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Heyy all. This is my second fanfic but I think It's better than the first. Not sure, you tell me.

What if Jacob imprinted on someone before Nessie was even born? What if that girl was due to become a vampire? Would he stay with her, or run away?

Chapter 1- The Cullen’s

I woke early- the grey light filtering through the window separating my mind from the joyful dreams. I groaned wistfully. Life was hard, dreary, and pointless. Sleep was easier, nightmares went over better. I got up and drifted out to the kitchen, dragging my feet. Even though I was only thirteen, I had been raised independently and now I was pretty much my own parental guardian. But school was my freedom, my outburst from hell.
Shoving money, food and extra clothes into my school pack, I locked the door behind me and walked carefully down the steep drive. You never knew, today may just be the day I caught my nerve to run away.

Looking back and knowing what the future held for me, I’m not sure whether or not I would do this day differently- stay home from school, run far away from Forks. Because this day changed me dramatically, by both saving me and killing me. This is the worst, best, strangest, most horrifying and wonderful day in my entire life.

This is the day I met the Cullen’s.

I arrived at ‘Forks High’, my first day as a freshman. For some reason, I didn’t seem as excited as the passing kids. Maybe because I was all through convinced that this development wouldn’t influence my life- no improvements made, no downgrades necessary.
But one thing did set in- this was a bigger school, with different routes and a whole of strangers. And these factors really don’t help when you get yourself lost. So there I am, walking around in circles like a blind idiot, concentrating more on my half-drawn map than where my feet where heading, when I run head first into something really hard. I was thinking more a pole or a brick wall, so when a hand extended down to assist me, I was fairly surprised. Raising my head slowly- embarrassed by my display of clumsiness- my eyes graced the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen! My mouth dropped open and I couldn’t remember quite how to close it again.

“Sorry. That was entirely my fault.”
The boy admitted, pulling me up with ease. His tousled, brown-bronze hair stood in contrast against the impossibly pale skin, his eyes were butterscotch gold and his crooked smile melted my mind into tiny, slushy pieces. He was tall, his voice velvet smooth. Not a line on his face was out of place- an angel’s complexion.

“No. That…that’s fine.” I stuttered. He looked from my map to my confused frown and laughed.

I tried to smile back, but the overwhelming embarrassment warped it into a grimace. I was having trouble looking at him, even though I hated to steer my gaze from his delightful appearance.

“Yeah, actually. Just a bit. Any idea where block 2 may have got to?” My shot at humour seemed to work- he chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah I’ll take you. It’s Edward by the way.” He introduced himself and I scrambled to recover my name.

“Oh! Abbie.”
He laughed at my hesitation followed by a quick fluster of speech.
We walked along, Edward making fluid conversation the whole way. I talked back, but only short, shy replies. He seemed rather amused by my ever flushing cheeks, my quickening heartbeat and carried a smug, all-knowing grin.

“You know, I think Bella will like you. You remind me of her very much.”

“Bella?” I asked, confused.

“My girlfriend.” He announced, watching my expression carefully. I couldn’t hide my disappointment and it was as clear as glass on my face. His eyes widened with light shock but the smile didn’t loosen as he tousled my hair. Then I couldn’t help my heart jumping with joy- I reminded him of his girlfriend! Wow! No way!
Edward seemed to hear that jolt, guess my thoughts, and his amusement grew considerably.

“Oh well, here you are.” He gestured to a door on the left, a room already packed full with my chattering classmates. I didn’t remember informing him of my exact destination, but how could I complain against his kind assistance?

“Thanks again Edward, you’re a life saver!”

“No problem.” He waved, turning to walk back the way we’d come.

Lunch time came and I began pushing my way through the bustling crowds, being shoved back three paces for each one I attempted to take. I kept an eye out for Edward, longing to run into him again.
Finally, I made it into the cafeteria, miraculously alive, and made my way over to the food court.

Everybody knows the haunting stories of freshmen’s being dunked down toilet seats and thrust into garbage bins- how the older ones loved to taunt us. I was positive I would attract a target soon enough, placed square upon my back.
My pale skin and long, pitch black hair made me hard to miss- everyone in forks was light skinned from lack of sunlight, but I took it to a whole new level. I wore all black and I doubted I owned any other wardrobe colours.
So when I saw the group of boys watching me, I knew exactly what the wanted. They were tenth graders at least, punching clenched fists menacingly into their palms. I sighed, taking as long as I could the lunch line. I noticed them getting impatient, which would only make for more aggressive play, so I stepped out and walked along- waiting for them to follow.

“Ouch.” I reflexively screeched as they pulled me back, dropping my lunch tray with a soft clatter. Oh no! Not the toilet! I could probably handle being dumped into a pile of rotting fish tricks, but I would rather not be half drowned in a boy’s lavatory.
The weird thing is, no-one ever tried to help me. They just freely dragged me by the jacket out the cafeteria door.
No one until…

“I think you should let her go.” The deep, warning menace immediately set off a flow of relief in my mind.

“Edward!” I gasped as the gang scattered, trembling under Edward’s glare, leaving me on the cold cement, “Thanks!”

“Ha! As if I was going to let them take you!” His crooked smile had me tripping. I couldn’t help admiring his beauty.

“E…everybody else did.” I gasped, stuttering again.
He frowned, somewhat confused.

“You’re a bit too young to be after me aren’t you?”
I gasped, thinking I’d been admiring him out loud. Had I?
Just then a girl slightly past Edward’s age came to sand by his side, putting an arm around his waist.

(Sorry nothing much happens, it's kind of just the intro)
Please read and comment :D


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Awesome! =] Can't wait 'til the next one!! =]] YaY! First to reply! =] Haha.
Can't wait to hear more!!
I love it. write more soon!!!!!!!!!!! XD
LOL. thanx guys!
Chapter 1, Part 2- The Cullens

“Oh. Abbie- This is Bella. Bells, this is the girl I was telling you about!”
Bella frowned- examining.

“I don’t see how she reminds you of me.” She judged scrutinisingly.
I felt my skin burning, my cheeks flushing

“That” Edward pointed out my flaming skin and I looked down, ashamed.

“Every human blushes.” She countered back.
There was something weird in her tone as she said ‘human’ but I was probably imagining it.
Edward tousled my hair again before walking away with Bella on his arm.
I waited until they were fully immersed in the throng, before following around to a table in eves-dropping range. I knew they would still be talking about me.
I was jealous of Bella. She was prettier, much prettier than me. But nothing compared to Edward.

“She’s such a mini-you Bella!” He continued to argue his case.

“Whatever! This is too weird.” She smirked, slamming her tray down on the bench.

“What’s weird about it?” He frowned, sighing.

“You never talk to anyone except me- anyone human I mean. Why is she different? Why is she so fascinating to you?”
Again with the ‘human’.
He hesitated- unsure how to answer her queries.
“I feel very…protective of her” This was evidently an inside joke between the two, they both chuckled.

“I guess I have some competition then.” Bella teased, biting into an apple.

“Of course not, she’s just a kid.” He hesitated again, as if lingering on the edge of revealing hidden information. “Alice saw something.” He murmured so I could hardly hear, but I managed to catch the whisper.

“What?” Bella urged. This seemed to mean something to her.

“She’s in trouble…it’s our job to protect her!”
Who? Me or Alice?

“So it’s with some of your kind? Tell me what’s going on!” The curiosity was killing both of us! What did she mean ‘some of your kind?’

“I can’t. She’s listening.” He hushed her pointedly.
I looked away quickly in case they looked over. How did he know?
“But I need your hep Bells. You would get along better with her!”

“So you want me to babysit?” She jeered.

“Yeah. In a way, I guess I do.”

I had no idea what they were talking about. It was very frustrating. “Bella. Especially you must know how dangerous…life, can be. In about a month, this girl is going to be the most hunted human in the country. Even now we shouldn’t let her out of my sight.”

A new voice entered the conversation and I had to look up again to see who. Edward and Bella were sitting at a table with two other boys. One of them, the one leaning towards Edward now, was big and muscled, frightening even. He was attractive too, his smile wide and laughing.
The other was taut and stiff- his blondish- brown hair standing on end. They each had a female in their arms. The big one supported a gorgeous blonde, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and the other held a short, vibrant girl who resembled a pixie with her short spiky hair. All of them were beautiful- pale and picturesque.
I was no longer listening in, and when the large boy looked up at me, I had no time to turn away. He waved and I giggled stupidly, just as undone by his ruggedness as from Edward’s all over attraction.
Edward turned to, and a second later he was at my side.

“Come sit with us, Emmett’s dying to be introduced.”
I followed him, leaving my tray behind. I was nervous- standing among these inhumanly beautiful figures with my plain looks differentiating in the oddest ways.

I could only whisper, unable to locate my voice. “Hello”

“Hey. I’m Emmett.” The big one grinned down at me as I took a seat between Bella and the blonde.

“Alice. Nice to meet you” The pixie embraced me joyfully, radiating from every pore of her skin.

“Jasper.” The taut boy nodded stiffly.
The Blonde just stared, nostrils flaring.

“Rosalie! Say hello.” Edward coaxed.

“Hi.” She sniffed shortly before turning away stubbornly.
I stared at the table awkwardly. Rosalie didn’t talk to me again, but Alice and Emmett communicated well. It was hard to be shy with them, and soon I was exchanging easily among them. Alice was strange, commenting in ways not particularly normal. Like she knew something I didn’t.
Emmett was funny, easy going. He made my laugh.
Jasper just listened but when I finally gained up the courage to talk to him, he replied politely. My first impression of Bella hadn’t really been the one. She didn’t exactly shake my hand or even say ‘hi’ before, but she made a step to proving me wrong- asking about my first classes, home, my parents and my old friends. I lied, saying my parents were great and I had loads of companions.

When the bell rung through the cluttered room, Edward pulled me aside as the other left.
“I knew you were listening before.” He was serious, face un-joking and stressed.

“I’m so sorry Edward-”

“No, no. That bits okay. I just wanted to explain to you why you are in need of my protection.”
So they were talking about me…not Alice.

“Yeah, I didn’t exactly get that.” I admitted.

“I can’t tell you everything, you’ll understand in time- but you mean…a lot to me Abbie. And you need to make this easier for me. You need to do what I say, when I say it, without question.”

“Yes, sir.” I scoffed, only half alarmed.

“No, I mean it! I know don’t know me well, but I know. And I know what will happen to you if you don’t let us help.

(Stay tuned for the next Chap folks)
Ahhh! It's soo good!! =] Can't wait until the next one!!! =]]]]]]]]] Email me!
is bella still human?
she bites an apple???
No Bella Is still human. This is from Abbie's POV. A new character named after myself LOL.
Sorry I forget to mention the POV.
ok what happen next.
Pretty good so far.. So what happens next?
more more more i need more!!! please please please please keep going. I want to know what is going to happen to Abbie!!! and what is going on with Jake!!!
So good!! =] Can't wait til the next one!!!!! =] Sounds like Jake imprinted on her.....He's not. Right?


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