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This takes place in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella in the woods after he breaks up with her. Bella is forced to come to reality but, can she??? I mean, can she really forget her first love as she blasts off on a whole new phase?? By doing this, Bella moves to Jacksonville with her mom for a new start. In the process of that she is faced with a lot of plentiful things and all of them causes her to become a totally different Bella. She moves back to Forks after a year with her mom because, she misses Charlie which causes her to face her past, the one who she never can forget. This Fan Fiction is going to be written in mostly Bella’s POV but, a lot of times others…So please let me know what you think that! All characters belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.

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Chapter 1 – “So much for my happy ending”
When Edward said the words that meant good-bye to my forever, I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how I could possibly live through another day without the one who brought my world so much pride and joy. I have never felt this way in my entire life. My favorite word "Forever" was a word that I will never hear again from the love of my existence. As I sit here on the forest floor the phrase "Bella, I Don't Want You Anymore" trickles in my head, I try to bring myself to the gist of reality but, I can’t seem to accept it. Maybe I am dreaming but, then again I am not that imaginative. If it wasn’t for the fact that, I cut myself Jasper would have never found me as a full course meal on my birthday. Maybe then Edward would still be here? I walked and walked trying to catch up with him maybe, just maybe he wasn’t really gone from my life. Time had no side, hours passed. It felt like time was frozen in place because, the forest floor looked the same. Finally my clumsy streak caught up with me, I tripped over something on the forest floor. Next thing I knew…everything went black. I curled up into a ball trying to find a way to even my breathing or at least make breathing possible. 4:00…6:00…7:00…8:00….It started to rain then, something bright came from the left side of the woods. All I could here was,
“Bella, Bella, Bella” the voice was deep and I knew it from somewhere.
“Are you hurt?”
“Bella, Bella can you hear me?” I didn’t want to respond all I knew was that Edward was gone. I am guessing 5 minutes or so pasted I was in someone else’s arms, arms that I will always recognize...Charlie’s. As he closes the door he couldn’t help but, yell
“Bella honey are you okay?” with panic in his voice.
All I could manage to say was, “He’s gone dad so, HELL NO!! Just leave me alone.” I ran up stairs knowing that I was hurting Charlie but, at the moment I really didn’t give a dame…”I need a break” was all that I could think to myself , thinking of a way to go about a new change. A harsh knock on the door startled me then, in came Charlie. I am guessing he never knows when to stay away when a female is emotional.
“Bella, I came to talk to you” he said as he sat at the end of my bed.
“Dad, I don’t want to talk to you or anyone. Didn’t you hear me when I said that he was gone?” I seemed to yell furious at him now, I couldn’t keep myself together I was falling apart minute by minute and all I wanted was to be alone.
“I understand that Bells but, as your father I am intended to make sure that you are okay and to make sure that your life is not at stake.” I just wanted to tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine but, he was just trying to see if I was okay.
“Bells, I know that you are really hurting right now and I wish that I could tell you that I know what you are going through but, please hear me out….when you were missing, I called your mom and she is on the way up. I really think that this is the best time for you to start over and leave your past behind you here in Forks. I know that I am not a female and I don’t know how or what to say to soothe you in this situation that’s why I think it’s best for you to go live with your mother. I mean, there is really nothing holding you back here anymore. As your father, I just want the best for you and I think that you leaving with your mom will be the best for all of us in this situation. Please don’t be mad at me, I just really have your best interest at heart. I love you bells"
I couldn’t think of anything to say but, I knew exactly what he was saying about the new start and I always knew that he has my best interest at heart. I guess a new start wasn’t a bad thing but, leaving the Edward phase in Forks now that was the hard part.

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this is really good i hope you keep writng cause i would really enjoy reading this story you alreay have me hooked can't wait for more
that is realy good i can't wait for more
hope you write soon is really good
write more it is realy good.
I loved this part...

his beautiful skin that was white as Antarctic ice, the most important one…the kisses that were like, a frozen ocean stretching to the horizon like a white desert. I missed every part of my “Forever.” I am nothing without him. How can people say that letting go is easy when, it’s not?

Very well written!!!!!!!!!!!
no edward where are u, u idiot jake is moving in on your girl hurry edward hurry omg this story is really good please please write more soon can't wait, i'm addicted u rock lol a freind
Love the story! More please! & update me
i like it
I love it!!!

You need to write more!
good job :] keep writing! :)
please write more i'm still waiting
Chapter 3 – “Retention”
I didn’t realize how early it was when I got up so, I glared at the alarm clock on the night stand on side of my bed which said 7:30am. I was thinking well, wondering what the day had in store with Jacob. Just pondering about it made me excited. I was hoping that, my day included Jake with his shirt off….wait…what am I thinking? I can’t think of Jake that way, he is my best friend but, hey his body is kinda inviting LOL. When I got up I headed downstairs to the kitchen. But, no one else was up yet so, I decided to make breakfast. I was hoping that time will fly by so, that I could see Jacob. I pulled out 2 bowls, a frying pan, the carton of eggs, a pack of bacon and the pancake mix. I was really feeling in the mood for pancakes. I added water to the pancake mix and started mixing the ingredients in the bowl when, the phone started to ring. Before the 3rd ring could surface I answered the phone hoping that it was Jake.

“Hey Bella!!!” a husky voice responded
“Hey Jake!!!” I managed to say while a kool-aid appeared
“What are you doing?” he responded
“Cooking breakfast!!” ecstatic that he cared what I was doing.
“For real? Do you need some help?” he said hoping that I would say yes
“Of course! How long will it take you to get over here?” praying less than 20 minutes
“Oh about 7 minutes. Can you hold up until then?”
“Of course!! I am the only one up so, you will have to knock quietly. But, I will be waiting for you. Hurry up though.” I said feeling so excited to see him
“I will don’t worry.” As he hung up the phone

About 7 minutes later I heard 2 small taps at the door. I walked to the door and wrestled Jacob into a bear hug. I really missed him and I wonder why all of a sudden. I didn’t want to let go, I was loving the way that his body heat touched every inch of my body. But, this was a different feeling. A feeling that wasn’t as mutual as Edward’s, the way that Edward made me feel was more powerful than being in Jacob’s arms. I had to get out of his arms because, I realized that his arms could never take the place if Edwards however, Jacob got a little too carried away with my embrace. He had eyes were closed, his left hand caressing my butt while, his right on my waist. “Jake??” I said trying to pull away but for some odd reason he was stronger than me. He opened his eyes and jumped at where he saw his hands located and then, he whispered “Sorry.” Letting his arms fall down to his side. I looked into his eyes and said, “Good morning!”

“Good morning Bella!” he said with a twinkle in his eyes
“So, I believe that you came over here for breakfast and to spend time with me so, let’s get going.” I said excited that I was spending the whole day with Jake.

We walked into the kitchen holding hands, I knew that something was odd but, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So, I gestured him over to the bowl of pancakes and told him to start stirring while I started to crack the eggs into the bowl. I didn’t get far until Jacob was behind me whispering that he was done in my ear. I knew that I had to talk to Jake but, I couldn’t say that, I didn’t love the attention that he was giving me. After all Edward was gone and there was no one to show me attention anymore but, there was nothing that could replace Edward’s so, I decided to stop playing with Jacobs feelings. So, I turned around to talk to Jake but, my lips were about 2 inches away from his. They were so inviting and I couldn’t help the streak of eagerness that followed as my eyes followed his muscular body. Next thing I knew I was in Jacob’s arms with our lips moving in one pattern, this was not like Edwards kiss and his lips tasted like grass or the forest something in that category. I had to stop, playing with his emotions were wrong but, playing with my depression was something that I couldn’t control. I missed Edward, I missed everything about him. I missed what we had and Jacob was just not cutting it no matter how much he thought he was. I couldn’t take this anymore so, I shoved Jacob away. When I did that, a betrayed look showed upon his face. I knew that he was angry that I stopped him but, I couldn’t take it anymore so I finally said:

“Jake please don’t be mad at me but, I can’t do this. I miss Edward more than you could ever know and despite how much he has hurt me, I still love him. I hope that you can try to understand what I am going through but, we can’t do this now. I am just getting around to the point that I can say his name without breaking down crying.( I was about to break down right there while I was explaining to him.) I just know that I am going to regret everything that has or is going to happen between us and I know that I am going to hurt you so, please just respect everything that I am saying to you.” As tears started to roll down my face.

“Bella, I know that you are hurting right now but, I can’t sit around telling you that I don’t have feelings for you. I can’t believe that you are leaving in a day. I will miss you and I hope that when you get back that I can have you. All of you, Bella you are very special and I am in love with you even though I know that you don’t feel the same. But, I will wait patiently for my turn. Bella I want you no matter how you are, I don’t care how much that filthy blood sucker hurt you just know that, I will never do that to you.” He said with determination in his eyes.

I was speechless at first but, then I found my inner feelings again

“Jacob, I understand what you are saying but, right now I really need a best friend and not a replacement of Edward. Can you please just be my best friend and not a guy who is suppose to be my best friend that uses my depression as a way to hook-up with me? Please?” I didn’t know how I felt anymore but, I knew that this existence without Edward is really killing me.

“See, that’s just it Bella I just can’t be just your friend. I have to be more than that, I have to mean more to you then you think because if I didn’t you wouldn’t have kissed me or told me that you loved me.” He had a little rage in his voice.

“Jake pleeeease, don’t do this now! “ I was getting really emotional and aggravated over the simple fact that he isn’t taking my information the way that I thought that he was.

“Well Bella, it’s your choice either you want me in your life or you don’t. I wish that things haven’t come to this but, I guess things have to. I am guessing that you are changing for the better which means that you don’t need a best friend as you move to Jacksonville. So I think that the best thing for us to do in this situation is to just deal with it.” He said sounding a little sad.

“Jacob it doesn’t have to be this way. I do love you but, I am not in love with you and I hope that one day you can find out the difference from the two. I am still in love with Edward Cullen and that is just something that you are going to have to except. And far as, choosing to keep you in my life while I move to Jacksonville, that will take care of its self. It sucks that things have to happen this way but, we both have to get use to it. So that’s all that I have to say on this subject.” I said to him with a more edgier tone.

“I understand Bella and I am sorry that things had to come to this.” He said turning to walk out the door.

I couldn’t even believe that he was actually about to leave, I was so angry with him so, I managed to say “So that’s it, you are about to leave me like Edward did? All because, I can’t be your girlfriend? All because, I don’t love you the same way that you love me?” my temper was starting to take its toll on me.

“It’s not that way it’s so much more than that. I can’t even explain how it is, I just have to face the fact Bella so just deal with it like a big girl.” he said as he came to kiss my forehead.

“Wow Jacob I never knew that you were just like him, your leaving me to but, I know that it’s going to be okay no matter what happens so, I just hope that you know what you are doing. And no matter how much you don’t like me right now, just know that I love you still and that, you have a best friend in me.” I realized that saying this didn’t hurt as much as I thought it was but, it still hurts.

“The feelings mutual Bella. I will always love you no matter what happens. Have fun in Jacksonville.” he said as he walked out of the door.

I couldn’t believe that Jacob was just gone like that, I really needed a best friend more than I ever knew possible but, I needed a new beginning more than that. I thought about what my dad always told me since I was a little girl “In order to open a new door, you have to close another one.” I thought that he was crazy but, now I am really getting the meaning of some of the things that he has taught me. In the process of that tears started to roll down my cheeks but, I knew that I had to shed some tears as I was preparing for this new beginning. I think that I was at the kitchen table crying for about 10 minutes and then, I got up out of the chair and wiped away the rest of my tears. I knew that at that moment my future had so much in stored for me and I just had to let things happen the way that they happened.


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