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Beatings of Love…




It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.


My world is like a summer breeze. Coming and going. Living and dyeing. With my brothers it’s hard to find any other world outside of mine. I am huddled up in one specific life. And to tell you the truth I want out of it. I want out of the cocoon. So now I’m escaping.


I decided to go to Forks high school instead of the schools my brothers go to. A school where no one knows me. A place where over one thousand students are anonymous and inviting. Well, that’s what I told my dad at least. But he didn’t seem to understand. The all don't. That was my point it splitting from them. My point in being in another world.




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Well I know Edward POV comes easier for ya and I love them. But I was wondering if you could write in Bella's POV for this chapter 7. I want to know what she's thinking.and what her plans are.


I loved them ALLLLL!!!!!!

Luv it :)

I loved both...........
loved them post more soon
this is really good! i like it a lot. post soon!!


Beatings of Love...


ChApTeR eIgHt: Accidents...


Love...Is the beauty of the soul.


The week went by quickly. Soon enough it was Friday and I still hadn't decided what to do. Jacob kept on talking to me about the legends. Edward on the other hand said nothing about Saturday. That happened right after I told him about my other plans I mistakenly made. He didn't actually ignore me...just didn't bring up the subject and Jacob would have. Does.


Edward?” I asked.


He stopped what he was doing and his eyes went to mine. I bit my lip seeing some sort of agony in his eyes. “Yes, Bella?”


What would you say if I went to the other event?”


He hesitated choosing his words. Then lips finally parted and he said, “I won't mind. There is next week right?”


I nodded. “Right.”


We both turned back to the front of the classroom. I drowned out M. Noël's words and indulged in my mental ones. I was mainly focusing on Edward. What would he do or say if I went with Jacob instead. Would he be angry? Would he ever speak to me again? I shook my head. The last one seemed a little too extreme for Edward. Inside me I was itching for my guitar to be in my hands. Silent music flowed through me.


I ripped out the page I was writing my notes on. Edward looked at me confused but I paid not mind to him. I was in my moment and my hand began to move. Forming lyrics and feelings.



What if the world was different?

What if I was not born,

and you were created torn?


I think back to the things I have done,

that have changed me.

That had gotten me to know who I wanted to be.


Have you ever thought of that?

I am grateful for what I was given.

Even all those things that were bidden.


No, we can not tell what the future holds.

But we do know how we could change it.

So sit and think for a little bit.


Even if times flies by you.

Just what if...

what if...,


the world was different?

In the second I was done I saw the paper slip away from ”me. I looked up to meet the eyes on M. Noel. “M. Swan,” He said. “Quel cette?


I shrugged. “Je vaisselle écrire.


His eyes narrowed as he stared at me then looked over to Edward. He pondered on my words for a moment then walked back to the from of the class not another word said.


What was that?” Edward asked.


I don't know.” I mumbled.


* * *


We sat inside the library together at the spot behind all the book shelves. Where no one else sits. We hadn't spoken much since we had gotten here. Just mumbled a couple of words about homework, school events and people. Never touching on the topic about the weekend.


Finally after a long period of silence Edward asked, “Are you actually thinking about going with that other boy?”


I looked up confused. “I never told you who else asked me to spend Saturday with.” I said.


I figured who else than that boy who always picks you up after school.”


Why did he care who I choose to spend my time with. “Matter of factually I he's not a boy. He's older than us.”


Stop changing the subject.” He said. His brows ruffled together.


My lips turned into a frown, “Why do you care, Edward? I thought you said it didn't matter who I chose.”


He shrugged. “I was just thinking maybe...if you could ditch him for me?”


I was taken of guard. The edges pressed together in confusion and my brain was flabbergasted. I sighed. “Edward...”


Don't.” He interrupted. “Don't answer that. I shouldn't have asked anyways. Forget I said anything.”


But.” I complained.


His eyes were to mine and we stayed locked like that for a moment or two. “Drop it, Bella.”


I swallowed hard at the intensity of his words and the hardness of his voice. His eyes were piercing and serious. I could not argue, even if I wanted to. “Fine.” I replied.


The day went on and it seemed to become more and more awkward. Edward and I barely spoke to each other anymore. Only when we––needed help with and assignment.


* * *

When I reached home I felt tired, sore and numb. Jacob for the first time came in the house with me. An cocksure smile pasted on his face.


I asked rudely. “What?”


He shrugged. “Just happy you are coming with me tomorrow.”


I didn't say I was.” I replied.


You will.”


I rolled my eyes and headed to the kitchen and opening the fridge. “Get me a Coke, will ya?” Jake yelled from the living room. I could already hear the buzz of the T.V as it turned on.


I grabbed a Dr. Pepper for myself and a Coke for Jacob. I walked into the living room finding him laid across the biggest couch we had. Feet dangling over the edge. I pushed them off and sat beside it. The T.V was turned to football and I wasn't planning to watch it so I grabbed the remote from Jacob's hands and changed it to Desperate Housewives.


Aww come on Bells. You can't make me watch this.” He whined.


Watch me.” I retorted taking a sip from my pop.

Jacob slumped back into the couch with a huff and didn't saw anything else for a long time. When the show was done––which wasn't for an hour, I handed him the remote and let him watch any show he wanted. I just needed a time of bliss, only T.V could do that for me. But as I watched him watch T.V I figured out. Who I will go to. I hadn't really seen it before. I was veering towards it, obviously. I hadn't realized it though. But the decision is made. I'm sorry. I will have to talk to Edward. I'll call him tonight.



yeah yeah you may be firist but you forgot to comment so ha ha ha ha HA  anyway im technically first so let me comment and you can sit and feel defeated



i thought it was good i loved it cant wait till you update



                                                                                           thanks much DOLL !!

love it!!
awesome chapter.........
that was amazing!!!


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