The Twilight Saga

Author Christina
Can i get a banner that says Fury in big bold red letters
Fan fiction banner
frosty for this one

firey for this one

any kind for this one and change her hair to black

And on above them can you have her

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kay i know im taking a long time and im terribly sry:

umm...iwas jst wondering

what sort of backgroung would u lik

and i promise that i wont keep u w8in

as a total back grond?

smoky black or gray is ok

kay i'll work on it

i know i've been sayin that  4 lik a month bt sry

and i jst got an idea u said black would b okay so u could lik hav spotlights in the back ill post 0ne here 4 u 2 decide

that is if it willl go with your story

I like it

okay here goes(i have a few banners so that u can choose the 1 u prefer) :

love the first one
thanx so... if u do write the fanfic let me know
I made you the banner :D I hope it's what you wanted
love it


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