The Twilight Saga

What happened after the Red Queen was banished from Underland?

What made her make all of those wrong decisions?

What was her angle and what is she up to now





The Untold Story Of The Red Queen.



“He tried to kill me! He tried to kill me! Sister please!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. She couldn’t be letting this happen. I felt strong hands around my waist and on my arms, pulling me further and further away from home. I looked down at the strong, metal chain that held me to my almost-murderer. I looked up into his left eye, I wished I would see the right eye, but there was a thick black patch covering it. His eye was glaring at me with hatred I had never known. I felt the consequences of my actions bearing down on me. It was those actions that were pulling me away from the place I loved, my home. My sister, I never meant to hurt her; I got caught up in the hype of power. Now I realized I had never wanted power, I had never wanted to rule everything.  The only thing I wanted was safety and I had thought I could provide it for myself, when in reality I couldn’t. I wanted safety and comfort and love. Why could I, of all people, The Red Queen, The Queen of Hearts, not have that?

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BTW Im changing the title to just "Banishment" istead of "Bearing My Banishment" partly because i dont like that too much.. and partly because im too stupid to know whether its "Bearing" or "Baring" I have a feeling its the second one.. in that case i wouldhave been spelling in wrong this whole time. LOL.

I like it :D


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