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:O it has been 3 years since I've been online! So,welcome back me!

I used to have a discussion thread called Cullen Banners,but because of events in my life, I wasn't able to come back to the page. I'm so sorry to anyone who wanted banners, but didn't receive them due to my inactivity. :(

BUT I am back online, and will try to be more active than before.:)

So, if you ever need banners, you can come to me. I'll actually do them this time. :D

Okay BYEE! :P

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Hi Jaz! Welcome back :)

I would love to see your work. I have a discussion up for awards of Fan Fiction. I am needing banners for the winners if anyone ever actually votes, lol. I'll give you a try. Can you show me any recent work? Just inbox me and let me know or post it here and I will reply back. Nice to have another back here. it's getting too quiet on here lately and I don't like it :)

Delilah - Author of Dreams and Familiar Strangers among others that I haven't finished yet.


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