The Twilight Saga

This story is inspired by Back To December by Taylor Swift!

Okay so Edward and Bella dated a long time ago in high school but, something drastic happened and they broke up. Now 4, years passed and they meet again at a little coffee shop in town. They've both had thier fair share of good and bad experiences but, now they're going to go on another wild ride. Will they get back together? Will everything fall apart right as things are getting better?

Should I write this? 10 comments before I write the first chapter!

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i looveee this storry! (:
post more soon
new reader
please add, 'cause i love it
ooh i like this a LOT (:
PLEASE continue and update meee :D
xoxo --Dancing Vampire
Post more!!!!!!
I love it!!!!!!!!
Keep going please?????
*new reader* love it! cant wait for more! :)
Like this story as well can not wait to read more


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