The Twilight Saga

Edward Cullen is a columist at Seattle Times.He is twenty-five and he is dating off and on again girlfriend Tanya.But when it's his brother Jasper's engagment party.He meets a beautiful girl.

Bella Swan,she owns a coffee house in Seattle.She is twenty-four and hasnt' dated since her whole bussiness took off.She has to be dragged to her best friend's:Alice engagment party and meets the love of her life.


Chapter 1


I was driving to work when I got out I got everything set up for another busy day at my coffee shop.The shop was called Seattle Perks.I oened the shop and my best friends Alice Brandon soon to be Cullen and my other friend Rosalie Hale.We all have been friends since college.It was werid because they had different majors.They sat down infront of me.Jessica the waitress came up to us.Rosalie and Alice ordered their usual.Alice,cappicino and Rosalie was a latte.


"What are you girls doing here?Don't you have lives besides my boring non-fun life"I said.I headed toward my office that was in the back.They followed.


"Bella,honey,we are your friends.And I came by to remind you engament party.And lots of hot single guys who are lawyers"Alice said.I rolled my eyes.Alice was engaged to Jasper Cullen.They met apperently at my coffee shop.And I landed the role as Maid of Honor.I wasn't into dating.That just wasn't me.I was the kind of person who didn't want to be in a reletionship.


"Exactly,and you need a dress.And not just the dresses you wear to your usual cob lunches with the Forsk Country Club girls"I laughed.My parents were wealthy.They were the type of people who does country clubs and lives in huge houses and wore designers.My Dad Charlie Swan is a surgeon and my Mother is an magazine editior.


"Ok,fine,but still theses women are so obsessed with finding man by eighteen just hoping not to get out"I said.I was stuck in Forks.But now,I feel great not being stuck there.We went shopping and I got a beautiful black dress and Alice made me go to Sephora to get some make-up and she took me to get my hair done.We got pedicures and medicures and spa time.When I got home I fell right asleep.


The next night it was Alice's engagment party.I was so tired.I got in the black dress and had my hair done again by a make-up artist.She was really anxious about the party. My make-up was natural.I got in my Ford Focus and drove toward the French restruant Alice was holding it at.When I got out there I saw Jasper.He was smoking a cigirate.I laughed and walked over to him.


"You should really quit"I said.He shrugged and rolled his eyes.


"Alice gets to act crazy and be happy,I get to have a diese in my mouth and be happy"I laughed and rolled my eyes.Alice's car came up adn Jasper threw the cigrate in the bush.He looked for his Tic-Tacs.I got it for him and he took it.He gave me a thankful lookAlice came out and kissed Jasper.We walked in.Alice was trying to help with the speed dating but all the guys were either old or snobby.I got champange and went to get something to eat.I saw something that looked like an appitizer.I took a bite out of it.I moaned to tht tasty food.


"You like les escargots?"I heard a beautiful musical voice.I turned around and saw a beautiful man.He had bronze hair that was tousled.


"What's that?"I asked.He laughed under his breath.


"Snails"I spitted out the horrible food on a napkin.I laughed with him.I took a huge gulp of chanpage.A waiter gave me another glass.I smiled and thanked them.


"Thanks for telling me before I swallowed that"I said in disgust.He nodded and took his hand out.


"I'm Edward,Jasper's brother"I nodded and shook his hand.


"Bella Swan,Alice's Maid of Honor aka friend"He nodded.Just then Rosalie came running toward us.She grabbed my hand.


"Bella,there is this cute Italin guy who asked for you"She squealed I turned to Edward and my smile faded.I nodded.


"Ok,It was nice meeting you Edward"I said.He nodded.I left and and Rosalie tugged me to a guy.He had long hair that went to his shoulders.You could see his abs though his tux.


"Bella this is Paolo and Paolo this is Bella"Rosalie said.I saw Alice sneak a smile at me.I rolled my eyes.Paolo pulled a chair for me.I sat down.I smiled.


"So Bella,I heard you have a coffee house"He said.You could hear the thickness of his accent.I nodded.


"Yep,it's across from Seattle Universty so theres a lot of students"He nodded.He took a hold from  my hand and kissed it.I giggled.He then leaned in and kissed me.I felt so akward.I was going to kill those girls.I heard a throat clear.I looked up and saw Edward.


"Bella,umm,Alice wants you"I nodded and got up.I was about to leave but that was rude.I turned around and smiled politley at Paolo.


"It was nice to meet you"I said.He nodded.Edward took my hand and took me to the dancefloor.I laughed.


"Thank for savng me from having an Italian toungue down my throat"I said.He chuckled and nodded.I wrapped my arms around his neck.He put his arms on my waist.I looked into his eyes.They were beautiful green eyes.My boring brown eyes melt into them.I was in love.

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