The Twilight Saga


When Edward leaves Bella she becomes depressed and hangs with the wrong crowd. Division finds her and trains her to be the best. What happens when it turns out that the Volturi are the leaders of Division.... Hang on for the ride...



Chapter 1: Comment Page -2

Chapter 2: Comment Page -6

Chapter 3: Comment Page -11

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loved it update soon it was amazing
I will mii! <3
I will! <3

-new reader-

awesome story btw but y is edward forcing himself on her seriously as soon as he saw her and realized it was her he basically went crazy he is the one who left her.......i so dont get he trying to make her forgive him for what he did......after what she went through i dont think she would or could ever forgive him.......its his fault he should suffer.......make him feel how she did........after all.........he was the cause of all her pain........all she just wanted to get rid of her pain ( i dont approve of her with the hole drug addict thing but i understand why she did it).........MAKE HIM SUFFER..... the bella he knew is gone........this is the knew her.........the executioner.......

oh, Bella wasn't a addict on purpose! You'll find out more on the next chapter!

I totally understand that Edward should feel what she felt! <3 Don't worry! We have to make him suffer some more! <3

It will be a huge transistion and your right the bella he knew is gone but it doesn't mean there isn't any left! <3 Thank you for reading!!!!

wait who had bella? they drugged her? oh heck no! poor bells! and edward feels the guilt already? hmm...i wonder why

Youll find out more in the next chapter! <3 Thanks for reading! <3

i luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u so hvae 2 post more soon plzzzzzzzzzzz

edward need 2 totaly suffer lol :)


Definitely Denice! <3

I totally agree. I'm going to make her shoot him just for fun! He should totally suffer! <3

It does suck about the drug thing!

I will check out your story! <3

and it would be a total stress releiver! <3

Love it
Thank you!


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