The Twilight Saga

Aurora Bourealis--The Story of Renesmee Carlie Cullen (PG-13) some slightly mature content(only about as much as in a SM book)

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Aurora Bourealis-The Story of Renesmee Carlie Cullen
PG-13. (Some slight mature content)
This is going to be Renesmee’s story, but I’m starting it from Bella’s point of view so you all can get a better idea of how she is from the outside, to watch her growing up rather than feeling it, just yet. It works better that way for the direction I’m going to take the story in.

Chapter 1, Part 1.

The sky began to gradually lighten in the east, and I sighed and stroked Edward’s hair. He lay with his head on my chest, as he had done so many times in the past to listen to the beat of my heart. We had been together all night, following the moment when I first was able to let him hear my thoughts. As the hours passed, I had lifted my mental shield time and time again as another treasured moment would make its way into my remembrance. Each time, the look of adoration and wonder in his eyes as he heard my mind’s voice made my stone heart feel as though it would surely melt. Sometimes, though, the memory would kindle a flame of desire in his tawny eyes, and with a hungry kiss, we would be off again on another piece of our perfect forever.

I sighed, and patted his head. He looked up at me with a radiant smile.

“It’s time we got … er… disconnected, don’t you think?” I smiled. “Renesmee will be waking up soon and it wouldn’t be too kosher for her to wander in and find us like this.”

He chuckled and kissed the edge of my jaw. “I’d hear her thoughts if she was going to wake up, love. Don’t worry. Besides, she did go to bed rather late last night, and there is the advantage of her being half human to add to her exhaustion from the other ordeals.”

I knew he was referring to the Volturi and our near massacre by them. I shuddered.

He felt that. “Shh, my love,” Edward whispered. “They will not hurt us again. Aro has seen your ability and your determination, and the strength of both were quite sufficient to put a damper on his usually ambitious spirit.”

“I was just so horrified,” I said, whispering too. “I was afraid that after everything had turned out so perfectly he was just going to come and ruin it all. Everything, Edward. Everything I had ever dreamed or imagined… or even wasn’t able to imagine. . . I . . . I . . .”

“Shh,” he said again. He looked down into my eyes curiously, and slowly, the curiosity was replaced by a wicked, sly glint. His mouth curved upward into that irresistible crooked smile that I loved so much. “It seems I’m going to have to tamper with your memory—again,” he breathed.

He brought his head down to the corner of my mouth and traced the contours of my lips with his tongue. My breath caught in my throat, and once again I waited for the reaction of my pulse thudding in my veins that would never happen again. That didn’t mean that I was obsolete of feelings at all, however. Far from it. Every limb on my body tingled with the electricity that shot through it at his touch. His left hand came up and rested on my neck briefly before sliding down the curve of my shoulder and continuing down my arm. Our fingers intertwined when his hand reached mine. With his other hand he reached up and ran his fingers through my hair as he planted kisses in a steady line down my throat and over my collarbone. Our breaths came quicker as I stroked his bare back, sculpted with muscles that I could feel contract beneath my palm with each movement he made.
He brought his face back up to mine and grinned.

“What was it you were saying?” he asked playfully.

I responded by grabbing his head and pulling him back down to where I could press my lips against his. A chuckle escaped his throat just a split second before a groan of pleasure did. Our bodies began moving in unison again, and continued that way until the sun was well over the horizon.

Chapter 1, Part 2.

When the sun was shining brightly through the window, casting rays of golden light onto everything it touched, Edward looked up at me and smiled.

“I think it’s time we took your earlier advice and ‘disconnected’,” he laughed quietly. Just then, I heard a rustling from the adjoining room and the quick heartbeat that had been the background to our night picked up speed.

“She’s awake,” I whispered. I was loath to leave him now, after what had just passed I was still hungry for more, but a small portion of my newly expanded mind whispered to me that I was a mother now and had responsibilities. I sighed and planted a quick kiss on his lips before easing myself away from him.

“I feel awfully dutiful,” I complained. “Why did she have to wake up just when it was getting so good?” I rolled over and off the bed and picked up the sheet that had fallen to the ground during the night. Tossing it onto the bed, I sped into the closet Alice had so graciously made for me—I thought the word “graciously” with quite a bit of sarcasm—and sniffed the air in search of the familiar, comforting scent of denim. Ah, that’s right. I remembered now the dresser Edward had pulled the jeans from that first night we spent in here. I made a beeline for it and opened the second drawer.

Wow. Jeans in every color imaginable greeted me from the inside. What was with Alice? Seriously, I couldn’t picture myself in half the shades here. Electric purple? Neon green? This girl was too much. I muttered to myself about vampire fashionistas as I dug through the folds of denim in search of a more neutral hue. Edward was suddenly behind me, his arms snaked around my waist and his face nestled in the hollow between my throat and shoulder. His breath on my neck was beginning to drive
me insane.

“Uh, Edward?” I faltered. “If you want to preserve the innocence of Nessie’s eyes you had better not start with that right now.” Already my breath was quickening and my stomach throbbed with desire.

He didn’t respond, just slowly slid his nose up and down my throat twice, followed by a feather light kiss just under my ear. He blew lightly on it for a moment and then paused. I took advantage of the moment to focus on breathing in a normal pattern. “Edward,” I gasped.
He chuckled and kissed my neck once more before releasing me and leaning against the dresser.

“You really shouldn’t do that, you know,” I accused him as soon as I had caught my breath.

“Do what? Dazzle you?” he asked with a grin. “No,” I replied. “Electrocute me.”

“Is that what it feels like to you? That doesn’t sound too pleasant,” he teased. I looked at him with a dubious expression before turning back to the task at hand. Finally! I grinned and pulled out a faded pair of blue jeans with rips in them. Leave it to Alice to be fashion conscious even in the simple thing of blue jeans… they had to have rips in the knees. Not exactly my first choice, but it wasn’t like I had much of a selection, even within the extreme variety buried in my drawer. Whatever. They would have to do. I slipped into them and couldn’t help admiring how comfortable they were despite the tears. They hugged my hips perfectly and…they made my butt look darn good, if I might say so myself. I chuckled to myself as I opened the third drawer and pulled out a pink, airy blouse with ruffles around the neckline that dipped low before ending in buttons that continued down my belly.

I pulled it on and twirled in front of Edward. He smiled approvingly. “You almost look better in that than you did a few minutes ago. . .hmmm.”

He sauntered towards me and caught me around the waist again. Pulling me to him, he pressed his lips softly to mine and sighed. His lips parted, and I breathed in his delicious scent. That did me in. I reached up and twisted my fingers into his hair, pulling him closer as I tasted the lavender that permeated every inch of his mouth. Just then, a whimper snapped us both to attention.

“Renesmee,” I whispered. “Darn.”

We straightened up and it suddenly occurred to me that he was dressed in a white button down that hung over his jeans.

“When did you…” I began, but just shook my head.

“You are indeed quite unobservant when your attention is directed otherwise,” he laughed. We headed out the door and down the hall to Renesmee’s room where we could hear her strumming her fingers along the iron bars of her crib. Edward paused when we reached the door and swung it open so I could go inside first.

Renesmee looked up and her face lit up like a thousand sparklers. “Mommy!” she cried, reaching out to me with all her strength. Her fists opened and closed in excitement as I closed the distance between us. I bent down to scoop her up into my arms, meanwhile searching rather frantically to see what changes might have occurred during the night. I was terrified to miss anything, at the speed she was maturing with. Not many, I noted to my relief. Her bronze ringlets hung to the base of her back now, and she was the slightest bit slimmer than she had been yesterday. Her brown eyes gazed up at me, filled with love, and her cheeks were flushed a brilliant pink. She looked well rested, I decided.

Nessie pressed her palm against my cheek and a look of expectance passed over her small features. A picture of Jacob filled my mind, with her in his arms, and Rosalie approaching with a metal cup. I winced as the smell coming from the cup made itself painfully known in my throat. “Okay, Nessie,” I said quickly. “Let’s get you some breakfast.” I turned to face Edward and she reached out for him with a radiant smile lighting up her face. Edward’s expression softened beyond anything I had seen before as he reached out and took her. She pressed her hand to his cheek and he smiled. “I missed you too, Nessie,” he said.

We headed out the door and passed through the living room on our way out. I paused again to admire the fireplace, which was my favorite part of the house… well, besides the bedroom. We walked out the door then and broke into a sprint instantly, trees and bushes flying past us at ridiculous speeds. I still hadn’t gotten entirely used to the speed at which I was able to go. It was simply exhilarating.

In a matter of seconds we were at the large white house. The door swung open and in the frame stood a tall, dark shape that I immediately knew was Jacob. Renesmee knew too, apparently. She struggled in Edward’s arms until he put her down with an expression torn between amusement and frustration. Amusement at her excitement and frustration at the fact that it was Jacob she wanted to go to, I assumed.

“Jakey!” she shouted as she dashed up the wooden steps. She jumped onto his shoulders in one lithe movement. I stopped, frozen in amazement. She was only the size of a three or four year old, and… had she really just jumped six feet and seven inches into the air? Edward glanced over at me and burst out laughing at my expression.

“I was shocked, too, but your expression just ruined it for me,” he guffawed.

“Is there another bear choking out there?” Emmett’s voice boomed from inside the house. I regained my sanity and started moving again. Stepping through the doorway, I saw everyone inside grinning from ear to ear as they watched Renesmee and Jacob. She was dancing in circles around him, at a speed that would have been too fast for human eyes to see. He was trying to catch her but wasn’t having much luck with it. I felt a secret twinge of pleasure at that fact. Jacob wasn’t as fast as my daughter. I smirked.

Renesmee broke off from her circles without breaking her speed one bit and flew over to Rosalie. She screeched to a stop and I imagined puffs of dust around her like in the cartoons. She pressed her palm to Rosalie’s cheek and cocked her head to the side with an expression of obvious impatience. Carlisle laughed, as did Esme, Alice and Jasper. Emmett roared from his spot on the couch. Rosalie smiled and gave her to Jacob to hold.

“Of course, my little queen,” she gushed as she breezed off to the kitchen. She was back in a flash with the little metal cup, filled to the brim with a warm, thick red liquid that made my mouth water and my throat scorch. My muscles tensed and the venom flowed in my mouth. I quickly stopped my breath. Using what little air I had, I turned to Edward and spoke speedily.

“I think I need to hunt.”

He looked into my eyes and nodded. I could see in his eyes that he echoed my sentiment. They were growing perceptibly darker by the second. He threw a quick glance at Carlisle, who nodded understandingly. “Of course,” Carlisle said. “Do as you must. It is the top priority that Bella must not harm Renesmee.”

I offered him a quick, grateful smile, and we turned and dashed out the door.

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Anxiously awaiting your next post that was really amazing
just thought I'd throw in a picture i found of how I think Renesmee looks in this first chapter. :-)

so sweet.
love it i think you got it right
I just love this pic of this little girl. Who is she. She really needs to be Nessie in the movie. She Gorgeous.
great story!
wow i love this pic of renesmee
thanks so much! you just made my day..i'm sitting here grinning my face off now. haha. I'm glad you think i got Bella's character down well (must come from me identifying with her so much haha) and now i'm all excited so i think i shall go write the next part! :-D
Please write more. MMA
Chapter 2, Part 1
I tensed, low to the ground in a crouch as I stalked the unsuspecting bobcat. It lounged just above me in the branches of a tree, head lolling to the side and its breathing slow and even. The venom flowed in my mouth with even more intensity than before. My thigh muscles tensed even further as I prepared myself to launch. One step forward. . . and. . . there! I sprang into the air and wrapped my arms around the broad shoulders of the cat, using my weight to flip him off the branch he slept on. A startled shriek escaped his throat, but I was fast. The shriek cut off quickly with the familiar gurgle as I sank my teeth into his throat.

Edward walked up to me, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“You’re a mess,” he offered. I flashed him my best smile. “Only because you like me that way,” I replied.
He laughed. “You got me there. Looks like the bobcat got in a swipe or two before you took him down.”
I looked down at my shirt in confusion, which quickly turned to surprise when I realized that my shirt hung in tattered strips of pink across my granite chest. Odd, I hadn’t felt a thing. “Shucks,” I muttered. “And that was the first of Alice’s clothes that I actually liked.”

Edward threw his head back and laughed. “Only you, Bella, only you. Come on, what do you say we get back to Nessie and see what new antic she’s up to now?”

I perked up immediately at that prospect. Grabbing Edward’s hand, I took off sprinting in the direction of the house. The way took us past our little cottage, and I was about to fly past it, when Edward’s sudden stop nearly jerked my arm out of its socket.


That had been him who cried out, not me. I merely felt the pressure and registered that it was extreme. Wait…I’d hurt him? Oh no! “Edward, are you okay? I’m so sorry, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…I’m really sorry…” I rambled on, not fully able to put my remorse into a coherent sentence.

“Shh, Bella, I’m fine, I’m fine,” he assured me. “I should have told you we needed to make a stop. Though I wonder at the fact that you didn’t think of it yourself.” He studied me, swinging his arm and grimacing.

“No, Edward, you’re not okay. Look at you… I hurt you. I’m so sorry.” I couldn’t stop with the apologies; I’d hurt my one and only, my Edward. I could see the pain on his face each time he moved his right arm.

“Bella. Seriously. You sound like Tyler in the hospital that day.” His eyes crinkled up into a smile. My brain shifted through my various murky human memories at a blinding speed. Aha. Tyler Crowley. The vile boy who had tried to take me to prom…AFTER nearly taking my life that first day. It seemed as though he must have been just looking for ways to end my life. A skidding van on ice? Check. A slippery dance floor with me in heels and a treacherously long dress? Check. What else was on his list? Chinese water torture? It was my turn to grimace now.

Edward chuckled at the expression on my face. I smiled at him then, a thought having just occurred to me. I couldn’t really begrudge Tyler for his actions that fateful day…if it wasn’t for him and his blessed blue minivan, Edward would have never saved my life, and we wouldn’t be here right now, with eternity stretched out before us like a road covered in glittering sunshine.

“What?” Edward asked, wondering about the change in my expression.

I snapped back to attention.“Oh, I was just thinking, if Tyler hadn’t almost killed me that day, we wouldn’t be here right now,” I smiled wider, euphoric at the thought.

“Hmmm,” Edward considered that. “I suppose I am grateful to the little wretch for that after all.”
I laughed uncontrollably until another small portion of my newly enormous mind reminded me of the reason we were standing here in the small clearing between the trees. “What was it you stopped for?” I asked.

Edward raised his eyebrows at me. “You don’t know?” he asked in disbelief. “No,” I said, irritated that he expected me to be so omniscient. “I can’t read minds, you know. Unlike SOME people.”

He gestured with one hand to my scantily clad upper body and grinned. “As much as I don’t mind seeing you like this, there are a few others I could think of who would…or rather, I would mind if they did.” Oh. My shirt. Right. Darn it. That was a really pretty shirt. I’d have to ask Alice if she could tell me where she got it so I could get another one. . .though I doubted she would, what with her unfounded aversion to wearing the same thing twice. But for now, that meant another trip into the dreaded closet. “Alrighty, then,” I sighed. “Let’s get this over with.”

Five and a half seconds later, we were flying through the trees again, on our way to the white house. I had found a red blouse that was almost identical to the one I’d had when I was human, that Riley stole when he raided my room. I made a mental note to take care of this one.

We dashed up the front steps and into the wide, bright living room. Renesmee sat on the ground…and my mouth dropped open in shock. She was playing Jacob in chess, and had him in a check already. I watched in disbelief as she moved her rook one square over. “Checkmate,” she announced. Jacob had deep lines etched in his forehead from the concentration, and her voice surprised him. I saw for a moment that he was frustrated with losing, but when he glanced up and saw her face all the displeasure washed away, leaving only admiration in its place. I looked at Renesmee. She looked smug.

“My turn,” Jasper announced. He took Jacob’s place as he moved over. There was a flash of hands, and the board was rearranged to the starting point. I stared at Jasper with a staggered look. He hadn’t moved. Since when did Renesmee not only know how to set up a chess board, but play someone and beat them?

“It only took her three minutes to beat Jacob,” Carlisle said, as though he could read my thoughts. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I closed it again. Carlisle laughed. “She is quite a character. It’s amazing how fast her brain is developing; she must be creating thousands of new neurons every millisecond. Already, she can decipher the meanings of large words based on the context in which they are used. I have been testing her, to see how she responds to various stimuli, and the results are beyond amazing. She fascinates me.” I frowned, not really liking the idea of Carlisle treating her like some sort of guinea pig for an experiment. He misread my expression. “Of course, it is new to all of us. You don’t have to worry, she seems perfectly healthy for a sixmonth-old. . .who is the size of a three year old.” He smiled. I decided that he needed something to do while he wasn’t working at the hospital, so I opted out of complaining about the experiments. Just as long as nothing hurt my baby. My little nudger. She wasn’t so little anymore.

Just then, I heard Jasper’s teeth snap together. I looked up in alarm, but all that had happened was that he was in a… “Checkmate,” Renesmee announced again. Everyone laughed, and Renesmee clapped delightedly. She was clearly amused, and loved all the attention she was getting. It looked like she was turning into an Alice already. I shook my head with a smile.
Thankey!!!!! *beams*
amazing again keep it up


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