The Twilight Saga


This is a story about Bella as a child read to find out what happens next.

please enjoy.

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Baby Bella




Somethwings can't be explwained. And they do seem out of order. I kinda wemember how i ended here, but I'm happy here. All that i wemember was mommy singing to me and reading me books. And daddy cooking downsstwairs. I do miss her so much, and daddy to. I was two or three when they went bye bye up to heaven. And all that fire that was here. Mommy told me to run to save myself so i did. She told me everything was going to be ok. So i left running to find help.To save mommy and daddy. But i couldn't. That's when some very stwange lady found me. But I'm happy with my new family they love me and i love them well most of them do. Even though one thinks I'm a snobby bwrat, i still make fun of him. Wich is funny. Me, mine name is Bwella. But my full name is Isabwella Marwie Swan. I'm thwee years owld. I lost my parents they went bye bye, to heaven.

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Chapter 8

Edward's pov


I ran inside the house and found everybody laughing at Emmett. He was on the couch screamin for somebody to help him.

"Edward help me please the crazy monster is going to eat me."

The puppy was barking and trying to jump on the couch to where he was but couldn't because it was so small.


"Emmie bear you so silly." Bella said. The puppy ran to her and jumped into her arms.


"Bella!" Every one said.


"Bella you must never run away you got that no matter what ok." Alice said and gave her a big hug.


"Ok. I'm sorry i ran away. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings." She said.


"So Edward what are all of these animals doing here.?" Carlisle asked.


"Well to get Bella back i had to get her pets." I said.


"Yeah he's so great, he's the best big brother i have." She said.


"well that's nice to know Bella." Jasper and  Emmett said at the same time.


"I mean i have the three greatest big brother ever." She said.


"Come along Bella you have to get ready for your first day of school tomorrow sounds exciting?" I said.


"No i don't wanna go to school." She made the cutest pouty face ever.


"Come on I"ll take you to school tomorrow yeah?" I said




"Go with Alice so she can help you get into the bath."


She quickly ran upstairs and she almost tripped going up. Tomorrow might be great day.




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