The Twilight Saga

Inspired by the classic tale of Beauty and The Beast and also by Beastly (which was inspired by BatB). 
This is the story of Bella and Edward. But things are changed up a bit. Edward is the popular guy at school. He's selfish and shallow. What happens when he is cursed by his friend's new girlfriend? What happens when he is turned into a monster only given a year to live and find love or he'll be cursed forever. He meets Bella then and falls in love. But will she except him?


Edward Cullen (Main character)
Bella Swan (Main character)
Emmett McCarthy (Edward's friend)
Rosalie Hale (Emmett's girlfriend)
Alice Cullen (Edward's sister)
Jasper Whitlock (Alice's future boyfriend)


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LOVW IT ROE!!!! :3
finally i got to read it!
Love it
I loved this chapter!!! How in the world does Alice has a book on this?!!! If it has a picture of Rosalie as to what happened to them, I will start laughing. Then all Edward has to do is show Emmett the book and he could dump Rosalie,but I know that would never happen.Only in my dreams could it ever happen....Sigh.Anyway,I can't wait for more! :)
haha! thankss! you'll see what happens next...soon!
update it now!!!!i cant wait anymorre!
plz write more
WOW. loving it <3
love it!!!!

Ojkay i love this sory but plzzz donrt take this personal.. I imagened the book to be old and dusty when they see the tittle it say "DISNEY MAGIC WORLD 2010 EDITION" LOL love it.. OMG this sounded better in my head :)
I Love it!!! Sorry Ihavent been posting comments for you I would always read though adn Love all of it!! Plz update it soon!! I will let you decided what story I should update next! lol, but really u can decide
i love this!!! beauty and the beast is one of my favorite movies!!!

Chapter Fourteen:

The following Monday at school was very different.
With Edward’s so called “disappearance”, people were buzzing. Everyone knew about it. Some were even going to the limit of making up stories. Making up places where he was, making up reasons why he wasn’t here. All of which were totally false.
Alice had shown up though. She looked a little worried. And nervous. But not frightened at all.
People kept asking her questions most of which she would ignore.
We shared one look across the hallway saying that she knew and she knew that I knew. But there was something more along with it.
Emmett looked as clueless as everyone else. His big and buff football stature matched the stupidity on his face now. He seemed so lost without his friend and leader.
We were sitting at the lunch table and I was staring over at where Edward should have been sitting when I heard my name being called from beside me.
“Bella! Bella!”
I turned my head to Jessica. “Hm?”
“Are you okay?” she asked. “You seem a little distracted today. Is the whole hottie disappearance getting to you?”
“The what?” Mike interrupted.
“Edward Cullen is missing, you idiot! You know that!” she shouted across the table at him. Then, she turned back to me. “So, is it that?”
I quickly shook my head and lied. “No, it has nothing to do with that. I could care less if he’s disappeared.”
She raised her eyebrows. “Really?”
I pressed my lips together and nodded.
Then, for the second time within the last few minutes, my name was being called from across the cafeteria.
Alice Cullen skipped over to me.
“Bella! We need to talk. In private,” she said pulling me off my seat.
I didn’t even have time to make up an excuse to tell Jessica and Mike and everyone else at the table.
She pulled me out of the cafeteria and into the empty hallway.
“So, you know,” she stated.
“Yes,” I said awkwardly. “And I’m assuming you know too.”
“Yeah, he told me after he fell out of a tree while trying to inconspicuously sneak into our house. That idiot. Our parents freaked out. But they agreed not to call anybody about it as long as Edward stays in the house.”
I knew this wasn’t going to work. Edward was going to do whatever it took to get out of the house. Even if it meant burning it down.
“So, he’s on house arrest? Not able to get out for anything?” I questioned.
“No, he can go outside. We’re surrounded by woods of course. So no one could see him. But he can’t come to school or go out with friends or anything until we break this…”
“Curse,” I whispered.
She gave me an odd look.
“Um…Friday night, did anything…odd happen to you at all?”
I tried to remember how my Friday night went, but couldn’t think of any part of it. My days seemed to blend together seeing as I had practically no life.
“No, I don’t think so.”
“Okay then. Um, I have to go. But I’ll see you later. Come by the house sometime if you want. I’m sure Edward would love to see you.”


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