The Twilight Saga

What happened after the Red Queen was banished from Underland?

What made her make all of those wrong decisions?

What was her angle and what is she up to now





The Untold Story Of The Red Queen.



“He tried to kill me! He tried to kill me! Sister please!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. She couldn’t be letting this happen. I felt strong hands around my waist and on my arms, pulling me further and further away from home. I looked down at the strong, metal chain that held me to my almost-murderer. I looked up into his left eye, I wished I would see the right eye, but there was a thick black patch covering it. His eye was glaring at me with hatred I had never known. I felt the consequences of my actions bearing down on me. It was those actions that were pulling me away from the place I loved, my home. My sister, I never meant to hurt her; I got caught up in the hype of power. Now I realized I had never wanted power, I had never wanted to rule everything.  The only thing I wanted was safety and I had thought I could provide it for myself, when in reality I couldn’t. I wanted safety and comfort and love. Why could I, of all people, The Red Queen, The Queen of Hearts, not have that?

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Chapter One P1:

I looked down at the broken chain that was still attached to my arm. Memories flooded my head, each bouncing against my skull like knives freshly sharpened. I closed my eyes in pain.

“Good grief Woman, Stop whining!” Carl yelled at me, bending his body towards mine, yanking the chain so it dug into my skin. I pulled my face away from his. “All I ever hear anymore is your complaining, your whining, your apologies,” He shook his angrily. “I swear if they hadn’t taken my sword, you would’ve been dead before we came with in miles of this place!” He body was vibrating with anger, I had taken it too far this time.

“I-I’m sorry Carl, calm down,” I laid my free hand on his chest like I used to, to calm him down. But it didn’t work, he was sick of me, we had already spent 2 years chained together, with no one to talk to but ourselves, and I know I kept apologizing, I kept talking of how I would’ve made things better, but I had pushed him past his limit today. Carl began storming in some direction, I had no choice but to stumble behind him.

“You’re going to get it this time.” He growled and picked up a rock from the ground. He lifted it into the air started to bring it down. I felt a sharp pain on the top of my head and quickly felt liquid heat running down my head; I looked up at him with disbelief. He brought it up and then down again, but this time it was on the chain. He repeatedly hit the chain and I could see dirt and grime begin to wear off. I wanted to tell him wasn’t going to work but I kept my closed tight. He brought the rock down again and must’ve realized the stupidity of his actions.  His knees gave out and he fell to the dirty gravel beneath out feet, I had no choice but to fall with him. Tears escaped his eyes furiously. He looked up at me, his eyes still glaring. He shook his head and then brought the rock down on the chain for the third time. It hardly scuffed the metal. He sighed heavily and got up, pulling on the chain so I would too. “I’m going to town.” He said like I had a choice to stay here. He began walking as soon as the words escaped his mouth.

“Carl we aren’t supposed to go to town! What if one of Sister’s guards sees us? We could get worse punishment!” I tried to stop him, I tried planting my feet into the ground but it his strength was greater than mine, pulling me along anyway.

“Nothing could be worse than being chained to you!” He let out another growl and then fell silent, the only sound now being his angry stomps and my pathetic dragging toes.

I bit my lip and toyed with the broken chain with my fingers. You could still see the clean cut he made.

“Get in here!” Carl yelled when I held onto the door frame.

“This is trespassing!” I said.

“Do you think I care?” He gave an enormous yank on the chain and pulled me into the blacksmiths workroom. He looked around the room furiously, knocking things over, trying to find what he wanted. Finally he must’ve found it because he walked me over to the table and made me lay my arm down. I was afraid he might cut my hand off, thankfully he didn’t. He began sawing at the chain with a small saw, you could see the vein in his neck popping out form strain and the muscles in his arm working, he was obviously trying to get this done quickly. I watched for hours as he sawed and sawed, the chain becoming thinner and thinner, amazed that no one had come in. Eventually he made a slight, high pitched almost squealing noise that let me know he was done. He was free of me.

He had run out of that Blacksmith’s without even saying goodbye. It’s been a year since then and I could care less. But being in exile is worse than I ever could’ve imagined. I would rather be dead. Maybe I wasn’t so cruel when I had subject’s heads cut off, I was doing them a kindness, I would much rather have had my head cut off than be living in this desolate, lonely waist land.


Oh wow! Very interesting so far!

wow this is so good!!!


It took he a few mins. to figure out who the Red Queen was but now i now.  This is really different and I like it.

So incase you guys didnt know.. the slanted text in the last chapter was supposed to be a flashback.. if you wre reading over it quickly you probably didnt notice the slanted text.


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Chapter One P2:

The clouds rolled in the sky, dark and black and lonely. I had to get to town before it started raining. I had come up with a resolution. Sister wasn’t supposed to check on me, she never said she would ever send anyone to check on me, see that I was okay, I could leave the little cottage, leave the dirty little place I had called my home for the past three years. If I were to get to town and find that chemical woman put in their hair, the one that makes it golden like the wheat that grows in fields, and kept my face clean of face paint I wouldn’t be recognized. I wouldn’t have to hide; I could make money, and maybe pay a blacksmith to remove these awful chains from my wrists. Maybe if I paid him extra I wouldn’t have to tell him why. My heart fluttered with excitement as I made my way down the trail. It was a long trail, and a long walk but I could do it. I had to. Big, fat drops of rain began to pour out of the sky. I sighed slightly and then began to run. I would run the whole way to town if I had to. I held onto the scarf I had wrapped around my bright red hair as I flew down the trail. I looked down at my ballet flat shoes as they began to get soaked, the souls were also coming loose. I shook my head and kicked them off. Running as fast I could towards something new.

It was half an hour before I got to town. Everyone was inside their cozy little homes with fires burning. I bit my lip, I would have that someday, even if I had to get it under a new identity. I walked into a store that smelled like roses, there were candles and little trinkets everywhere. I smiled at the lady at the register, she seemed to be older, maybe in her 60’s. Her hair was dark as night though. “Hello,” I said politely.

“Hello there deary, what can I do you for?” She asked in a cracked voice.

“I was wondering if you carried the hair color chemical, the one that changes it golden.” I asked her, tightening the grip I had on my scarf.

“Yes dear, right here.” She said and handed it to me.

“Oh, thank very much ma’am!” I said and dug into the pocket of my dress, I pulled out two coins but when I looked up the lady was gone. “I-I’ll just leave this here!” I said, placing the coins on the counter and taking the hair coloring.

Walking out of the shop and back into the rainy town I looked for a restaurant, or some place with a public washroom. After standing in the rain for a few minutes I finally spotted one, Charlie’s Pub. Great . . .

I took a tentative step through the doors but no one seemed to notice, they were all drinking and enjoying themselves. I rushed to the back of the building where the washrooms would be and stepped inside. I pushed a chair into the door, holding in place and then went over to the water bucket on the floor. I pulled off the scarf and then pushed my head into the bucket, getting my hair wet. The ticket on the bottle of hair coloring just said to get hair yet and then scrub through, let dry. So that’s what I did.

The chemical smelled awful but it was soon done, my hair was just wet, I looked into the foggy mirror, I hardly recognized myself.

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