The Twilight Saga

What if it was backwards? Bella was the vampire&Edward was the human. Will they don't end up with eachother ?  FIND OUT ! :D

Cullen's ;

Carslile (22)
Esme (21)
Bella - (17)
Alice- (17)
Rosalie- (18) 
Emmett- (18)
Jasper -(17)

Mason's ;
(They live with their older sister Tiffany because there parent's died in a car crash.)
Tiffany- (20)
Edward -(17)
Dawn -(14)

Other's ;

Stark. (You'l find out bout him later :D )
& Anyother charectars I decide to add later ! 

Chapter 1.(Preview)

The last 107 years of my Vampire life was lonley.
Terribly lonley.
No one Interested me in the slightest, But people showed lost of intrest in me.
All the boy's flirted with me, Wanted to sit next to me, Talk to me.
But it was pathetic.
They were all humans, Who even if I did start to love. I'd have to leave them when they died.
And I would have to live forever without them..

Kayso, Should I write it ?

Please comment !
I love hearing your thoughts !
Kay, Byee :D

-Dawn~Power~ <3

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Thank you !
I'll write it if I get a few more comments :D
You Should Write It.
Yeah. You should write it. I think that it will be really good. If you do write it... can you keep me updated.

Yes, you should.

Please write. I want to to read this story. Please could you read my ff....
ease post more soon!
Come on, you asked we said yes. Work on the best storry alive kid! I know you'll shock our eyes.

YES Write It !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 THen POst Me Sone K... U have my support


Please please write the story. Everyone has said yes. Please for everyones sanity post the first chapter.


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