The Twilight Saga

This is a story about bella as a baby and the Cullens find her in a car crash with her mom.
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Chpt.1 Edward's p.o.v.

Emmet, Jasper, and i are going hunting today. I went downstairs and asked them if they were ready to go. They both said "yes" and then i asked "do you want to race to the river?" Of course Emmet said "YEAH!" and Jasper said "sure." As soon as he finished i started running towards the river and Emmet said"no fair, you got a head start!!!" I laughed and in seconds i was at the river. Emmet and Jasper got there and Emmet said "i would've won but you got a head start!" I then sarcastically said "sure you would have."

When we got done arguing we all jumped over the river and let our vampire sences take over. I smelled some elk and deer about 3 miles into the forest. I was running towards them when i heard crying. I let my ears lead me to where the sound was and when i was right next to the crying sound i opened my eyes and saw that it was a woman in a car with her baby in the back seat. The front end of the car was destroyed by the tree that they hit. I could barely hear the mom's heart beat, but i could hear the baby's. I knew the mom was going to die so i was going to help the baby. I opened the back seat door when i heard a faint wispering noise. It was the woman in the front seat.

She said " please take care of my baby." After she said that her heart stopped and i knew that she was dead.

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Chpt. 1 part 2
Edward's p.o.v

When i didnt hear the womans heart beat anymore i heard the baby yawn and i looked down at her. She had beautiful brown eyes that i could look into all day long and get lost in them like some kind of trance. Her hair was a chocolate brown that had ringlets of curls that ran down to her waist and her skin was a silky pale color.

She looked up at me and i smiled down at her and i said "i'm going to take care of you." Then she smiled and i picked her up. Surprisingly her blood didnt distract me at all. I took out my cell phone and called Emmet and Jasper. I told them to meet me at the house as soon as possible.(jasper doesnt have a problem with human blood anymore.) After i hung up i ran to the house and was there in a matter of seconds.
I yelled for Carlisle to come downstairs and when he came down he asked me why i had a baby in my arms. i told him that i found her with her mom in a car crash.
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Chpt. 2
Edward's p.o.v.

Carlisle asked what happened to the mother and i told him that she died. I also told him that before she died she told me to take care of her baby. I told him to follow me to the accident so he could report it and see who the woman and the baby are. As we were running towards the river we saw Emmet and Jasper jumping over the river. They asked me why i had a baby and i said "i'll tell you later." Then Carlisle and i jumped over the river and ran through the forest to the spot i found the car. Carlisle went over to the car and took out his cell phone to call people to come get the woman and the car.
While Carlisle was on the phone i was looking down at the beautiful baby. She was asleep in my arms. She looked so peaceful while she slept then i took a deep breath and it must have woke her because she yawned and tried to turn over but couldnt because she was in my arms. She opened her eyes and looked up at me then she smiled . I smiled back at her and she reached up to touch my face. Her hand touched my cheek and her skin felt so soft.
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