The Twilight Saga

A Twilight (All Human) Edward/Bella Fan Fiction

Summary: When a baby is left on his doorstep with nothing but a baby bag and a note, Edward Cullen can't believe this is happening to him. What happens when his neighbor hears crying and offers help? When a romance brews between the two?

Main Characters:
Edward Cullen - 24 (Robert Pattinson)
Isabella "Bella" Swan - 21 (Kristen Stewart)
Avery Stanley-Cullen - 3 Months (No Face Claim)


Note: This fan fiction is based off the show Baby Daddy on ABC but doesn't follow the show, just the main idea is the same. If you haven't watched it then you should because it is amazing! I don't own Baby Daddy or Twilight, I just own my OC (Avery). The other twilight characters will be in here too but it focuses more on just Edward, Bella, and Avery in the beginning.

Tags: all, baby, daddy, edward/bella, human, twilight

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It sounds interesting..

Thanks! :D

Sounds good so far :) 

I love baby daddy it's a great show♥


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