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This is a story about Bella as a child read to find out what happens next.

please enjoy.

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Baby Bella




Somethwings can't be explwained. And they do seem out of order. I kinda wemember how i ended here, but I'm happy here. All that i wemember was mommy singing to me and reading me books. And daddy cooking downsstwairs. I do miss her so much, and daddy to. I was two or three when they went bye bye up to heaven. And all that fire that was here. Mommy told me to run to save myself so i did. She told me everything was going to be ok. So i left running to find help.To save mommy and daddy. But i couldn't. That's when some very stwange lady found me. But I'm happy with my new family they love me and i love them well most of them do. Even though one thinks I'm a snobby bwrat, i still make fun of him. Wich is funny. Me, mine name is Bwella. But my full name is Isabwella Marwie Swan. I'm thwee years owld. I lost my parents they went bye bye, to heaven.

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thanks so much ill probably post tomorrow

~Little Ms. Cinderella

Awesome!!! keep me updated!!!

thanks no prob. :)

~Little Ms. Cinderella

This is so cute! Please write more and keep me updated!

thanks so much

~Little Ms. Cinderella

Thanks :)

~Little Ms. Cinderella

since you guys love my fan fic

i am posting right now

thanks so much for reading and commenting much love


~Little Ms. Cinderella

Chapter 1



Alice's pov


I couldn't take it the house was gonna break down sooner or later with Rose and Edward arguing. Man what did i do to diserve this? Why can't they get along like evryone else is it that hard to do? I had a vision. Oh it was just Edward, Emmett and Jasper they were going to play football out on the back yard. I didn't know that vampires could get headaches and i had a massive one. It was preety out here, this was the one place where i could come and relax. I just looked at my surroundings, so beautiful. It seemed as if i was walking for hours but really i wasn't just for few minutes. I havn't even noticed i came all the way to a house and it was on fire. I heard hearbeats, three of them. I ran to see what i can do. I went inside and thier was a lady with a little girl next to her.


 "Bella run, run as fast as you can darling save your self go honey now."


 "No momma i don't want to leave you here."


 I heard one heart beat stop and i think it was her father's heart. The little girl ran to the back door. The mom's heart stopped.

I ran to see if i could find the little girl. I looked around but didn't find her. I went walking home. But then i heard sobbing in the bushes, I looked and it was the little girl with big chocolote eyes.


"Hey thier little girl are you ok?" I asked her.


"No my mommie and daddy went bye bye, an i have no one." She began to cry. "Awww it's going honey, i will take care of you if you want." "Ok. You vwery pwetty."


"Aww thank you, and what is your name?" "My nwame is Bwella, but my full name is Isabwella Marwie Swan. And what is your name?" Ske asked me.


"My name is Alice, but my full name is Marie Alice Brandon Cullen, but you can call me Alice." I said. "You have the same nwame as me Marwie. Do you hwave any bwothers or Swister?" "Yes i do i have 2 brother's and 1 sister." I said.


"I want to go see them pwetty please. No wait what if they don't like me?"


"They will honey don't worry about that."


"Awice can you be my bwig swister pwease." "Sure honey, your gonna be my little sister." I said. I was glad to have found her. I ran to the house when Bella began to moan. "Baby Bella what is wrong?" I asked her. She looked green. "My tummy feels wierd." Then she threw up i holded her hair up so it wouldn't get all soaked with the puke. "I sowwie i didn't mean to. Please don't be mad at me." "I can't be mad at you, your an angel sent from above. So adrobale with those big chocolate eyes." I said. I was falling in love with this little girl only  after a few minutes. "Ok then can we go to your house now." "Baby Bella it's gonna be your house to now ok."


"Ok bwig swister." I walked all the way to the house. Bella saw the house and was amazed. "Awice are you a pwincess." "No sweetie. Now let's go inside to meet the rest of the family ok baby Bella." "Ok." We walked inside. Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett were in the living room. "Alice where did you find this adorable little girl?" Esme said.


"I found her when her house was burning down sadly her parents didn't make it."


"Aww your so adorable." Rosalie said. "What is your name cutie pie.?" She asked.


"My nwame is Bwella. What is your nawme?" She asked. "Nice to meet you Bella, my name is Rosalie but you can call me Rose. And this is Esme and Emmett." She said.  "Ok Rwose, hi Esme, and Emm... Emm ..eett.. Emmie." Say said. She clapped her hands and started giggling. "Rwose can yuo be my big swister like Awice? And Esme can you be my momma Esme? Emmie you are my bwig bwother ok." She demanded. "Sure of course." said Esme and she kissed her forehead. "Yes my little baby girl." Rose said. "Hell ya i have another baby sister." Emmett yelled. Rose smacked him in the back of the head. "I mean yes." He said. Bella started laughing. "Oh think that's funny do you." Emmett said. He took her out of my arms and started tickling her. "NO Emmie stop, no i need to pee." She said. But Emmett didn't stop.


Then that's when it happened she peed her self. "Oopsies, im sorwwie, i didn't mean to it's all Emmie's fwalt." She pouted. "It's ok, Emmie will clean it up. Now let's go take you a shower." "Ok Awice." "Man why do i have to clean it up?"


"Because you made her pee herself." Rose said. "Rose can yuo please order some clothes for Baby Bella?" "Yeah sure and then tomrrow can we go on a shopping spree for Bella?" "Yes of course we can."

I took Bella upstairs to the bathroom, and put her clothes in the washer, Rose came up with some pj's of Camp Rock. I filled the tub and put in bubbles for her she was so happy. After she was done i put on her pj's and went to the washer to put her clothes in the dryier. When i cam back she was gone. I ran downstairs to find her but she wasn't there.


"Rose have you seen Bella?"


"No i havn't why?"


"She is gone, i left for a few seconds ans she vanished." Jasper, Edward, and Carlisle came back from playing football out in the back. Edward went up to his room.


"Emmett what are you doing?" Asked Jasper.


"I'm cleaning up pee."


"But why-"


Jasper got interupted by a yell.


"What is this in my room?" Edward asked. oh oh i think i knew who that was.
love it please keep me updated :))

thanks no prob :)

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i love it go u should write more

thanks so much

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