The Twilight Saga


I laid there in the road, I knew i had been in an accident, i couldn't remember who i was or why i was here
The Girl  i was with left me on the side of the road to die. Little does she know i wont die, I never will, Immortality is a handful.Only a few can escape death time and time again. My mother is a perfect example of that, and yet, i dont have a choice cause of, my anatomy chooses for me, because i was born in a world were death is an option on only one way.

                                                                        The Beginning

    "Renesmee time for breakfast"
    "Sure,sure im coming" I hurried down the stairs to find my perfect vampire parents sitting on the couch like love birds,and Jacob my best friend , eating all the food. I walked over and smacked him on the back of the head.
    "Dont eat all the bacon wolf boy" I grabbed me a plate and sat down.
    "What are you doing after school" Jacob asked
    "Hanging out with Hannah"
    "Oh, cool ,do you guys need a ride" He asked    
    "No we got it"
    "Ill see you guys later"
    "Have fun with Hannah" my dad said , I got in my car and drove to school. Little did my family known i wasn't just hanging out with Hannah, im hanging out with Scott too. My Parents don't like me hanging out with him tho, My dad said he would ground me if he ever found out that i was seeing him again. I try not to think about Scott very much , hes just so addictive. Hes got a nice car,He's Tall tan skin, bright blue eyes. I swear its like getting lost at sea. I pulled into the school parking lot. Instantly People looked my direction. I was a Cullen and the rumors of my family spread through out the town. We live 5 hours and 30 minutes from forks, We live in Vancouver Canada, I know your thinking why so close,well my parents wanted to stay close so Jacob and his pack could stay close to la push, but wanted to be far enough that people would start asking questions about why my family wasn't aging.
    "Renesmee" Hannah shouted.I turned to see my best friend in the entire world running towards me.
    "Hannah" I yelled back, and hugged her.
    "how was your spring break" she asked
    "Wonderful, what about you"
    "It was fine, my parents grounded me fore hanging out with Steve"
    "Ugh, i know what you mean, Mine wont let me hang out with Scott anymore, said hes a bad influence"
    "Well, I got off grounded yesterday and i think me and Steve are gonna go hang out at the lake wanna come with Scott" She asked
    "Ill have to ask Scott if he wants to, we were going to ride to make out rock "
    "wooooahhh, look who's getting close" She giggled
    "Renesmee Hannah" We turned and saw Steve and Scott walking towards us.
    "Hey Rene" He said and kissed me on the lips, he always shortened my name like that.
    "Hey Scott" I said when he pulled away. He wasn't the best kisser, and he didn't leave that warm feeling like Jacob did when he kissed my head. Suddenly like speaking of the devil him self, a motorcycle sound rung in the air. Girls giggled and laughed as Jacob speed to a stop in front of me.
    "Jake" I said, Jacob looked at me and Scott's hands intertwined together and winced, I wonder what that was about.
    "Hey ness, you left your math book and your note book at home"
    "Thanks" He then kissed the top of my head.
    "Ill see you at home"
    "What was that" Scott asked , as soon as Jacob had left.
    "He was just bring me my books."
    "Yeah , sure"
    "Shut up Scott he was, hes like my big brother, stop being a pain"
    "Hey, dont be like that" He said and grabbed my elbow and kissed me. The school bell rung and we went in for school. First class was a real bore. Cathy and Anne were sitting in the front seats giggling and snickering and then looking back at me. I rolled my eyes and went back to doodling in my note book. Second period was pretty much the same. That's when lunch came around.
    "Hannah have you seen Scott"
    "Nope last time i saw him and Steve were playing basketball in the gym"
    "Ill be back" I had to give Scott his English book he left in my car.
    "Okay" she said , i started walking down the hall.
    "There goes Cullen pucker up" A girl said in the hall.
    "What did you say"
    "Nothing just your getting around is all"
    "I'm not getting around"
    "Oh so the guy on the bike isn't your other boyfriend"
    "No hes like my brother"
    "Doubtful, you could tell he wants you"
    "What ever"
    "Dont get moody with me miss pucker up"
    "Well at lease my boyfriends not cheating on me" I said , and almost regretted it, until she punched me, she hurt her hand, I hit her back, That's when we started going at it.There was a teacher down the hall.
    "Girls girls" she yelled and started to pull us apart. Another teacher yanked me over his shoulder and carried me to the principles office.
    "Stay right here miss Cullen" I groaned great just what i needed my dad to find out. I waited half an hour until the front office door opened and my dad and mom stepped in. Great, i groaned.
    "Your in big big trouble" My dad said , i turned my head the other way. They walked into the principles office and shut the door, Scott came in that minute.
    "Hey, i heard what happen"
    "Yeah, here's your English book"
    "thanks, are your parents gonna kill you"
    "Yes, ill meet you at the lake with Steve and Hannah tonight okay you better go before my dad sees you"    
    "Okay" he kissed my cheek and left for class. Soon after he left, My dad and the principle and my mom came out.
    "We have Discussed your punishment and you are suspended from school for three days"
    "What, that's completely unfair."
    "Renesmee, hush and just listen to them" my mom said I groaned and walked out of the office.My parents followed behind me.
    "Where do you think your going" My dad said    
    "To get my school work for the next three days" I said walking off. I went to each teacher, students grumbling as they talked about what they heard me do. The teachers were more than happy to give me all my assignment.When i got outside my car was gone and my parents car was waiting for me. Great, aunt Alice took my car. I was definitely going to fear this ride home.

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She would be about 11 human years but she looks like 17 and has the same knowledge of anyone of her family members

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Cullen gone Bad

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