The Twilight Saga


I laid there in the road, I knew i had been in an accident, i couldn't remember who i was or why i was here
The Girl  i was with left me on the side of the road to die. Little does she know i wont die, I never will, Immortality is a handful.Only a few can escape death time and time again. My mother is a perfect example of that, and yet, i dont have a choice cause of, my anatomy chooses for me, because i was born in a world were death is an option on only one way.

                                                                        The Beginning

    "Renesmee time for breakfast"
    "Sure,sure im coming" I hurried down the stairs to find my perfect vampire parents sitting on the couch like love birds,and Jacob my best friend , eating all the food. I walked over and smacked him on the back of the head.
    "Dont eat all the bacon wolf boy" I grabbed me a plate and sat down.
    "What are you doing after school" Jacob asked
    "Hanging out with Hannah"
    "Oh, cool ,do you guys need a ride" He asked    
    "No we got it"
    "Ill see you guys later"
    "Have fun with Hannah" my dad said , I got in my car and drove to school. Little did my family known i wasn't just hanging out with Hannah, im hanging out with Scott too. My Parents don't like me hanging out with him tho, My dad said he would ground me if he ever found out that i was seeing him again. I try not to think about Scott very much , hes just so addictive. Hes got a nice car,He's Tall tan skin, bright blue eyes. I swear its like getting lost at sea. I pulled into the school parking lot. Instantly People looked my direction. I was a Cullen and the rumors of my family spread through out the town. We live 5 hours and 30 minutes from forks, We live in Vancouver Canada, I know your thinking why so close,well my parents wanted to stay close so Jacob and his pack could stay close to la push, but wanted to be far enough that people would start asking questions about why my family wasn't aging.
    "Renesmee" Hannah shouted.I turned to see my best friend in the entire world running towards me.
    "Hannah" I yelled back, and hugged her.
    "how was your spring break" she asked
    "Wonderful, what about you"
    "It was fine, my parents grounded me fore hanging out with Steve"
    "Ugh, i know what you mean, Mine wont let me hang out with Scott anymore, said hes a bad influence"
    "Well, I got off grounded yesterday and i think me and Steve are gonna go hang out at the lake wanna come with Scott" She asked
    "Ill have to ask Scott if he wants to, we were going to ride to make out rock "
    "wooooahhh, look who's getting close" She giggled
    "Renesmee Hannah" We turned and saw Steve and Scott walking towards us.
    "Hey Rene" He said and kissed me on the lips, he always shortened my name like that.
    "Hey Scott" I said when he pulled away. He wasn't the best kisser, and he didn't leave that warm feeling like Jacob did when he kissed my head. Suddenly like speaking of the devil him self, a motorcycle sound rung in the air. Girls giggled and laughed as Jacob speed to a stop in front of me.
    "Jake" I said, Jacob looked at me and Scott's hands intertwined together and winced, I wonder what that was about.
    "Hey ness, you left your math book and your note book at home"
    "Thanks" He then kissed the top of my head.
    "Ill see you at home"
    "What was that" Scott asked , as soon as Jacob had left.
    "He was just bring me my books."
    "Yeah , sure"
    "Shut up Scott he was, hes like my big brother, stop being a pain"
    "Hey, dont be like that" He said and grabbed my elbow and kissed me. The school bell rung and we went in for school. First class was a real bore. Cathy and Anne were sitting in the front seats giggling and snickering and then looking back at me. I rolled my eyes and went back to doodling in my note book. Second period was pretty much the same. That's when lunch came around.
    "Hannah have you seen Scott"
    "Nope last time i saw him and Steve were playing basketball in the gym"
    "Ill be back" I had to give Scott his English book he left in my car.
    "Okay" she said , i started walking down the hall.
    "There goes Cullen pucker up" A girl said in the hall.
    "What did you say"
    "Nothing just your getting around is all"
    "I'm not getting around"
    "Oh so the guy on the bike isn't your other boyfriend"
    "No hes like my brother"
    "Doubtful, you could tell he wants you"
    "What ever"
    "Dont get moody with me miss pucker up"
    "Well at lease my boyfriends not cheating on me" I said , and almost regretted it, until she punched me, she hurt her hand, I hit her back, That's when we started going at it.There was a teacher down the hall.
    "Girls girls" she yelled and started to pull us apart. Another teacher yanked me over his shoulder and carried me to the principles office.
    "Stay right here miss Cullen" I groaned great just what i needed my dad to find out. I waited half an hour until the front office door opened and my dad and mom stepped in. Great, i groaned.
    "Your in big big trouble" My dad said , i turned my head the other way. They walked into the principles office and shut the door, Scott came in that minute.
    "Hey, i heard what happen"
    "Yeah, here's your English book"
    "thanks, are your parents gonna kill you"
    "Yes, ill meet you at the lake with Steve and Hannah tonight okay you better go before my dad sees you"    
    "Okay" he kissed my cheek and left for class. Soon after he left, My dad and the principle and my mom came out.
    "We have Discussed your punishment and you are suspended from school for three days"
    "What, that's completely unfair."
    "Renesmee, hush and just listen to them" my mom said I groaned and walked out of the office.My parents followed behind me.
    "Where do you think your going" My dad said    
    "To get my school work for the next three days" I said walking off. I went to each teacher, students grumbling as they talked about what they heard me do. The teachers were more than happy to give me all my assignment.When i got outside my car was gone and my parents car was waiting for me. Great, aunt Alice took my car. I was definitely going to fear this ride home.

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You know what the say about bad feelings, there is a reason for it :)

i love it post morre (:

i hope everything goes well

Yayyyyy! Never fear Demetri is here! I am sooo excited to know that the will soon be found hopefully! But I'm dying to know who would dare kidnap a Cullen!

ikr they r def. gonna get it!


Chapter Nineteen : Renesmee's P.O.V


“Alright renesmee dear, Show Demetri your mind so that he can see your children” I Pressed my hand to Demetri's face as Aro instructed. I showed my children playing in the meadow that day, and the vampire that took them. I removed my hand from his face and he was instantly serious.

“Ready” He said in a cold voice.

“Renesmee dear, there is something that we need from you as well” I knew that this wasn't just going to be a one way deal.

“We need you and Demetri to bring back a women named Demi”

“And if I say no” I asked curious to see what he would say.

“then that you be your choice renesmee and we will still help you find your children, we would not do anything to harm our friendship with the cullens again”

“Alright, I will help, why do you need me exactly to find her”

“We need you to “show” her that we aren't bad to get her here” He said matter of fact

“Okay then” I smiled I shook Aro's hand and then turned to Demetri

“Ready” I asked ,he nodded.


We headed down the long hall and out the door. When we got to the streets it was dark and cold. I followed Demetri as we ran through the streets heading out of Voltaire. I knew in a matter of time I would be holding my dear baby girls in my arms again.





It was a dark tunnel under the street. You could hear people walking by. Asher and Amber layed on the cold wet floor, while Three vampires sat against the wall far down.

“And what are we suppose to do with them”

“You are suppose to make sure the Cullen's can't find them that's what.” The tall tan man said, his eyes a fiery red from the blood of a human he had just drained.


“No, do as I say” He turned and stormed out of site. Asher was shivering on the floor, and Amber reached over and wrapped her arms around her, too heat her sister up.


Jacob's P.O.V


“Daddaaaa” Ember yelled from the other room. I came in to see him sitting on his bed with Adan.

“Yes baby” I asked

“Can we have breakfast”

“Sure” I walked to the kitchen to see Kathy and her daughter sitting on the couch. Adan and Ember came out of the room and sat on the couch with Kathy and Amy. Amy is her 3 year old daughter and Aden is her 2 year old son.

“Where is Seth” I asked her.

“Patrol Again”

“Sorry Sam and I have him on patrol so much” She shook her head.

“Its okay, I know its his job”

“Are you and Amy hungry as well” I asked

“Yes” I handed her a plate with eggs and bacon on it. Then told the kids to come eat. I gave Ember and Aden Lucky Charms and Amy Cheerios. Watching Amy made me miss my daughters. Its been a day and a half since I talked to renesmee, and I hoped by now that she had found our children.



Renesmee's P.O.V


“Do you ever speak” I asked Demetri as we stopped on a corner in Vancouver Canada

“What are we even doing here”

“You know this place” he asked

“Finally you talk,yes I know this place I use to live here”

“Your kids are here” He said with a smirk

“Follow me” I ran after him down a long familiar street. Soon we were standing a block from Scott's old house.

“They are below” He whispered so low I almost didn't hear it.

“In the tunnels?” I asked He nodded.

“lets go” We went to the nearest whole and jumped down.

It was cold and dark in the tunnel but I was able to see every inch with my vampire vision. Demetri held up his hand. Suddenly I heard a voice.

“NO... you cant leave, the cullens will see you” I knew that voice , and I knew it well. I pressed my hand to Demetri and he froze in place. I had told him I knew the guy, but how did he know about vampires. We waited there until the voices were gone. We turned into a large area that connected four tunnels. I noticed my daughters laying on the ground.

“Amber , Asher” I almost yelled

“Wait” Demetri said, Suddenly out of no where, A women struck. I Took her to the ground and gripped her throat with my hand ,Crushing my nails into her throat.

“Have you ever seen what a momma bear does to keep her kids safe” You could see the fear in her eyes.

“Then you know what lies before you in life” She nodded. I gripped my other hand in her hair and then twisted her neck until it broke , like Ice breaks when dropped on the floor.

“Hel...” Scott was about to say, When Demetri Struck this time, Taking him to the floor. , Scott Flipped Demetri and slammed him to the wall and ran after the girls, I flipped over Demetri and Threw scott towards Demetri, who now had a grip on both of his arms and had one hand on his throat. I noticed the fiery red that burned in his eyes, I knew this color well in my world.

“What happened” I asked

“Not every one Turns good renesmee, Its only what you deserved for leaving me” I growled at him.

“you never deserved me”

“What vampires aren’t good enough for you, you still want a puppy for a partner” He hiss through his teeth. Demetri looked at me. I nodded and He tore Scoots Head apart. I ran to my girls who were asleep. I touched each Of them who still had a heart beat, I noticed that each of them had Crescent shaped rings on there arms. I hissed

“What is it”

“The bastard Feed on them” He growled.

“we need to go” he said once I had them in my arms.

“Okay” We ran towards the streets, when we got up there it was raining , I held my children close to my chest. As we stole a car that we knew would look not as conspicuous.


“Where are we headed now”

“To find Demi” He smiled

“You like her don't you”

“She was interesting when I met her that's all”

“And so the vamp as a heart” I smiled. Suddenly Amber and Asher started to move in my arms, they blinked a few times and then looked up.

“MOMMY” they screamed, and hugged me as tight as the could.

“Shh its okay babies I'm here, I'm here, I've got you” I kissed both of their heads. A tear slipping down my cheek. We soon Reached a House, not far from Forks Washington that was three times bigger than my grandparents ever wished their house was.

“Alright lets go” I lifted the girls from the car and we headed to the front porch Demetri knocked on the door and soon a women with wild red hair answered it.

“Hello Demetri” She smiled. She looked over at me and my kids and smiled

“hello renesmee” She said , then ran her hand over Asher and Ambers head.

“hello Asher, Hello Amber”

“How did you know” I asked

“ I know everything” She said Turning and walking in the house. We followed behind.

“We want you to Join us Demi”

“I know”

“Then why don't you” I asked

“Aro wants me to be his minion not a person who just stays there, he wants me as a toy for his collection” She said in a thick Russian accent. He eyes were red like a rose.

“Aro means no harm” I said to her. She smiled

“you are sweet girl Renesmee, and your life will someday be very complicated, Specially when these ones grown up”

“tell Jacob I said hello as well” She giggled and sat on her couch with a cup in her hand and sipped on it.

“Whats in the cup”

“blood” She smiled

“Donated, did you want some” she asked

“No, I'm Quite alright”

“Suite your self”

“If I can prove to you that Aro means no harm, will you join him” She mused on it for a moment.

“Sure young renesmee, If you can some how Convince me of such a thing that I will Join Aro”

“If you know everything then how come you don’t know that Aro will not mean you any harm.” I asked

“I don't see Aro child, he has blockers” She smiled and looked at Demetri again.

“Oh” I Handed Asher and Amber to Demetri who stiffened when he held them. I pressed my hand to Demi's face. She froze in place for a moment. Then pulled away.

“Interesting” She stood up and roamed around the room for a moment, and then stopped.

“Where is Jane”

“In Italy”

“Okay” She walked around the room some more.

“Fine I will go” Demetri smiled .

“Thank you” I said to her.



Jacobs P.O.V


“Honey I'm home” I heard renesmee yell from the living room. I ran as fast as I could hopping over furniture. When I got to the living room she was empty handed. I ran over to her and kissed her head, then her forehead, then her neck and then lastly her lips.

“Did you at least see them”

“DADDY” I heard my girls yell. I turned around , they ran over to me and wrapped there arms around my legs.

“No.No. Leave again” They stated.

“Dont worry you wont ever leave us again.” I noticed ring marks on there arms. Renesmee seemed to notice where my eyes went.

“I know” She said

“Who was it” I asked

“Scott and some other women” he growled and held them closer.

“Demetri and I killed them” He nodded.

“Im just glad you are all here and safe” Ember came out of the room and Yelled

“ASHER AMBER MOMMY” It was a huge group hug, one great family moment.




One Month Later (Renesmee's P.O.V)

“Is the tuck packed” I asked Jacob

“Yes dear” We were moving. It was time to get away from here for a little bit , maybe till the kid were in highschool at lease.

“Love you kathy,seth,Emily,sam,Kim,Quil,Embry” I said every name one after another.

“We love y'all too, and come back when your ready” that said . I smiled and climbed in the truck. Ember was giving Amy a hug goodbye and Aden was giving Asher and Amber hugs goodbye.They climbed in the truck and off we were to start a new life of No vampires or werewolf’s, for now. Jacob and I had made a promise not to tell the kids anything about vampires or werewolf’s until we thought it was the right time.




Thanks everyone who Read my story, There is going to be a Sequel Called Tangled Lies. This is the banner for it below and I will let you know when its posted.




nice ending! :) i will surely read the sequel

Loved it!!

Happy ending!

Can't wait for the sequel!

very good ending, will the new girl demi be a problem for the cullens n blacks later on? plz keep me posted on the sequel

I love it!!!

Great ending!

Eagerly waiting for the sequel! :)

awee, sweet ending,, i can't wait till you post the sequel !! great chapter :)) POST SOON!!!
This was good keep me posted
I can't wait to read the sequel!


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