The Twilight Saga

Baby Bella’s mom was savagely killed by a monster. What happens when Edward Cullen comes across her and feels a pull to her?  Growing up together, Edward begins to develop deep feelings for her, will the feeling be mutual?  Be Mine.

Ok guys. I caved- I really want to share this story with you! My Perfect Romeo is sadly coming to its last few chapters! I really hope you like this story, I personally love it! I won’t be able to update very much on this as I have to finish My Perfect Romeo- but when that’s done it will be more often!
Love you guys, please comment and enjoy on my new story Be Mine!
Here is chapter one :D

Chapter 1, Fate.

We were moving soon; which I was sad about- I grew accustomed to this place. But for our safety, and putting up the charade we needed to move somewhere else. My siblings and I have yet again graduated school; that takes the total number of graduation caps we have to un-countable! We are moving to a place called Forks, the wettest place in the continental US. I sat awkwardly in the house trying to play piano- I couldn’t concentrate. Everyone was…with their other halves dotted around the house. They all had a very different type of love; Rosalie and Emmett were very open and flamboyant about their love- which wasn’t so good for the rest of the family. Alice and Jasper were more reserved in their love; they had connecting silent moments which you felt rude to look at. My father and mother for all intensive purposes, Carlisle and Esme, they were like a young couple in love. At this point in time I have never felt so alone. I ran out the house and raced far away. I strolled around, not knowing what to do with myself. I had to escape my family and all their…love. I ran to nearest field and sat in the middle, looking up at the stars. Why couldn’t I find the one? Their love is so pure, so innate; it makes me almost…jealous. I sighed and looked towards the heavens.
“If there is a girl out there for me-a girl out there for a dead vampire, just send her already.” I whispered, wandering if anyone heard. I closed my eyes wishing that I could sleep at that moment.


A soft cry brought me out of my purgatory. I stood up and looked around for the noise. Following the sound I came across something…fascinating. I looked to see a young child no older than seven nestled in a blanket, her mahogany hair shielding her face. I bent down and hovered over her.
“Are you ok?” I asked in my softest voice. Her head shot up to reveal the most intriguing chocolate brown eyes. When she saw me with her tear stained face she cowered into my chest. Automatically my arms tightened around her.
“What’s wrong little one?” I asked once again- feeling oddly attached to this mysterious little girl.
“My m-m-mommy she got hurt.” She stuttered as more tears fell down her cherub face. Suddenly the full force of her scent hit me. It was so potent, the ache in my throat burned, wakening the monster that dwelled within. It was as if I couldn’t act to it though. I was thirsty; I couldn’t deny that- and her blood was sweeter than anything I have known; yet the anguish on her angel face was making me refrain.
“How did she get hurt?” I asked her softly whilst rocking her gently, attempting not to breath.
“A woman with red eyes bit her.” My body went ridged. A vampire? What was a human drinker doing around here?  She softly cried in my arms so I stood up and pulled her tighter to my chest.
“I am Edward Cullen. I am going to take care of you. Keep your face in my chest…uh…”
“Isabella. Bella.”
“Now, let’s wipe away those tears, and show me how brave you can be.” I cooed to her. Her lip wobbled once more before she nodded and wiped her hands over her eyes.
“And how old are you Bella?” I asked curiously. She held up seven fingers, counting them a few times before pulling a sad grin.
“Seven.” She said sweetly before she buried her head deep in my chest. I ran to the house without turning back. She didn’t seem to mind, I could actually hear her endearing laughter. I smiled to myself as I ran into the house with a bundle of joy in my chest. I burst through the door to the six statues of my family.
“Edward what is that?” Carlisle asked questioningly. I turned her round as everyone gasped at the child now smiling shyly at the faces of my vampire family. Red rims around her eyes pricked the interest in everyone. She grasped tightly onto my shirt and stroked the material.
“This is Bella. I found her in a bush; someone ambushed her mom- nomads.” Esme tutted and flitted over to look at her.
“Are you okay dear? Do you want something to eat?” Bella nodded her head furiously as I placed her tiny frame on the ground. She grabbed Esme’s hand as she led her to the kitchen. Everyone else walked to the dining room. My curiosity burned as she willingly followed a stranger- not just a stranger but a vampire into the kitchen; surely when alive her mother would have taught her not to talk strangers, yet she had seemed quite comfortable with me was; it was interesting. I could already tell this child was a remarkable one at that.
She is so cute- can we keep her? I already see it in the future…
She could be like the little sister I have always wanted.
Her blood is so appealing… but she is just too cute.
Edward you’ve done the right thing, bringing her here.
My family rambled on in their heads. I waited impatiently for everyone to sit down. Esme came back in with Bella chomping on an apple.
“Where do you want to sit?” Esme asked in her motherly tone.
“With Edward.” She whispered. I smiled and opened my arms for her willingly. She grinned and ran over to my arms, getting comfortable in my lap. A dimple appeared in the corner of her mouth, making her look even more adorable. I snuggled close to her as Carlisle started to talk. I was well aware that she knew what we were talking about; it struck me how smart she was. She followed the conversation and nodded when needing to and spoke when spoken to. Then something else caught me off guard; I couldn’t for the life of me hear her mind. It was as if she was a mental mute! Wow that’s going to get annoying.
“I feel she is too young to let her out on her own; we have an obligation to look after her. If we hold off for a few years to move, lay low for a while we can take her with us. She can start a new life and enrol in school. But we need to ask her what she wants.” Carlisle stated. Everyone turned to face the girl in my chest. She looked to me for advice. I gave her a motivational grin, nodding for her to talk. She bit on her puckered lip and did a big sigh.
“I want to stay. Only if Edward stays with me.” she blushed and looked at me. I smiled and kissed her head.
“Anything for you.” I whispered to her.
“Thank you for saving me. I am going to miss my mommy a lot.” Her voice began to crack as she spoke of her mother.
“You will stay with us now little one, don’t you worry.” Rosalie said, kissing her cheek.
“Would you like to join this family?” Everyone anticipated her answer, though Alice and I already knew. She nodded her heart shaped little face and held tightly onto my index and middle fingers, squeezing them for reassurance. 
“I need to introduce you to your new family.” She giggled sweetly and looked up at the people approaching her.
“This is Emmett and Rosalie.” I pointed. She waved to them as they walked over and each had a little hug with her. She seemed pretty content, even with the ice cold, hard skin.
“Alice and Jasper.” Jasper stayed behind a little whilst Alice held her tightly, whispering in her ear; a pointless action as we could all hear perfectly.
“You are going to be the best little sister ever!” Bella sniggered and waved at Jasper. He waved back awkwardly- it was harder for him, being the newest vegetarian. His thoughts we torn between how cute she was and what a good addition she will be to the family and the thirst which made him squirm. I whispered under my breath so Bella couldn’t hear.
“Jasper you need to go hunt. Go with Alice now- you can’t cut it short with a child in the family.” He nodded as Alice joined him, flitting out the back door. I felt oddly protective of this little girl.
“Last but not least; Mom and Dad- Carlisle and Esme.” Carlisle cradled her closely whilst Esme kissed the top of her head.
“How old are you?” he asked questioningly.
“Seven.” I replied automatically. They looked at me weirdly whilst I shrugged. She was pretty small for a seven year old, but she seemed very mature. When she had met everyone, Bella made her way back to my lap and snuggled closer into my chest, falling asleep. Everyone cooed at the sleeping child and Esme patted my shoulder.
“Well done Edward. You made the right choice.” I left my family and wandered upstairs, placing her delicately on my couch. My room didn’t have a bed- I would have to fix that. I tried to pry her out of my hands but she held on tighter.
“No! Please MOM!” she screamed. It broke my dead heart. I wiped the tears that were falling down her face and led next to her. She never loosened her grip, she was a little fighter!


Now that I thought it about it, it all seemed like…fate. Not fate as in her mom was supposed to die- that was an unfortunate event which was out of everyone’s control; a vampire that drinks human blood around humans is the most unlucky thing ever to happen. But how is Bella still alive? Then I just happened to come across her when wishing to whoever is up there that I find love.
“Thank you.” I whispered, smiling. Bella stirred in my arms and rubbed her eyes gently. I rocked her gently and started to sing a lullaby, making her lavender eye lids close over her chocolate eyes.

Does this make you thirsty for more twilighters?!
I really hoped you enjoyed the first chapter of my new fanfic!
Please listen to this song- it’s not too much effort (:
Its that lullaby that was playing when I was writing the last paragraph. Beautiful song; Newton Faulkner.  So Please listen to this, and enjoy (:

Listen to the lyrics- that actually kind of fit perfectly :’)

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Hi thurr Abby!

I have no idea if you remember me. Buttttttt! I was like your biggest fan! Haha, but NOW, I'm caught up on everything! And I will stalk- no no, constantly wait on you, for your updates!

Happy writing! (:

By the way, I was kidding about the stalking... possibly,.

Pahaha of course I remember you!

Thanks so much catching up and reading!!


I will just have to watch out for you then ;o

Thanksss :D
I will!

And he will...eventually. 

luv it updata me
Will do :)

Hi Abby sorry it has taken me so long to comment on the last two chapters but let me say they were amazing and I loved them both so much!! I wish Edward had gotten the chance to tell Bella how he feels about her. I know when he finally does you will write it absolutely beautifully and it will be perfect.. I loved all the little details you added and the Cullens' eating LOL!! Hope you are able to post more soon.



Thats fine Sarah!
I'm glad you got round to reading it!

Thanks so much :) You are much too kind!! I will try my best in writing Edward-style :)

Paha I was thinking of doing an outtake at the end of the story with the full dinner! If I get time that is!!

Thanks, I will :) 

Hey I love it :D Sorry I havn't been on to do pretty much anything, I've been really busy. Practicing a solo for a band camp I'm going to, packing, and babysitting But thatnks for updating me even though I havent commented in a while
It's my pleasure :)
Thanks for reading!

Chapter 8

I hated having her away from me, I felt incomplete. Having her led next to me after one night was bliss.
“I love you.” I whispered when she was drifting- I was unsure if she heard me, though if she had I suppose she would have reacted. I sighed at that and waited for the morning to come. I heard Alice’s footsteps outside the door, she popped her head in her expression excited.
“Did you just tell her you loved her?!” she whispered.
“Technically.” I said looking at her eyelids as they quivered.
“She’s unconscious it doesn’t count,” Alice whined. “Seriously just get it over with, everyone will be happier!”
“Alice this is a delicate situation, I can’t just out and say it; it has to be the perfect moment.” She tutted leaving the room and internally called me an idiot. Closing my eyes I listened to the peaceful sound of Bella’s breathing and the gentle flutter of her heart.


Alice snuck in the early morning and prepared her outfit for today, I whispered blue to her because it’s my favourite colour on her, it goes really well with her skin; then shortly after Esme followed bringing up a glass of orange juice and some cereal. It was my job to wake her up from her slumber. I lightly touched her shoulder and whispered in her ear.
“Morning love, time to get up for school.” She groaned and rolled away from me. I chuckled and walked to the other side.
“Up you get my sweet. Breakfast is here.” She opened her eyes and pouted as I passed her the breakfast and walked swiftly out the room for her to get changed. I dressed quickly myself and went downstairs to greet my family. They smiled warmly at me as I waited for Bella to be ready.
“Hurry!” Alice called up the stairs. I heard Bella emerge at the top and looked around to see her looking beautiful- even in a t-shirt and jeans combination she looked radiant. (
“Let’s get this over with.”


Thankfully we were starting at the beginning of term so we wouldn’t stand out too much, or so we hoped. When we got there everyone stared at our family to my disappointment; it seemed this pin sized town was eagerly waiting our arrival. We were use to by now, well Bella wasn’t. I could see how uncomfortable she was. What did bug me to the point of anger were the boy’s thoughts of Bella. Their impure thoughts made my lips curl over my teeth.
“Hi! You must be the Cullens! I’m Jessica.” This bouncy girl turned to me and twiddled her hair.
Oh wow, a family of Gods! The bronze haired one is…mine. Yum! Time to work the Stanley charm.
“And you are?” She asked only me whilst twiddling her hair in her fingers.
“I’m Edward Cullen. This is my adoptive family; Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen and Bella…Swan.” I thought on my feet on what to call her. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and giggled.
“I’ll show you to reception.” She led us to reception; her thoughts about me were starting to annoy me. She would glance at me every five minutes and bite her lip.
“Why Swan?” Bella whispered to me.
“Well you are gorgeous like a swan, but you are feisty and easily have a temper.” I heard her huff beside me, accentuating my point. I still needed to figure out the perfect moment to tell her. Come on Edward! You and Bella can happen if you try. That moment we had in the airport wasn’t pretend; it was real-with real emotions.
        We got our schedules and I revelled in the fact that all my classes were with Bella.
“Bells we have the same classes.” I said. She looked up to me and smiled, a glint in her eye.
“How weird! I have most of those classes as well! We are all going to have so much fun!” Jessica spoke whilst peering round my shoulder with her beady eyes, looking at my schedule. Bella looked her way and scrunched her nose, putting on fake enthusiasm.
“So much fun.” Bella whispered monotonous.


When we got to the first class Bella and I introduced ourselves to the teacher and sat at an empty desk at the back where we wouldn’t be bothered. School really wasn’t a necessity for Bella; she was tutored well by everyone in the family, so she knew basically everything that was taught in school; but we all thought that its one of those experiences she should have.
“Looks like that Jessica girl has taken a shine to you; then again who wouldn’t” Bella whispered looking down at the desk. I wanted to grab her chin and tell her that no other girl was perfect for me; there was no other girl I wanted to be with, but in school really wasn’t the right time.
“This isn’t the gentleman I was raised to be, but she annoys the hell out of me.” Bella bit on her lip to stop from laughing. I could hear giggles escaping her as the glint returned in her eyes. At the end of class a blond haired boy and Jessica walked up to us; both their thoughts driving me round the bend!
“Hi! I’m Mike. You must be Edward and Bella.” When he said Bella’s name I wanted to punch him; his adulterated thoughts taking over.
Wow. She is fit! We’ve needed fresh meat around the school. Ugh who is she with? He makes me feel…insignificant. It’s ok they’re not together. Pish he could never get her.
Couldn’t I? Was this adolescent boy right?


Thank god he doesn’t like Jessica! That damn girl, too snooty for her own good. The way she stared at him…made my blood boil. We walked into the cafeteria and Mike beckoned us over to the table. I found Alice and Jasper already sat there; they weren’t in conversation with anyone. I walked over with Edward trailing behind me.
“Hi I’m Angela; this is Ben.” She stuck her hand out to me. I took it and smiled. The nicest greeting I have had from someone all day.
“Hi I’m Bella and this is Edward.” Alice smiled up at me and widened her eyes as if to tell me something.
“So Bella!” Mike startled me. Edwards head whipped up and he snarled under his breath. I found his hand and soothed it, knowing what Mike was about to say was not good.
“We are having a start of the year party type thing- you in?” he leaned closer to me and smiled. I creased my nose and shrugged. I pulled back as if looking at something else; don’t want to hurt his feelings but the closeness made me edgy.
“Where is it?”
“Here in the school gym hall. Everyone is invited.” He added reluctantly onto the end. I smiled at Edward and nodded.
“Yeah sure.” Edward looked at me with a sparkle in his eye.
“Ok it’s this Saturday- pick you up at seven?” he winked at me. I held back the bile and shook my head.
“Thanks but no thanks Mike. I only met you today and…and…” I couldn’t think of anything to say so I blurted out the first thing that popped into my head.
“I like someone else.” That’s the last time I ever think on my feet. Everyone on the table looked at me. Alice and Rosalie almost looked like they were about to burst and Edward’s mouth propped open to a wide ‘o’ shape. My face went beetroot red and I lowered my head. I felt Edward’s hand tighten around mine, this is so embarrassing! He must know it’s him! I bet Alice told him. Oh well, that’s ruined our friendship. Brilliant.
“Oh my god Bella who?! Someone at this school?!” Jessica’s voice pounded in my ears. I could feel someone staring at me; but for my life I couldn’t look to see who was. How thick can she be? I’ve been here approximately three hours, how could it be someone at this school?!
“You could say that.” I mumbled. Great, just great. That may have been the stupidest thing I have ever done.


At the end of the day I was thankful to go home, Jessica would not leave me alone, I couldn’t look Edward in the eye and Alice was itching to speak to me; naturally I dodged her. The car ride was an awkward silence and I inched myself away from Edward.  When we got in I kept my head down and yawned dramatically.
“Wow. Long day, don’t want dinner. Night all.” Running up the stairs to my room I got in and put my back against the door and slid down.
       Most embarrassing day ever. A timid knock on the door scared me out of my skins. I debated not answering it and locking myself in the bathroom- not that it would stop any of them; brute strength was an unfair lead.
“Bella I know you are in there I can hear you breathing.” Alice. I sighed and opened the door reluctantly. She stood there with her perfect brows raised looking…speechless.
“Bella you just make me…livid! You had the perfect time to tell Edward how you feel but you chickened out and dodged him all day! I just don’t know what to do with you Isabella. Now, we are going to plan your outfit weather you like it or not!”
“Zip it! I don’t even want to hear it! Clothes make me better now come!” She waltzed in gracefully and strode straight over to my closet. I hung my head in shame and followed her.


The next few days at school passed uneventfully. The arrival of my family died down, and yet no one had the courage to sit near us. We decided to sit at a table by ourselves- yet I did make friends with Angela quite easily; she was like me in so many ways, shy but very gracious. They sat at a table next to us- we felt it was…easier just to be by ourselves. I was finally able to look at Edward without blushing; it took a while. We were at lunch when Mike approached me once more. He was holding a rose- this can’t be good.
“Uh Bella I was wandering. I know you said that you liked someone else but I was wanted to know if you could come with me to the dance tomorrow. Please it will be a great night!” He held the rose out for me to take. I gawked at him until I had to breath.
“Wow Mike this is so sweet…but…I.” I stuttered unable to form a coherent sentence. For some reason my head started nodding all by myself. A pain in my leg snapped my mouth shut; I only realised I said yes when he walked away and jumped in the air. Everyone looked at me with disapproval. Alice shook her head then got up and walked away with Jasper. I saved Edward for last- which I wish I didn’t. The pained look on his face penetrated my heart and left me hurting with each beat. Why was he so pained? Unless…unless maybe he likes me too? I’ve always had that one inkling, he can’t hate Mike so much to be pained…it could be…could it be possible…before I could even ask Edward was on his feet.
“Edward I…”
“Have fun at the dance.” He said monotonous. He left the cafeteria quickly, simultaneously answering my question; yes, yes he could like me. How could I be so blind! He wasn’t kissing my lips just as a friendly gesture! It meant something! IDIOT! Rosalie and Emmett stared at me with their heads tilted. I could feel the tears fall silently down my face before Rosalie was at my side comforting me.
“Bella why did you do that?” Rosalie asked whilst towing me across campus towards the car. I suspected that Edward had run home.
“I have no idea Rose. I didn’t even realise my head was nodding until I could feel Alice kicking me under the table.” Emmett wandered idly behind whistling to himself.
“I can’t believe I hurt Edward like that.” I said; my voice wobbling. The whistling suddenly stopped and Emmett was looking me right in the eye.
“You mean you know about Edward?!” I nodded my head dubiously and blushed- I didn’t technically know, I just had inklings and I would catch him looking at me all the time, so it became obvious. Emmett just confirmed it for me.
“Why haven’t you guys got together yet then! MAN! People are so complicated these days.” Rosalie bashed him round the head and stared at him.
“Go tell our teachers and Bella’s that we had to go home. Family emergency.” Emmett walked off mumbling to himself whilst Rose and I jumped in the car.
“What took you so long? Drive home please.” Alice’s voice sounded in the back. I jumped out of my skins and tried to regain my breath.
“Alice you scared the life out of me.”
“Good! I’m still mad at you.” she said her tone disapproving. I hung my head and nodded.
“I am too.” A wave of calm washed over me, and although I wanted to be sad- I literally couldn’t.


I walked upstairs to my room and timidly knocked on the door.
“No point- he has gone hunting, won’t be back till tomorrow.” Alice stated. I bit on my lip and sighed.
“Ok.” She started to walk away but I grabbed her shoulder and hugged her. I was half expecting her to pull away but she brought her arms around my shoulders and sighed.
“Oh Bella what am I going to do with you?” I shrugged my shoulders and chuckled.
“I don’t even know. Hey will you stay with me tonight?”
“Of course I will. You are my little sister.” I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. She took my arm and linked me to her as we walked down the stairs to watch TV.
          Next thing I need to think about was- what the hell am I going to do about Edward?
No I bet you weren’t!
How was it??
It was extra long too!!!!!
Please comment and enjoy :D <3

Aha I know!

Thanks :)

I love it!!!!! I hate Mike!! He just doesnt take a hint now does he???


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