The Twilight Saga

So I got to wondering what would have happened if the Cullens had found Bella when she was a baby? I know my mind is strange. Well here it is.

oh and also some people say anything thats not copyrighted is up for grabs so just in case...


EPOV! (cause who doesn't love him?)

-blah blah blah--- equals thought

-Ah hell Rose got me this shirt!-- -(midnight sun quote)

Poor Emmett. I didn't even want to think about what would happen to him when he got home. We were on hunting trip in northern Canada. We were the only two who who ever got tired of deer. Emmett, being the savage he was, could never seem to make it back to Forks with all his clothing intact. I caught the scent of a mountain lion about 500 yards away. As I started running though A much more potent scent came in when the wind shifted and I changed my course. Human blood. Blood that called to me like no other. It didn't matter who it was or how i got it but I had to have it. My family, my priorities, my entire life meant little to me right now. Hell, I was having trouble remembering by own name right now. The scent became unbearably strong. Suddenly a car smashed into a tree came into veiw along with two very faint very weak heartbeats and one very frantic one came to my ears. I held my breatt and walked over to the car to peer inside. In the front seet sat a man whose side had been punctured by the door and his head had a large cut over his eye that was gushing blood. I knew I needed to run while I was still in control but something was holding me there, an unknown force whose pull was stronger, than even my bloodlust. The man's heartbeat stopped abruptly and I looked over to the passenger seat. The was a very pretty woman whose body looked like it had been crunched together by the tree. She only had minutes.

--woah dude! Are you okay! what is that?? are they okay?? Aw crap!--

Emmett's frantic mental voice came into my mind as he came into the clearing breath held too.

"Baby...My baby." A soft, barely there voice spoke. Em and I whipped our heads around to see the women's eyes barely open looking at us.

"Please...please......just baby. Bella. Bella." She whispered her hand shot out to grab mine before her heartbeat stopped. I peeled my hand out of hers and looked in the backseat for the first time. Their sat a gorgeous little girl with long brown hair, her soft pale skin and a small nose. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply a small smile on her full red lips. She couldn't be older than a year if that. She made an odd gurgling noise in her sleep.

---She's cute. Gonna be one hell of a looker when she gets older.---

"Nice Em." I said dryly, forgetting the reason i was holding my breath in the first place. Her scent hit me like a ton of bricks. My muscles tensed and the venom flowed. Emmett saw where I was headed and had me in a head lock before I could blink.

---She's just a baby Edward!!! Hold your breath. Don't hurt her .---

I took a moment to control myself, before i tried to breathe again,still in Emmett's head lock. My throat burned and I felt like i might explode form the power it was taking to restrain myself. But I couldn't hurt that baby, not when her life had barely started.

"Well what do we do with her?" Emmett asked aloud.

"I'm not sure. We can't just leave her here though. She'll die." I didn't know what we were supposed to do. This wasn't something that happened every day, even to us.

"We'll take her with us then. Carlilse will know what to do." Emmett slowly bent down to the car and ripped the door off, causing the baby to wake with a start and scream.

"My word she's got lungs." Emmett flinched as he reached down and gently picked her up and rocked her back and forth. She looked up at him and stopped crying.

"HEY! She likes me!" He screamed. She giggled and reached up to touch his face and then his hair. After she was done with her inspection of Emmett, She turned her head and looked at me a smile breaking out on her face. She reached for me and Emmett gave me a warning look before handing her over. I rolled my eyes. She looked me in the eyes touching me the same way she had Emmett but rather than smiling she snuggled herself into my chest and fell back to sleep. I smiled at the warmth. We set off back to the house arriving their in record time. About three miles away I stopped dead in my tracks as something occured to me. Jasper. I knew he wouldn't intentionally hurt her..but things happen. I hunched my shoulders over her protectively as i walked forward. What if Carlisle disapproved of us bringing her here? What if Rosalie tried to keep her for her own reasons? That thought worried me more than anything else. Bella couldn't stay here. It wasn't what was best for her alife full of vampires. She dexerved a normal life not one filled with our dark pasts. I sighed as I opened the door to see five very shocked very confused vampires. Oh my.


CHAPTER 2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PG. 8

CHAPTER 3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PG. 17

CHAPTER 4--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PG. 25

CHAPTER 5--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PG. 33

CHAPTER 6--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PG. 39

CHAPTER 7--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PG. 48

CHAPTER 8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PG. 55

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