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"In the end nothing else matters except for the love you hold for your family. In the end when these things are taking over it shall be your duty to stop it. Your sister may have created it, but that is no reason to disown her. I just hope none of you turn into one of those things for if so the world and humanity shall perish."- Michaya to the Colvez's (Awakening Dawn)


I do NOT own the Twilight series in any way, shape, or form. I am just burrowing the Characters for Pure Entertainment Purposes!



Abby's POV

Today is the day where everything changes, and now even vampires are in trouble. Why though are we in trouble? I'll tell you why well one of my friends- I'm not telling who- did the unthinkable and created a terrible disease. This very disease was created only because she was bored, and she didn't know that chemical X combined with a bunch of other random chemicals would create a terrible sickness. I mean come on, Ally. Certainly even you have to know that you never ever play with the laws of chemisty. It is far too dangerous, Ally. Now Bailey and I have to get back together with Ally and Krystal and begin the cleanup. I personally hate that last fact, because we all split up over 50 years ago. Which was after me and Bailey began complaining of their horried eating habits.  Now, because of this disease we all have to get together and "fix" Ally's mistake. That squirrel-brained Ally...well... I'm telling you she's done this five times already. But it has never been so bad that it began killing vampires as well. Now what do we do? What if something goes wrong, or if we all die before then? Because we're not supposed to die- we're immortal remember? Today is December 14, 2,114, and the rest of the year will most likely be filled with mayhem and disease. To top it all off, I'm furious at Ally and her stupid mind-control powers, because come on  all I have are these stinkin' shape-shifting powers. Like that'll help us any! Thus, today begins the race to save everyone, and you know what for the first time in over 100 years I'm scared.  And it's all because we might not be as immortal as we thought we were in the first place. Tommorow could very well be the last day we awaken to a new dawn.

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I do NOT own the Twilight series in any way, shape, or form. I am just burrowing the Characters for Pure Entertainment Purposes!

Please comment and review. This is based of the fanfiction Midnights Passing located at Fanfiction WIKIA, but you don't really have to read that to get Midnights Passing. This story has lots of zombies in it and vampire zombies done up in a way that is well thought out. No one thinks that a vampire suffers during a zombie apocalyspe right? Wrong! In this fanfiction we explore the idea that if zombies and vampires were more than fantasicied dreams then a zombie apocalpse would hit vampires just as hard if not harder than mere humans. On the one hand in my fanfiction the blood of even a dead, dead zombie turns a vampire into one of them. With this being said not only would there be a lot of vampire zombies running around, but vampires would start to get insanely thirsty from lack of blood. Lots would either bite an infected human out of crazed thirst, or be introduced to vegetarism the hard way. The disease in this story is a bit different from many zombie fanfiction and novels out there. The fact that is was created from pure ignorance for one thing and the zombies being crazy for blood not flesh and brains. Human zombies in this fanfic are recognizable both by decayed faces and blood red eyes. Vampire zombies begin to crumble away as if made of stone, and their eyes become like black bottom less pits. The biggest difference from mainstream zombie literature is the fact that the disease is randomly contracted though the air and from blood and salivae like a virus and rabies. I really hoped you enjoyed the prologue. Thanks for reading the excerpt from the fanfiction author. Please review and like. -Kitty


Chapter One: Nothing Else Matters

3rd-Person POV


Darkness lay like a blanket acrost a barren desert landscape. A young alabaster pale teenager who looked as if she belonged more in a Vogue magazine, rather than the military uniform she was currently wearing, walked up to gates with a sign that read Area 51. She hopped over the sixty foot tall gates as if it was as easy as jumping over a mere twig on the ground. She watched a man eighty feet from her punch in a secret code, and waltzed right over to the code box and punched in the same code the man had used.


Seconds later she too was inside the most top secret facility in the united states and the world in general. It really just looked like any other factory with machinery and wires running amock. Well...that is until you saw the alien like beings they hid there. Some of the beings resembled Dragons and others Faeries. The strange teen sighed a sigh so beautiful that one would have had to hear it just to grasp the beauty of her voice. Pale girl pushed a heavy titaneum door open as if it were made of feathers and not a substance harder than diamond, and scrambled inside.


The girl opened bright blood red eyes in awe of the chemicals lined row after rown on heavy aluminum shelving. If one had not known any better, one would think she looked like a child around Christmas time.


"Fantasme." she mouthed, which in the year 2,114 was slang for what we would today call amazing and fantastic.


The pale teenager with her sandy blonde hair and red eyes looked as if she was five opening a present which contained something she had been wanting for weeks, rather than her real age of seventeen. She slung her pink bookbag with the peace signs on it off her shoulder, and grabbed any chemical bottles she could fine and fit in her old school bag. Chemicals labled B, C, X, Y, Z, A, Az12, 345f, and several others were carelessly tossed inside. At this point any one could tell that she was not meant to be there, and the teen herself knew it. She listened for the sounds of humans, and only heard several talking on the other side of the ginormous building most likely holding a meeting of some sort. She ran faster then the speed of lightning running out, and almost broke the titaneum door, but thankfully did not or even the mousebrained humans were going to be suspicious.


"Ally, what in the name of the Volturi do you think you're doing so close to area 51? Don't you think I remember what you did three years ago? Huh? I'm not here to babysit, but you look scruffy and obviously in need of a place to stay." another pale teenager with perfect blonde hair and perfect build growled between her teeth. Her golden eyes pierced into the other's red ones as if she loathed the very idea of the other, let alone living with the other. Ally shrugged her shoulders, and turned to gaze back towards Area 51 as if avoiding the other's questions.


"Well, I'm waiting. I may be an immortal vampire, but that doesn't mean I want to stay here another day." she hissed. Ally turned around in a spin so fast that no human would have noted the difference in her position.


"Look, Rose. I don't want this junk from you, okay. I have places to stay alright, eesh. I live in the homes of my prey, and I only take those of old people and I'm constantly moving on. No one has figured out its me destroying all those humans in the world." Ally grumbled, emphasicing the word humans as if disgusted by Rose's obvious animal diet.


"Look at you, Ally. You destroy just to destroy, you destroy just for taste. We were mortal once too you know, and if that's the way you want it then fine I'm leaving." Rose hollered as she tore off running back towards the Las Vegas she currently called home, and hopefully she'd see Bailey again there. Rose missed Bailey for after everyone had split up; she'd seen none of them really until three years ago. Still, Ally had been the last person she had wanted to see, and as usual as fate and luck had it Ally was the one she kept seeing around. Rose cried silent, dry tears as she continued heading for what she called home in this bleak existance.


"Bye, Rose. Good Riddance."


Ally sneered as she continued on walking until she came acrost an abandoed junkyard. She grabbed her chemicals and combined them using an old makeshift chemistry set she always kept in her bag. Nothing really seemed to happen at all ,leaving her boredom as uncured as when she first decided to raid the chemicals of Area 51.  Ally furiously chucked the chemical bottle out of her hands at the ground, and Ally went home at last.


Three hours later Ally watched the thunderstorm out of the broken battered window of the place she currently called home. Rain poured down reminding her of blood. The thirst kept getting stronger until she could stand it no longer. As she took the life of her latest victom she gave little thought to her chemistry set. She just kept her mind on quencing the thirst, and nothing else. For to her nothing else in the world mattered or would ever matter. For that is what she believed to be true.


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