeded into his emrold green eyes. I chuckled and looked away from him. He chuckled as well and started to twidle his fingers nervosly. I looked back at him and waited untill her retunred my gaze.

"Yes im exicted." I told him and looked away once more. A small pixie head poped up next to Edward. I reconized her from school. Alice Cullen the entergeic adopted daughter of the Cullen family. The Cullen family, the biggest known family in the world. They owned the biggest buisness in the whole world and have been in the press constantally. I'm sure Edward and Alice will be reconized.

"Your Bella Swan right?" Alice asked. Edward looked at her and nodded."I've herd about you. Your like a genius right? Don't answer I've herd you were alreayd accepted to Harvard too. I wish I could get into harvard. Edward applied to Harvard i'm sure he'll get in. He's smart too. You guys should have intelligent talks with each other. What do you want to study at Harvard?" She just kept going.

"Hey Alice." I asked her. She stoped and looked at me with wide eyes."I guess you could call me a genius, I was accepted to Harvard, I will be attending, I think it's great that Edward's smart, If you want to go to Harvard you have to try very hard, might be too late though, Intelligent talks are just normal conversations, and I want to study medicine." Both her and Edward stared at me for a second."Now if you excuse me I want to sleep."

"Belly bear." A famliar voice called. I shrunk in my seat. Only one person called me that and then he appeard. Emmett stood aboce Alice and smiled at me. I looked at him and tryed to crack a faint smile. It had been only a few months since we broke up. What was he even doing here. I looked at Edward and he stared at Emmett curisoly. Im's sure he reconized him. Emmett attended Forks Private last year when he was a senior. He lead the school to their first champion ship.

"Hey your Emmett McCarty, head quarterback. What are you doing here?" Edward asked. Emmett didn't take his eyes off of me but contined to answer Edward's question. He was here because he was asked to chaperone and just had to accept. This trip just became very complacated.

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Chapter 11: Truth

It was late in he evening when Bella finally awoke. She hadn't been feeling good the night before and was told she needed rest. They would be catching a flight to Bali early the next morning. The rest of the month after Rosalie arrived passed very slowly. Edward had changed tremendously he hardly spoke a word to Bella after she had confessed her feelings. Sure he still gave her a small hello or a hug but nothing happend. She could see the way Edward looked at Rosalie, he was still very much in love with her but after she herd their story she count figure out why he still held o to Rosalie. Bella pushed herself out of her bed and walked into the kitchen. She saw Rosalie sitting at the counter reading a book. Bella had been trying to avoid Rose as much as possible, the second she net her she knew they wouldn't get along. As Bella headed back into her room she herd Rosalie call her name. She turned slowly. Rosalie had been crying. Her eyes were puffy and blood shot along with the fact that her make up was ruined.
"Can I talk to you. I need someone to talk to." her voice cracked as she spoke. Bella sighed and walked over to sit next to Rosalie. She didn't know what this was about but she didn't plan on listening for long. "Do you know what it's like to loose someone close to you?" Bella didn't say anything but just looked at her fingers and started to twirl her thumbs. "Jasper and i's older brother is in the army. His names Nathen. He died this morning I dont know how to tell Jasper." Bella saw the hurt and tears forming in Rosalie's eyes.
"I lost my father. I'm left to take care of myself since his death. I know what it's like to loose someone one. Yours was sudden though I can't relate to that. I knew he was going to die I got to say good bye. There's something you should know. Your probably junking that you never got to say goodbye or tell him you love him. You can do it now it's never to late." Bella's words came out as a soft whisper. Her father had told her that in his letters. She felt the pain in her chest returning. She saw Rosalie vaguely nod. Bella wrapped her arms around Rosalie and let the girl cry into her.

Edward had been in denil the last few weeks over what Bella had confessed. He was confused and scared. He didn't want to hurt Bella but he also want ready for a serious relationship. When he arrived home Bella was sitting on the couch watching tv. It was the first time in a few days he had seen her out of her room. He knew she was trying to reach out to him but yet he pushed her away. He felt as if they were back on square one. He went and sat next to her. He instantly knew she had been crying. When she looked at him the pain in her eyes made him cringe and he knew he caused some of it. He reached out for her hand but she pulled away.
"I've requested to go home." Those words made his heart break. He couldn't let her leave."You know I'm sitting here and I'm cryin because now that I've made this choice I don't want to leave you. You've done nothing but send me mixed signals and make me feel like crap. And yet I dot want to leave you."
"Then don't. I'm sorry I'm just confused the last time I've felt like this was with Rosalie and she hurt me. I don't want to get hurt and I don't want to see you get hurt but I don't want you to leave me." Edward watched Bella expression and could see that he choice was made. She looked at him and reached for his face. She didnt say inthing hut he could see the good bye in her eyes. She got off the couch and went by her bags that were placed at the door. He looked away he didn't want to see her leave. He wanted to know what brought this on and why she was leaving so suddenly. He knew it would be awhile until he got those answers. He couldn't believe it when the first tear fell but when the door shut they wouldn't stop falling he just lost her.

Dear readers,
Please don't come at me with pitch forks. I know I havnt written in forever. School is horrible. But here it is a chapter win a spin( 2 spins). I know most of you wernt expecting that and I'm sorry for causing any anger, confusion, disbelief, etc. I love all of you and Bella leaving was essential to this story. Spoiler! She wot be in the next few chapters but she will be back and you won't believe who brings her back:) you can go ahead and guess.
With love AlRob
Get up you big dummy and go after her!!!!!! Awesome chapter btw...

Love It!!!

Keep Me Updated...Seriously Edward GO AFTER HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is aweeesome please keep me updated please!!
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