The Twilight Saga


This is a story about Bella as a child read to find out what happens next.

please enjoy.

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Baby Bella




Somethwings can't be explwained. And they do seem out of order. I kinda wemember how i ended here, but I'm happy here. All that i wemember was mommy singing to me and reading me books. And daddy cooking downsstwairs. I do miss her so much, and daddy to. I was two or three when they went bye bye up to heaven. And all that fire that was here. Mommy told me to run to save myself so i did. She told me everything was going to be ok. So i left running to find help.To save mommy and daddy. But i couldn't. That's when some very stwange lady found me. But I'm happy with my new family they love me and i love them well most of them do. Even though one thinks I'm a snobby bwrat, i still make fun of him. Wich is funny. Me, mine name is Bwella. But my full name is Isabwella Marwie Swan. I'm thwee years owld. I lost my parents they went bye bye, to heaven.

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Chapter 3

 Alices pov


I ran upstairs. Emmet had Bella. "Awice he's gonna eat me."


"Emmett put her down."


"But why she is so delicous, im gonna eat her up."


Of course Emmett was just playing around with her.


"Emmmy bear put me down pwease."


"Emmett let her go she has to eat breakfast."


"Aww Alice you always have to ruin the fun."


We walked downstairs, i sat Bella on the chair mean while i made her pancakes.


She got of and walked to the living room. Rosalie was there with Emmett, Jasper, and Edward.


"Edward." She said.


 "What you want you little brat."He said.


"Can you play me a song on the piano."


"No, no leave me alone." He growled.


Bella began to cry. Rosalie picked her up and made her stop crying.


"Edward why do you have to be such a jerk to her she has done nothing to ruin your life." Rosalie hissed.


"Well she did when she came to live with us."


Poor Bella why did she have to meet someone cruel and mean like Edward. Rosalie gave Bella to me so she could eat. She ate almost everything that i made her. She is so adorable. My little sweet sister. Rosalie gave her crayons to Bella so she could draw. Rosalie and I went online to buy baby stuff for Bella we bought alot of stuff for her cute clothes a big bed.


Edward went upsatirs,i was wondering where Bella went.


"What do you think your doing you little brat."


I heard Edward yell.

This cant be good.




*so i have a little game for all my readers*

*ok so i'm thinking of a number from 1 to 50

you can only enter four numbers and the winner or winners will get a sneak peak at the next chapter.

and dead lines for this contest will be on saturday so it would be fair to any new readers ok. same goes for my other story so lets say that u guess the right number in this story but not the other youll only get a sneek peak at this story got it good luck.

love it
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