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Okay me and my friend decided to write a fan fic together =D it was her idea and i write it and she edits it so i hope you like our story!!! =D
Comment and share with friends thank you!!

I would like too thank Marie Cullen for this lovley banner!!

my real eyes!


Hi my name is Bella Cullen, i was adopted at 12 months old and i am human...

Chp1. Bpov

I was sitting in my room reading my favorite book when i heard a knock on the
door. "Come in Alice!" Alice was one out of five siblings i had Alice, Jasper, Emmet ,
Rosalie , Edward, then Carlise and Esme where my adopted parents. "Hey i was just
wondering if you needed help getting dressed." "Alice" i rolled my eyes. "I'l be fine."
"Okay be ready in ten." I always knew they were different just not what i know.I was always
slow because they never ate. I don't know how they survive and i don't want to. I slipped into
a dark wash denim jeans with a Roxy grapic tee. I had to be at lest decent for
Alice and Rose they would never let me out if i wore what i wanted too wear. I ate than
found Alice. "Ready?" "Yeah" and we climbed in her yellow Porce. I was always last so i went with Alice and Jasper. We all went to high school (Rose, Jasper, and Emmet were seniors, and
Edward , Alice , and me were J.R's). Everyone in our family were like together, i mean i guess it's
ok since we're not all related. Me and Edward where supposed to be together but i just don't feel conected but i think he does. I don't know but mabey we will end up together? Life sucked because today we were moving too a new school called Forks High. We all had too move all the time because they never changed but me!! Why could'nt they just tell me? Why did they adopt me then? I don't know but once i graduate im staying in one spot!


It had been five months since we've moved to Forks, and currently the month
of March. I had no friends except my family it was pretty sad. After school i was
going to drive to La Push beach. I wasn't supposed to go but whats the harm?
I needed a break! So i'm thankful for the car i got for Christmas it was a Sangria
colored Ford Fusion.(I didn't really like fast cars but i had too be gratefull right?)
I got down to the beach and just sat down on a rock marveling the beaches beauty.
"Hey stranger!" A handsome boy walked up to me. He had brown spikey hair , was
tan , and VERY muscular and tall! "Hey my name is Jacob may i sit down?" "Sure" i
blushed i was delighted he wanted to sit down next to me. "You must be Bella Cullen
arent you not supposed to be hear?" Grate he knew to! "Yeah but who cares about
rules, ... i don't." "Heyy! my kind of girl!" He high fived me. I was liking this Jacob he
had a stress free smile that made me happy. I smiled at him for awile then we started
talking,and got to know each other. Time goes by so fast it feels like hes already been my
best friend for years. "Hey Bella want to meet at this rock again tommorow?"
"Loved to" i smiled. I hopped in my car and turned on My life would suck with out
you remix by Kelly Clarkson. Before i left i just leaned back. "AHH." I sighed this
kid made me so stress free i think i was already in love with him. I don't evan care
if he's yonger than me! I pulled into our drive way then went inside the house.
"Where have you been young lady!" "Edward " i sighed. "Stop acting like my dad."
" You know i'm old enough to be one." "Yeah but your not so bye !" I walked past
him, he looked hurt. "Fine, i was with my new BFF Jake." He had a shocked face. I
ignored it and walked upstairs.


I went into my room and laid on my bed.(i had a nice room scince we were
rich.) I had ice blue colored walls with a matching room set, and the hugest
closet in the world curtosy of Alice.I was sitting on my bed listening to my ipod
threw my ihome then i heard Edward yell "I'm coming in hope your decent!"
"Have you ever heard of knocking?" "Nope" "Well you should try.Anyway what
do you want!?" "Who the hell were you hanging out with." he asked as he tapped
his foot."I told you Jacob." As I rolled my eyes he's so protective sometimes! "Yeah
why were you with him he lives in La PUSH!" My eyes beemed. "You know him!!
we should all be bffs!'' "NO!We need to tal-" I cut him off "Goodbye !" I said as i
pushed him out of the door. "Bu- bu but.." "But goodbye you can come back
and talk about this when your name is Esme or Carlise goodbye!" "Nice one
Bells!" Emmett giggled. Then I winked at him and Edward. Jeeze can't Edward
just leave me alone! He's not my dad! If he does like me well thats a good way
to show it!! Im going to meet Jake again tomorrow hehe!!!

ok thx i hope u like it and me and Monica will try to post soon =]

Chp 4.

Me and Jake have been hanging out at the beach everyday after school for three weeks.And I'v been waiting for him to ask me out.we've been pretty serious,but he keeps stalling. Uhg! boys.Edward has been so pissed with me going over the beach with Jake.But Carlisle and Esme has no problem with it so i keep going,ignoring Edwards murderous glares when i come home.Emmett thinks its hiliarious he's always bugging Edward saying 'jealous much?'. I love my brothers! So funny! But actually me and Edward used to be really good friends but latley he wants more.Well too late for him!! So i'v been talking to Jazz we used to be really good friends too and well i think we still are,which makes me happy.Alice will never be jealous because she knows nothing will happen between us. Because for some reason people think i'm so damn attractive but look at them!,thier like gods!But whatever life go's on.
"Hey Jasper," "hey Bella whats up?' "Do think Jake will ask me out?" I felt an unexpected rush of calmnesss,it felt nice for once."I mean hey shows all the signs than he gets so close i can taste it but then he just dosen't." "I think he likes you Bells he just needs some time,give him time and i'm sure he will,your very beautiful and i have no doubt in my mind he likes you." He smiled,than i hugged him."Thanks Jazz you always no how to cheer me up." He chuckeled,"anytime Bells anytime." I smiled than got up."Oh before I go Jazz." 'Yeah?" "Do you think Edward will be okay?I don't wanna hurt him." "He'll manage," he smirked."Thanks again," then i walked away and the calmness washed away.
I left the school parking lot when i finished talking to Jasper,and started my car [they got me a damn fast car!] and drove to La Push to meet Jake.When i pulled up to his house i new somthing was up.I mean he never asked me to his house well since that one time....

hey i hope you liked it :)


"Hey Bells how do you like the garage?" "I love it! Especially i
think Rose and Edward would like it," I smirked."Well probally all of
them they love fast cars!Mabey you and Edward should hang out somtime
i'd like it." Than his fist pulled into balls and he got all tense.
"I'll never hang out with that bloodsucker," he spit."Exscuse me?" I
raised my eyebrow mad and confused at the same time. "You should just
come live with me before you get your self killed." "EXSCUSE ME!" I
was tottaly pissed now."I'm going home Jake." "Wait no Bells," he
grabbed my arm."Let me go-oww!" "What what, whats wrong?" "You
dropped a damn wrench on my foot!" "I'm-im so sorry Bells." "Just
let me go and i'll think about forgiving you." And at that he let
me go

Ever since than he's been regreting taking me back thier but i told him
not to worry, and what did he do?,you can guess. So either he was asking
me out or he was breaking up with me. So since were not dating he must
be asking me out!"Hey Bells how are you?" He hugged me. "Great as ever
Jake how have you been holding up." "Great as ever Bells." Copying my
lines putting his arm around me. "Miss the garage?" "Yeah," i chuckled.
"So Bella i'v been thinking." I sat down on the love seat while he was
pacing back in forth. "Yes..." I raised my eyebrow.Than he finally sat
down."Oh just spit it out already Jake!" Than we kissed each other.
"Will-u-go - out with me?" He breathed."I thought you'd never ask."
Than i kissed him very passionatly."Bella?" He panted."I have a secret.

okayy so wat did u think? tell me all about it :)


"Bella.. Im ...a Well werewolf...." "Haha seriously Jake you can tell me." "Bella
im telling the truth!" My face was blank i mean seriously? Then he stood up
and all a sudden BAM! Hes a wolf. "Oh ... my ....." My jaw dropped. "Jake......"
Then he trotted over too me and rubbed his head on my knee, i was just too
shocked too move, and he could see that. So the next thing i knew he was next
too me , then behind the car, then himself.
"Look Bella im sorry but i just need
you too know it would be too hard if you didn't know ." And he pulled me
close too his chest (i never noticed how warm he was). "No, no im fine it was
just a little shocking at first." And just to prove it i kissed his lips softly.
"Wanna drive me home?" I asked him softly. "Love too."
Than we sat up and
he walked me too my insanly fast car. "madam," he opend the door for me.
We were driving along than i saw a silver Volvo......."Er Bella......." "UHG! He
pisses me off so much somtimes!" "Sorry Jake i'll call you later." Than i planted
a big old kiss on Jake knowing Edward was watching. "Just leave my car at
your house Alice will give me a ride pick me up?" "You know it babe." And we
kissed one last time. "Bella we need to talk." "The hell we do Edward!".........

okay i hoped u liked the update!! :D (if u really loved it comment! lol :P )

Chp. 6
"I'm not picking you up because your in trouble its because we need too talk."
"Where are we going?" "Home," "why didn't you wait for me to come home?"
"Just calm down Bella , you'll need it." "Need what?" Than he just put calming
music on.(Moonlight by Sonata) When we reached the house I could see
them all sitting around the couch , tense, now i was getting worried.
"Sit down Bella," Esme hugged me close and sat me down. Then I felt an
unexpected calmness. "Bella we have to tell you something...shocking.."
"Lay it on me I've had more shocking." I mubled the last part. "Bella Jacob's
already told you about his supernatural world now its time to tell you ours."
Carslisle said, okay now I was confused. "You see Bella," Edward interviend.
"We're ... well vampires." "Okay," I simply said. "Your not scared or confused?"
"Well im worried you might eat me like a Christmas pig, but it dosent surprise
me." "Bella we will NEVER eat you we're well vegaterians." Edward giggled.
"We only eat Animals we would never hurt anyone." Carslie reasured. "Well
thats a relieve." "Really your not creeped out?" Rosalie asked. "Nope." "Well
thats a first."
I've lived with the Cullens for three weeks now knowing thier vampires , and its


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I love it!! Please update me when you post more!! Oh, but I was just wondering, is the title awaked or awakend? Because the page name says awakened, but the banner says awaked. Anyways I really like the story!
thx and ugh im such a retard *slaps her forehead* is supposed 2b Awakend but i messed up on the banner! lol
hey when are you going to post more i need to edit the rest of chapters oh and remember about what u said dont stop writing ok send me a message about the problem why ur not writing ok bye
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thx! =]
that was so cool
THX! =)
LUV IT!!!!!!!!
ty!! =D
i know i like it that way 2 but i decided to co write it and thats how M wanted it and thats how its ganna be unless she has any tricks =D and sryy
that was really cool. letme know when it gets updated again.
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