The Twilight Saga

Baby Bella’s mom was savagely killed by a monster. What happens when Edward Cullen comes across her and feels a pull to her?  Growing up together, Edward begins to develop deep feelings for her, will the feeling be mutual?  Be Mine.

Ok guys. I caved- I really want to share this story with you! My Perfect Romeo is sadly coming to its last few chapters! I really hope you like this story, I personally love it! I won’t be able to update very much on this as I have to finish My Perfect Romeo- but when that’s done it will be more often!
Love you guys, please comment and enjoy on my new story Be Mine!
Here is chapter one :D

Chapter 1, Fate.

We were moving soon; which I was sad about- I grew accustomed to this place. But for our safety, and putting up the charade we needed to move somewhere else. My siblings and I have yet again graduated school; that takes the total number of graduation caps we have to un-countable! We are moving to a place called Forks, the wettest place in the continental US. I sat awkwardly in the house trying to play piano- I couldn’t concentrate. Everyone was…with their other halves dotted around the house. They all had a very different type of love; Rosalie and Emmett were very open and flamboyant about their love- which wasn’t so good for the rest of the family. Alice and Jasper were more reserved in their love; they had connecting silent moments which you felt rude to look at. My father and mother for all intensive purposes, Carlisle and Esme, they were like a young couple in love. At this point in time I have never felt so alone. I ran out the house and raced far away. I strolled around, not knowing what to do with myself. I had to escape my family and all their…love. I ran to nearest field and sat in the middle, looking up at the stars. Why couldn’t I find the one? Their love is so pure, so innate; it makes me almost…jealous. I sighed and looked towards the heavens.
“If there is a girl out there for me-a girl out there for a dead vampire, just send her already.” I whispered, wandering if anyone heard. I closed my eyes wishing that I could sleep at that moment.


A soft cry brought me out of my purgatory. I stood up and looked around for the noise. Following the sound I came across something…fascinating. I looked to see a young child no older than seven nestled in a blanket, her mahogany hair shielding her face. I bent down and hovered over her.
“Are you ok?” I asked in my softest voice. Her head shot up to reveal the most intriguing chocolate brown eyes. When she saw me with her tear stained face she cowered into my chest. Automatically my arms tightened around her.
“What’s wrong little one?” I asked once again- feeling oddly attached to this mysterious little girl.
“My m-m-mommy she got hurt.” She stuttered as more tears fell down her cherub face. Suddenly the full force of her scent hit me. It was so potent, the ache in my throat burned, wakening the monster that dwelled within. It was as if I couldn’t act to it though. I was thirsty; I couldn’t deny that- and her blood was sweeter than anything I have known; yet the anguish on her angel face was making me refrain.
“How did she get hurt?” I asked her softly whilst rocking her gently, attempting not to breath.
“A woman with red eyes bit her.” My body went ridged. A vampire? What was a human drinker doing around here?  She softly cried in my arms so I stood up and pulled her tighter to my chest.
“I am Edward Cullen. I am going to take care of you. Keep your face in my chest…uh…”
“Isabella. Bella.”
“Now, let’s wipe away those tears, and show me how brave you can be.” I cooed to her. Her lip wobbled once more before she nodded and wiped her hands over her eyes.
“And how old are you Bella?” I asked curiously. She held up seven fingers, counting them a few times before pulling a sad grin.
“Seven.” She said sweetly before she buried her head deep in my chest. I ran to the house without turning back. She didn’t seem to mind, I could actually hear her endearing laughter. I smiled to myself as I ran into the house with a bundle of joy in my chest. I burst through the door to the six statues of my family.
“Edward what is that?” Carlisle asked questioningly. I turned her round as everyone gasped at the child now smiling shyly at the faces of my vampire family. Red rims around her eyes pricked the interest in everyone. She grasped tightly onto my shirt and stroked the material.
“This is Bella. I found her in a bush; someone ambushed her mom- nomads.” Esme tutted and flitted over to look at her.
“Are you okay dear? Do you want something to eat?” Bella nodded her head furiously as I placed her tiny frame on the ground. She grabbed Esme’s hand as she led her to the kitchen. Everyone else walked to the dining room. My curiosity burned as she willingly followed a stranger- not just a stranger but a vampire into the kitchen; surely when alive her mother would have taught her not to talk strangers, yet she had seemed quite comfortable with me was; it was interesting. I could already tell this child was a remarkable one at that.
She is so cute- can we keep her? I already see it in the future…
She could be like the little sister I have always wanted.
Her blood is so appealing… but she is just too cute.
Edward you’ve done the right thing, bringing her here.
My family rambled on in their heads. I waited impatiently for everyone to sit down. Esme came back in with Bella chomping on an apple.
“Where do you want to sit?” Esme asked in her motherly tone.
“With Edward.” She whispered. I smiled and opened my arms for her willingly. She grinned and ran over to my arms, getting comfortable in my lap. A dimple appeared in the corner of her mouth, making her look even more adorable. I snuggled close to her as Carlisle started to talk. I was well aware that she knew what we were talking about; it struck me how smart she was. She followed the conversation and nodded when needing to and spoke when spoken to. Then something else caught me off guard; I couldn’t for the life of me hear her mind. It was as if she was a mental mute! Wow that’s going to get annoying.
“I feel she is too young to let her out on her own; we have an obligation to look after her. If we hold off for a few years to move, lay low for a while we can take her with us. She can start a new life and enrol in school. But we need to ask her what she wants.” Carlisle stated. Everyone turned to face the girl in my chest. She looked to me for advice. I gave her a motivational grin, nodding for her to talk. She bit on her puckered lip and did a big sigh.
“I want to stay. Only if Edward stays with me.” she blushed and looked at me. I smiled and kissed her head.
“Anything for you.” I whispered to her.
“Thank you for saving me. I am going to miss my mommy a lot.” Her voice began to crack as she spoke of her mother.
“You will stay with us now little one, don’t you worry.” Rosalie said, kissing her cheek.
“Would you like to join this family?” Everyone anticipated her answer, though Alice and I already knew. She nodded her heart shaped little face and held tightly onto my index and middle fingers, squeezing them for reassurance. 
“I need to introduce you to your new family.” She giggled sweetly and looked up at the people approaching her.
“This is Emmett and Rosalie.” I pointed. She waved to them as they walked over and each had a little hug with her. She seemed pretty content, even with the ice cold, hard skin.
“Alice and Jasper.” Jasper stayed behind a little whilst Alice held her tightly, whispering in her ear; a pointless action as we could all hear perfectly.
“You are going to be the best little sister ever!” Bella sniggered and waved at Jasper. He waved back awkwardly- it was harder for him, being the newest vegetarian. His thoughts we torn between how cute she was and what a good addition she will be to the family and the thirst which made him squirm. I whispered under my breath so Bella couldn’t hear.
“Jasper you need to go hunt. Go with Alice now- you can’t cut it short with a child in the family.” He nodded as Alice joined him, flitting out the back door. I felt oddly protective of this little girl.
“Last but not least; Mom and Dad- Carlisle and Esme.” Carlisle cradled her closely whilst Esme kissed the top of her head.
“How old are you?” he asked questioningly.
“Seven.” I replied automatically. They looked at me weirdly whilst I shrugged. She was pretty small for a seven year old, but she seemed very mature. When she had met everyone, Bella made her way back to my lap and snuggled closer into my chest, falling asleep. Everyone cooed at the sleeping child and Esme patted my shoulder.
“Well done Edward. You made the right choice.” I left my family and wandered upstairs, placing her delicately on my couch. My room didn’t have a bed- I would have to fix that. I tried to pry her out of my hands but she held on tighter.
“No! Please MOM!” she screamed. It broke my dead heart. I wiped the tears that were falling down her face and led next to her. She never loosened her grip, she was a little fighter!


Now that I thought it about it, it all seemed like…fate. Not fate as in her mom was supposed to die- that was an unfortunate event which was out of everyone’s control; a vampire that drinks human blood around humans is the most unlucky thing ever to happen. But how is Bella still alive? Then I just happened to come across her when wishing to whoever is up there that I find love.
“Thank you.” I whispered, smiling. Bella stirred in my arms and rubbed her eyes gently. I rocked her gently and started to sing a lullaby, making her lavender eye lids close over her chocolate eyes.

Does this make you thirsty for more twilighters?!
I really hoped you enjoyed the first chapter of my new fanfic!
Please listen to this song- it’s not too much effort (:
Its that lullaby that was playing when I was writing the last paragraph. Beautiful song; Newton Faulkner.  So Please listen to this, and enjoy (:

Listen to the lyrics- that actually kind of fit perfectly :’)

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That was great! I hope she turns and that Edward is saving her from Victoria. if he saves her from turning that will be interesting. Either way I cant wait for the next chapter!
do more plz i love it

omg iz Bella goin 2 b a vampire


its amazing i love it keep me updated
Hi :) I really adore this story, please write more soon
i love it, update me :)

Ok it’s been like a freaking lifetime since I updated and for that I apologize profusely! I have been on holiday for two weeks and lately I have been really wrapped up in reading Harry Potter again! (Don’t worry I am still faithful to Twilight, I just love Harry Potter a lot too :) ) Because it’s been so blinking long I have decided to give you TWO- that’s t-w-o chapters (: here is chapter 11 AND 12 of BE MINE <3
Please comment and I really hope you like them :) sorry again for the long wait.

Chapter 11

I looked out the window, listening for the sound of a car but nothing. I checked the clock every second. Bella would never stay out like this- I heard Angela’s plans, stay out till five- it’s seven.
“Am I over reacting or am I under reacting? She should be home? What if she’s hurt?” I didn’t know what to do with myself; images of Bella’s lifeless body filled my mind. I shook them out, a pain in my chest knocking me slightly. Alice couldn’t see Bella at all; she said it was blurry- which worried me even more. Suddenly a wave of calm washed over me.
“Jazz thanks but not now- I need to worry.” I mumbled. He nodded and released his power. I paced back and forth, unable to keep the thoughts away- she could be hurt, maybe Mike got to her! Maybe she drowned?! My phone buzzed; to my relief and sanity, it was Bella.
“Bella where the hell are you? I have been worried sick-”
“Hello Edward.” the line purred. I froze- a spine tingling shiver made its way slowly down my back. The memory suddenly jumped out at me.


I was so thirsty! My throat burned like a thousand fires as I looked for someone to drink. Carlisle was crazy for giving up human blood for animal- that’s why I have gone my own way. I ran through the forest at full speed, stopping for the smell that overpowered me. I let my sense’s take over- smelling the sweet scent of warm blood, listening to the close footsteps.
“James where are you going?” purred the young sounding voice.
“I’ll be right back, gotta take a leak.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too baby.” The girl giggled as I made my way to her spot. I stopped on the outskirts and watched her. She was very pretty- she had wavy, fiery red hair and a cat like quality to her- yet it wasn’t her looks I was concerned about. I moved in and sat opposite her.
“Oh uh…wow hi.” Her voice was very high, childlike- almost annoying.
Oh my god he is gorgeous! He is like a god!
“Hi sorry I saw you from there and you looked delicious…I mean beautiful.” I corrected myself, licking my lips involuntary.
“I’m…here with my boyfriend.” She stuttered. I nodded and stood up, circling her like my bait.
“What’s your name beautiful?” she swallowed and looked into my eyes.
Why are his eyes red? Must be a reaction to something…wait he asked me a question I should answer before I look like a complete loser.
“V-Victoria.” The boy came back and he smelled divine…
“Hello James is it?”
How does he know my name?
“Excuse me? Who the hell are you?” he said with acid in his tone.
“I am Edward Cullen, how do you do?” I said courteously. I lunged for the boy, his neck in my mouth- sucking the warm liquid which soothed the aching burn. I heard a blood curdling scream from the girl when the boy ran dry. I turned to the girl as she ran through the forest. I followed her lazily at a walking pace before the thirst was unbearable again. My jaw locked around her neck as I began to suck, but all of a sudden I stopped. A picture of my creator, Carlisle, popped into my head, the disappointment evident in his expression. I unlocked my hold on her as she scrambled from the floor, fleeing the scene. What have I done?

I shook my head, getting rid of the dark times I went through.
“Victoria.” I stated simply- I could never forget that feline tint of her voice- the way she sounded so young, yet so…feisty.
Are you looking for something? And by that I mean someone?” she asked devilishly. My hands balled into fists.
“If you hurt her I swear to god I will kill you.” I said, everyone in the room had their attention on me, Alice furiously flicked through Bella’s future, yet it was all undecided.
What like you killed the love of my life? It’s one for one- you kill my love, I get revenge and kill yours. It’s just a shame you didn’t suck me dry; you didn’t know me well enough to know I get my revenge.” The line went dead. I roared and threw the phone against the wall- it smashed into small pieces.
“We need to find her. NOW!” I shouted. Alice frantically looked ahead.
“How does she know Bella? This doesn’t make sense Edward! How do you know this woman?”
“Long story Alice- no time.” I ran out the door to Angela’s house, that’s who she was last with. I walked up to the door and banged loudly.
“Edward uh…hi how do you know where I live?”
“No time- Bella has been kidnapped can you tell me what happened? Where was she, why was she alone?” Angela’s hand flew up to her mouth as she gasped loudly.
“Oh my god. Oh well she went into the forest to go to the toilet. I waited for her but it had been like twenty minutes. She suddenly called sounding…flushed and come to think of it she was breathing rather heavily. She told me that you surprised her in the woods and will take her home.” I clenched my teeth and nodded to her.
“Thank you Angela.” I ran to the forest Angela pictured in her mind. I could smell a scent filled with human blood. I followed the scent running until I crossed the Canadian border then it suddenly disappeared. I searched frantically around but couldn’t find her scent. Oh god if she’s dead…no she isn’t dead Edward. I tried reassuring myself, it really didn’t work. Flashes of her lifeless body just kept torturing my mind, I couldn’t take it. I ran home to my worried family.
“Her scent it just…disappeared around the Canadian border. I think she tried to cover it. Alice do you see anything?”
“No I can’t see a thing Edward, it’s really worrying me.” I sat on the ground by the door, not even taking in everyone’s worried thoughts. This cannot be happening, I only just got her and I lose her almost instantly!


“Edward!” Alice screamed. I didn’t know how long I was sat there but my head snapped up as Alice replayed her vision. Bella was sat in a chair tied up, her head hung over herself. Victoria stood over her, licking her lips. They looked like they were in a old house.
“I need to find her.” I ran out the house across my old trail, picking it up easily. Instead of going north I headed a different direction, hoping to pick up anything else. Suddenly I picked up Bella’s familiar scent and another I didn’t recognise- no doubt it was vampire; Victoria was clever, but not clever enough. I came across the battered house in Alice’s vision.
“We will follow you in.” Alice whispered. I nodded and walked through the door. Upon entering I could hear the screams of Bella. Anger shook through my body at Bella’s screams; I should have never let her go.
“Let her GO!” I shouted. I came into a room where Bella was tied up in the middle, Victoria circling her, just as I did to her.
“Edward just in time; wouldn’t want you to miss the show.” She said cunningly. I dove in front of her, grabbing onto her arm.
“You are going to have to do better than that!” she flung me across the room- human blood in her tissues makes her stronger. I could feel her as she pounced on my back. Before I knew it she was off me.
“Oh Edward!” she lifted Bella’s hand up and bit down on her. Bella’s frightening scream filled the room. An animalistic growl erupted from my chest. I leapt on her, tackling her to the ground. I heard the familiar rip of stone crushing in my hands. I flung her arm to the other side of the room, engrossed in the kill. I heard the footsteps and voices of my family.
“Quick go help Edward, Jasper- Emmett you too. Alice I need your help, Bella’s bleeding.” As soon as I heard her name I snapped out of it. Jasper took hold of the remaining arm whilst Emmett pulled on her head. The deafening crack sounded the room as she spilt into pieces.
“Emmett, start a fire.” Jasper said. I ran to Bella’s aid.  Her body arched in pain as her scream still filled the room.
“What’s wrong with her?!” I screamed. Carlisle checked over her body then came across a very prominent bite on her wrist.
“Carlisle what do we do.” I asked, desperation colouring my tone.
“Edward it’s too late, the transformation is happening.”
“NO! THERE MUST BE ANOTHER WAY!” I shouted, he shook his head and felt her pulse.
“Edward there is nothing we can do. It’s set in stone now. Take her back to the house and make her as comfortable as possible.”
“No..n-. NO! I can suck the venom out she can’t change, I can’t damn her to this existence!” Carlisle placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me the doctor look. There was nothing I could do. I heaved her in my arms and cried tearless sobs as I ran back with her in my arms. She screamed out in pain, it physically hurt me not to be able to do anything to help.


Chapter 12

Days, weeks, months, years; I didn’t have any clue as to how long I was in this purgatory state. The fire still burning in my body; I almost became use to the blinding pain- almost. The past hour I was able to hear everything around me; Edward’s haggard breathing was something I was use to- I must be in heaven if Edward was here, but it counter balanced the fact I couldn’t see him, so I decided I was in purgatory. I could hear things that confused me beyond belief, things that if I were in fact dead I shouldn’t be able to hear. I even heard Alice’s chiming voice now and again. So I could hear my love ones in this…weird state, but I couldn’t see them; how unfair! The fire intensified- it slowly filled out from my fingertips and my toes, heading up my body, leaving a path of destruction as it went. All I wanted to do was scream out in pain. My heart began to beat faster and faster; it felt as if it was about to explode out of my chest. Pounding in my ears told me my heart was under pressure and I decided to brace myself. It was unlike any pain I have ever had in my life; worse than when I broke my collar bone when I was eight. My heart thudded to a complete halt and the burning disappeared. Is it over? Am I finally able to tell if I am in heaven or hell? I fluttered my eyes open to be confronted by the beautiful amber eyes I know and love.
“Heaven.” I said- my voice sounded…beautiful; almost as if a bell chimed.
“Pardon?” Edward said. I could hear the clarity of his voice; I then took in his whole face. It was as if he changed, or my eyes changed. His features were sharper, I could see everything. I didn’t think it was possible for him to look more beautiful but he was; yet a pained look on his face made me a little uneasy. I took a moment to look around the room; I could see every bit of dust in the air, they swirled around, dancing in front of my eyes. I could hear past the house and far out to the freeway. I glanced out the window at the night sky; the stars looked like glittering balls.
“I said…heaven.” My voice struck again.
“Heaven? Why my Bella?” He asked touching my hand. I waited for the coldness, yet his hands were…warm. This was such a strange sensation.
“I came to the conclusion I was…dead maybe; that I was burning, so I was in hell- yet I could hear you so I must be in heaven, but I couldn’t see you so I must be in hell. So I thought I was in purgatory. I open my eyes and can see you with perfect clarity so I am definitely in heaven.” It all rushed out into an almost unrecognisable blur- I said it within a second.
“Bella you aren’t dead…you’re a vampire.” I gasped, then realised at how the air in my lungs was unnecessary, there wasn’t the same relief of breathing. Exhaling the air, I stood up and walked to the window, taking in the scene, glancing at the faces of my happy family as they waited for my reaction. Ok so maybe I should have thought about that; it never occurred to me that I could be changing..why can’t I remember what happened? I stared down at my hands, fiddling with my fingers. Looking at them I could see the power within. They looked strong, they looked like they could inflict damage. I felt…renovated; indestructible. I still needed assurance.
“I’m…one of you?” I asked. Alice looked at me with a huge grin, nodding her head erratically.
“I’m not dead? I’m technically alive?” I said; a smile on the corner of my lips. Edward nodded slowly. So maybe he wasn’t exactly thrilled at my immortality, he cared more about my soul than I did but I didn’t care at that very moment. I could be as rough as I wanted. I ran at the inhuman speed and jumped into Edward’s arms, soaking in everything I could. I crushed my lips- literally- to his, kissing him as deeply as possible. The sensation was different, better than kissing him as a human, I was able to test things without him pulling away.
“Bella be careful, you are kind of hurting me.” He said against my lips. I giggled and waited for the red to flare my cheeks; to think I could hurt someone as unbreakable as Edward.
“My bad.” I said, still not used to my new voice. I finally got my wish of being one of them! I felt…right; like I should have always been in this body. I took a breather and smiled before a burning pain at the back of my throat changed my face. My hands flew up to my throat and I grabbed onto it, signalling the pain. It was a shadow compared to the fire that engulfed me with the transformation, but I can now relate to everyone else. It’s a reminder of the pain; something I bet everyone would love to forget, yet it will always be there.
“Yeah you can’t quite escape the thirst- hunting?” I nodded ecstatically.
“My first hunt- how exciting!” I said trying to smile, but the dry ache was over powering me.
“Wait before you go.” Alice sped off but was back in a flash, holding a mirror.
“Ready to see the new you?” I nodded, biting my lip out of habit. She flipped the mirror and I gasped. Stood before me was a beautiful goddess; almost up to par with Rosalie and Alice; my mahogany hair just a little bit darker, falling in perfect waves to the top of my hip, my skin an alabaster, creamy white which accentuated my rosy red lips. I was dressed in the most inappropriate dress, Alice obviously got to me, but it worked. (
I then glimpsed at my eyes. They were ruby red and piercing- some getting used to.
“My eyes…I look a bit freaky.” I said whilst giggling. Everyone joined in, Edward came and stood behind me smiling.
“In a few months or so they will go the normal amber colour- that’s if you want to have the animal diet…or you can go off on your own and have the…human diet. It’s your choice; we don’t want to force you.” his head was down looking at the floor. I tutted quietly and planted my finger under his chin, lifting his head so his wonderful eyes met mine.
“Now why would I do that? And be away from you, I don’t think so.” He smiled and pecked me on the lips.
“To hunt we go!” I said lamely walking to the door.
“Bella, the window is much more efficient.”
“But doors were made to be walked through… surely that’s more efficient. Windows are merely..” I trailed off and gulped loud enough for everyone to hear.
“But….it’s a long drop.”
“Sweetie…are you scared? Hold my hand and we will go together.” I could hear Emmett sniggering behind me.
“Shut up Emmy.” I turned around and gave him my best evils.
“Ooh, feisty new born.”  I turned back and took Edwards hand. We stepped onto the window ledge and I could feel myself flying through the air. But all too soon the balls of my feet landed gracefully on the ground.
“Ok?” Edward asked. I nodded happily- it felt so…light. I took off my shoes and ripped my dress up to my thighs and made it shorter, a long dress whilst hunting! Alice should have seen it coming. I could hear her hissing; which in turn made me laugh. I could see Edwards wandering eye on my legs.
“Edward?” I said smiling. He looked up sheepishly.
“Sorry your body…has taken well to vampire life.” He said swallowing loudly and loosening his collar. He said once his breathing was controlled; safe to say I was smug.
“Good idea.” Edward said looking at my discarded shoes. His shoes were off and his tanned trousers rolled up at the bottom.
“Let’s go.” With that we flew through the trees. The wind blew my hair in all directions. I started to laugh as I pushed myself further, overtaking Edward.  The strength in my legs pushed me further and further. I felt a rush as I jumped in the air, as high as a tree, it was fantastic! I landed down in the crouch position and sighed. Edward stood in front of me smiling.
“You are unbelievably sexy when you do that.” He growled and raised his eyebrows. I winked and stood up, brushing off the dirt. I stalked towards him lightly licking my lips to make them shiny with moisture. A feeling in the pit of my stomach made me begin to feel nervous. We kissed passionately, wrapping ourselves around each other. The feeling grew in my stomach but became desire. We broke apart as caught our breath, I didn’t think I would feel like this until after the newborn years. But thinking about that, the fire piped up again. I groaned at the pain and pulled away. Edward chuckled.
“Ok Bella. What can you hear?” I closed my eyes and listened. The trees brushing in the wind, animals scurrying across the ground, bird’s wings lapping against the sides, a waterfall- then I caught the scent. It was a rusty smell- yet something my throat desired. It didn’t smell very appetising but I knew it would do. I followed my nose and came across a mountain lion, feeding off of a deer. I lunged at the lion, wrestling him down- I could feel my dress rip underneath but I couldn’t care less. I felt the blood gushing around his body under my fingertips. Finding his neck, my teeth sunk in. I sucked the warm liquid; glad the fire was being put out in my throat. But all too soon the lion ran dry. I dumped the body on the ground and sighed, looking for Edward. He gracefully finished off his lion and turned to face me; I didn’t even realise there was another lion.
“Good for a beginner. We…may need to get you some more clothes though.” He said chuckling. I looked down at what was left of my dress and sighed. It barely covered me now, my underwear showed, making me feel exposed but I didn’t mind- it was only Edward and I in the forest and I was beautiful now. Edward walked over and pulled out a branch from my hair.
“My my, don’t you look…hot.” He said kissing my neck. I closed my eyes to the feel of his lips placing soft kisses on my neck. Pulling his head back up I made sure to be gentle. Kissing him passionately, I vividly remembered the conversation I had with Carlisle once I decided I wanted to be changed.


I knocked carefully on Carlisle’s office door, curling and uncurling my fingers. I knew what I was asking him was a stretch, but I know what I want, and Carlisle will be the one to give it to me.
“Come in Bella.” He said. I walked in to see him looking down at a piece of paper, rubbing his temples.
“What’s wrong dad?” he looked up and smiled at me.
“Nothing dear. What do you need pet?” I inhaled heavily, preparing myself for his reaction.
“I have decided I want to become one of you.” Carlisle looked up at me in shock.
“Bella…it’s…not as glamorous as it looks. There are…things to take into consideration, you won’t be able to see friends for a year or two.”
“What friends? My family are my only friends!” I said like a petulant child.
“You will be going to school soon- you will make friends, I can guarantee- some of them you will become close to. As I was saying, the worst part about it? All you want is blood, you won’t be happy unless you’re fed, it’s the way of the newborns. Lust, love, sadness, joy- all overpowered by the thirst you will feel. Bella I want you to think about this logically.” I nodded defeated- this time. I know what I want- it will be a matter of time before I get it. I walked out the door but turned on myself.
“Dad please don’t tell Edward, try not to think about it.” Edward was sensitive about it; but he didn’t know just how much I wanted to be with him yet.
“I’ll try my best sweetheart.” He said with a small smile.

I grinned against Edward’s lips.
“Why are you so happy?”
“Other than the fact I am beautiful and I have everything I could ever want, I have just realised something I-” Edward tutted.
“Bella you have always been beautiful, I can’t believe you just said that.”
“Fine whatever, would you let me carry on though please?” he nodded for me to go on. “Anyway as I was saying I had a conversation with Carlisle a while back…asking him to change me-” I waited for his reaction but his mask was firmly in place as he listened. “Yeah and he said that I wouldn’t feel basically all of the emotions because the wanting for blood would over power that. Yet standing here kissing you I feel the exact same lust, maybe even stronger.” I smiled up at him, proud of my revelation. Edward shook his head laughing.
“You are an extraordinary…vampire, do you know that? But it is odd that you aren’t fighting to get blood right about now.” I shrugged and rested my head on his chest.
“Ok let’s feed once more just to be safe.” I nodded and closed my eyes to smell once more. I could hear a slurping noise coming from the river- elk. They smelt…not as nice as the mountain lion.
“Those elk by the river smell…woody.” Edward nodded pursing his lips.
“Herbivores. The mountain lion smelt better because it is a meat eater- the closest thing to a…human.” Great. I shook my head and followed the sound and scent, coming across three elk. I saw Edward lunge at the biggest and tackle him to the ground- there was something…sexy about the way he moved. I licked my lips and went for the second biggest. I sucked on his neck- the blood nearly not as appealing as the lion was, and dumped the body to the side of me once more.
“Home?” Edward asked wiping a bit of blood off my mouth.
“Mh-mm.” I said, taking his hand in mine.


We strolled back slowly- Edward told me everything I need to know about this life; most of it I already knew because I have lived in the vampire house the past ten years.
“I’m stuck at the age of seventeen- the same age as you. You don’t realise how happy I am!” I said to him as we started a slow jog- to us it was a slow jog, to humans; an Olympic sprint. He slowed down and tilted his head.
“What are you doing? Why have you stopped…” he looked at me and shrugged, over compensating the movement.
“Nothing. Let’s walk a bit slower.”
“Edward Anthony Masen Cullen what’s going on? You are hiding something from me!” he shook his head and averted his eyes. There was something going on with him and I would not rest until I found out- ironically, I could literally go on forever.
“Edward tell me-”
“Let’s go!” he dragged me and we sped off towards the house. When we got in everyone was smiling at us; Alice jumping up and down.
“What’s going on?” I asked alertly.
“Happy Vampire transformation day!” I scrunched my face up as Alice handed me a key.
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